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List of taunts (SSBU)

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This article is about taunts in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For general information, see Taunt.

The following is a list of all taunts in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Taunts are unique to every character, but with the exception of Pokémon Trainer and Byleth, do not change when selecting an alternate costume.

Banjo & Kazooie[edit]

  • Up taunt: Banjo stretches and Kazooie appears out of his backpack, yawning. Based on an idle animation from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
  • Side taunt: Kazooie pops out of Banjo's backpack and the duo looks at each other, then Banjo strikes a thumbs up while Kazooie happily opens her wings. Based on their introductory pose in the opening sequence of Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Down taunt: Banjo bows twice, saying his signature "Guh-huh!" each time. Identical to the latter half of the animation seen when all 10 Jiggies in a world are collected or when a Note Door is unlocked in Banjo-Kazooie. Unlike the other two taunts, Kazooie is not present.


  • Up taunt: Twirls around, then strikes a pose with both arms over her head, saying, "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum." (レディの扱い方、ママに教えてもらいなさい, If you can't handle a lady, ask your mum.) This taunt has been significantly shortened from the last game, although it can still be canceled. It is based on her long taunt from Bayonetta 2.
  • Side taunt: Gracefully spins around, then points both guns directly in front of herself, saying, "New 'do, dead you." (動くと死ぬわよ, You move, you die.) The quote comes from her short taunt while wielding Salamandra in Bayonetta 2.
  • Down taunt: Strikes a pose while flourishing her guns before looking away and then looking forward, while her glasses briefly emit a light purple glint upon concluding. Significantly shortened from the last game, although it can still be canceled. Based on the dance she performs prior to fighting the first Joy she encounters in Bayonetta.


  • Up Taunt: Throws his head back and swivels it in a circle while roaring.
  • Side Taunt: Leans forward and furiously bites his jaws three times.
  • Down Taunt: Bounces precariously on one leg, similarly to his teetering animation.

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Jumps up, sits on the edge of the Junior Clown Car and makes a tiny breath of fire, chuckling. The Junior Clown Car makes a shocked expression.
  • Side Taunt: Twirls a hammer, or in the case of the Koopalings, their respective wands. The Junior Clown Car briefly closes its eyes.
  • Down Taunt: The Clown Car spawns its wheels and performs a donut with an angry expression, then returns to normal. As the donut ends, Bowser Jr. / the Koopaling spins in place, briefly shaking their head as the Junior Clown Car reverts back to normal.


  • Up taunt: Swings the Sword of the Creator to his right leg, and puts his left fist to his chest while looking into the sky. Female Byleth has an alternate stance: one foot is in front of the other and the Sword of the Creator is held behind herself in a reverse grip. Based on Byleth's victory pose with a sword equipped.
  • Side taunt: Brandishes the Sword of the Creator forward and says either "Let the lesson begin!" or "Stay focused." The former quote is one of Byleth's critical hit quotes prior to the five-year time skip, while the latter is from when Byleth is selected on the battlefield prior to the time skip.
  • Down taunt: Swings the Sword of the Creator in its whip form around themself while saying "Try me."

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Up taunt: Kneels while emitting a fiery aura with an angry expression.
  • Side taunt: Thrusts out his left arm and makes a beckoning gesture for his opponent to come closer, shouting "Come on!"
  • Down taunt: Gives a salute to his right side while saying "Show me your moves!" When facing left, Captain Falcon extends his saluting arm behind him; he also salutes with two fingers instead of all five in such cases.


  • Up taunt: Looks at the screen as he twirls the Sealed Falchion twice, then assumes a stance highly similar to his pose from his official art in Fire Emblem Awakening, saying "Come at me!" (かかってこい!) This is also similar to (and mirrors) his daughter's up taunt.
  • Side taunt: Flourishes the Sealed Falchion behind his head, then points it forwards at an upward angle while saying "Come on!" (勝負あったな。)
  • Down taunt: Twirls the Sealed Falchion twice, then holds the blade of the sword in his left hand as he finishes, saying "I will not fail!" (俺は負けん!, I won't lose!) This was one of his battle quotes from Awakening.


