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Codec Conversations

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Snake's codec regarding Diddy Kong begins in Brawl.

The Codec Conversations are Snake's Smash Taunt on Shadow Moses Island in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he talks about other fighters with his support team, consisting of Colonel Roy Campbell, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, and Mei Ling. When fighting Falco, Snake also talks with Slippy Toad.


Snake having a codec conversion in Metal Gear Solid.

This Smash Taunt is based on the optional codec conversations that recur throughout the Metal Gear series, where Snake is given information about his current whereabouts, objectives, or actions. By calling certain frequencies, Snake can talk to different characters who specialize in different subjects and roles, including Colonel Campbell, Otacon, and Mei Ling, the three members of his support team who appear in Smash.

The codec's appearance is based on how it is depicted in Metal Gear Solid and its remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, using the same ringing sound effect from the latter game. Characters within the codecs are portrayed as hand-drawn portraits. Snake's portrait is subtly modified from its original version, reflecting his visible stubble in Smash. The same voice actors from the original games reprise their roles. Within the conversations, characters occasionally allude to events and characters from the Metal Gear games. In series tradition, they also tend to "break the fourth wall", referring directly to their status as characters in a video game.

In Smash[edit]

Snake's codec regarding the Ice Climbers begins in Ultimate.

The Codec Conversations are initiated by inputting the down taunt command for just one frame. If done correctly, Snake will kneel and touch the codec receiver in his ear. The codec message will begin after a few seconds, provided Snake is left undisturbed. He can only perform the Smash Taunt once per match, even if he is interrupted during the initial animation. In matches where Snake has more than one opponent, the subject will be selected randomly.

Each character Snake talks to has their own way of describing his opponent. The Colonel's descriptions are blunt and cautionary, and he usually offers Snake careful advice about the character, encouraging him to attack. Otacon's descriptions are the most in-depth, as he is analytical and somewhat nerdy; however, he is also very temperamental, and his attitude can range from excited to paranoid. Mei Ling, the most well-read character, also has the most emotional descriptions; she'll usually talk about the characters' backstories, generally giving them sympathy and showing disdain towards Snake's indifferent comments.

The feature was effectively replaced by Palutena's Guidance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U due to the absence of the Metal Gear series.

In Ultimate, the Codec Conversations from Brawl return alongside Snake and Shadow Moses Island. Unlike Palutena's Guidance, no new Codec Conversations were created for characters not present in Brawl; instead, the original recordings were reused mostly unaltered. This leads to several instances where characters refer to the game as Brawl and reference attributes of characters that no longer exist due to changing between games (only Link's was altered, removing a mention of his Clawshot). Takeshi Aono, Roy Campbell's Japanese voice actor, passed away in 2012 from a stroke, and as a result, future Metal Gear titles do not feature the character out of respect for Aono.[1] This is likely why no new Codecs were recorded, instead simply reusing the conversations already present in Brawl; however, no official reason has been provided.

If Snake tries to perform the Smash Taunt in a match where no other participants were playable in Brawl, he will simply perform his regular taunt. It also cannot be performed on the Ω form nor Battlefield form of Shadow Moses Island. If Stage Morph is on and a codec is activated, the morph will be delayed until the conversation ends.




Colonel: Careful, Snake! That's the great and terrible Bowser!
Snake: Bowser? Looks like a cheap movie monster.
Colonel: Hardly. Bowser leads an entire army of monsters. But I'd worry more about his claws and fire if I were you.
Snake: Doesn't look that tough to me. Seems kind of slow, actually.
Colonel: Well, he is the king of Koopas. It's only natural he'd be slow. But that's only because he's the heaviest fighter here—by far. He's a powerhouse of destruction. Careful he doesn't flatten you.

Captain Falcon[edit]

Snake: Hey! That's Captain Falcon, isn't it!
Otacon: Good eye, Snake! He's F-Zero pilot number 07!
Snake: You know, seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... We should do that thing we've always wanted to try...
Otacon: Ohhhh yeah! That thing! Good idea! OK, ready? Go!
Snake: Falcooooon Punch!
Otacon: Falcon Kiiiiiiick!

Note: In the English version, when Snake says "Falcon Punch", only the "Falcon" part of it is extended. However, in Brawl, the text shows it as "Punch" extended (which mainly fits the Japanese dialogue more closely). The error was fixed in Ultimate.

This conversation is also a voice actor joke in the Japanese version of the game, as Otacon's Japanese voice actor, Hideyuki Tanaka, also voiced Captain Falcon in the anime F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu (known to Western audiences as F-Zero: GP Legend).

Diddy Kong[edit]

Snake: Otacon, there's a chimpanzee here wearing a Nintendo hat.
Otacon: That's Diddy Kong. He's Donkey Kong's partner. Not only is he lightweight, he can use a wide range of weapons as well. He can fly using those barrel jets on his back, and he can shoot nuts with his Peanut Popgun.
Snake: Peanuts? As in the ones in the little shells? Are you serious?
Otacon: Wait, here's the best part. You see them lying on the ground after he shoots? If you pick up some of those peanuts, they'll restore your health a little.
Snake: Hmm. Edible ammunition, huh... Times sure have changed.

Note: Otacon's line about edible peanuts is only true in Brawl, as Peanut Popgun no longer drops edible peanuts starting with Smash 4.

