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This article is about the stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. For the Super Smash Bros. Melee stage, see Mute City (SSBM).
Mute City
SSB4 Mute City.JPG
Universe F-Zero
Appears in SSB4 (3DS)
Home stage to Captain Falcon
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Win three Smash battles with Captain Falcon.
Crate type Futuristic
Tracks available Mute City
Mute City (Alternate)
Tournament Legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Article on F-Zero Wiki Mute City

Mute City (ミュートシティ Mute City) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It is based upon the Mute City track in the original F-Zero game for the SNES.

Stage Layout[edit]

The stage consists of a racer below acting as a platform, flanked by two floating platforms at slightly different elevations swaying to and fro above it. The racer perpetually drives laps of the original Mute City track, occasionally getting sideswiped by other racers, which act as additional platforms. When two racers are onscreen, one will eventually be driven off the track and therefore off past the blast line, as indicated by the word "CHECK" pointing to the racer about to be shoved off. If a racer drives over the track boundaries, any player standing on it will suffer moderate damage and knockback. In addition, the main racer will occasionally drive over a ramp and be popped into the air, during which its sides and bottom will become active hitboxes until it lands back on the track. Also, the racer will race through the pit stop every other lap, indicated by a beam of light repairing the vehicle. During this short period, the beam's source acts as a barrier that will bounce launched players headed in its direction back.

Throughout the stage, players must take caution to avoid touching the road, which will cause heavy damage and vertical knockback, similarly to a couple past F-Zero themed stages in the series. Additionally, there is still a bottom blast line below the road that players can be KO'd through, if a player falling downward misses the track boundary.

Tournament Legality[edit]

This stage is banned from all tournaments barring the Gentleman's Clause because of many reasons. There is no bottom blast zone which is usually an automatic ban, inconsistent platforms in the racecars that can carry fighters to their doom, and the track itself deals moderate damage and knockback if touched.

Ω Form[edit]

Players fight on a single, yellow-colored platform. The stage now has a consistent bottom blast line and no other racers show up other than the Blue Falcon, Captain Falcon's F-Zero machine, which can still be seen racing around the track.


Mute City as it originally appeared in F-Zero for the SNES.

Mute City first appeared in F-Zero and has appeared in almost every F-Zero game, only excluding F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. This version is based upon the first version of Mute City featured in F-Zero. The Blue Falcon and other vehicles also appear on this stage and are directly based on their 2D sprite in F-Zero. Like Port Town Aero Dive, the stage is taken directly from its source game. The stage layout is somewhat similar to Big Blue, in that the platform continuously travels throughout the track, occasionally following one or more F-Zero racers.


Mute City trophy in for 3DS.
ntsc F-Zero is an interstellar race spread over nine different planets. The Blue Falcon sprints through Mute City, the first circuit in the Knight League. Fighters must do battle as they move between the various racing machines, being careful not to get knocked off and left behind in this high-speed stage.
pal A metropolis in the heart of the Space Federation, where all the racing leagues begin in the original F-Zero game. In this tricky stage, you fight on top of the Blue Falcon as it thunders along the track, switching to different vehicles suddenly as the race rages on. Whatever you do, don't fall onto the track. That's sure to hurt!



  • If a player is invincible and stands on the road, he or she can quickly move to the left or right, easily causing a self-destruct.
    • This is due to the F-Zero Racer on the stage constantly turning, causing the track to quickly twist when the racer turns, especially on the sharp bend. In fact, the milestone for unlocking this stage even warns about this.

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