  • Up taunt: Twirls the Buster Sword and places it behind his back. It is almost identical to his victory animation and the official artwork from Final Fantasy VII, while saying 興味ないね ("I'm not interested."), his catchphrase from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Side taunt: Performs his magic casting animation from Final Fantasy VII, complete with the sound effect and aura from that game.
  • Down taunt: Leans on the Buster Sword while scoffing. It resembles the cocky pose he assumes in many cutscenes throughout Final Fantasy VII.


  • Up taunt: Ducks down, stands back up, and poses with their head in dragon form. Male Corrin says "My path is clear!" (好きにはさせない!, I won't let you have your way!). Female Corrin says "Let's do this!" (行きますよ!, Here I come!)
  • Side taunt: Twirls the Omega Yato. Male Corrin says "I've made my choice." (僕は選んだ!, I've made my choice!). Female Corrin says "Your fate is clear." (折れたりしません!, I will not surrender!) Resembles Corrin's animation before a battle in Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Down taunt: Twirls the Omega Yato in the air and places it on its tip. Male Corrin says "Are you ready?" (準備はいい?, Are you ready?). Female Corrin says "You ready for this?" (準備はいいですか?, Are you ready?) Resembles one of Corrin's post-battle animations in Fire Emblem Fates.


Dark Pit[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Taps his shoulder with one of his blades and motions with his left hand, saying "Who wants some?" (かかってこい。, Bring it on.)
  • Side Taunt: Spins the Silver Bow in front of him while facing the screen, before swinging one of his blades and saying "Watch out!" (いくぜ!, Here we go!)
  • Down Taunt: Turns around a bit, then points with his right blade (if in its bow form, he points the Silver Bow instead), saying "Game on!" (死にたいヤツは前に出ろ。, Step right up if you want to die.) This is the only taunt that does not split his Bow into blades if it was in bow form beforehand.

Dark Samus[edit]

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • Up taunt: Tosses his cap in the air and has it land on his head. This is a reference to his victory pose in Donkey Kong Country after he defeats a boss or wins in a Bonus Area.
  • Side taunt: Angrily does a playful fighter's stance while bellowing, asserting his dominance.
  • Down taunt: Claps his hands above his head four times, switching feet in the process.

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Up taunt: Beats his chest rapidly while scowling.
  • Side taunt: Shakes himself with a humorous expression as if he is drying off.
  • Down taunt: Faces the camera and shrugs while bellowing confusedly with a humorously shocked expression.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • Up taunt: Looks to the ground and rubs the sole of one of his shoes to the floor.
  • Side taunt: Pulls out a randomly-colored Megavitamin, tosses it up in the air with his shoulder, and then catches it and swipes it away.
  • Down taunt: Balls one of his fists and lightly pounds his shoulder.

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Up taunt: The dog performs a frontal handstand, while the duck balances on one of the hind legs and quacks negatively in response.
  • Side taunt: The dog lays on his side and does his infamous laugh, while the duck flies next to him.
  • Down taunt: The dog stands on his back legs and does a dance.


  • Up taunt: Kicks his Reflector around like a hacky sack, saying "Piece of cake." (楽勝だぜ。, An easy win.) before catching it.
  • Side taunt: Holds out his hand and slowly raises it in a beckoning gesture, saying "Come on!" (かかってきな。, Come bring it.)
  • Down taunt: Spins on one foot, then poses with one of his arms/wings before him, saying "Hands off my prey!" (俺の獲物に手を出すな!, Get your hands off my prey!) while doing so.
    • Smash Taunt: Kneels down before contacting Team Star Fox. This can only be done on Star Fox stages and is performed by tapping the down taunt command. Falco will hold a pose for a few seconds, then a conversation will begin. This can only be done once each round and if the player is hit while Falco is holding his pose before the conversation starts, it is canceled.


  • Up taunt: Charges himself up with an aura of flames, similar to his Fire Fox move, saying "Let's go!" (行くぞ!, Let's go!)
  • Side taunt: Spins his Blaster in his hand in the air before putting it back in its holster.
  • Down taunt: Kneels down and sternly says "Come at me!" (かかってこい!, Come at me!) whilst making a beckoning gesture with his left hand.
    • Smash Taunt: Kneels down before contacting Team Star Fox. This can only be done on Star Fox stages and is performed by tapping the down taunt command. Fox will hold a pose for a few seconds, then a conversation will begin. This can only be done once each round and if the player is hit while Fox is holding his pose before the conversation starts, it is canceled.


