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This article is about Dr. Mario's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. For the character in other contexts, see Dr. Mario.
Dr. Mario
in Super Smash Bros. Melee
Dr. Mario SSBM.jpg
Universe Mario
Other playable appearances in SSB4
in Ultimate

Availability Unlockable
Tier B- (13) (North America)
D (12) (Europe)

Dr. Mario (Dr. マリオ, Dr. Mario) is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Melee marks Dr. Mario's first 3D appearance as well as his first appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series, as he stems from a series of Mario puzzle games. As a clone of Mario, Dr. Mario and Mario have nearly identical movesets with obvious differences in attack physics. Dr. Mario's voice consists of the same voice clips regular Mario has; they come from Super Mario 64 and were originally performed by Charles Martinet.

Dr. Mario currently ranks 13th on the Melee tier list, at the end of B- tier, two places higher than Mario's rank and his best placement in the series. His combo ability possesses unique qualities, such as an unusual-functioning reverse-sex kick. His approach options are also very good, with a long wavedash and a good air game, as well as a very good SHFFL. Dr. Mario also has a good projectile, which itself can be used to aid his approach while subsequently keeping away others. However, Dr. Mario's primary weakness is his abysmal recovery, which is one of the worst in the game, due to its predictability and few methods of increasing its distance. Dr. Mario also suffers from lack of range in his attacks, leaving him vulnerable against characters with disjointed hitboxes such as Marth.

How to unlock[edit]

Dr. Mario must be defeated in battle before he can be unlocked. There are two ways the player can encounter Dr. Mario:

  • One way is to complete Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, or All-Star Mode as Mario without using any continues. If the player fails to defeat Dr. Mario, they can re-fight him by doing this same method again.
  • Another way is to play 100 VS. matches to completion. If the player fails to defeat Dr. Mario, they can re-fight him by playing another VS. match to completion. If this method is used, Jigglypuff must be unlocked before Dr. Mario can be fought.

Dr. Mario is fought on Princess Peach's Castle, with the track "Dr. Mario" playing.


Dr. Mario is essentially a stronger version of Mario (that despite claims from his Smash trophies within the game, is not slower in any form except for his neutral attack, and aerial attack landing lag). Both have the same dashing speed and falling speed, yet most of Dr. Mario's attacks deal greater damage and knockback than Mario's. Dr. Mario has a slightly faster air speed, rendering his combo potential and aerial approach superior. True to having relatively low traction and a slightly above average falling speed, Dr. Mario has a rather long wavedash. A low short hop, above average falling speed, and low lag aerials give Dr. Mario a good SHFFL, improving his air game. In addition, Dr. Mario has a good number of reliable finishers: a fast forward smash with no sourspots that can KO opponents under 100%, an up smash that is faster than Mario's and has low knockback to set up more combos, and forward aerial, sometimes referred to as "The Fist", which is a very powerful aerial with a large, lasting hitbox, that can KO opponents under 120%, and is relatively easy to combo into. Dr. Mario also has a great projectile, Megavitamins. Their bounciness and slow horizontal speed creates a temporary defensive wall that deters his enemy's approach. Although designed to be like Mario's fireballs, which are fast moving and weak, Megavitamins deal surprisingly high damage (8% each) and high hitstun, opening up far more opportunities for combos if Dr. Mario is quick to capitalize on them. Dr. Mario can strategically manipulate his jumping prowess while shooting Megavitamins to perform the Pill Rush technique, maintaining at least two Megavitamins on the stage for stage control and defensive purposes.

Dr. Mario also has some properties unique to him that make him a more capable fighter. His neutral aerial attack is a sex kick, but is the only one that increases in damage and knockback the longer it is held out, making it a good SHFFL and edge-guarding option, as well as a reliable horizontal finisher at high percentages. Dr. Mario's up tilt is a good juggling option, dealing decent damage and low knockback. His back aerial is one of Dr. Mario's best edge-guarding and approach options, semi-spiking with high base knockback and low ending lag. His down tilt sends opponents behind him and has more hitstun than Mario's, making it a moderately useful combo starter. Super Sheet, like Mario's cape, turns enemies around without dealing knockback, limiting the effectiveness of their recoveries and allowing for possible gimps and quick KO's.

