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I like reptiles and games. More elaborated userpage eventually.

I'm not too active in the wiki nowadays, but you can always find me in the Discord server.



MarioIcon(SSBU).png This user likes platformers.
LuigiIcon(SSBU).png This user is the youngest brother.
BowserIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Bowser should have his own game (that isn't Inside Story).
PeachIcon(SSBU).png This user has never been kidnapped.
DrMarioIcon(SSBU).png This user's brother studies medicine.
RosalinaIcon(SSBU).png This user would love to travel to outer space.
BowserJrIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't live with any spoiled children, and is happy to not do so.
DaisyIcon(SSBU).png This user hasn't got any witty line for this userbox.
PiranhaPlantIcon(SSBU).png This user likes dank memes.
DonkeyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user is finally back to kick some tail.
DiddyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user's favorite fruit is bananas.
KingKRoolIcon(SSBU).png This user is not thicc
YoshiIcon(SSBU).png This user is not fond of overly cartoony dinosaurs.
WarioIcon(SSBU).png This user likes riding bikes.
LinkIcon(SSBU).png This user spams rolls... in Zelda games. (I ain't no scrub)
ZeldaIcon(SSBU).png This user is wise.
SheikIcon(SSBU).png This user is lagless.
GanondorfIcon(SSBU).png DORIYAH
YoungLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers his grown-up self.
ToonLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user is somewhat short.
SamusIcon(SSBU).png This user seriously didn't know Samus was a girl until Brawl.
ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user is still.
DarkSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user has a dark side.
RidleyIcon(SSBU).png This user is a huge Ultimate Ridley enthusiast and will never let go.
KirbyIcon(SSBU).png This user has fun imitating others.
MetaKnightIcon(SSBU).png This user was broken, but got patched.
KingDededeIcon(SSBU).png This user is not perfect.
FoxIcon(SSBU).png This user has been mistakingly called a furry sometimes.
FalcoIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't kick his stuff.
WolfIcon(SSBU).png This user's favorite Smash character overall is Wolf.
PikachuIcon(SSBU).png This user dislikes ketchup.
JigglypuffIcon(SSBU).png This user listens to video game music over actual music.
PichuIcon(SSBU).png This user is no joke.
MewtwoIcon(SSBU).png This user never used the Master Ball on Mewtwo.
PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user wants to travel across the land, searching far and wide.
SquirtleIcon(SSBU).png This user likes swimming.
IvysaurIcon(SSBU).png This user dislikes most Grass-type Pokémon.
CharizardIcon(SSBU).png This user loves this Pokémon and its Mega Evolutions.
LucarioIcon(SSBU).png The aura is not with this user.
GreninjaIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks making Substitute a counter was a terrible idea.
CaptainFalconIcon(SSBU).png This user got boost power!
IncineroarIcon(SSBU).png This user picked Litten as his starter in Sun... then kinda regretted it and picked Rowlet in Ultra Sun.
NessIcon(SSBU).png This user is lucky to not have been traumatized in his childhood.
LucasIcon(SSBU).png This user uses hair gel.
IceClimbersIcon(SSBU).png This user dislikes chaingrabs.
MarthIcon(SSBU).png This user knows next to nothing about Fire Emblem.
RoyIcon(SSBU).png This user is terrifying at close range.
IkeIcon(SSBU).png You get no sympathy from this user.
LucinaIcon(SSBU).png This user is not flat.
RobinIcon(SSBU).png This user tips scales... especially dinosaur scales.
CorrinIcon(SSBU).png This user makes choices with relative ease.
ChromIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Chrom is the most forced addition to Smash.
MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBU).png This user had fun making paper Mr. Game & Watches years ago.
PitIcon(SSBU).png This user removes pants.
PalutenaIcon(SSBU).png This user is agnostic.
DarkPitIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers playing edgy Pit.
OlimarIcon(SSBU).png This user played Pikmin as his second GameCube game, and got the Olimar trophy in Melee.
ROBIcon(SSBU).png This user has seen an R.O.B. in real life.
SnakeIcon(SSBU).png This user has actually hidden under cardboard boxes.
SonicIcon(SSBU).png This user likes watching videogame speedruns.
VillagerIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't care about Animal Crossing.
IsabelleIcon(SSBU).png This user massively sucks with Isabelle.
MegaManIcon(SSBU).png This user is a fan of Nintendo Hard games.
LittleMacIcon(SSBU).png This user recovers better than Little Mac.
WiiFitTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user is skinny.
Pac-ManIcon(SSBU).png This user wonders what ghosts taste like.
ShulkIcon(SSBU).png This user's blade... it did not cut deep enough.
DuckHuntIcon(SSBU).png This user likes dogs.
InklingIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't like competitive FPS games.
RyuIcon(SSBU).png This Shoryuser is sure you can.
KenIcon(SSBU).png This user greatly favors buffs over nerfs.
CloudIcon(SSBU).png This user breaks the limits.
BayonettaIcon(SSBU).png This user likes mayonnaise. If you want to see an actual Bayonetta userbox, ask your mum.
SimonIcon(SSBU).png wall meat
RichterIcon(SSBU).png What is this page? A miserable little pile of userboxes!
JokerIcon(SSBU).png This user is not a weeb.
MiiBrawlerIcon(SSBU).png This user punches...
MiiGunnerIcon(SSBU).png ...and shoots...
MiiSwordfighterIcon(SSBU).png ...and slashes.
Area51Guard.png This user trusts and is a friend of A51 Trooper.
AidanzapunkUserboxImage.png This user trusts and is a friend of Aidanzapunk.
My first user image. XD This is basically the image I use for all of my accounts, screencapped from my webcomic. This user trusts and is a friend of Disaster Flare.
StarCraft.png This user is friends with Maverick Hunter StarCraft.
SerpKing sig.png This user knows and kind of likes that one Serpent King guy. He kind of smells of old broccoli though...

This is my own userbox, for anyone who wants to use it:

For my userbox This user vibes with DrakRoar.