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Dr. Mario
Updated January 1, 2002

Among the model change characters, Dr. Mario was designed under the idea of "not different is different".

In Smash Bros., you always have to put a feature unique to the character.
Model change characters are no exception.

Even if the underlying animations and special moves are unchanged, each character needs its own playstyle, performance, and personality.

But, since Dr. Mario is the same person as Mario, you can't change too much.
That is, just because you change your clothes doesn't mean you can suddenly run much faster or jump half as high.

If you have two very similar characters, would people choose one over the other for their subtle differences?
In fact, shouldn't people who say "They're the same" and "Not even close" be about even?
(Do the latter!)

Also, Dr. Mario, a name from which the title of "Doctor" is clear,
is hard-wired to be calm and collected so that he can focus entirely on his work, and as such, doesn't distract himself by constantly yelling out slang, even if there is a time and place for that sort of thing.
Practice all characters well.

Also, once Dr. Mario was added, I had to add the Dr. Mario music into Smash Bros.
That's one reason, anyways...

How to unlock:
Clear Classic Mode with Mario with no continues.
Or play over 100 Melees.

Artwork of Dr. Mario as he appears in Melee.

SW:1226 Note
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For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
It's a doctor. Dr. Mario appears. Megavitamins instead of Fireball.
Dose, dose.
The counter is a sheet instead of a cape.
It's longer, thinner, and stronger.
For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Battle of black and white.
Rumour has it, one of these doctors is unlicensed.
Many attacks have different properties. Compared to Mario, this is more of an old man's gesture.

Table of Dr. Mario's special moves
Normal special move Megavitamin
Side special move Super Sheet
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Dr. Tornado