Like Mario, Dr. Mario has a good grab game; his up and forward throws can set up combos and chain throws, while the latter can also act as a potential KO move at very high percentages. Dr. Mario's back throw, like Mario and Luigi's, is a very powerful throw (more powerful than Mario's and Luigi's), being effective for setting up edge guards at high percentages, and acting as a reliable KO move at very high percentages.

Dr. Mario also has his flaws. While powerful, the majority of the sweetspots in Dr. Mario's attacks are short-ranged. His forward smash is a notable example, where its reach is among the worst for a forward smash attack, requiring Dr. Mario to be right next to the opponent to land it. Similarly, his up smash is also rather close ranged.

Yet his greatest weakness is his abysmal recovery. A combination of predictability, poor distance covered, and few options to extend it makes it one of the worst in Melee. Although he has above average air speed, he also has above average falling speed, lowering his horizontal air movement. Super Jump Punch grants below average vertical distance and poor horizontal distance. Button mashing Dr. Tornado is a decent stalling tactic and can mindgame edge-guarding opponents, but grants negligible net vertical and horizontal distance. His Super Sheet, being not as effective as Mario's cape, only grants minor vertical distance once in the air.

Overall, Dr. Mario is a solid character with fast, relatively powerful attacks with great edgeguarding ability and good approaching options. As long as players can stay on the stage during the battle and keep their opponents within arm's reach, there is little an opponent can do against him.

Differences from Mario[edit]

The most notable difference between the two is that Dr. Mario boasts higher attack power than Mario. Almost all of his attacks do more damage than his counterpart which allows him to rack up damage easily. He can also spike foes with his up smash, albeit only if they are on the ground, and has high KO potential on aerial foes. He can KO earlier than Mario, especially due to his throws being much stronger, with his back throw being among the strongest throws in the game.

However, Dr. Mario's recovery is worse since he cannot wall jump, his Super Sheet (side special) only lifts him up once and gains minimal height on usage, and both his Super Jump Punch and Dr. Tornado specials gain less distance in the air in comparison to Mario's up and down specials. Furthermore, even though Dr. Mario boasts much more damage and KO potential than Mario, his forward smash's hitbox has less horizontal reach, requiring him to be closer to his opponents to make efficient usage of it. His combo game is also worse than Mario's, as his up and down tilts launch at very awkward angles, his down aerial lacks a landing hitbox, his neutral aerial's sourspot is much harder to hit with, and his throws' higher power make them less effective at setting up. Despite this, he has the aforementioned up smash, and his up special can be cancelled, making this nerf negligible. His grab range is also worse overall.

Despite this, the numerous advantages that he has over Mario outnumber his disadvantages and makes him a solid choice in Melee, placing in the upper middle tier.


  • Change Dr. Mario's taunt, idle animation, and two of his victory poses are different.


