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OrionRank 2022

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Current.png This page documents information about a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.

The OrionRank 2022 is an ongoing power ranking that will list the world's top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate smashers for 2022. A mid-year ranking has been released, while the ranking will cover the entirety of 2022.


The largest change to the methodology was the decrease in importance for regional tournaments, which was a point of criticism for the OrionRank Ultimate: Eclipse. The point threshold for Category 4 and 5 tournaments have also been increased.


Category Tournament Point Threshold
Category 6 Supermajor+ 9,600
Category 5+ Supermajor 6,400
Category 5 4,800
Category 4+ Major 3,600
Category 4 2,400
Category 3+ National 1,500
Category 3 Super Regional 1,000
Category 2 Regional 500
Category 1 Local 50

Tournaments evaluated[edit]

Data for the first half of 2022 is listed here.

Only tournaments that are regional and above (Category 2 and above) are listed.
List with full stats

Tournament Region Date Category
Seibugeki 11 Japan Kanto (Tokyo Metropolis) July 1st Category 3+
CWVIC July RanBat 2022 Australia Victoria July 2nd Category 2
Get On My Level 2022 Canada Ontario July 1st-3rd Category 4+
COLOSSEL 2022 France France July 2nd-3rd Category 5
Maesuma Offline (Shikoku) Japan Shikoku (Kagawa prefecture) July 9th Category 2
Code Red: Grand Opening USA Heartland (Missouri) July 9th Category 2
Double Down 2022 USA Southwest (Nevada) July 8th-10th Category 5+
Lagn't 3 Costa Rica Costa Rica July 10th Category 2
Espacio Gamers Torneo Nacional Chile Chile July 15th-17th Category 2
Invincible VI USA Great Lakes (Wisconsin) July 16th Category 2
Quit Your Friendlies 4 USA Upstate New York July 16th Category 2
Tidal Wave Mexico Northeast Mexico (Nuevo León) July 16th Category 2
Phantom 2022 Australia New South Wales July 16th-17th Category 3+
Just Roll With It! 2022 USA Carolinas (North Carolina) July 17th Category 3
Grandslam 6 Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) July 17th Category 2
WANTED S5 C2 France France July 17th Category 2
Central Stadium USA Central California July 23rd Category 2
GS Summit: To Be Continued Puerto Rico Puerto Rico July 23rd Category 2
MaesumaHIT Champion Series 2 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) July 23rd Category 2
STAMPEDE II USA Great Lakes (Michigan) July 23rd Category 2
Tri-State Summer Smash USA Tristate (New York) July 23rd Category 2
Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2022 Belgium Belgium July 23rd-24th Category 3
Regen 2022 UK United Kingdom July 23rd-24th Category 3
Sumabato SP 28 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) July 24th Category 3+
Elite Monthly Series 2 Canada Québec July 30th Category 2
Save Point 2: Save State USA Tristate (Pennsylvania) July 30th Category 3
QCS: One Night Stand USA Great Lakes (Kentucky) July 30th Category 2
Smash Factor 9 Mexico East Mexico (Puebla) July 29th-31st Category 5+
RCADIA SMASH 3 Germany Germany July 29th-31st Category 3
Kagaribi 8 Japan Kanto (Tokyo Metropolis) July 30th-31st Category 4
Secret Wars USA Florida August 5th-6th Category 2
Heroes VS Villains 2022 Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) August 6th Category 2
CouchWarriors VIC August Ranking Battle (2022) Australia Victoria August 6th Category 2
Failsafe 2022 USA Tristate (New Jersey) August 6th Category 2
CBG: Smash The Bracket Puerto Rico Puerto Rico August 6th Category 2
Wavedash 2022 USA Southern California August 6th-7th Category 3+
SUN: Torneo Pharaohs Casino Nicaragua Nicaragua August 7th Category 2
Super Smash Con 2022 USA MD/VA (Virginia) August 11th-14th Category 6
Kings of Hali 5: Return of the King Canada New Brunswick August 12th-14th Category 2
Sumabato SP 29 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) August 14th Category 3
Tru4's Spotlight 4 - Germany's Finest Germany Germany August 14th Category 2
JINGI 1 Japan Kanto (Chiba Prefecture) August 15th Category 3
KOWLOON 2 Japan Kyshu August 20th Category 3
Tai-Kaï 2 France France August 20th Category 2
Phoenix Rise Venezuela Venezuela August 20th Category 2
Smashibobo Offline Philippines Philippines August 20th Category 2
Rise 'N Grind USA Texas August 19th-21st Category 4+
The Smash Boss Brazil Southeast Brazil (São Paulo) August 20th-21st Category 2
Heat Check 2022 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia August 25th-26th Category 3
Maesuma TOP 9 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) August 27th Category 4
The Noob Academy 2: Batalla de Villanos Dominican Republic Dominican Republic August 27th Category 2
Daddy’s Den X Ultra USA Pacific Northwest (Washington) August 27th Category 2
Border Brawl! Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) August 27th Category 2
Run, Don't Walk USA Heartland (Iowa) August 27th Category 2
Code Red 2 USA Inland/Gulf Southeast (Alabama) August 27th Category 2
Ultimate WANTED 4 France France August 26th-28th Category 4+
Shine 2022 USA New England (Massachusetts) August 26th-28th Category 4
Abierto Atlas Chapalita V Mexico West Mexico (Jalisco) August 28th Category 2
BOSS BATTLES: Phase 1 UK United Kingdom September 3rd Category 3+
Hirosuma 21 Japan Hiroshima September 3rd Category 2
Bahamut USA Great Lakes (Michigan) September 3rd Category 2
Vulcan 4 Belgium Belgium September 3rd Category 2
Almost Pro USA Pacific Northwest (Washington) September 2nd-4th Category 2
Cascadia Clash USA Pacific Northwest (Oregon) September 3rd-4th Category 2
Uprising 2022 South Korea South Korea September 3rd-4th Category 2
Wave 2 Japan Kanto (Tokyo Metropolis) September 4th Category 4
The EC Open Qatar Qatar September 9th-10th Category 2
Tea Party 2: Mayoral Madness UK United Kingdom September 10th Category 2
Riptide 2022 USA Great Lakes (Ohio) September 9th-11th Category 4
TRETA 2022 Brazil South Brazil (São José dos Pinhais) September 10th-11th Category 2
Only The Best IV Italy Italy September 10th-11th Category 2
ThunderDome 2 Spain Spain September 10th-11th Category 2
EURO STEP France France September 11th Category 3
Road to Smash Legends 3 El Salvador El Salvador September 11th Category 2
GrandSlam 7 Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) September 11th Category 2
DOSE2SEL IS BACK ! France France September 17th Category 2
Domino Effect 22 USA Pacific Northwest (Washington) September 17th Category 2
Rock The Hill USA Carolinas (South Carolina) September 17th Category 2
Smash Ultimate Summit 5 USA Southern California September 15th-18th Category 4+
Midgard 2022 Sweden Sweden September 16th-18th Category 2
REV MAJOR 2022 Philippines Philippines September 17th-18th Category 2
Hylian Zone France France September 18th Category 3
Shinosuma HEROES 2 Japan Kanto (Tokyo Metropolis) September 19th Category 3
Sumabato SP 30 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) September 23rd Category 3+
Glitch - Regen USA MD/VA (Maryland) September 23rd-25th Category 4
LGX 2022 Luxembourg Luxembourg September 24th-25th Category 2
Zenkoku Taikai Chile Chile September 24-25th Category 3
Karisuma SP 14 Japan Chubu (Obu) September 24th Category 2