Donkey Kong[edit]

Snake: Otacon, there's a gorilla wearing a tie here. He's huge.
Otacon: That's Donkey Kong. As you can tell, he's got strength to spare. He may be king of the jungle, but he lives in a house just like you or me. And he seems pretty smart—well, for an ape, anyway. The Donkey Kong who fought that epic battle with Mario was this guy's grandfather.
Snake: That was a long time ago. What about this Donkey Kong? Does he get along with Mario?
Otacon: Nope, they're still at it. Seems like they're always competing in something—kart racing, sports, you name it.
Snake: A chip off the old block...

Note: Otacon states that Mario and Donkey Kong still have an ongoing rivalry, but in Smash 64 Donkey Kong's character profile states that the two have "patched things up". Otacon might be implicitly referring to the concept of friendly rivalry, which does not invalidate the statement made in the N64 game.


Snake: This is Snake...
Slippy: Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!
Snake: Whaa—! Who is this? What are you, some kind of frog?!
Slippy: Easy there, buddy! Just thought I'd hop on the wireless and give you a holler. Don't get mad!
Snake: Hacked right into my channel, huh...
Slippy: But I'm not here to mess nothin' up. Don't worry.
Snake: ...
Slippy: Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and Reflector that I designed, just like Fox does. But Falco will kick his Reflector and send it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you ask me.
Snake: No reason a weapon can't have more than one use. In fact, I'd say its versatility shows how well you designed it.
Slippy: Hey, maybe so! I feel all fuzzy now! Thanks, Snake!
Snake: Maybe next time we meet, you can design me a weapon....

Note: This is the only codec that does not feature any of Snake's normal contacts. The number "140.85" (Roy Campbell's codec number) appears in the Codec screen, indicating that Snake intended to call Campbell, but Slippy interrupted the transmission and showed up instead.


Snake: Colonel! That fox is fast!
Colonel: You're fighting Fox, eh, Snake? His full name is Fox McCloud. He's the leader of the commando-for-hire unit Star Fox. They're mostly active in a galaxy known as the Lylat System. Fox and his comrades pilot all-terrain fighter crafts called Arwings. His skills in combat can turn the tide of any battle.... You seem to have a thing with foxes, don't you, Snake?
Snake: Don't remind me. First FOXHOUND and now this guy... I'm sick of foxes.
Colonel: You and foxes have a long history together. You ought to be proud.

Note: FOXHOUND was a special forces group that Snake and Colonel used to work in before it fell into the hands of Liquid Snake (one of Snake's brothers and the main antagonist in Metal Gear Solid) and became a terrorist group. Also, one of Snake's friends, Gray Fox, betrayed him. Finally, it could be referencing the fact that foxes are snakes' natural predators. Any or all might explain Snake's disdain for foxes.

Campbell refers to the Lylat System as a galaxy, but it would be more accurate to refer to it as a solar system that may or may not be within the Milky Way galaxy.


Snake: This guy is giving off a murderous vibe! Even getting close to him makes my skin crawl...
Otacon: Snake! Ganondorf is dangerous! His ambition is to rule the world, and he's got the power to do it. It's no wonder they call him "King of Evil."
Snake: Do modern weapons even work against him? Do I even have a chance?
Otacon: Take a look around you. There are plenty of people fighting with swords or even their bare hands. At least you've got firepower! Count yourself lucky! It's not like you to whine, Snake.
Snake: I was just asking, sheesh. Well, it's back to the mission for me.

Ice Climbers[edit]

Snake: So those two are the Ice Climbers, huh?
Mei Ling: Snake, have you ever heard of a "blood bond"?
Snake: Sure.
Mei Ling: It refers to a bond between two people that's so strong they'd die for each other. The Ice Climbers have conquered frozen glaciers and dangerous mountaintops together. I think they've formed a bond that we can't even fathom.
Snake: I dunno. Seems to me they'd get in each other's way fighting to see who gets to the top first.
Mei Ling: Snake, in China they say, "Though brothers may quarrel at home, outside they defend each other from slight."
Snake: Is that really a Chinese proverb?
Mei Ling: Even though they may get in each other's way occasionally, they'll pull together in times of need. They're an inseparable team, Snake. Don't underestimate them!

Note: The "blood bond" that Mei Ling mentions is a reference to the strong sense of camaraderie between Popo and Nana, being a "two-in-one" fighter in all of their playable appearances. Snake's mentioning of the Ice Climbers fighting each other to see who gets to the top first is a reference to one of the two-player modes in Ice Climber in which both players must compete against each other in order to reach the summit first.


Snake: This swordsman's gonna be tough to beat.
Colonel: Fighting Ike, eh, Snake? Ike is the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. He may look too refined to be a fighter... but he has one heck of a sword arm.
Snake: Yeah, he's swinging that two-handed sword around with only one hand. I don't even want to get near him.
Colonel: That's the holy blade of Ragnell. It's an extremely powerful sword. But don't forget, Snake, you're armed to the teeth yourself. To your opponents, you might just be their worst nightmare. The distance between you and your enemy is a crucial element in battle. Using that distance can give you an advantage against some enemies.
Snake: Yeah, I've got the same feeling...

Note: In Ultimate, this codec will not activate if Ike is in his Radiant Dawn costumes. While this may be because Ike's Path of Radiance design was the only one available in Brawl, it is nonetheless unusual given that Alph and the female Pokémon Trainer can still activate codecs meant for Olimar and the male trainer.


