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Rope Snake

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Rope Snake
Lucas using the Rope Snake in Ultimate.
User Lucas
Universe Earthbound
Article on WikiBound Rope Snake

The Rope Snake (ヒモヘビ, Rope Snake) is Lucas's grab and grab aerial.


Lucas can use his grab as a tether recovery, similarly to Samus's and Link's grabs, although it has a much shorter reach than theirs. When used as a tether recovery, it is almost as long as Ivysaur's Vine Whip. In Brawl, unlike other grab aerials, Rope Snake has no damaging hitbox and thus cannot be used as an attack in midair. The Rope Snake also makes an appearance in Lucas's side taunt; he converses with the Rope Snake after it taps him on the shoulder. In Smash 4 and Ultimate, Rope Snake is longer and able to attack in midair.


Duster using Rope Snake in Mother 3.

Rope Snake is a character in Mother 3. Duster received him from the ghosts of Osohe Castle. Rope Snake helps Duster and his friends cross pits by allowing him to latch onto candlesticks on the wall. Rope Snake is also used later to grab the getaway ship at Thunder Tower, but it does not have the strength to lift four people, causing it to lose his grip. After falling, it is captured with Duster in Saturn Valley, where it is strung up on a clothesline. After the party flies back to Tazmily Village by holding onto a cage of birds, Rope Snake fails a second time, and leaves the party. It can be found in New Pork City late in the game as an NPC. During the credits, it is shown it changed his name to Snake Rope to help live with the shame of its failure.



  • When seen in 1/4 speed, if Lucas uses the Rope Snake for tether recovery, its head will wiggle back and forth.
  • In Brawl, when Lucas uses the Rope Snake on a slope or ramp, his hair will flatten out.
  • Lucas never personally used Rope Snake in Mother 3, but as mentioned, he does hang on to Duster using Rope Snake twice in the main story events. It continues the trend of Mother characters utilizing abilities of their party members, such as PK Freeze, PK Thunder, and PK Fire.