  • Buff Dr. Mario's air speed is slightly faster (0.86 → 0.9), improving his ability to approach opponents.
  • Change Dr. Mario is heavier than Mario (PAL 98 → 100).
  • Nerf Dr. Mario cannot wall jump, making his recovery worse than Mario's.
  • Nerf Dr. Mario's torso hurtbox is slightly bigger than Mario's, making him easier to hit.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Neutral attack:
    • Buff All hits deal more damage (3% (first hit)/2% (second hit)/5% (third hit) → 4%/3%/6%).
    • Buff The third hit has more base knockback (10 → 18).
    • Nerf The first two hits transition significantly slower into the subsequent hits (Frame 6 (both) → 14 (hit 1)/16 (hit 2)).
    • Change The first two hits have higher set knockback (20 → 30).
  • Forward tilt:
    • Buff It has less startup with a longer hitbox duration (Frames 5-7 → 4-8).
    • Buff It has a shorter animation (32 frames → 29), giving it less ending lag.
    • Buff The down angled variant does not have weak set-knockback.
    • Nerf Forward tilt deals less damage on all angles (10%/9%/8% → 9%/8%/7%), although its knockback was somewhat compensated (6 base → 11/10/9).
  • Up tilt:
    • Change Dr Mario's up tilt consists of a clean hit that is active on the first frame of activation.
      • Buff It does more damage (8% → 10%).
      • Change It sends at the Sakurai Angle instead of a vertical angle (96°), allowing it to be used as a horizontal launcher but it loses its combo potential.
      • Nerf It deals slightly less base knockback, and despite the damage increase, its KBG was lowered enough to give it slightly less knockback scaling too (26 (base)/125 (scaling) → 20/95).
    • Change It also has a late hitbox that functions more like Mario's.
      • Nerf It has a very slightly smaller hitbox on the fist (4.8u → 4.6u).
      • Nerf It sends opponents further away (96° → 100°).
      • Change It has altered knockback (26 (base)/125 (scaling) → 30/122).
    • Buff Up tilt has a longer duration (Frames 4-12 → 4-13).
  • Change Dr. Mario's down tilt sends opponents behind him at a semi-spike angle (80° → 150°) and has slightly increased knockback (10 (base)/80 (growth) → 20/82). This allows it to set up edgeguards, but significantly reduces its combo potential.
  • Dash attack:
    • Buff Its hitboxes are larger (3.6u/2.4u (clean), 3.2/0.8u (late) → 3.6u (all)), and have more favorable placements (X offset: -0.4u/0.8u → 3.6u/0u (clean), 2.4 (late)).
    • Buff It deals more damage on the late hit (7% → 8%).
    • Change It has less reduced knockback on the clean hit (50 (scaling) → 30), but has more on the late hit (45 (base)/30 (scaling) → 60/50).
    • Change It has a higher launch angle that sends opponents in front of him instead of behind (110°/120° → 80°/85°).
    • Change Dash attack has less animation frames (48 frames → 43), but still has the same IASA frames as Mario's, keeping the ending lag identical.
  • Forward smash:
    • Buff Forward smash deals more damage (18% → 19%) and has slightly stronger knockback (25 (base)/95 (growth) → 30/97), making it the fifth most powerful forward smash in the game. Additionally, it also lacks a sourspot.
    • Nerf Forward smash has significantly shorter reach, making it significantly harder to connect with.
    • Change Forward smash lacks transcendent priority and deals electric damage instead of flame damage.
  • Up smash:
    • Change Up smash a clean and late hit that deals more and less damage respectively (15% → 16% (clean)/13% (late)), the late hit also has a different launch angle (83° → 76°) on aerial opponents.
    • Change Up smash can spike grounded opponents (83° → 259°).
      • Buff This noticeably improves the move's combo potential against grounded opponents.
      • Nerf However, it also significantly hinders its KO potential against them.
    • Buff Up smash has larger hitboxes (3.2 → 3.6), slightly improving its range.
    • Nerf The early and clean hits of up smash deal slightly less knockback (32 (base)/97 (scaling) → 35/95), hindering their KO potential.
  • Down smash:
    • Buff Down smash deals marginally more base knockback (40 → 45) and damage (16% and 10%/12% → 18%/17% and 15%/13%). Additionally, its second hit has a slightly longer duration (frame 14-15 → 14-16), enabling it to punish rolls better than Mario's.
    • Nerf Down smash has less reach (12u/6.8u (front) and -10.8u/-6u (back) → 10u/6u and -10u/-6u).
    • Change Down smash has a 'cone' effect instead of a smoke effect.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Dr. Mario's aerials have more landing lag (16 frames → 18 (neutral); 21 frames → 25 (forward); 15 frames → 18 (back and up); 23 frames → 24 (down).
  • Neutral aerial:
    • Change Dr. Mario's neutral aerial does more damage and knockback the longer it's out, while it does less damage and knockback when it first comes out. Overall, Mario's sweetspotted neutral is in between Dr. Mario's neutral aerial's sweet and sour spots. Also, when it first comes out, it has a larger hitbox than Mario's, but afterwards it gets smaller than Mario's neutral aerial. Lastly, it has a slightly altered animation where Dr. Mario sticks his leg completely out, while Mario's is at an angle.
    • Buff It does more damage than Mario's (12% (sweetspot)/8% (sourspot) → 14%/10%).
    • Nerf Neutral aerial has a slightly shorter duration (3-33 → 3-32).
  • Forward aerial:
    • Buff Dr. Mario's forward aerial deals more damage (15% → 17%/16%) and sends opponents at a different angle (280° → 60°) that can reliably KO at 80-100%. It also deals significantly more knockback (30 (base)/70 (growth) → 50 and 40/100). It's less risky to use as a finisher than Mario's since Dr. Mario does not need to be offstage for it to be effective.
    • Buff Its fist hitbox is larger (4u → 4.6u).
    • Nerf Dr. Mario's forward aerial is slightly less useful for edgeguarding due to lacking meteor smash hitboxes.
      • Buff However, it is more reliable than Mario's forward aerial due to its angle rendering it immune to meteor cancelling.
  • Back aerial:
    • Buff The clean hit sends at a semi-spike angle (361° → 28°).
    • Buff The clean hit has more range (Z-offset: 1.5624 → 3.1248).
    • Buff It has has much more base knockback (10 (clean)/7 (late) → 43/20).
      • Nerf This makes it less practical for combos.
    • Nerf It does less damage (11% (clean)/9% (late) → 8%/7%).
    • Nerf The clean hit has much less knockback scaling (100 → 65), making it much weaker for KOing at center stage.
    • Nerf Back aerial has a slightly shorter duration (6-17 → 6-16).
  • Change Up aerial deals 1% less damage (11% → 10%), making it slightly weaker. This hinders its gimping potential, but improves its combo potential.
  • Down aerial:
    • Buff Down aerial's looping hits deal more damage (2% → 3%).
    • Buff It has a different launch angle (94° → 80°), improving its gimping potential.
    • Nerf It has smaller hitboxes (6u → 5.6u).
    • Nerf It does not have a landing hitbox.