Snake: Aw, there's a big eyeball walking around here...
Colonel: That's just Jigglypuff.
Snake: Jigglypuff? That some kind of marshmallow?
Colonel: Jigglypuff is a balloon-shaped Pokémon. It may be light and puffy and full of air, but its sleep ability is devastating.
Snake: Sleep...? What's so devastating about it going to sleep?
Colonel: The instant it falls asleep, there's a huge buildup of energy in its center of gravity. If it hits you, it's lights out for sure.
Snake: So it puts a lot of energy into sleeping? Sounds pretty irresponsible if you ask me.
Colonel: Takes all kinds, Snake. Especially here in "Brawl."

Note: Snake's comment about the marshmallow is a semi-accurate translation of the original comment in Japanese, in which he compares Jigglypuff to a dessert because Jigglypuff's Japanese name is "Purin," which is also the Japanese word for "pudding." Colonel also breaks the fourth wall, mentioning Brawl by name.

In Ultimate, this codec remains unchanged, which causes the Colonel to still refer to the game as Brawl.

King Dedede[edit]

Snake: Look at the size of that hammer...
Colonel: That's King Dedede you're fighting, Snake.
Snake: Dedede? You mean it's not a penguin, Colonel?
Colonel: He's the King of Dream Land. Well, so he says, anyway.
Snake: Are you sure he's not a penguin?
Colonel: One full swing from that hammer can level an entire building. It may look like just a big wooden mallet, but it's actually outfitted with special mechanical systems like turbo jets and precision bearings to boost its effectiveness.
Snake: I don't think I could even lift that thing. And here he's swinging it around like it was nothing...
Colonel: But he also leaves himself wide open. Just make sure you avoid the swing, Snake.

Note: While what exactly King Dedede is supposed to be has never been stated, the common assumption among fans is that he is some sort of penguin, hence Snake's asking about the subject (coincidentally, in Smash 4 and Ultimate, King Dedede is given a black alternate costume that makes him resemble a great penguin).


Otacon: Snake! Watch out!
Snake: For what? That pink marshmallow?
Otacon: That's Kirby, also known as "Kirby from Dream Land." He's from another planet—in other words, an extraterrestrial. He's got a powerful stomach that lets him swallow and digest anything. And he also has a 'Copy Ability' that allows him to mimic opponents, steal their moves, and use those moves against them. On top of that, he has the power to fly around the stage, so once he's got you in his sights, there's no place to run.
Snake: ...Huh? Yeah, got it. I'll keep an eye out.

Note: In the original Japanese conversation, Otacon refers to Kirby as "Hoshi no Kaabii", meaning "Kirby of the Stars", instead of "Kirby from Dream Land". This is the official name of the series in Japan, as well as the animated series (known as Kirby: Right Back at Ya! outside of Japan). Snake calls Kirby a marshmallow just as he does to Jigglypuff.


Snake: Otacon, who's the guy with the sword?
Otacon: That's Link. He's the hero of Hyrule. That blade in his hand is called the Master Sword, also known as the "Blade of Evil's Bane." He also has a whole arsenal of items at his disposal—bombs and arrows, a sword, a shield, a boomerang, and a Clawshot. He's a force to be reckoned with.
Snake: Gear is only useful when it's used at the right time and place. Just lugging a ton of it around doesn't do you any good.
Otacon: ...I, uh... I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Snake.
Snake: What's that supposed to mean?
Otacon: You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt.
Snake: ...

Note: This conversation pokes fun at Snake's tendency to be carrying a heavy assortment of weapons and equipment, up to and including 2 rocket launchers and 3 cardboard boxes, in a sort of hammerspace at any one time. Snake Eater attempted to alleviate this by imposing a carrying capacity limiting the amount of weapons the player can carry at a time, as well as their combined weight having an effect on their stamina.

In Ultimate, the mention of Link's Clawshot is cut out, as Link no longer has it due to him being based on Breath of the Wild.


Mei Ling: You're fighting Lucario, aren't you, Snake?
Snake: Mei Ling, what's that purple fire coming out of his hands?
Mei Ling: That's his "Aura."
Snake: Aura?
Mei Ling: I guess you could call it his life force. Lucario can use his own Aura and turn it into power. Every time Lucario's damage increases, his aura gains strength, making his attacks more powerful. So don't think you've got him beat just because his health is down.
Snake: The cornered rat will bite the cat... Sounds like trouble.
Mei Ling: Hey! When did you become so good with proverbs?!
Snake: You must have rubbed off on me.
Mei Ling: Well, come back in one piece, and I'll teach you all the Chinese proverbs you can handle.

Note: While Lucario is often referred to as an "it" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Snake and Mei Ling use male pronouns to describe it. This is likely because this Lucario is based on the one featured in the eighth Pokémon movie, which is referred to as a male. Additionally, Lucario has a 7:1 male-female ratio, which carries over from its previous evolution, Riolu. In the Japanese version, Snake and Mei Ling use gender-neutral terms, which are more common in Japanese grammar and conversation.


Mei Ling: I see you're fighting Lucas, Snake.
Snake: Lucas?
Mei Ling: That boy has PSI powers, which he can use for different kinds of attacks. But the poor little guy's had such a hard life. His mother was killed when he was young, and he was separated from his brother. After that, he faced all kinds of senseless hardships, and he slowly grew stronger.
Snake: Senseless hardships — yeah, I had a lot of those too. The question is how you translate those hardships into a better future.
Mei Ling: ...Mmm. Well, I hope things turn out okay for him.

