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These are all of the tips in the Stages section in the Tips portion of the Extras menu.

List of tips[edit]


  • Battlefield – The Battlefield platform layout has been around since Dream Land in the original Super Smash Bros. It was first named Battlefield in Melee.
  • Battlefield Form Stages – All stages can be played in a Battlefield form, causing them to have the same layout as the Battlefield stage. You can select this form on the Stage Select screen by pressing the X Button.

Small Battlefield[edit]

  • Small Battlefield – With only two platforms, this stage is perfect for intense one-on-one battles. The space between the platforms is slightly smaller compared to the normal Battlefield stage.

Big Battlefield[edit]

  • Big Battlefield – This stage is simply a bigger version of Battlefield. With six platforms, it's perfect for 8-Player Smash. Its Ω Form is identical to the regular Battlefield's.

Final Destination[edit]

  • Final Destination – When you start a battle with five or more fighters, the length of Final Destination's platform will increase by 1.5 times. The same is true of each stage's Omega form.
  • Omega Form Stages – All stages can be played in Omega form, changing them to the same floating island shape as the Final Destination stage. You can select this form on the Stage Select screen by pressing the X Button twice.

Peach's Castle[edit]

  • Peach's Castle – This stage is a revival of a stage from the original Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64. It features a sliding stone platform and a floating bumper.
  • Bumper – This stage's bumper is a faithful re-creation of the bumper from the original Smash Bros. It does 1% damage to anyone who bumps into it.
  • Sliding Platform – You can grab the edge of the sliding stone platform. When the platform is hidden, you can grab the edge of the center platform.

Kongo Jungle[edit]

  • Kongo Jungle – The barrel cannon can help you recover even when all seems lost. Time your shot carefully, or you might launch off the screen instead! Oops!

Hyrule Castle[edit]

  • Hyrule Castle – This is a revival of the Hyrule Castle stage from the original Smash Bros. The platforms on the castle tower are great for up smash attacks!
  • Tornado – The tornado that appears will launch fighters vertically. If you've taken too much damage, it can launch you off the stage!
  • Tornado's Effect – After being launched by the tornado, you'll be stunned for a moment. The more damage you have, the longer you'll be stunned.

Super Happy Tree[edit]

  • Super Happy Tree – A stage based on the Super Happy Tree stolen by Baby Bowser in Yoshi's Story. Without this tree, the Yoshis are powerless.
  • Clouds – The clouds on either side of the stage disappear if you ride them for too long. You can also fall through to the bottom of the clouds, so be careful with down inputs.

Dream Land[edit]

  • Guests in the Background – If you look behind the stage, you might see a Bronto Burt or King Dedede. Of course, if Dedede is fighting, he won't be back there.
  • Whispy Woods Winds – Whispy Woods will blow air at whichever side of the stage has more fighters. If both sides have the same number of fighters, Whispy Woods will randomly decide.

Saffron City[edit]

  • Saffron City – A stage based on Saffron City from Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue. Pokémon appear from the doorway of the building at the center of the stage.
  • Pokémon – The Pokémon that appear during battle are Venusaur, Charmander, Porygon, Electrode, and Chansey. When the doorway glows, it's a sign that one will appear.
  • Pokémon Attacks – Venusaur uses Razor Leaf, Charmander uses Flamethrower, Porygon uses Tackle, and there are other attacks as well. When Electrode appears, it will shake and then explode.
  • Gaps Between Buildings – Fighters like Ness will have trouble recovering after falling between the buildings. Fighters like Fox, Pichu, and others who have angled jumps can get back easily.

Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

  • Pipes – The three pipes located throughout the stage warp to one another. You can even enter the pipe at the edge of the cliff.
  • Piranha Plant – A piranha plant sometimes sticks its head out of the pipe. You'll get hurt if you touch it, but you can send it flying by attacking it.
  • POW Blocks – Attack the POW Block that appears on the stage to launch all fighters on the ground. Once it's been depleted, it will reappear in one of four places on the stage a short time later.

Princess Peach's Castle[edit]

  • Banzai Bill – The giant Banzai Bill that flies toward the castle will damage you if you touch it. The blast when it detonates is even stronger and will send you flying if you're caught in it.
  • Switch – Red, blue, and green switches appear at random. If you touch one, an ! Block will appear that produces an item when it's attacked.
  • Floating Platforms – The floating platforms located on both sides of the stage rise slowly when boarded by fighters. If you stay on them, they'll rise to a fixed height.

Rainbow Cruise[edit]

  • Cruise Course – Once you finish a full lap, the course moves downward to return to the ship. The ↓ arrow indicates when this will happen. The scrolling speeds up through the lap, so be careful not to get left behind.

Kongo Falls[edit]

  • Barrel Cannon – Kongo Falls features a barrel cannon you can use to recover from off the stage. It goes back and forth under the platforms. The rotation and movement of the barrel stops occasionally, so pay attention.
  • Floating Objects – Sometimes floating objects are carried down the rapids and wash up on the stage. Not only floating logs and wooden boxes, but Klaptraps!
  • Floating Logs – The floating logs being carried by the water sometimes get stuck in the waterfall! When that happens, you can use the logs as platforms for a short time.
  • Klaptrap – Take care: if you touch a Klaptrap (the red crocodile), you'll take damage. Attack them to send them flying into your opponents!
  • Klaptrap and Barrel Cannon – When a Klaptrap enters the barrel cannon, the cannon can't be used until the Klaptrap is fired out. Try not to get hit by the Klaptrap!

Jungle Japes[edit]

  • Jungle Japes – The river below the stage flows very quickly, so don't fall in! Try to knock foes into it instead!

Great Bay[edit]

  • Great Bay – A stage based on Great Bay from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As time passes, the Moon floating in the sky inches ever closer to the ground.
  • Tingle – You can ride and grab the balloon attached to Tingle's back. If you stay on the balloon, it'll fall slowly until it pops. Attacks can also break it.
  • Turtle – You can fight on the back of the turtle that emerges from the water with a great splash. He dives back under the water after a set amount of time.
  • Platforms – You can't drop through the Marine Research Lab platform or the platforms floating on the water. The stone platform floating on the left side tilts depending on weight distribution.
  • Moon – In the background, the Moon falls slowly as time passes. You can see the Four Giants rally to stop it right before it hits the surface.