Grab and throws[edit]

  • Nerf Dr. Mario's grabs have less disjoint due to him lunging forward more and the range not being properly compensated. Additionally, dash grab has slightly less range behind Dr. Mario.
  • Buff Forward and back throws have knockback growth (65 → 72), improving their KO potential.
  • Change Up throw has more knockback growth (72 → 80). While this improves its KO ability, this also limits its follow-up potential at higher percentages, though its still very effective and fast-fallers, especially the lighter ones; it additionally cannot chaingrab as effectively.
  • Nerf Down throw has more knockback growth (30 → 40). Like the up throw, except it can never KO under realistic circumstances, and as a result, it has less combo potential overall.
    • Buff This makes it slightly easier to chaingrab fast fallers at low percent.

Special moves[edit]

  • Megavitamins:
    • Buff Megavitamins deals more damage (6% → 8%) and has a larger hitbox.
    • Change Megavitamins does not have a flame effect.
    • Change Megavitamins travel slower (1.5 → 1.4).
    • Change Megavitamins uses the normal and virus line clear sound effects from the original Dr. Mario.
  • Super Sheet:
    • Buff It deals more damage (8% → 10%).
    • Change Super Sheet contains three hitboxes instead of two, these hitboxes are larger (6.4u → 7.2u) and have altered placements (X-offset: 0u/7.2u → 2.4u/4u/-1.6u, Y-offset: 0u → 0u/-5.6/5.6, Z-offset: 0u → 0u/-5.6/5.6), this gives it significantly more vertical range, but gives it less horizontal range.
    • Nerf Super Sheet stalls Dr. Mario in the air for a much shorter time (Frames 12-34 → 12-15).
  • Super Jump Punch:
    • Buff Super Jump Punch can be cancelled, which can be use to set up into other moves.
    • Buff The last hit has increased knockback scaling (140 → 160).
    • Change The last hit sends at a vertical angle instead of a horizontal one (50° → 80°).
    • Change The looping hits deal more damage (1% → 2%) but hit fewer times (11 → 6).
    • Nerf It has higher set knockback on the initial and first half of the looping hits (130 (initial)/(110/150 (first half)) → 150/(140/180)), and the gap between hits is longer (2 frames → 4), making it connect less reliably.
    • Nerf Super Jump Punch only has one intangibility frame (Frames 3-6 → 3) and cannot be cancelled into a wall jump since Dr. Mario cannot wall jump.
    • Change Super Jump Punch does not make a coin sound effect.
  • Dr. Tornado:
    • Buff Dr. Tornado does more knockback than the Mario Tornado, improving its KO potential.
    • Change Dr. Tornado hits less times (7 → 5) and the last hit launches opponents horizontally instead of vertically. Dr. Mario also lacks a voice clip when performing the move.
    • Nerf Dr. Tornado's looping hits use one large hitbox rather than 3 small ones, which reaches out less far overall. The hitboxes are also less active, with each hitbox except the final two lasting for only 1 frame instead of 2. Combined with the lower hit rate, this makes Dr. Mario far more vulnerable while using the move.
    • Buff The final hit is much bigger, especially on the ground (6.25u → 9.37u (ground)/8.2u (air)). Additionally, the delay between the penultimate and final hits is 2 frames shorter, due to the altered timing of the multi-hits, making the final hit less likely to drop.