Note: The "hardships" that Snake mentions are a reference to his internal conflict with his so-called "family" from Les Enfants Terribles, such as dealing with his twin brother Liquid Snake due to Liquid's "inferiority complex." Throughout the Metal Gear series (except Metal Gear Solid 3, Portable Ops, Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V, where the player plays as Snake's "father", Naked Snake/Big Boss), Snake frequently has to battle one of his "family members" as a boss fight, and most of the plot involves the evil deeds of one of his "family members" (particularly Liquid).

This conversation is also a reference to Mother 3, namely the relationship between Lucas and Claus, Lucas' twin brother.


Snake: That guy with the mustache...
Colonel: Ha. You mean the "King of Second Bananas"?
Snake: Hey, that's Luigi! Show him a little respect!
Colonel: Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long.
Snake: That's a low blow, Colonel!
Colonel: Face it, Snake! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!
Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?!
Colonel: La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!
Snake: Colonel, snap out of it! Colonel! Coooooooloneeeeeel!

Note: The "La li lu le lo" is a nickname for an anonymous group in the Metal Gear series only known by their codename, "The Patriots". The Colonel's speech during this codec call is a direct reference to an event in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, when the main character (Raiden) realizes that the Colonel that he had been taking orders from for the whole mission was just an artificial-intelligence look-alike of the real Colonel Campbell that Snake took orders from, in the first Metal Gear Solid. During the final parts of the game, the AI Colonel goes haywire and begins to utter disturbing statements (i.e. "Raiden, turn the game console off right now!" and "Honestly, though, you have played the game for a long time. Don't you have anything else to do with your time?"). Another thing to note is how in Metal Gear Solid 4, soldiers and PMCs who are under the use of nanomachines cannot simply call The Patriots by name — their nanomachines force them to refer to the Patriots as "La li lu le lo" (which, in Japanese — note the vowel order — reinforces the anonymity of the group, since the conventional "L" sound does not exist in the language, thus coming off as senseless gibberish). This line is one of the strange phrases that the AI Colonel says to Raiden, which is also directly referenced in this conversation.

This conversation is also a subtle reference to the relationship of Solid Snake and his brother, Liquid Snake in MGS1. Liquid Snake lived under the shadow of Solid Snake, which contributed to the former's megalomaniacal nature. As well, it references the inferiority complex Luigi is assumed to harbor towards his brother Mario (much like the one Liquid Snake felt towards Solid Snake), as well as the condescending attitude the AI Colonel showed towards Raiden in MGS2. Finally, Snake's last line is actually a reversal and parody of his "Game Over" line ("Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE!") from the Metal Gear Solid series.


Colonel: Snake, you know who that is?
Snake: You're kidding, right? It's Mario.
Colonel: Mario made his first appearance in 1981, and since then, he's become a worldwide phenomenon. There's probably not a single person who doesn't know Mario. He's that famous.
Snake: Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle, huh.
Colonel: This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, Snake. Now get out there and show him what you're made of. No regrets.
Snake: Got it.

Note: This message appeared in the Snake Joins the Brawl video on the Smash Bros. DOJO!!, also found in-game in the video archives.


Mei Ling: Snake, have you heard the saying "Politics makes strange bedfellows"?
Snake: Don't tell me that's a Chinese proverb.
Mei Ling: Err, no... It means that when the going gets tough, you might need unexpected partnerships in order to succeed. Marth was a prince whose kingdom was usurped. He didn't even have an army to fight with him. But as he battled his way forward, he found new allies to fight at his side, and in the end, he was able to reunite the war-torn land of Altea.
Snake: So he built his army from the ranks of his defeated enemies...
Mei Ling: Marth did his share of fighting too. Even when he had an army, he was always alongside his men in the thick of battle. Then he was betrayed by one of his most trusted friends. I can't even imagine how that feels...
Snake: ...I can.

Note: Snake is referring to the fact that in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, he found out that his war buddy Gray Fox was one of Big Boss' men. Big Boss himself was once Snake's commander, and he betrayed him much like Gray Fox did. It should be noted that betrayal is a common occurrence in the Metal Gear series.

Meanwhile, Mei Ling is referring to Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, in which Marth's former ally Hardin is crowned emperor and becomes the game's primary antagonist. Overtaken by grief and despair upon acquiring the Darksphere, he betrays Marth and the kingdom of Altea. Mei Ling's statement is slightly incorrect, as Altea is the name of Marth's kingdom; the land as a whole is named Archanea.

Snake's comment about building an army from his enemies could also be a reference to Portable Ops, where Big Boss could capture enemy soldiers to fight for his side (which can also be done in Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain, released after Brawl).

Meta Knight[edit]

Snake: Mei Ling, there's a mysterious masked man flying around here with a sword...
Mei Ling: That's Meta Knight. He's a knight from Dream Land. They say his sword swings can break the sound barrier. Whatever you do, don't get caught in one of his furious barrage attacks. He also commands the Halberd, a flying battleship.
Snake: Mm, I've seen it. The bow looks like his mask. What kind of weirdo puts his face on the bow of a ship, anyway?
Mei Ling: Umm, maybe he's a little narcissistic. Kind of like someone else I know.
Snake: Really... And who would that be?
Mei Ling: Use your imagination...

Note: This is a reference to, and foreshadowing of, Outer Haven, Liquid Ocelot's ship seen in MGS4. There is a Mt. Rushmore-like structure on the ship that includes all the faces of Snake's family (or rather, everyone who has "Snake" in their codename, excluding Raiden, who only received the name "Snake" for a short while). Also, Snake claims he's seen the Halberd, which could be a reference to the Subspace Emissary, where he was a stowaway in the ship.