  • Up taunt: Floats in the air and then curls into a ball while spinning before opening up from his curled position and striking a pose while laughing. Resembles his transformation into Ganon before the final battle in Ocarina of Time.
  • Side taunt: Punches his right hand into his open palm in a threatening pose and scoffs, with electricity emitting from his hands afterward. When the electricity is emitted, his cape will flow as if being blown by the wind.
  • Down taunt: Unsheathes his sword, grunts, looks at it while sporting a mocking smirk as the blade's tip pulses with dark magic, then sheathes it.


  • Up Taunt: Stands upright, clasping its hands together before assuming a ninjutsu stance. The stance resembles one of its attack animations from the Pokémon series.
  • Side Taunt: Shakes head from side to side, causing its tongue to whip out in the same directions. Particles of saliva fly off with each whip.
  • Down Taunt: Poses with arms out and palms upward, and summons small sprays of water from them, which deal 1% or 2% damage and produce some knockback, though they're able to KO only at above 420%. A video showing the exact KO percentages at which each character can be KO'd can be found here.


  • Up taunt: Puts away his sword and shield, then performs Psyche Up as it appears in Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Side taunt: Raises his sword vertically into the air.
  • Down taunt: Fumbles in place as a Slime meanders in front of him.

Ice Climbers[edit]

  • Up taunt: They set down their hammers and jump up and down once. This is their victory animation during the results screen in Ice Climber.
  • Side taunt: They point their hammers diagonally upward and shout "Yup!", as the wind blows behind them.
  • Down taunt: They dance in a circle.


  • Up taunt: Holds Ragnell with both hands in front of himself while growling loudly as the wind blows through his cape.
  • Side taunt: Rears back and then holds Ragnell to his side while saying "Prepare yourself!" with a smirk on his face. In the Japanese version, he says 覚悟しろ。 (Get prepared.)
  • Down taunt: Plunges Ragnell into the ground then folds his arms while saying "Hmph!" with a smug facial expression as the wind blows through his cape, and removes Ragnell from the ground.


  • Up taunt: Points to the sky as its flame belt ignites.
  • Side taunt: Pounds its chest then raises its fist triumphantly while facing forward.
  • Down taunt: Kneels and poses with its arms out, as if calling to the crowd.


  • Up taunt: Raises the Splattershot several times into the air in a celebratory cheer. Based on the "C'mon!"/"This Way!" signal.
  • Side taunt: Fires the Splattershot into the air with one hand while smirking. Despite its appearance, it does not consume ink.
  • Down taunt: Jumps happily on the spot while smiling. Based on the "Booyah!" signal.


  • Up taunt: Waves her hand while looking toward the screen. Based on the "Greetings" emote.
  • Side taunt: Claps her hands while facing the screen. Based on the "Delight" emote.
  • Down taunt: Dances, waving her arms in an inward circular motion while stepping in place. She then jumps up, and lands facing the screen with her arms spread out. Based on the "Complete" emote in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.


  • Up taunt: Spins around on one foot, then faces at the screen inflated, saying "Jigglypuff!" (プリプリーン!)
  • Side taunt: Twirls around many times, then poses (similar to Kirby's side taunt, except it twirls faster). Performed significantly faster than in previous games.
  • Down taunt: Breathes all the air out of itself and falls to the ground, flattened. It inflates itself upon contact. Similar to its fainting animation in home-console Pokémon spin-offs, such as Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Battle Revolution.


Morgana appears for each of Joker's taunts. If he is present, Arsène will also rear back and flourish with his left arm when Joker taunts, making a pose identical to his official artwork.

  • Up taunt: Smiles and tugs his glove while facing towards the camera, imitating the splash screen from the end of All-Out Attack. Morgana pumps his paw while saying "Looking cool, Joker!" before posing akimbo.
  • Side taunt: Poses with his gun pointed, gun arm over his dagger arm. Morgana poses akimbo and playfully laughs while showing starry eyes.
  • Down taunt: Faces his back towards the camera, resembling his official artwork for Catherine: Full Body. Morgana goes "He-hey!" while bouncing on the spot, before crossing his arms.