Dr. Mario's aerial attacks.

For a gallery of Dr. Mario's hitboxes, see here.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack Left Jab (左ジャブ) / Right Cross (右クロス) / Toe Kick (トーキック) 4% A weak punch forward, then a second weak punch, then a strong kick forward.
Forward tilt Dr. Kick (ドクターキック) 9% Kick straight forward. Is weaker than Mario's (despite having slightly more base knockback), but has less ending lag.
Up tilt Uppercut (アッパーカット) 10% (clean), 8% (late) Punches upwards. Slightly more knockback than Mario's with a different trajectory based on where it hits. If hit from the front, the opponent gets launched diagonally forward, and if hit from above, the opponent will be launched upwards. When sent on the former trajectory, it can set up edgeguards, while on the latter trajectory, it's easy to combo into an aerial.
Down tilt Reflex Test (反射テスト) 9% Kneels down and sweeps his leg low to the ground. Sends foes behind him, unlike Mario's.
Dash attack Slide (滑り台) 9% (clean), 8% (late) Slides on the ground feet first, has slightly more range than Mario's, since the hitbox fully covers Dr. Mario's foot, instead of only covering up to his leg, like Mario's version. Launches foes in a different trajectory compared to Mario's.
Forward smash Defibrillator (心臓マッサージ, Cardiac Massage) 20% Launches a somewhat short-ranged electrical shock from his palm, in a very similar fashion to his clone. In comparison with Mario's, it has no sourspot and is quite stronger, being able to reliably KO under 100%. It does, however, have less range than Mario's and lacks transcendent priority.
Up smash Ear, Nose and Throat (スマッシュヘッドバット, Smash Headbutt) 16% (clean), 13% (late) Headbutts upwards. Slightly faster, but a little weaker than Mario's (if hit on an aerial foe, it will be stronger than Mario`s). Unusually, the hitboxes have spike properties, though it only works on grounded opponents. Just like Mario, Dr. Mario's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out.
Down smash Surgical Sweep (外科的スイープ) 18%/17% (front), 15%/13% (back) Does a breakdancing sweep kick. Deals more damage if the opponents hits Dr. Mario's feet. Also has less reach compared with Mario's. Considered to be his best KO move.
Neutral aerial Dr. Kick (ドクターキック) 10% (clean), 14% (late) Does an inverted "sex kick". Oddly, the move's power increases the longer it's out, unlike other sex kicks. One of the most powerful neutral aerials in the game. It also has a slightly different animation from Mario's (Mario's leg is at an angle while Dr. Mario's leg is fully extended out in front of him).
Forward aerial Dr. Punch (ドクターグーパンチ) 17% (sweetspot), 16% (sourspot) Winds up and punches in a downwards angle, though unlike Mario's, it does not have a meteor smash hitbox; instead, it has high vertical knockback, being capable of KOing at 80%-100% and is the most powerful forward aerial in the game, knockback-wise (along with Zelda's). Has a slightly weaker sourspot on Dr. Mario's hand. While it is a very powerful KO option (in fact, it is his most powerful attack), it is rather sluggish (hits on frames 18-22 and its FAF is on frame 60), being hard to land on its own. While Dr. Mario has setups for the move in his throws, they are not fully reliable and require successful reading of the opponent's DI for landing the move.
Back aerial Drop Kick, M.D. (ドロップキック、医学博士) 8% (clean), 7% (late) Kicks backwards. Very good for edgeguarding, with very fast start-up and ending lag, having high base knockback (43), and hitting opponents in a semi-spike trajectory (28 degrees). However, at higher percentages, this move fails to KO effectively due to its very low knockback growth (65) and is one of Dr. Mario's few moves that is actually weaker than Mario's.