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

Snake: Otacon, there's a guy walking around in here... and he's only got two dimensions!
Otacon: That's Mr. Game & Watch. He comes from a world where everything is flat. Game & Watch was a series of portable games released by Nintendo in 1980. They were powered by large-scale integrated circuits and only had mono-chrome LCD displays, so characters kind of looked like the numbers on a calculator. The guy you're looking at now, Mr. Game & Watch, was a character who appeared in these games.
Snake: This is making my head hurt.
Otacon: Well, um... He's... I mean... Look, just start fighting him, and I'm sure everything will make sense.
Snake: ...

Note: Otacon says Game & Watch characters look like numbers on a calculator. A calculator is what inspired the invention of the Game & Watch.


Colonel: That kid... Isn't that Ness?
Snake: Ness?
Colonel: He may look like a mere boy, but don't let that fool you. He has PSI abilities that defy all scientific explanation.
Snake: Just like Psycho Mantis...
Colonel: Exactly. He can use teleportation, levitation, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis.
Snake: Yeah, but the question is, can he read minds?
Colonel: Not to my knowledge, no.
Snake: Good. Then I won't have to worry about him predicting my every move.
Colonel: Even if he had telepathic powers, I don't think he'd use them to mess with you like that. I hear he's a good kid.

Note: Psycho Mantis, a Russian renegade FOXHOUND member, appears in Metal Gear Solid as a boss. Like Ness, Psycho Mantis uses psychic powers to create devastating attacks. Snake's inquiry about mind reading refers to Psycho Mantis' main ability, which involves using telepathy to predict his opponent's attacks. In the game, his "mind reading" had the game read the player's memory card, and reference games the player has played before fighting him (in the original version, these games are Azure Dreams, Suikoden, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Vandal Hearts, and, in the Japanese version of the game, Policenauts and Tokimeki Memorial - notably, all games published by Konami like Metal Gear Solid; in the GameCube remake, the game list is changed to Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and, notably, Super Smash Bros. Melee). He also used his telepathy to predict the player's move inputs on their controller. To prevent this, the player will need to plug their controller into the player 2 slot.

Ness actually did have telepathic abilities in EarthBound, albeit limited to use on animals. Ironically, the Colonel's remarks on pyrokinesis are false, as it was Paula, not Ness, who learned that move in EarthBound, though Ness can use such abilities in all the Smash games he has appeared in.


Mei Ling: Snake, have you heard of the ancient Chinese story, "The Vain Ocean of Wealth and Splendor" from the Zhen Zhong Ji?
Snake: I've been waiting for the movie.
Mei Ling: Basically, it's meant to express the impermanence of all things. You know, like even when Captain Olimar has lots of Pikmin with him, they could all be gone the next moment. Those poor little guys—they carry, they fight, they multiply...and they get eaten. Olimar might have lots of company one minute and be all alone the next. It's so sad.
Snake: But he can pluck out more Pikmin anytime he wants, right?
Mei Ling: Well, yeah, I suppose so.
Snake: No one truly fights alone. Not even me.
Mei Ling: ...You're absolutely right, Snake. Good luck. I'm rooting for you.

Note: Mei Ling saying that the Pikmin "carry, fight, multiply...and get eaten" is a reference to the lyrics of the song used to advertise Pikmin in Japan, Ai no Uta, which also features in Brawl.

In Ultimate, Mei Ling still refers to Olimar even if Snake is fighting Alph.


Snake: Mei Ling, tell me what you know about Peach.
Mei Ling: Princess Peach is the beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's been kidnapped numerous times by Bowser.
Snake: Sounds pretty serious.
Mei Ling: Yes, but every time it happens, Mario ends up saving her. Sure, he may not look like your ideal "knight in shining armor." A little on the short side, I'd say... But still, don't you think it's romantic? I mean, to have a guy who's always there for you?
Snake: If he was smart, he'd tell her to stop getting kidnapped.
Mei Ling: ...You don't get a lot of dates, do you, Snake?


Mei Ling: Ooh! How cuute!
Snake: What? The yellow thing?
Mei Ling: That's Pikachu. It's a Pokémon. They're popular all over the world, you know. And it may look cute, but be careful. It can store up large amounts of electricity in those adorable little cheeks. It'll try to pepper you with electric shocks.
Snake: Couldn't be much worse than Ocelot's old torture device...
Mei Ling: Oh, and, Snake?
Snake: What?
Mei Ling: I was wondering, could you maybe try and catch Pikachu for me? Pleeeeease?
Snake: Give me a break! What do I look like, a Pokémon Trainer?
Mei Ling: Fine... Sorry I asked.

Note: Snake's comment about Ocelot's old torture device is a reference to the torture scene in Metal Gear Solid in which Revolver Ocelot runs high voltage through Snake's body after Snake was captured. In nearly every Metal Gear game, the main character gets captured and sometimes gets tortured.

Mei Ling's comment about capturing Pikachu may parody the several codec requests that Naked Snake (the playable character of Metal Gear Solid 3, more commonly known as Big Boss, or Snake's father) receives from his radio team, asking him to capture some type of flora or fauna. However, it is more likely that Mei Ling is imitating a Lass from the Pokémon series; one Lass in Pokémon Red and Blue begs her father for a Pikachu early on in the game.