  • Temple – When your damage is high, try to fight in the cave around the middle of the stage. It's easy to break your fall against the walls and stay in the game.


  • Acid Lake – The level of the acid lake rises and falls. When at its highest point, all platforms but the highest ones will be swallowed up.

Yoshi's Island (Melee)[edit]

  • Yoshi's Island (Melee) – Attacking the Rotating Blocks makes them spin, and you can't stand on them until they stop. You can try, of course, if you like falling through.

Yoshi's Story[edit]

  • Yoshi's Story – This stage is based on Page 1: Beginning from Yoshi's Story. A Pak E. Derm walks around in the background of the center platform.
  • Shy Guy – During battle, a Shy Guy holding food will fly across the screen. If you attack the Shy Guy, it will drop the food, which you can then eat to heal yourself.

Fountain of Dreams[edit]

  • Platforms – The platforms on the left and right move up and down due to the fountain. When the fountain stops, the platforms disappear.

Green Greens[edit]

  • Green Greens – A stage based on Green Greens from Kirby's Dream Land. The tree in the center (Whispy Woods) was the boss of Stage 1. He cried when he was defeated.
  • Whispy Woods – Whispy Woods blows wind right and left to interfere with the fighters. You can eat the apples that fall from the tree to recover damage, or throw the apples at other fighters.


  • Beams – The gun battery on the Great Fox can serve as a platform, but it will damage you while the beam is charging. You can destroy it by attacking it, but it won't come back once it breaks.
  • Arwing – You can jump on the Arwings that fly by. They fire beams, which you can use to your advantage if you reflect them. Sometimes Wolfens fly by, too.
  • Smash Taunts – If you're playing as Fox or Falco, quickly press the down taunt to see a Star Fox transmission conversation.


  • Arwing – The Arwing fighters that fly through the stage every so often can be used as platforms. Also, fighters who are launched while in the cave section can fly into the ceiling or the walls.

Pokémon Stadium[edit]

  • Stage Changes – There are four types of stage transformations outside of the normal stadium form—Fire, Water, Rock, and Grass.


  • Store Sign – Step on the Drug Store's canopies five times, and the store's sign starts to come free. Do it twice more, and the canopies themselves collapse!
  • Cars – The cars that zoom by from the right-hand side of the screen deal a whopping 30% damage. Use a counterattack on them to deal even more!

Mushroom Kingdom II[edit]

  • Mushroom Kingdom II – The original Super Mario Bros. 2 also appeared in Super Mario All-Stars, released for the SNES. This stage re-creates that game's art style.
  • Birdo – Birdo will show up periodically to spit eggs and get in the way. If this annoys you, you can attack Birdo.
  • Pidgit – On this stage, Pidgits float through the air on flying carpets. You can ride on the flying carpet, but don't let the carpet take you off the screen!
  • Floating Logs – The logs that drift down the waterfall can be used as platforms. Just make sure that you don't stay on them too long or you'll be swallowed by the waterfall.

Brinstar Depths[edit]

  • Brinstar DepthsKraid will attack from the center of the stage, and the platform will rotate. If Kraid attacks with his right arm, it will rotate clockwise. If he attacks with his left arm, then it rotates counter-clockwise.

Big Blue[edit]

  • Falcon Flyer – The large ship at the center of the stage when the fight begins is known as the Falcon Flyer. It appears again after some time has passed. You can grab on to the front and back of the ship.
  • Racers – The F-Zero racers flying over the course can be used as platforms. When three of them link together, they are long enough to run across. Don't fall onto the racetrack or you may get hit by a racer!
  • Course – Big Blue, the inspiration for this track, is a course over water with a loop. If you fall onto the racetrack, you'll be left behind in a second, making it easy to get KO'd.


  • Fourside – A stage based on Fourside, the fourth city you visit in EarthBound.
  • UFO – A UFO will sometimes appear from the sky above. You can jump up to it from below and fight on it.
  • Crane Platform – The steel girder platform being held up by the crane slowly moves left and right. You can drop through it, so be careful when there's nothing below you.
  • Gaps between Buildings – If you fall into the thin, long gap between buildings, it can be hard to recover. However, fighters such as Mario and Sheik can use wall jumps to get back up.

Delfino Plaza[edit]

  • Delfino Plaza – This stage takes you on a tour of a sunny island town. You can even go for a swim if you like, but stay in the water for too long and you'll sink.

Mushroomy Kingdom[edit]

  • Mushroomy Kingdom – This stage is based on World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The placement of the blocks and pipes is the same as the original game, but unlike the original, this stage scrolls automatically.
  • Block Types – Attack the brick blocks to break them, or attack the ? Blocks to make items appear. Also, there's a block hidden where a 1-Up Mushroom was hidden in the original game. Can you find it?
  • Pipes and Pole – This stage features the familiar pipes and goal pole from the original game, but you can't enter the pipes or grab the pole. Sorry.

Figure-8 Circuit[edit]

  • Figure-8 Circuit – The karts on this stage do more damage than the ones in Mario Circuit. The helpful map in the background always shows where they are!

WarioWare, Inc.[edit]

  • WarioWare, Inc. – When the microgame starts, follow the instructions to get items or other bonuses! You can become metal, giant, or other effects. It's really useful!

Bridge of Eldin[edit]

  • King Bulblin – When King Bulblin is flinching after being attacked, fighters he rams into won't get hurt.
  • Bulblin – Sometimes a Bulblin will appear, following along after King Bulblin. It won't really do much, but you can attack it and defeat it. You meanie.
  • Present from King Bulblin – When the ground shakes, King Bulblin will come riding in from the left or right. The explosive he drops on the bridge is strong enough to blow it up.
  • Restoration – After King Bulblin's explosive goes off, the bridge may look damaged beyond repair. Never fear! Soon enough, a portal will appear to fix it right up.


  • Magma – The magma that rises on this stage will gradually cover all but the topmost platforms. Seriously, the floor is lava.
  • Shelter – Watch out for that wave of magma in the distance! Good thing there's a shelter on that platform. It's up to you if you want to share the space...

Frigate Orpheon[edit]

  • 180 Degree Rotation – When the siren rings, the stage will flip upside down. It'll stop once it turns 180 degrees. The layout of the stage will be different after it flips.