If Joker is involved in a fight with five or more fighters, Morgana will not appear during his taunts.


  • Up Taunt: Crosses his arms and grins while grunting.
  • Side Taunt: Demon's Wrath, a move used by Kazuya from Tekken 4 onwards (Tekken input: b+3, 1, 4, 1 - back left kick, left punch, right kick, left punch). One of the few taunts capable of dealing damage, uniquely being capable of KOing under normal circumstances.
  • Down Taunt: Transforms into his devil form and roars while spreading his arms and wings out before transforming back to his normal form. Resembles Devil's tag in animation from Tekken Tag Tournament when paired with Kazuya.


  • Up Taunt: Gives a thumbs up, saying "Yeah!" Based on his Street Fighter Alpha winpose.
  • Side Taunt: Bumps his fists together, holds his fist out, and says "Get serious!" (本気出しなよ。, Give it your all.) Based off of one of his Personal Actions in Street Fighter IV. Nearly identical to Ryu’s side taunt.
  • Down Taunt: Does a beckoning gesture with his hand, saying "Bring it on!" (かかってきな!, Bring it on!) Based on his introduction in Street Fighter IV.

King Dedede[edit]

  • Up taunt: Holds up his hammer in celebration, twirling it and hoisting it upwards three times.
  • Side taunt: Twirls his hammer and laughs.
  • Down taunt: Spins around in a circle, slapping his belly and chanting.

King K. Rool[edit]

  • Up taunt: Viciously bites forward four times. It is similar to Bowser's side taunt.
  • Side taunt: Slaps his belly once in amusement. Despite being a taunt, it uses K. Rool's Belly Super Armor during the frames before he slaps his belly.
  • Down taunt: Performs a shiko, a powerful stomp in sumo that functions as both an exercise and a pre-bout ritual to ward off evil spirits.


All taunts remove Kirby's Copy Ability if he has one.

  • Up taunt: Smiles and poses, producing a star.
  • Side taunt: Spins around playfully, then says "Nyum!" while standing on one foot. Based on his "character chosen" animation in the original Super Smash Bros.
  • Down taunt: Leans toward the screen and says "Hi!" while waving his arms.


Little Mac[edit]

  • Up taunt: Turns his back to the screen, bends down, then raises his fist triumphantly. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Hit 'em, baby!" (叩け,マック!, Strike, Mac!)
  • Side taunt: Pulls the string of his right boxing glove tight with his teeth, then gets back to his battle stance while scoffing. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Let 'em have it, Mac!" (ぶちかませ,マック!, Hit them hard, Mac!)
  • Down taunt: Performs a series of punches while facing the screen. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Show 'em what you got, Mac baby!" (お前のパンチを見せてやれ!, Show them your punch!)


  • Up Taunt: Floats in mid-air and growls, emitting aura from its body.
  • Side Taunt: Moves one hand forward and one behind its back, growling. A flash of aura emanates from its outstretched hand.
  • Down Taunt: Stands on one foot and holds one hand in mid-air, assuming a Fujian White Crane-like stance. This taunt is very similar to Link's down taunt.


  • Up taunt: Trips, falls on his bottom, shakes his head, and gets back up.
  • Side taunt: Duster's Rope Snake comes out of Lucas's hand and has a brief conversation with him, as Lucas shrugs at it.
  • Down taunt: Angrily positions his right hand up to his forehead and grunts while generating small bursts of PSI energy from his index and middle fingers, then swings his hand down to emit a trail of PSI energy.


  • Up taunt: Twirls the Parallel Falchion and then assumes a stance highly similar to her pose from her official art in Fire Emblem Awakening, saying "Come at me!" (かかってきなさい., "Come at me.") This is also similar to (and mirrors) her father's up taunt.
  • Side taunt: Turns around to have her back face the screen while sheathing the Parallel Falchion and saying "I cannot lose." (負けられませんから., "I won't lose now.")
  • Down taunt: Puts on the mask she used while disguised as Marth while putting her hand on her hip; she then removes the mask.


