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Mugen "Hyper Kirby" "Hyper"
Character info
Smash 4 main Roy
Ultimate main Roy
Team info
Former sponsor(s) Fly Society
Rankings and results info
Most recent ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 Georgia Power Rankings: 5th
Personal and other info
Location Atlanta, Georgia United States

Mugen, formerly Hyper Kirby or Hyper, is a Smash 4 Roy player from Duluth, Georgia, and is considered one of the best Roy players in the world. He is currently ranked 5th on the Georgia Smash 4 Power Rankings. For most of his career, Hyper did not own a Wii U due to conflicts with his mother. Despite this lack of practice, he still performs extremely well in his scene, and has taken sets off of players such as Kameme, Reflex, Fatality, ScAtt, LordMix, Wrath, and Sonido; the latter five all being among Georgia's most notable players.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mugen is one of the best Roy players in Georgia alongside Kola. He was formerly ranked 3rd on the Georgia Power Rankings and 92nd on the OrionRank 2022. He has wins over Kola, DDee, Leon, Tilde, Puppeh, Lucy, Anathema, and Myran.

Playing style[edit]

Mugen is known for his very tricky movement and his tech chases. He heavily utilizes dash dancing to create mind games and to punish after tech reads. Mugen is very fluent in his movement and uses solid aggression often.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Gwinnett Brawl July 2016 July 2nd, 2016 5th
Gwinnett Brawl August 2016 August 9th, 2016 7th
Gwinnett Brawl September 2016 September 17th, 2016 7th 4th Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl October 2016 October 1st, 2016 5th 2nd Salt One
Ledge Gardens 1 October 28th, 2016 1st
Gwinnett Brawl November 2016 November 12th, 2016 5th
Gwinnett Brawl December 2016 December 3rd, 2016 7th 2nd Salt One
Ledge Gardens: Voyage December 30th, 2016 3rd 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl March 2017 March 4th, 2017 3rd
Gwinnett Brawl April 2017 April 8th, 2017 2nd 1st Salt One
Smash @ Chattahoochee High School May 19th, 2017 2nd 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl (May 2017) May 20th, 2017 3rd 2nd Salt One
Typo @ The Lab 5/25/17 May 25th, 2017 5th 1st Salt One
MomoCon 2017 May 26th-28th, 2017 17th 7th Salt One
DreamHack Atlanta 2017 July 21st-23rd, 2017 25th 9th Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl (August 2017) August 12th, 2017 2nd 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl (April 2018) April 14th, 2018 4th
Gwinnett Brawl: May 2018 May 12th, 2018 4th 2nd Salt One
MomoCon 2018 May 24th-27th, 2018 25th 5th Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: June 2018 June 9th, 2018 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: August 2018 August 18th, 2018 1st Macuuda
Smashcode August 23rd, 2018 3rd

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash @ the Mountain 2018 December 29th, 2018 1st 1st Salt One
Dare to Dair January 12th, 2019 1st 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: February 2019 February 9th, 2019 1st
Gwinnett Brawl: April 2019 April 6th, 2019 4th 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: May 2019 May 11th, 2019 5th 1st Salt One
Knockout 2019: Saved by the Bell May 18th, 2019 2nd 1st Salt One
MomoCon 2019 May 23rd-26th, 2019 33rd 9th Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: June 2019 June 1st, 2019 5th 1st Salt One
Gwinnett Brawl: For The Crown I December 21st, 2019 7th
Poultry City Classic #8 - Leap to 100 February 29th, 2020 1st
4o4 Smash Monthly 2 May 22nd, 2021 3rd
InfinityCON Tally 2021 June 5th-6th, 2021 13th 1st Kola
4o4 Smash Monthly 3 June 19th, 2021 1st
Maji Georgia Invitational June 19th-20th, 2021 7th
4o4 Smash Bowl July 3rd, 2021 1st
Typhoon Saga 2021 July 11th, 2021 5th 1st Kola
4o4 Smash Monthly 4 July 17th, 2021 7th
Mainstage 2021 November 12th-14th, 2021 49th 9th Kola
CEO 2021 December 3rd-5th, 2021 13th
Let's Make Big Moves 2022 January 7th-9th, 2022 17th
cardd's basement February 12th, 2022 7th 1st Kola
Glitch - Infinite February 18th-20th, 2022 9th
Code Crimson May 14th, 2022 9th
MomoCon 2022 May 26th-29th, 2022 25th 9th Mew2King
Double Down 2022 July 8th-10th, 2022 33rd
Super Smash Con 2022 August 11th-14th, 2022 97th
Let's Make Moves Miami October 28th-30th, 2022 25th
Let's Make Big Moves 2023 January 6th-8th, 2023 65th
Maji Game Night Four Year Anniversary January 28th, 2023 7th
KEEP It "REAL: u Be My Valentine"? February 11th, 2023 2nd
Rock the Winds March 25th-26th, 2023 17th 13th Kam Steele
CIRQUE du CFL April 23rd, 2023 4th
MomoCon 2023 May 26th-28th, 2023 17th
Luminosity Makes BIG Moves 2024 January 5th-7th, 2024 65th / 891


  • Contrary to what his name would imply, Hyper does not play as Kirby, although he has said multiple times in the past that Kirby is his favorite video game character.

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