Up aerial Bicycle Kick (バイシクルキック) 10% Does a flip kick upward. A good move for juggling fast-fallers. Weaker than Mario's, which allows for more extended juggles.
Down aerial Bone Drill (ボーンドリル) 3% (hits 1-7) Does a downwards drill kick. The attack has set knockback and does not contain a landing hitbox, unlike Mario's.
Grab Grab (つかみ)
Pummel Eye Exam (目の検査) 3% Headbutts the opponent. Relatively slow.
Forward throw Routine Physical (ルーチンフィジカル) 9% Spins opponent once, and tosses them forward with decent knockback. Good for an edgeguarding follow-up attack.
Back throw Traction (ジャイアントスイング, Giant Swing) 12% (throw), 8% (collateral) Spins around three times and tosses the foe behind him, with impressive knockback, being stronger than Mewtwo's back throw and the second strongest back throw in the game, only behind Ness's back throw.
Up throw Check Up (スルーアップ, Throw Up) 8% Heaves his opponent upwards. Can lead into a combo against fast fallers, notably into a forward air for a KO.
Down throw Hospital Bed (スルーダウン, Throw Down) 6% Slams the opponent to the ground. Good for a short-hopped neutral air follow up. Weirdly, the move's knockback on Mr. Game & Watch is affected by port priority; if the Dr. Mario player has the higher port (closer to P1), then the knockback will be normal; if he has the lower port, however (closer to P4), then the knockback will behave in the same manner as Fox's down throw.
Forward roll
Back roll
Spot dodge
Air dodge
Floor attack (front)
Floor getups (front)
6% Gets up and punches behind him, then in front of him.
Floor attack (back)
Floor getups (back)
6% Swirls around in a similar fashion to his down smash.
Edge attack (fast)
Edge getups (fast)
6% (body), 8% (legs) Does a somersault and then kicks upward onto the stage.
Edge attack (slow)
Edge getups (slow)
10% Gets up then does an attack similar to his forward tilt.
Neutral special Megavitamins 8% Throws pills forward, similar to Mario's fireballs. However, they have a unique bounce arc, fall faster, do more damage, are randomly colored, and have distinctive sounds used from the original Dr. Mario game.
Side special Super Sheet 10%/12% Flicks a white cape forward very similar to Mario's Cape, which reverse opponents (causes them to face in the opposite direction) and can reflect projectiles. The differences are that the Super Sheet is longer and deals more damage, but has less lag and moves Dr. Mario up only once, making it less useful for recovery. The attack can also be used to shift the direction of an opponent who is trying to recover, such as Fox using his Fire Fox. In this case, they will be turned around, and will instead jump backwards, missing the ledge. Has transcendental priority.
Up special Super Jump Punch 5% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-4), 3% (hit 5) Performs a jumping uppercut diagonally upward. It is very similar to Mario's, but does less damage and has fewer hits. Also, the sound effect is different than the usual sound made when Mario grabs a coin. Mainly a recovery move.
Down special Dr. Tornado 3% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-3), 3% (hit 4 ground), 1% (hit 4 air), 4% (hit 5) A spinning tornado attack, similar to Mario's, but is a little stronger and deals less hits. The move traps the opponent in a tornado, hitting them constantly, before knocking them back. While Mario's knocks opponents into the air, Dr. Mario's knocks them in a random direction. Dr. Mario can hover in the air using this move by repeatedly pressing the B button while using it, but it only works once without landing. Has transcendent priority on all but the last hit.