Snake: Otacon, there's a kid with wings out here. Is he a mutant? Or is he just into costumes?
Otacon: That's Pit, Snake. Pit is an angel from Angel Land. He's the captain of Palutena's Army.
Snake: Angels. Give me a break!
Otacon: I dunno, maybe he's from a different species. But those wings on his back and those mysterious weapons he has are the real deal. He may look young, but he's a veteran warrior. Watch yourself. He used to be a weakling, but countless trials over the years have toughened him up.
Snake: And by trials, you mean, "Game Overs"?
Otacon: Yeah, you should know all about that.

Note: Snake's comment about Pit's "Game Overs" could be poking fun at Kid Icarus' somewhat infamous difficulty. In the Japanese version, he quotes its specific "Game Over" message: "I'm finished!"

Pokémon Trainer[edit]

Snake: Pokémon Trainer... That's the guy giving orders behind a Pokémon, right?
Colonel: Right, and this Pokémon Trainer is controlling Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. They represent water, grass, and fire, and they're all powerful.
Snake: So he makes his Pokémon fight while he sits back and watches. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me.
Colonel: It's not like that, Snake. Those Pokémon wouldn't know what to do if the Pokémon Trainer wasn't there giving orders. In every battle, there's a soldier doing the fighting, and a commander telling him what to do. By working together as a team, they accomplish much more than either could on their own. So let's do this together, partner.
Snake: ...Yeah... Whatever you say, Colonel.

Note: The irony is that the Colonel gives Snake orders (like the Trainer) while Snake is constantly sent into the field of battle (like the Pokémon). It is also similar to what Big Boss does during Portable Ops and Peace Walker, though he also takes part in missions on the field himself.

In Ultimate, masculine pronouns are used even if the Trainer is female.


Otacon: So, Snake, you're fighting Robot?
Snake: Yeah, it's a robot. Although, couldn't they have come up with a better name?
Otacon: Actually, in the U.S. they called him "R.O.B." Robot, R.O.B.—take your pick.
Snake: Fine. R.O.B. it is, then.
Otacon: In North America, R.O.B.'s body was grey, like the NES. But in Japan, he had a white body and red arms, the colors of the Japanese Famicom.
Snake: You sure know your geeky tech stuff, Otacon.
Otacon: Well, you know...

Note: This conversation is a fairly direct translation from the Japanese version, hence Otacon using the name "Robot" at first. However, this can be seen as in-character for Otacon, as he is an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture.


Snake: Hey, Otacon. I got a woman here in a Power Suit...
Otacon: Huh? How'd you know she was a woman? Yeah, that'd be Samus Aran, the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy. Her Arm Cannon packs quite a wallop. If you get hit with a charged shot from that thing, you can kiss your butt good-bye.
Snake: Sounds like my kind of woman...
Otacon: Yeah, well, just don't get too close, Snake. Samus is deadly. After Space Pirates killed her parents, she was raised by the Chozo and trained in the fighting arts. She's been places and seen things that people like you and me can't even begin to imagine.
Snake: But underneath that cold, metal exterior beats the heart of a woman...

Note: Otacon's first comment is referencing the first Metroid game, where Samus' gender was kept ambiguous (with the English guide specifically referring to her as male, where the Japanese was gender-neutral; some people even assumed her to be a robot) until the very end of the game, where she removes her Power Suit after the credits; the idea was added later in the game's development, at the suggestion of one of the staff members.


Snake: What's going on here? What happened to Zelda?!
Mei Ling: Snake, Princess Zelda transformed into Sheik. I can understand the clothes, but to change her skin and eye color? That must take some powerful magic.
Snake: ...Magic...?
Mei Ling: Come on, Snake! Don't get all grumpy and start talking about how unscientific it is. Science is basically just another form of magic that makes our lives easier.
Snake: I never thought I'd hear that coming from you, Mei Ling.
Mei Ling: Don't you think talking to someone halfway around the world is a kind of magic? Or flying across entire continents?
Snake: No. I think this is completely different.

Note: Snake's disbelief in magic is a bit unusual, because the Metal Gear Solid series has two infamous characters (Psycho Mantis, a legitimate psychic from Metal Gear Solid, and The Sorrow, a medium from Metal Gear Solid 3 who was in fact already dead at the time the game was set and is encountered as a legitimate ghost) who have abilities that defy all forms of conventional science, even with the advances of nanomachines and genetics in the Metal Gear universe.

In Ultimate, Mei Ling still speaks as though Zelda transformed into Sheik even though both characters were split starting with Smash 4.


Snake: Colonel, it's me! I'm fighting myself!
Colonel: Snake, what's going on out there?! Could it be...? Has the "Les Enfants Terribles" project really come this far?
Snake: It's more than that. He's got my moves, my gear... It's like looking in a mirror.
Colonel: Do you think they collected data on you and created another Snake...?
Snake: He's got the same build, too. Creepy. But his Sneaking Suit is a different color. And his tactics are slightly different.
Colonel: Interesting. So even if you're evenly matched in power, your fighting styles will make a big difference. You've faced tougher odds in the past, Snake. Don't let this impostor beat you!

Note: In the Metal Gear Solid series, the "Les Enfants Terribles" is a cloning project that created Solid Snake as well as his "brothers" (Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake). They are all created from the DNA from their "father," Big Boss (in addition, the younger version of Big Boss almost looks like Solid Snake, insofar as Snake's appearance in Brawl being patterned after Naked Snake's in Snake Eater).

Even if multiple Snakes wear the same costume through online, Tournament Mode, team battle or a glitch, Snake will still act like their sneaking suits are a different color.


