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Counter Surge

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This article is about the move for Corrin. For other uses, see Counter (disambiguation). For the general class of moves, see Counterattack.
Counter Surge
Corrin Down B SSBU.gif
Counter Surge in Ultimate.
User Corrin
Universe Fire Emblem
Article on Fire Emblem Wiki Counter

Counter Surge (反竜穿, Counter-Dragon Fang) is Corrin's down special move. It is essentially Corrin's version of Counter, albeit with a different animation and knockback trajectory.


Similarly to counterattack special moves, Corrin will briefly pose, and if an attack hits him during this time, he will evade the attack and strike back with surges of water in front of and behind him, reflecting back 1.2x the damage on both sides (with a minimum of 10% damage dealt to each opponent struck). Corrin utilizes his Dragon Fang for this attack, morphing into his dragon form to stomp the ground with both front feet as they retaliate (akin to his down throw). The move deals more knockback when the counterattack hits as early as possible, making its hitbox akin to a sex kick.

Unlike other counterattacks, Counter Surge bears several unique distinctions: it launches opponents on a vertical trajectory, defends Corrin equally from front and back rather than only in the direction he is facing, and Corrin outright evades the attack rather than absorbing it, meaning that nearby opponents can be hit by the dodged attacks while incoming projectiles will not dissipate.

Upon Corrin's debut and prior to the 1.1.5 patch, the move's damage multiplier was originally 1.3x. By virtue of its nearly purely vertical knockback, this made it easily the strongest non-custom counter in the game in terms of KO power (surpassing even Shulk's Vision and Roy's Counter), being capable of OHKOing after countering a hitbox dealing at least 33% damage, a lower requirement than any other counter move (apart from the custom special move Power Vision, which can OHKO with a hitbox dealing only 30% damage). In the 1.1.5 update, the damage multiplier was reduced to 1.2x and the counter window of the move was reduced, making it less powerful and more in line with the other aforementioned counters.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List CorrinHeadSSBU.png Awaits an attack and punishes it by turning into a dragon, launching enemies with jets of water.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Counter Surge
"If attacked while in this stance, Corrin turns into a dragon and launches enemies with jets of water."
  1. Counter Surge: Default.

Like the other DLC characters, Corrin has no custom move variations.


The pose Corrin strikes when activating a Critical Hit in Fire Emblem Fates.
The pose Corrin makes as seen in Fire Emblem Fates.
The dragon form as seen in Fire Emblem Fates.

At the time that Corrin was introduced to Smash Bros., Counter Surge was not directly based on any one facet of the Fire Emblem games or Corrin's abilities, but rather inspired by several of them:

  • Like the basic Counter move possessed by other Fire Emblem fighters, it draws inspiration from the basic act of counter-attacking in Fire Emblem gameplay: when a unit attacks another unit, the targeted unit will perform a counter-attack to strike back at their attacker if they currently have an equipped weapon with a compatible range.
  • In addition, some Fire Emblem games have a Counter skill that reflects half or all damage (depending on the game, with varying rates of occurrence). Corrin in particular can learn the skill itself in their home game by reclassing into the Oni Chieftain class tree, and their use of their dragon form is reminiscent of the attack pattern while equipped with a dragonstone.
  • The pose Corrin strikes when activating this move is derived from Fates, specifically from the pose that Corrin strikes when performing a critical hit. There are some differences: instead of gripping their sword with both hands, in Smash Bros. Corrin keeps the following hand (the right hand) gripping their sword while holding up their left, along with being partially transformed into their dragon form.
  • The use of water blasts as the means of counter-attacking is derived from the lore surrounding Corrin and their families in Fates.

In 2020, Counter Surge was introduced into the Fire Emblem series proper in Fire Emblem Heroes, in which it is a special skill that is exclusive to the "Child of Dusk" Legendary Hero version of female Corrin. When the skill is charged, it reduces the damage that Corrin will take from the next incoming attack from an enemy by 30%, then powers up the next attack that Corrin will make (often a counter-attack to that attack) by 30%. The attack gain is, ironically, the same amount prior to the pre-nerf Smash 4 iteration of the move. However, the English translation of the game rechristened the skill "Negating Fang".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 反竜穿
UK English Counter Surge
France French Contre du dragon
Germany German Wasserkonter
Spain Spanish Contrataque dragón
Italy Italian Contrattacco del drago
China Chinese (Simplified) 反龙穿
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 反龍穿
South Korea Korean 반룡천
Netherlands Dutch Drakencounter
Russia Russian Импульсный контрудар


  • This is the only counterattack used by a Fire Emblem character:
    • That does not involve the direct usage of the wielded weapon.
    • That has a different name than the other Fire Emblem characters who share such an attack (especially its Japanese version).
    • That is written in kanji in the Japanese version instead of katakana.
    • That hits on both sides simultaneously.
    • Is the slowest out of all characters in terms of the time it takes for the actual hitbox to appear, since it slows down time somewhat as a result while doing so.
  • This is also the only special move with the "Dragon Fang" term in its name (in the Japanese version only) that does not make use of Corrin's limbs by themselves, as it uses Corrin’s full dragon form instead.
  • If the Shadow Assist Trophy freezes Corrin while performing Counter Surge, the counter hitbox will remain active and trigger if hit. The frozen Corrin will not attack until being unfrozen, but will remain intangible in the mean time.