Stats Weight Dash speed Walk speed Traction Air friction Air speed Air acceleration Gravity Falling speed Jumpsquat Jump Height Double jump Height
Value 100 1.5 – Initial dash
1.5 – Run
1.1 0.06 0.016 0.9 0.02 – Base
0.024 – Additional
0.095 1.7 – Base
4 29 - Base
11.025 - Short hop


Stats Weight Dash speed Walk speed Traction Air friction Air speed Air acceleration Gravity Falling speed Jumpsquat Jump Height Double jump Height
Value 100 1.5 – Initial dash
1.5 – Run
1.1 0.06 0.016 0.9 0.02 – Base
0.024 – Additional
0.095 1.7 – Base
4 29 - Base
11.025 - Short hop

Announcer call[edit]


  • Pulls out a randomly colored Megavitamin, rolls it down his arm, uses his shoulder to toss it into the air, then catches it.

Can be canceled by performing it right before running off of a ledge.

Idle pose[edit]

  • Exercises his neck by moving his head in circles.
Dr. Mario Idle Pose Melee.gif

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Description Gooooooo Doc! Doc-tor! *claps three times*
Pitch Male Male

Victory poses[edit]

An orchestrated cover of the iconic "Level Completed" music from Super Mario Bros.
  • Holds out his stethoscope and points it to his right, to his left, and finally towards the screen.
  • Throws two pills, dusts his hands off, and then pulls out the same pills he already threw while laughing triumphantly.
  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose, shouting "Here we go!" Shared with Mario.
DrMario-Victory1-SSBM.gif DrMario-Victory2-SSBM.gif DrMario-Victory3-SSBM.gif

In competitive play[edit]

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Dr. Mario players (SSBM)
  • USA Caveman - The best Dr. Mario player during the "Golden Age". Commonly considered the one of the first Dr. Mario players to make top 8 at notable tournaments, placing 3rd at MOAST 3 as a secondary and exclusively used him at events such as 5th at MELEE-FC3 and 9th at MLG Los Angeles 2005.
  • Denmark Eagle - One of the best players in Denmark and previously the best Dr. Mario in Europe. Consistently placed top 32 at notable European tournaments as a solo Dr. Mario player such as 17th at Heir II the Throne and 25th at B.E.A.S.T 7. Was formerly ranked 25th on the European Melee Power Rankings and 2nd on the Danish Power Rankings.
  • USA Franz - The best active Dr. Mario player in the world. He came to prominence in 2018 after placing 49th at GENESIS 5. In the next year, he placed 9th at Mainstage by beating Medz, HugS, and Aura, which became the highest solo Dr. Mario placement at a major since Shroomed placed 7th at EVO 2013. He is currently the sole Dr. Mario representative on global rankings, placing 93rd on the SSBMRank 2023.
  • Netherlands skullbro - One of the best players from the Netherlands and is the current best Dr. Mario player in Europe. He has shown the best Dr. Mario results in the modern era behind Franz, placing 5th at HFLAN 2022: Golden Melee Edition and 17th at Fête 2, as well as 49th at Collision 2023.
  • USA Shroomed - Started as a Dr. Mario player and is the best Dr. Mario player of all time. He consistently got top 8 finishes at major tournaments when maining the character, a feat no other Dr. Mario player has yet to replicate. He notably upset Leffen at EVO 2013.
  • Japan S-Royal - Was considered one of the best Dr. Mario players during the "Golden Age", though only competed in Japan on most occasions. Placed 5th at NorCal Tournament 2 and 7th at Jack Garden Tournament. He came out of hiatus in 2015, but switched to playing Fox.

Tier placement and history[edit]

Initially, Dr. Mario was considered an inferior version of Mario due to his slower attacks and worse recovery, with Mario ranked higher than Dr. Mario in the tier list (usually one spot above Dr. Mario). Many smashers such as Captain Jack began to show Dr. Mario's better attributes, such as better punish options than Mario. In 2005, Dr. Mario was recognized as a better character than Mario, placing at least one spot higher than him in the tier lists to come. However, even with evolutions in Dr. Mario's game, representation of him at tournaments was not very notable, with rarely anyone placing high enough to win money just using Dr. Mario.