Snake: ...
Otacon: Snake, what is it?
Snake: Something about that hedgehog rubs me the wrong way...
Otacon: ...? Oh, you mean Sonic The Hedgehog? But everyone loves Sonic. He's a big star. Do you have any idea how excited people are that he's here in Brawl?
Snake: Yeah, I know, but there's something about him I just don't like.
Otacon: But...why? You must have some kind of reason.
Snake: ...Nope, just don't like him.

Note: While there has been a lot of speculation on the matter, no adequate explanation for Snake's animosity towards Sonic has arisen, and no reasons for the cryptic codec conversation have been provided by any official source. This may reference the fact that hedgehogs are natural predators to snakes. It may also reference to how the announcement on Sonic's inclusion in Brawl overshadowed the vast majority of the hype built up on Snake's inclusion, or that Snake's Japanese VA, Akio Ōtsuka, is the son of the late Chikao Ōtsuka, who played Sonic's nemesis, Eggman (coincidentally, Chikao also voiced Big Boss, Snake's father, in Metal Gear Solid 4). Otacon also breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that Sonic is featured in Brawl, which caused a lot of excitement amongst players when he was first revealed.

In Ultimate, like Jigglypuff's, this codec remains unchanged, which causes Otacon to still refer to the game as "Brawl". However, the "the" in "Sonic the Hedgehog" is no longer capitalised; it was also not capitalised in PAL versions of Brawl.

Toon Link[edit]

Snake: Mei Ling, who is this kid with the cat eyes...?
Mei Ling: Oh, they call him Toon Link. Doesn't he look familiar?
Snake: Yeah, he looks just like Link.
Mei Ling: But you know there've been several people who've gone by that name, right? They all have certain things in common—green clothes, a sword, a shield... But they all came from different lands and lived in different eras. And yet the spirit of the hero of the Triforce is timeless. It's an essence that transcends history.
Snake: I think I can relate to that.
Mei Ling: Huh? What do you mean?
Snake: There's been more than one "Snake," too, you know...

Note: In the Metal Gear universe, at least five people have had the codename Snake - Naked Snake, later known as Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3, Portable Ops, Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid V), Punished/Venom Snake (from MGSV: The Phantom Pain, an MSF medic surgically remade into an exact physical and mental duplicate of Big Boss), Solid Snake (known as Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4), Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), and Solidus Snake (Metal Gear Solid 2). In Metal Gear Solid 2, there is another character called Raiden who had assumed the name "Snake" early in a mission and was being manipulated into playing the role of Solid Snake in a simulated recreation of the Shadow Moses Incident from Metal Gear Solid. His codename was later changed to Raiden to not confuse him with the enemy's leader's codename, who was also falsely going under the name of Snake.


Snake: This guy kind of gives me the creeps.
Colonel: That's Wario, Snake. Wario first appeared as Mario's rival, but he really made his name in the WarioWare games. Watch out for Wario's bite. It's not just damage you take from it.
Snake: What do you mean, Colonel?
Colonel: Wario loves garlic. He eats whole cloves of it day and night. So try not to get caught in his mouth. Once that smell gets on you, it'll stick to you for quite a while.
Snake: ...That's a scary thought.
Colonel: He also attacks by farting. He can fart to fly around, too.
Snake: By farting... Are you kidding me?!
Colonel: Sadly, no. I am not kidding. If his belly starts to bulge, watch out.

Note: This message appeared in the Snake Joins the Brawl video on the Smash Bros. Dojo!!, also found in-game in the video archives. Also, when the Colonel says "If his belly starts to bulge, watch out.", it could be a reference to the trailer where Wario's stomach expands and then lets out a huge Wario Waft around all of the other characters. It could also be a reference to the visual cue Wario gives when his Wario Waft has reached maximum power.


Snake: Colonel, there's a guy in here who looks like a wolf...
Colonel: You mean the fighter named Wolf.
Snake: "Wolf." Real imaginative name...
Colonel: He's the leader of a ragtag team called "Star Wolf." They're the longtime rivals of Star Fox.
Snake: Kind of strange for a wolf to have friends, isn't it?
Colonel: Well, I don't think he works well with others. I suppose they're more like hangers-on than actual comrades. But he's a remarkable pilot. And his ship, the "Wolfen," is no slouch either.
Snake: But this is hand-to-hand combat, Colonel. He's out of his element.
Colonel: Careful, Snake. Those claws of his aren't just for show.

Note: Snake's comment "kind of strange for a wolf to have friends" seems a bit odd, since wolves are famous for hunting in packs, although some species do keep to themselves. It's most likely a reference to Sniper Wolf, a Metal Gear Solid villain who, unlike other snipers, could shoot at Snake without help from a spotter. He could also be thinking of him as a "lone wolf".

If one listens carefully, the words "that's a" can be heard mumbled quickly in Snake's second line (too fast to be recorded as text in the conversation). Thus, the line is, "'Wolf'. [That's a] real imaginative name..."


Snake: Otacon! What's this lizard thing?
Otacon: That's a Yoshi. It's a dinosaur from Yoshi's Island. Watch out for its long, chameleon-like tongue. If it gets you, you'll be swallowed whole.
Snake: It lays eggs and throws them, right? ...Then it must be female.
Otacon: ...Actually, it's a "he." At least, that's what it says.
Snake: It talks!?
Otacon: Yes! It talks! Well, kind of...
Snake: Now you've got me curious. ...How about I capture one so we can see what they taste like?
Otacon: Uhh, Snake...