Yoshi's Island[edit]

  • Yoshi's Island – Fly Guys sometimes appear from the sky, carrying yummy food. Attack them to make them drop their tasty snacks!


  • Mechanical Arm – Next to the cannon is a mechanical arm that sometimes attacks fighters. It'll freeze for a second; that's your cue to dodge!
  • Cannon Shots – The Halberd's main cannon fires shots that travel lazily through the air, exploding with surprising force when they hit a fighter or the ground.
  • Laser Cannon – The Halberd's laser cannon is powerful but not very quick. Don't panic if it tries to target you—lead it toward your foes instead!

Lylat Cruise[edit]

  • Smash Taunt – When using Fox, Falco, or Wolf on this stage, you can press the down taunt button very briefly to begin a smash taunt. It'll only work once per battle.

Pokémon Stadium 2[edit]

  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – This stage randomly shifts into four elemental forms: Electric, Flying, Ice, and Ground. The Pokémon in the background match each theme.
  • Electric – This stage's Electric form has conveyor belts on both sides. Their speed and direction are randomly decided, so be careful when using them.
  • Flying – This stage's Flying form has a constant updraft, making fighters fall more slowly. However, the wind only extends above the platform...
  • Ice – When the stage is in its Ice form, the floors are slippery. Changing direction will be more difficult, and you won't be able to attack while skidding.
  • Ground – When the stage is in its Ground form, a small mountain appears just left of the stage's center. Mountains are great for stopping projectiles.

Port Town Aero Dive[edit]

  • Port Town Aero Dive – The stage Port Town Aero Dive is based on a track from F-Zero GX. It's 16,690 meters long, and at its peak you can get a great view of Port Town from above.
  • Watch Out for Racing Machines – When you descend onto the track, be careful of high-speed racing machines. In some places, they can even hit you on the floating platforms!

Castle Siege[edit]

  • Stage Transformations – This stage shifts from atop the castle walls, to the castle interior, to a vast underground cavern, and finally back to the start of the sequence.
  • Statues – The statues within the castle here don't stop attacks or projectiles. They are prone to collapsing after taking enough damage, though!

Distant Planet[edit]

  • Beware the Red Bulborb – The Red Bulborb will appear on the right, opening its mouth and looking for food. Being eaten by the Red Bulborb counts as a KO.
  • Rain's Effect – The slanted hill on the left side of the stage will flood with water when it rains. The strong current can sweep you off the edge. Watch out!
  • Flower Numbers – The objects labeled with numbers that blossom in the center of the flowers are called Pellets. Bigger numbers deal more damage when thrown.
  • Pellets and Onions – Occasionally you might see Onions float down. Hit them with Pellets to get items!


  • Residents – Different residents appear randomly in the background of this stage. You'll see as many as 34 different ones, depending on the time of day.
  • Concerts – The background changes based on what time it is in real life. Play on Saturday night at any time from 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM to see K.K. Slider perform!

New Pork City[edit]

  • New Pork City – This stage is based on New Pork City from Mother 3. It's a gigantic stage—one of the largest in the game!
  • Ultimate Chimera – The Ultimate Chimera may sometimes appear and wander around the stage. It'll chomp on any fighters it finds. You'll be KO'd if it gets its jaws on you!
  • Destructible Floor – Drop down below the ship that swings back and forth to find the only breakable floor in the stage. If you break it at the right time, you can send the Ultimate Chimera plummeting down.
  • Flying Limousine – You may see a flying limousine moving around the stage from time to time. You can ride on it only when it appears below the platforms, but make sure it doesn't carry you off the screen.


  • Summit – The peak that you fight on won't change, but the conditions will change drastically. You'll be floating on water, tilting diagonally sliding across slowdrifts, and plummeting.
  • Platforms and Icicles – You'll slip if you run on the ice platforms, and icicles drop over the widest platform. Be sure to make good use of jumping and dodging when fighting here.
  • Polar Bear – The polar bear wanders around in the background, sometimes jumping and causing the stage to sink. This will cause the lowest level to be submerged under the water, so be careful.
  • Fish – If you get close to the water's surface, fish will sometimes suddenly appear. If even just the tail of the fish touches you, you'll take damage—and you'll be KO'd if it eats you!


  • Skyworld – Skyworld's terrain is impenetrable, but you can grab the edges. Once destroyed, it leaves clouds that can't be grabbed but can be passed through.

Shadow Moses Island[edit]

  • Shadow Moses Island – This stage is based on Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid. If you're spotted by the searchlight sweeping the stage, an "!" will appear and an alarm will sound.
  • Watchtowers – Watchtowers stand tall on both sides of the stage. Break the watchtowers to open up new areas.
  • Codec – While playing as Snake on this stage, it's possible to open codec communications by inputting a down taunt quickly. When you do, Snake's support team will share advice about a current enemy.
  • Smash Taunt – On this stage, Snake has smash taunts that open codec communications with Colonel Campbell, Otacon, and Mei Ling. These conversations may reveal a side to these characters you don't normally see.

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

  • Destroying a Mansion – Each pillar supports a part of the building that collapses when that pillar is destroyed. A first-floor pillar can't be destroyed before a second.
  • Mansion Restoration – Wait a little while after the whole mansion is destroyed, and with a mighty rumble, it will rise up from the ground, good as new!

Pirate Ship[edit]

  • Pirate Ship – Battles on this stage take place aboard a pirate ship traveling the Great Sea! Be careful—you never know what could happen at sea...
  • Grounded – Everyone is too busy fighting to steer the ship! The ship might run around as you battle, but you can just carry the fight to the rocks if this happens.
  • Tornado – Occasionally a tornado may appear and lift the ship into the air. This is the perfect time to KO opponents with meteor smashes!
  • The Water's Flow – Any fighters that fall into the water will be swept from left to right. Watch out for the bow of the ship—it's an instant KO if you hit it!
  • Projectiles – The ship will occasionally sail past a watchtower, which will fire projectiles as you pass by. The explosions can really hurt, so watch out!
  • Changing Weather – The weather will change as the ship sails around. It can be sunny, cloudy, or rainy, but it'll only rain when a tornado is near.
  • Catapult – The catapult that emerges on the deck can launch fighters. The catapult will fire quicker if a fighter is standing on it.