It was not until 2011 when Shroomed showed Dr. Mario's powerful grab game and projectile game, placing consistently in top 8 at national tournaments such as Apex 2013 and EVO 2013. Although Shroomed no longer uses Dr. Mario in tournament, Dr. Mario was still considered a solid high tiered character, sitting at 9th place at the top of the high tier in the eleventh tier list. However, his results have been worse as of late, with Shroomed himself stating metagame trends do not favor Dr. Mario as much. In spite of Franz’s success with the character, such as in Mainstage and GENESIS 5, Dr. Mario has fallen to 13th place in the current tier list, at the end of B- tier.

In 1-P Mode[edit]

In Classic Mode[edit]

Upon being unlocked, Dr. Mario can appear in one on one battles, in a team with Luigi or as an ally, as a giant character or as a metal character. In all appearances, his stage is Mushroom Kingdom.

In Adventure Mode[edit]

Adventure Mode makes no concessions to Dr. Mario when he is unlocked. Unlike some other characters, the track Dr. Mario does not play on any stages.

In All-Star Mode[edit]

In All-Star Mode, Dr. Mario and his allies are fought on Mushroom Kingdom II. In these cases, the track Dr. Mario plays.

In Event Matches[edit]

Dr. Mario appears in the following event matches:

Ending Images[edit]


In addition to the normal trophy about Mario as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter, unlocked by completing both Adventure and All-Star modes respectively with Mario on any difficulty:

Classic Mode trophy
Dr. Mario
Immaculate in his medical garb, Dr. Mario destroys killer viruses with his amazing vitamin capsules. With his dedicated nurse, Princess Peach, at his side, Dr. Mario spends day and night in his laboratory working on new miracle cures. Somehow, he's managed to keep up with all the new viruses that have arisen over the years.
Dr. Mario (10/90)
Adventure Mode [Smash] trophy
Dr. Mario [Smash]
There's hardly any difference in the abilities of Mario and Dr. Mario, so choosing is largely a matter of taste. Dr. Mario is a tad slower due to his lack of exercise, but his Megavitamins pack a bit more punch than Mario's Fireballs. The capsules travel on a unique trajectory and make a distinct sound on impact.
B: Megavitamins
Smash B: Super Sheet
All-Star Mode [Smash] trophy
Dr. Mario [Smash]
The differences between Dr. Mario and Mario are more pronounced in some areas than others, but basically they can be played in similar fashion. While it may be hard to spot the contrasts, they do exist. For example, Dr. Mario's Super Sheet is longer and narrower than Mario's Cape, and any opponents hit by Dr. Tornado will fly off in diverse directions.
Up & B: Super Jump Punch
Down & B: Dr. Tornado

Alternate costumes[edit]

Dr. Mario Palette (SSBM).png
DrMarioHeadSSBM.png DrMarioHeadRedSSBM.png DrMarioHeadBlueSSBM.png DrMarioHeadGreenSSBM.png DrMarioHeadBlackSSBM.png



  • Dr. Mario is the only character in the series to have a sex kick that gets stronger the longer it is out.
  • Dr. Mario and Young Link are the only two characters in the game that can taunt cancel.
  • The trophy in Melee explains that Dr. Mario is slower due to his "lack of exercise". However, in Smash 4 the explanation given is "his doctor's coat is heavier".
    • Dr. Mario is actually not slower than Mario in any terms of mobility, making the trophy's description in Melee misleading.
  • Dr. Mario is the only clone to weigh the same as his original counterpart (100 units); Falco and Ganondorf are heavier than Fox and Captain Falcon, respectively, and Young Link, Pichu, and Roy are lighter than Link, Pikachu, and Marth, respectively, though, he is heavier than Mario in the PAL version of the game.
    • Technically, Roy also counts towards this trait, as he weighs the same as Marth in PAL regions, where he is lighter in NTSC regions.
  • Dr. Mario is the only playable character in the game to have a unconvential spike (being his up smash).
  • Dr. Mario's Forward Smash is likely inspired by a defibrillator, with his palm emitting an electric current akin to those devices.
  • When Star KO'ing Giant Mario or Giant Dr. Mario, their voice will immediately fade out. This will not happen with any other character.

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