Note: Snake wondering how Yoshi tastes could be a reference to Metal Gear Solid 3, where the protagonist, Naked Snake (later known as Big Boss, the father of Solid Snake), had to capture live animals and eat them to restore stamina. Whenever his team mate Para-Medic mentioned a new animal that she had found, Snake would always ask about its taste, much to her disgust.

Along with Wario's, Zero Suit Samus', and Mario's, Yoshi's Codec message was shown on the DOJO site.


Colonel: Snake, I see you're fighting Zelda.
Snake: Yeah, I guess. Doesn't feel right fighting someone in a dress, though...
Colonel: Don't underestimate her just because she's a woman. Zelda's attacks are backed by powerful magic. Her hand-to-hand combat may look weak, but her magic makes it cut to the bone.
Snake: So this rose has thorns... Interesting...
Colonel: ...This is no time for pickup lines, Snake.
Snake: Don't worry. I know from experience that it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Note: This is a reference to Sniper Wolf, one of Snake's female enemies in Metal Gear Solid, who doesn't show herself often and rarely moves from her position when threatening Snake.

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

Snake: Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!
Mei Ling: That's just her in the Zero Suit, Snake.
Snake: Without that bulky Power Suit, she's gotten a lot more agile... You know, I bet if I took off all this heavy gear, I could catch her...
Mei Ling: Um, yeah, you wish. Even without the Power Suit, all that training she did with the Chozo has made her a super athlete. I don't think a normal human could ever keep up. Just look at her.
Snake: ...Her loss.

Note: Not mentioned in the conversation is that Samus was not just trained but literally enhanced, via Chozo genetic engineering; without her Power Suit, Samus is still supernaturally agile and strong, as well as highly resistant to harsh environments.

Along with Wario's, Yoshi's and Mario's, Zero Suit Samus' Codec message was shown on the DOJO site.

In Ultimate, Snake still treats as though Samus transformed into Zero Suit Samus even though both characters no longer transform starting in Smash 4.

E3 2006 Trailer[edit]

The trailer codec.

The following quotes are not in the game but they were used in the E3 2006 Trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Colonel and Snake speak in Japanese here.

Colonel: Snake! Sorry to bother you, but I've got big news!
Snake: What? Not another absurd objective, I hope.
Colonel: Are you familiar with Super Smash Bros.?
Snake: Ah... That Nintendo thing...
Colonel: Yes. Actually, we've received an invitation for you to join. Are you up for it?
Snake: ...
Colonel: Where are you right now, anyway?
{Cut to outside the cardboard box, on Battlefield, where Mario, Link, and Kirby are fighting.}
Snake: I'm on reconnaissance duty.
Colonel: Reconnaissance?! Of what kind?!
Snake: Knowing your enemy is the quickest path to victory.
{Snake jumps out from under his cardboard box. Link and Mario cease fighting to look at him.}
Snake: It's showtime!

Note: This is the only codec message which features three-dimensional models instead of two-dimensional illustrations, similar to conversations depicted in Metal Gear Solid 2. This is also the only codec message in the English translation that is not dubbed from Japanese.

KO Messages[edit]

If Snake gets KO'ed during a codec conversation, the conversation is cut off and these special messages will appear, based on which of the four characters Snake is talking with. These messages are a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series when it is Game Over and Snake dies.

Note that these messages do not play if Snake loses his last life in a stock battle.

Colonel Campbell[edit]

"Snake, do you copy? Snake! Snaaake!!"


"Snake! What's going on? Snake! Snaaake!!"

Mei Ling[edit]

"Snake! Don't quit now! Snake! Snaaake!!"

Slippy Toad[edit]

"Snake! Get up! Snake! Snaaake!!"


  • In the E3 2006 trailer, the Colonel and Snake's codec portraits are rendered in 3D similarly seen in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. In the final build of Brawl, Snake and his team use drawn portraits seen in Metal Gear Solid, and its remake, The Twin Snakes.
  • When someone gets a Smash Ball during a Codec conversation, or if a codec conversation starts when a character already has a Smash Ball, the conversation will automatically end.
  • In Brawl, if Snake keeps getting KO'd while in a Codec Message, whoever he is talking to will keep repeating the KO message as long as Snake keeps getting KO'd before the message finishes. This no longer happens in Ultimate.
  • Due to the Codec conversations from Brawl being directly recycled for Ultimate, a few peculiarities occur:
    • The codec for Ike will not work if he's in his Radiant Dawn costume, despite the fact that he is the same individual regardless.
    • The codec for Olimar still works for Alph, but Olimar’s name is mentioned regardless. Likewise, the codec for Pokémon Trainer can still apply to the female trainer, but male pronouns will be used regardless.
    • The codecs for Jigglypuff and Sonic still mention Brawl by name.
      • In the Japanese versions of these codecs, the characters do not refer to Brawl specifically, instead referring to the series in general through 大乱闘 (Great Fray), which is used in the series' full name, 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ (Great Fray Smash Brothers).
    • The codecs for Sheik and Zero Suit Samus indicate that Samus and Zelda transformed into them despite the fact that they no longer do.
    • The codec for Diddy Kong states that Peanut Popgun can shoot small edible peanuts when it’s no longer the case starting from SSB4.
  • In the Korean version of Brawl, Slippy uses his English voice clips during Falco's conversation.[2] In Ultimate's version of the conversation, if the language is set to Korean or Chinese, Slippy uses his Japanese voice clips instead.[3][4]
  • In Ultimate, if the match is quit out, the sound that plays when the codec conversation ends will play before the result screen appears.