Spear Pillar[edit]

  • Spear Pillar – A stage based on the ruins atop Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh Region of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
  • Pokémon – Pokémon appear in the throne area at the center of the ruins. Either Dialga, Palkia, or Cresselia will appear.
  • Three Common Attacks – Dialga and Palkia share three attack methods: tilting the screen, breaking the floor with an earthquake, and using laser attacks.
  • Dialga – Aside from the three commonly shared attacks, Dialga can slow down all the fighters and use Roar of Time to damage and launch any fighters it touches.
  • Palkia – Aside from the three shared attacks, Palkia can cut all fighters' weights in half, flip the stage upside-down, or mirror the stage. If the stage direction changes, fighters' inputs also change directions.
  • Cresselia – Cresselia attacks directly with sonic waves and boomerangs. Even if you hide in the cave, they will travel through the ground and attack you.

75 m[edit]

  • Pests – If you touch the enemies that move around on the platforms and ladders, you'll be launched. Try throwing your opponents into them!
  • Obstacles – Watch out when Donkey Kong steps forward. Jacks will come flying from the left, which can hit multiple times and launch you off the screen.

Mario Bros.[edit]

  • Mario Bros. – A stage based on the arcade version of Mario Bros. The turtles are named "Shellcreepers", the crabs "Sidesteppers."
  • POW Block – Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers can be flipped over by attacking or headbutting the POW Block from below. Do this three times to destroy it, but it will come back after a while.
  • Enemy Characters – You can flip over Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers if you attack them or headbutt the ground below them. When they change colors, their movement speed increases.
  • Flipped-Over Enemies – You can throw Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers that have been flipped over. Hit other fighters with them to send the fighters flying.
  • Green Fireballs – The fireballs in this stage travel across the screen and launch anyone they touch. They can't be blocked but they can be dodged. You can also evade them using the left and right looping structure of the stage.


  • Hanenbow – A stage based on Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS. The Hanenbows that jump from the water's surface change the leaves' colors and make a distinct sound.
  • The Hanenbows – This stage features Hanenbows that jump around the screen. When they hit a leaf, they make a sound, bounce off, and change the leaf's color.
  • Leaves – The leaves serving as the stage's platforms change directions when attacked. This also changes the trajectory of the Hanenbows' jumps.
  • Trees and Flowers – The leaves redden when attacked by fighters or jumped on by Hanenbows. If you turn the leaves on the right side of the screen red, a white flower will bloom.
  • Water – You cannot swim in the water at the bottom of the screen, but the edge of the large leaf at the bottom can be grabbed, so make use of it.

Green Hill Zone[edit]

  • Green Hill Zone – The object with the blue ball on top is called a Point Marker. A Point Marker will twirl when the ball is hit, dealing damage to anyone too close.

3D Land[edit]

  • Blocks – The Brick Blocks that appear in the beginning can be easily broken by hitting them once from below.
  • ? Blocks – ? Blocks give you items! Super Leaves will appear slightly more often than usual.
  • Protruding Rocks – The mountain range partway through the stage has rocks sticking out from it. The platform tilts and pushes fighters, so watch out!
  • Shrinking and Growing Pipes – Pipes that shrink and grow will appear throughout the stage. Time your jumps so you don’t fall down!
  • Lifts on Rails – During the ocean scene, the lift will travel along rails. Look ahead to spot where the lifts are going next! Find the premium fighting spot!
  • Spike Pillars – Spike Pillars will pop out of the ocean at random. They can break lifts and deal a lot of damage to unlucky fighters.
  • Donut Blocks – As tasty as they may sound, the Donut Blocks are not for eating. You can, however, jump on top of them for a bit before they collapse from your weight.
  • Flip Panels – The Flip Panels at the beginning of this stage will flip, gradually creating more places for you to stand.
  • Note Blocks – Note Blocks appear at the beginning of the stage. Jumping on them will send fighters flying into the sky!
  • Rotating Platforms – This rotating platform may seem like a good place to fight, but it’ll toss anyone who’s still on it when it rotates!

Golden Plains[edit]

  • Gold Fighter – Collect 100 coins and you'll turn to gold! You'll deal more damage and can launch opponents more than usual!
  • Red Ring – Touch the red ring to make eight red coins appear. One red coin is worth five regular coins!
  • Scale Lifts – The Scale Lifts will tilt and fall if there is no one on the other side. Get two fighters on there to see who weighs more!
  • Blue Coins – Step on the P Switch (or just hit it) to make blue coins appear. They won't stay around for long, so look lively!

Paper Mario[edit]

  • Land Stage – Watch out for the gigantic fan on the part of the stage that is on land. It's much easier to be launched to the right when it spins!
  • Air Stage – Bowser's metal face will appear and spin in the sky. If his eyes turn red, it's a good time to run!
  • Ocean Stage – A Big Blooper will appear on the ocean stage. Don't worry—it won't attack. It will rock the ship, though, generating some waves.

Gerudo Valley[edit]

  • Gerudo Valley – Sometimes the wooden bridge will break if you stand on it or attack it. It's a flimsy bridge and will break over time, too.

Spirit Train[edit]

  • Spirit Train –This train travels at extremely high speed. You'll need more luck than any one fighter has if you want to survive falling off the back.
  • Who's Driving? – If Link, Toon Link, or Young Link is busy in battle, Alfonzo will handle being the train's conductor.
  • Cabooses – The Spirit Train can have several different cabooses. It could be Linebeck's shop, a coal car, a steel-frame car, or other cars!
  • Dark Train – Keep an eye on the black smoke from the Dark Train! It will jump before exploding, landing in a random place on the stage.
  • KO-Ready Armored Train – The Armored Train is pointy in front and will try to push the train you are on off the stage. Don't get pushed off during their conflict!

Dream Land GB[edit]

  • Dream Land GB – This stage resembles a Game Boy loaded up with the first title of the Kirby series, Kirby's Dream Land. The battery light even turns off at the end of the battle!
  • Situations – Starting with Green Greens, all five stages from the original game make an appearance. Seven events from the stages are re-created here.
  • Scrolling Screen – Green Greens, Float Islands, and Bubbly Clouds sometimes have scrolling sections, so be mindful of the edges of the screen.

Unova Pokémon League[edit]

  • Stairs – Stairs will sometimes appear and connect to N's Castle. The stairs will make the stage larger—change up your tactics with this new space!
  • Background Pokémon – Sometimes Milotic, Whimsicott, and Shaymin will appear. Don't worry—these three are only here to watch.
  • Legendary PokémonReshiram and Zekrom will attack when they appear on this stage. You might see some other Pokémon, too!
  • Stair-Breaking Flames – Reshiram's Fusion Flare move will unleash a burst of flames and then destroy the stairs, so be careful!
  • Stage-Changing Lightning – Zekrom, the Dragon/Electric-type Legendary Pokémon, charges in using Fusion Bolt, which breaks the stairs or leaves platforms askew.

Prism Tower[edit]

  • Prism Tower – Based on Prism Tower from Pokémon X & Y. The battle plays out in the surroundings of the tower, with time advancing through morning, noon, and night.
  • Pokémon – Although they won't take part in the battle, Helioptile, Magnemite, Emolga, Zapdos, and Yveltal will appear. Can you spot them all?

Mute City SNES[edit]

  • Mute City SNES – This fight takes place on F-Zero machines in the middle of a race! Falling onto the course will hurt and send you flying through the air!


  • Flying Man – Flying Man will fight alongside the first person who touches him. Get to him before anyone else has a chance!
  • Number of Flying Men – There are only five Flying Men. If all five are defeated, no more will appear in the battle.
  • Falling Obstacles – A giant tomato or iron octopus will fall into the clouds, slowly sinking in until it falls out the other side.
  • Falling Time of Obstacles – Standing on a giant tomato or an iron octopus will cause it to sink through the clouds faster.

Arena Ferox[edit]

  • Platform Types – Four types of platforms appear on this stage. Some of them can be destroyed! The statues too!

Reset Bomb Forest[edit]

  • Reset Bomb Forest – A stage based on the concept of Chapter 11 of Kid Icarus: Uprising. In this stage's background you can see Viridi, the goddess of nature.
  • Lurchthorns – You can't defeat the lurchthorns that drift below the platforms. If you touch them, you'll be launched you may be able to use them to your advantage when falling.

Tortimer Island[edit]

  • Sharks – The shallow waters around the island are home to some vicious sharks. They'll swim close and try to make a meal of an unsuspecting fighter.
  • Setting Sail – Kapp'n's boat will sail out to sea after some time has passed. Disembark before he sails you off the stage!
  • Attack Fruit – Durians and coconuts have no healing power, but sometimes they can explode when thrown.
  • Beehives from Trees – Beehives will occasionally fall from trees. Unless you like swarms of bees attacking you, be careful not to hit those beehives…

Balloon Fight[edit]

  • Balloon Fight – This stage loops back on itself if you run to the left or right. However, getting launched can still KO you.
  • Savage Fish – Beware the fish lurking beneath those pixelated waves—they'll surface and try to get a mouthful of Smash Bros. fighter.

Living Room[edit]

  • Kinds of Puppies – Five different kinds of puppies appear in the background. The breed will change randomly. Sometimes a kitten will appear instead!
  • Falling Blocks – The falling blocks are really painful if they land on you. Avoid damage by watching the shadows and moving before the blocks land.

Find Mii[edit]

  • Destructible Platforms – The Dark Emperor is capable of destroying the platforms in this stage. There are only two, so watch out!
  • Launch the Trapped Mii – The faster you can rescue the Mii trapped in the cage, the faster the Dark Emperor will leave the battle.
  • Magic Effects Display – The Dark Emperor uses random magic during the battle. What effect his magic will have is displayed above the heads of the fighters.

Tomodachi Life[edit]

  • Tomodachi Life – Normally, only rooms that fighters are currently in will be visible. Throwing an X Bomb into a room you can't see could work out in your favor.

PictoChat 2[edit]

  • PictoChat 2 – The stages changes as the background changes. Adjust your tactics depending on the drawing shown in the background.

Mushroom Kingdom U[edit]

  • Nabbit – If Nabbit catches you, he'll put you in his sack. Wriggle about to escape before he carries you off the screen!
  • Stage Transformations – Kamek's magic totally transforms the stage. This can result in platforms sinking beneath your feet, so be careful you don't fall!
  • Icicles – If one of the giant icicles hits you when it falls, you'll be frozen. If you notice any drops of water falling from above, get out from under them fast!
  • Water Pillars – A spray of water from below is the sign that a pillar of water is about to erupt. If there's a Big Urchin on one, don't touch it or you'll get hurt!

Mario Galaxy[edit]

  • Mario Galaxy – It's not just fighters that are affected by this stage's curved gravity—many projectiles will travel in arcs as well, so aim carefully!

Mario Circuit[edit]

  • Mario Circuit – At stationary points, a warning will indicate when there are karts approaching. Try to throw someone onto the track when the karts arrive!


  • Skyloft – On the small island with a waterfall, you'll want to be careful of falling. That swift current can easily prevent you from recovering.

The Great Cave Offensive[edit]

  • Treasure Chests – When treasure chests appear on this stage, break them to get items! Some chests explode, though, so it might be safer to use projectiles.
  • Danger Zones – The burning red Danger Zones are as dangerous as their name implies. Touch them with more than 100% damage, and you'll be instantly KO'd.
  • Mine Carts – On this stage, mine carts will sometimes appear. They start moving when someone gets inside or on their own after a while. Try not to get run over!

Kalos Pokémon League[edit]

  • Kalos Pokémon League – This stage switches randomly between four different chambers. Each has Pokémon of a different type, causing a variety of effects.
  • Fire-type Chamber – In the Fire-type chamber, geysers of flame lift up the platforms. When Ho-Oh appears, these blaze up with renewed intensity!
  • Water-type Chamber – The flowing water in the Water-type chamber can push fighters off the edge. If Manaphy appears, a hole will open in the center and suck the water in.
  • Steel-type Chamber – In the Steel-type chamber, swords stick out from the ground, damaging fighters who touch them. Registeel's Stomp will bury fighters in the ground.
  • Dragon-type Chamber – In the Dragon-type chamber, energy surges can launch fighters. If electrical sparks fly at the edges of the stage, Rayquaza is about to appear.


  • Coliseum – The floor of the stage will rise up to form various different platforms. Their layout is random, but they can all be passed through by fighters.

Flat Zone X[edit]

  • Flat Zone X – This stage combines elements from Flat Zone in Melee and Flat Zone 2 in Brawl. Look closely, and you'll see that even the fighters are flat!

Palutena's Temple[edit]

  • Palutena's Temple – The bridge in the middle of the stage will break when attacked. There are moving platforms below, so keep calm and land safely.
  • Smash Taunts – In the Palutena's Temple stage, you can trigger a special smash taunt if you use Pit's down taunt for a brief instant. It'll only work once per battle.


  • 5-Volt – 9-Volt's mother, who appears in the Gamer stage, is named 5-Volt. Just like in Game & Wario, you have to make sure she doesn't catch you playing.
  • Mother's Appearances – The mother doesn't just peek in from the door or through the window. She appears on TV too, and sometimes even as a drawing in the sketchbook!
  • Hiding from Mother – The mother has her eyes peeled for any fighters. Hide in the shadows if you don't want to be discovered Smashing after bedtime!

Garden of Hope[edit]

  • Peckish Aristocrab – Don't touch the Peckish Aristocrab when it slides across the stage—it'll launch you! It has no issue knocking over the plant pot and the climbing pole.
  • Restoration by Pikmin – Parts of the stage are pretty fragile. Luckily, if fighters or the Peckish Aristocrab break anything, some Pikmin will be right along to fix it up.

Town and City[edit]

  • Town and City – Like Smashville, this stage's background matches the time of day. While the main platform is on the move, the smaller ones will exit the screen.

Wii Fit Studio[edit]

  • Wii Fit Studio – This stage's background demonstrates seven different poses, and the Wii Balance Board platforms can appear in 125 different ways!

Boxing Ring[edit]

  • Original Version – When selecting the Boxing Ring stage, hold the L Button while pressing the A Button (with dual Joy-Con) to choose the original version.
  • On the Ropes – Use the ropes around the ring to jump high into the air. These ropes let fighters who have no hops reach the lights overhead!
  • Falling Lights – Reach those lights hanging above the ring! If you damage them enough, they'll come crashing down, launching anyone caught beneath them.

Gaur Plain[edit]

  • Gaur Plain – When Metal Face shows up at night, you can attack and defeat him. Whoever finishes him off will get credit for the resulting KO.

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Ducks – Attacking the ducks will add to the score in the bottom right. The points are just for show, but the ducks will sometimes drop items after being attacked.
  • Score and Rounds – If you down six or more ducks, you'll proceed to the next round. After Round 9, the score will reset and you'll start back at Round 1.
  • Perfect Bonus – If you defeat all 10 ducks in a single round, you'll get a Perfect Bonus, which adds 10,000 points to the score! ...And that's all!

Wrecking Crew[edit]

  • Falling Floors – You can attack the bombs to break the walls and ladders. Once all the walls and ladders on a floor are broken, the floor above will come crashing down.
  • Oil Drums – If you get caught below an oil drum on a floor that's falling, you'll get trapped inside, leaving you vulnerable to attack. It'll break once it reaches a certain launching speed.


  • Pilotwings – In this stage, you fight atop a red biplane and a yellow monoplane. It's tough to aim projectiles straight when the plane keeps twisting and turning!
  • A Classic Runway – The runway that the plane takes off from at the beginning of the Pilotwings stage is a faithful reproduction of the one in the SNES game!

Wuhu Island[edit]

  • Wuhu Island – This stage is a tour of the setting of Wii Sports Resort. In some areas, like the Power Cruising starting line, fighters can even go for a swim!

Windy Hill Zone[edit]

  • Rotating Platforms – The rotating platforms to the right will stop briefly, then change which way they're turning or how fast. Sometimes they'll just keep going, though!
  • Springs on Both Sides – Springs appear just beyond the edges of this stage that will propel fighters in the direction a spring is pointing. Watch out—they can spin!

Wily Castle[edit]

  • Wily Castle – The Yellow Devil explodes when defeated, which counts as your attack if you defeated it. Use this to KO other fighters!


  • Water Hazard – Unlike in other stages, you can't float at all in the water here. You'll fall through it like it's not even there, so be careful not to belly flop to a KO!
  • Magic Boots – When you reach Fairyland, you can obtain magic boots from the Mother Fairy. These let you jump higher for 30 seconds.
  • Special Features – This stage includes various special features from the original PAC-LAND game. For instance, the Special Pac item will make you briefly invincible.
  • Scroll Speed – The speed at which the stage scrolls depends on where the fighters are standing. Head forward to speed it up; lag behind to slow it down.

Super Mario Maker[edit]

  • Super Mario Maker – The platforms on this stage will change every time you play! It's like playing a whole new stage every time!
  • Various Hands – A hand will appear on the screen and build this stage for you before the battle starts. It might be a person's hand, a cat's paw, or Mario's hand!
  • Platforms at Start – Fighters will start on a platform that disappears almost right away. Watch out!
  • Stage Generation – This stage will generate a mixture of floating platforms and solid ground, but it favors creating floating platforms.
  • Item Blocks – The ? Blocks are more likely to yield items from the Mario series than any other series. Makes sense, right?
  • Stage Transformations and Music – The stage will occasionally change right in the middle of a battle. This can also change the music that is playing!

Suzaku Castle[edit]

  • Suzaku Castle – This stage has a large platform on the right and two smaller ones on the left. Depending on how you like to fight, one side may be more ideal than the other.
  • Breaking Signs – These flimsy signs can't stand up to a fighter being launched near them. If all the signs are broken, they will eventually repair themselves.


  • Summons – Grab the Summon Materia to call forth powerful beings that affect the stage in different ways.
  • KO by Summons – If a Summon knocks out a fighter, the point is awarded to whoever grabbed the Summon Materia.
  • Odin – Odin rides in atop his steed Sleipnir and, with a single slice, cleanly cleaves the stage in two. Be sure not to get slashed—this cut runs deep!
  • Platform Restoration – The stage will return to normal soon after being sliced in two—try not to be between the halves when it does, or it's an instant KO!
  • Ifrit – Ifrit blazes through the sky and unleashes an inferno forceful enough to shift the entire stage. Stand on the hot spots and you'll feel the burn!
  • Bahamut ZERO – From high above the heavens, Bahamut ZERO blasts the stage with a devastatingly powerful beam, obliterating careless fighters.
  • Leviathan – Leviathan rises from the ocean depths, sending a tidal wave crashing down around the stage. Steer clear of the deluge or it will sweep you away!
  • Instant KO in Leviathan's Water – If you fall in the water and crash into the right of the stage, you can get to safety. But if your damage is over 100%, you're done for!
  • Ramuh – Ramuh rains lightning onto the field, shuffling and electrifying the platforms. Fighters who land on a live surface are in for a nasty shock!

Umbra Clock Tower[edit]

  • Umbra Clock Tower – In this stage you battle on the endlessly falling ruins of a clock tower. You can see angels watching from afar whenever the tower enters a magical portal.
  • Debris Platforms – Sometimes debris from the tower can be used as platforms. The debris can fall in seven patterns.
  • Floating Platforms – You can grab the edges that appear below the clock tower. Use them to your advantage to survive tough situations.
  • Disappearing Platforms – Don't worry if you're still on a platform when it floats up and out of the stage area—you'll be dropped off rather than taken away with it!
  • Clock Hands – The clock face on this stage actually tells the real time. Look at the clock long enough and you'll even see the hands move.

New Donk City Hall[edit]

  • New Donk City Hall – Based on City Hall from New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey. The stage starts at the building entrance before traveling upward on a lift along the outer wall.
  • Band Event – A special band event will occur when the music is set to Ground Theme (Band Performance) - Super Mario Bros. or Jump Up, Super Star!
  • Four Man Band – When the band event starts, four band members will appear in the background of the stage. When a fighter touches a band member, that band member's parts will be added to the song.
  • Mayor Pauline – Mayor Pauline will appear if the song Jump Up, Super Star! is selected. Bumping into Mayor Pauline and the band members will cause them to start performing.
  • Captain Toad – Captain Toad will appear on a certain part of the stage every third time the battle goes to that part of the stage, or when music related to Captain Toad plays.

Great Plateau Tower[edit]

  • Great Plateau Tower – Based on the Great Plateau Tower from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the distance, you can see Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle, which was attacked by Calamity Ganon 100 years prior.
  • Guidance Stone – The spire above the guidance stone can be broken. Breaking the spire reveals a floating platform. After a time, the spire will repair itself.
  • Old Man – Although he doesn't take part in the battle, an old man sometimes glides by using the Paraglider. He'll take his time passing by while watching the fight, and sometimes he'll land in the background.

Moray Towers[edit]

  • Moray Towers – This stage is based on the Splatoon multiplayer map Moray Towers. Just as with the original map, battles play out on the diagonal platforms linking each floor of the parking garage.
  • Splatfests – When the music is Ink Me Up, Ebb & Flow, Muck Warfare, or Acid Hues, the stage will appear as it does during Splatfests.
  • Ink – Before the fighting starts, ink will fly from off-screen toward the stage. There are several colors of ink, with special colors appearing during Splatfests.
  • Slopes – Most of the sloping paths on this stage are connected. The places split by platforms will definitely lead to a descending path.
  • Judd – You may notice Judd and Li'l Judd relaxing near the center of the stage. When certain conditions are met, they'll raise flags matching the color of the fighter in first place.
  • Judd's Decisions – Judd determines the fighter in first by raising a flag of their color. When he's raising two flags, two fighters are tied for first, and when he isn't raising a flag at all, three or more are tied.

Dracula's Castle[edit]

  • Dracula's Castle – Based on Dracula's Room from the first game in the Castlevania series. Various characters from the history of the series will make appearances as guests.
  • Candles – Candles are located at various areas of the stage. When you break one, an item will appear.
  • Guest Characters – Every so often, special guests like Medusa will appear in the background of the stage, though they won't take part in the battle. Outside of the series, only Kid Dracula's shadow will appear.


  • Train – If you land on the train that passes through the bottom of the stage, you'll be launched upwards. If you get hit by the front of the train, you'll be badly damaged and will be launched sideways.
  • Walls and Train – There are two different types of walls that sometimes appear from the left and right sides. When the walls appear, the train will not.
  • Using the Terrain – If you use the angles of the ceiling and walls that appear to your advantage, you can bounce opponents off of them for a KO. If you get launched, be sure to break your fall.
  • Music-Based Changes – If the song played is from Persona 3 or Persona 4, the stage color and background will change. It will also have an impact on Joker's Rebellion Gauge and the winning sequence.

Yggdrasil's Altar[edit]

  • The Center Platform – The center platform is the rainbow bridge that leads to Yggdrasil, a great, mythical tree. Once the battle starts, it'll float upward. Be sure to hop on it.
  • Tockles – Members of the Tockle tribe, said to be the embodiment of time, sometimes appear in the stage's background. When they appear, it's a sign a platform will soon appear or disappear.
  • Treasure Chest – The platforms that appear on the left and right sometimes have a treasure chest. You can get items by attacking it, but sometimes it's a mimic pretending to be a treasure chest.
  • Mimic – Defeating a mimic won't earn you any points, but you may get a good item.
  • Liquid Metal Slime – Although extremely rare, a liquid metal slime will sometimes appear. It will not join the battle and will run away immediately.

Spiral Mountain[edit]

  • Rotation – The whole stage will rotate after a set time, and the places you can stand will change. The rotation direction will be shown in the middle of the stage before it rotates.
  • Platforms on the Left and Right – Once the whole stage rotates, there will be additional platforms on the left and right. The platforms will change depending on the direction of the stage.
  • Downward Slope – The location of the slope leading down from the summit changes depending on the stage's orientation. The platform at the slope's base may also disappear depending on the orientation.
  • Bridge – If you are on the bridge on the left and right while the stage rotates, you will be thrown off. Once the rotation direction is shown, return to the center platform.
  • Jinjos – Sometimes a Jinjo will fly by in the background. If you see five of them fly in formation, you are really lucky.
  • Guest Characters – Various characters from the original game, like Gruntilda the witch, Mumbo Jumbo the shaman, Bottles the mole, and Banjo's sister Tooty, will appear in the stage's background.

King of Fighters Stadium[edit]

  • Invisible Wall – There are invisible walls to the right and left of the stage. Fighters launched at high speed risk breaking through the wall and being KO'd!
  • Hitting the Wall – The invisible walls on the left and right will become visibly damaged on impact as the risk of breaking increases. This is very noticeable in 1-on-1 battles; movement may slow on hitting the wall if it's close to shattering!
  • Projectiles and Walls – Projectiles and items will pass through the invisible walls on the left and right of the stage. Luma and Pikmin won't, though.
  • Guest Characters – The characters in the background may be familiar to fans! Characters associated with the music that has been selected tend to show up more frequently too.

Garreg Mach Monastery[edit]

  • Four Areas – After a certain amount of time, the platform will rise up into the air and the environment will change. The stage rotates through the marketplace, the reception hall, the bridge, and the cathedral, in that order.
  • The Shops in the Marketplace – The shops on the left and right of the marketplace will break if you attack them or are knocked into them. Once broken, they won't be restored until you rotate through the rest of the environments.
  • The Reception Hall's Chandeliers – It's possible to get on top of two of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Hitting them can cause them to fall, and anyone caught beneath will get launched upward.
  • Guest Characters – Students and members of the Church of Seiros will appear during battle! Spot Black Eagles in the reception hall, Blue Lions in the marketplace, Golden Deer at the bridge, and Church of Seiros members in the cathedral.

Spring Stadium[edit]

  • Jumping Platform Lights – When the surface of a jumping platform is flashing, that means it is switching on or off. If the surface is green, that's the prefect time to use it!
  • Jumping Platform – When the jumping platforms on the left, right, and center are on, you can reach some amazing heights. Tap the jump button quickly to short hop without using the platform.
  • Attacking from Jumping Platforms – The big jump you can perform from a jumping platform will make you invincible when you take off. Get into the mix and deal damage to nearby opponents!
  • Air Attacks with Jumping Platforms – You can deal damage to opponents you hit when making a big jump using the jumping platform. You can hit opponents easier in the air since you'll be invincible at the start of the jump.
  • Jumping Platforms on the Bottom – Jumping platforms can sometimes appear to the left and/or right of the bottom of the stage. Use them well and you may get a change to recover from an unfortunate fall.
  • Jumping Platform and Items – Some items may bounce on the jumping platform when it is active. Watch out for sudden airborne items!
  • ARMS Drones – Occasionally ARMS Drones carrying items will fly overhead. Hit an ARMS Drone with an attack to knock the item free.
  • Arch – If you hit an opponent against the arch on the upper part of the stage, they will bounce back down. Break your fall at the right timing if you get launched.
  • Guest Characters – The same crowd that showed up for the ARMS fighters in the original game has turned out for these battles. In fact, look closely and you may see the appropriately themed T-shirts!

Minecraft World[edit]

  • Biome – The battle will take place in one of six locations: the plains, birch forest, savanna, taiga, snowy tundra, or stone shore. Each location has block-shaped terrain that will break apart if it takes damage.
  • Selecting Biomes – Hold these inputs and press the A Button to select a biome: L Button for the plains, L and R Buttons for the birch forest, or the L Button and ↑→↓← for the savanna, taiga, snowy tundra, or stone shore, respectively.
  • Mineable Material – Each biome has the same distribution of mineable materials, meaning the same location on a platform will yield the same materials, no matter which biome you're fighting on.
  • Breaking the Terrain – The blocks the stage is made out of will crack and be destroyed if they are headbutted from below or attacked. The broken landscape will not be restored during the battle either!
  • Guest Characters – Sheep, chickens, villagers, and others will appear in the background of the stage. At night, the villagers will return to their homes. In their place, zombies and skeletons will appear!

Northern Cave[edit]

  • Northern Cave – Modeled after the Northern Cave from FINAL FANTASY VII. This is a simple stage with two platforms, perfect for 1-on-1 battles.
  • Changing Background – The stage will descend through the cave all the way to the Planet's Core, then it will return to the surface. Meteor will be falling when the stage emerges, re-creating the setting of the epic battle for the Lifestream.
  • The Planet's Core – When the stage moves down into the cave, the battle will enter the Planet's Core, where the Lifestream can be seen. The platform here is where Cloud's party fought Jenova SYNTHESIS in the original game.
  • Holy – The battle between Sephiroth and Cloud in the original game takes place in the deepest part of the Planet's Core. The Holy magic that protects the world from Meteor shines from where it is trapped in the rock.
  • The Highwind – If you look closely, the shape of the Highwind is different between when you enter the cave and when you leave it. Specifically, the Highwind will have big wings when you're leaving.

Cloud Sea of Alrest[edit]

  • Cloud Sea of Alrest – Travel through the Cloud Sea while riding on Azurda, a Titan and guardian of Rex. As you fly you'll see different Titans, as well as the World Tree itself, in the background.
  • Azurda's Posture – Battles on this stage are fought on Azurda, and he will occasionally move his head or change his posture. When he looks back, the platform will get shorter, so watch out.
  • Azurda's Commentary – Azurda will observe the battle and sometimes offer commentary. He'll also be sure to let you know when the battle is nearly over.
  • Titans and Locations – The countries built on the Titans will appear in the background. These include Argentum, Gormott, Uraya, Mor Ardain, Tantal, and Indol. Azurda will share these names with you when he turns around.
  • Guest Characters – Characters you meet during the events of the original game will appear on Azurda's back. The Drivers and Blades will come out as pairs.

Mishima Dojo[edit]

  • Destroying the Walls and Ceiling – The walls and ceiling will break from attacks or impacts of fighters. These spots can save you from being KO'd, but they won't help once they break. Broken spots will be restored after some time.
  • Below the Destroyed Ceiling – If the ceiling gets destroyed, debris will be on the ground beneath it. If you see the debris, do your best not to get launched upward!
  • Through the Walls and Ceiling – Even if the walls or ceiling aren't broken, a strong enough impact could still send you flying through them. Be careful if your damage is high!
  • Heihachi – Heihachi Mishima will appear in the background of the stage. He'll sit with his back towards you at first, but he'll stand when a wall or ceiling gets destroyed. If a fighter gets KO'd, he'll raise his fist in their direction.

Hollow Bastion[edit]

  • Hollow Bastion – Do battle as you travel through many locations of Hollow Bastion from the original game. Go through the Rising Falls, Castle Gates, Lift Stop Great Crest, and look down on the castle from above.
  • Dive to the Heart – When the battle is almost over, the background will change to a dark, special area with stained glass. The platforms will change to a stained-glass style as well.
  • Dive to the Heart's Stained Glass – There are seven types of stained glass designs. However, Sora's stained glass will only show up when he is not fighting in the battle.