  • Up taunt: Performs five quick poses, one after the other. When switching from pose to pose he says, "Hoh, hah, hee, heh, hoo!"
  1. Flashes a V-Sign. Bears a resemblance to the Item-Get Pose from Luigi's Mansion.
  2. Points both his fingers in the direction he is facing, looking frightened.
  3. Holds his finger under his nose, his eyes looking at the player. This pose is, in some respects, similar to his Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time artwork.
  4. Crouches down to the floor with his back turned to the player. Based on his Bogey animation from Mario Golf 64.
  5. Assumes a fearful position with his hands on his cheeks, mimicking his artwork from Luigi's Mansion.
  • Side taunt: Planks while saying "Pow pow!" Due to it moving Luigi forward into the z-axis and lowering his hurtbox, some attacks may actually miss him as a result.
  • Down taunt: Bashfully kicks the ground while sighing. One of the few taunts in the game to inflict damage; it deals 2% and meteor smashes opponents with high set knockback, making it a surprisingly reliable combo starter onstage and allowing it to one-hit KO opponents offstage or hanging on edges. It is similar to the animation Luigi performs when he loses a minigame in Mario Party 2.
  • Luigi's up taunt.

  • Luigi's side taunt.

  • Luigi's down taunt.


  • Up taunt: Turns his back to the camera and gives a thumbs-up while smiling. The pose he strikes resembles a piece of promotional artwork first released for Club Nintendo, but without the wink.
  • Side taunt: Cheerfully tosses Cappy in a circle, saying "Woohoo!", then grabs him out of midair and puts him back on his head. Based on the Cap Throw from Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Down taunt: Spins in the air and falls to the ground with his legs in the air. This is a reference to his dying animation from Donkey Kong.


  • Up taunt: Hoists the Exalted Falchion into the air, emitting light from the tip while saying "This is it!" (行くぞ!, Let's go!) Resembles his critical hit animation from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.
  • Side taunt: Swings the Exalted Falchion once before resheathing it, saying "I won't lose!" (僕は負けない!, I won't lose!)
  • Down taunt: Swings the Exalted Falchion around and says "Keep your eyes open!" (みんな、見ていてくれ! Everyone, watch over me!)

Mega Man[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Poses with his opposite arm in its cannon form while facing the screen, then pumps said arm to his side. The cannon reverts back to his fist afterward. If his leading arm is in its cannon form, he reverts it when performing this taunt.
  • Side Taunt: Turns his back to the screen and poses with his leading arm in its cannon form.
  • Down Taunt: In a kneeling posture, he punches the ground with his opposite arm and warps out. He then warps back in. The posture he assumes when warping back has him kneel on his opposite leg.

Meta Knight[edit]

  • Up taunt: Wraps himself in his cape and spins repeatedly (as if he is about to warp) while scoffing.
  • Side taunt: Says "Fight me!" (勝負だ!, Let's battle!) while slashing twice and then pointing Galaxia in front of himself.
  • Down taunt: Turns his cape into wings and spreads them out while shouting "Come!" (来いっ!) If he is facing left, he will perform the taunt while facing the background instead, similarly to how taunts function in Super Smash Bros.


  • Up Taunt: Folds its arms as it telekinetically spins around on the spot while laughing ominously. Resembles the animation Mewtwo performs while using a physical move in the Pokémon Stadium series. If Mewtwo is holding an item, the item will twirl telekinetically around with it on the final spin.
  • Side Taunt: Surrounds itself in a flame-like aura of dark energy, similarly to Fox and Lucario's up taunts.
  • Down Taunt: After turning to face the screen, it waves its hand in a circular motion in front of itself. It then proceeds to thrust its opposite arm forward while emitting a small burst of dark energy from its palm. If Mewtwo is holding an item, the item will orbit telekinetically around its body during the taunt.

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • Up taunt: Does a backflip, then performs a crane pose upon landing.
  • Side taunt: Moves their fists in front of them in an "X" motion and assumes an altered crane pose, before punching downwards and swinging their open hand outward, performing a knife-hand block stance.
  • Down taunt: Forms a grounded stance, then punches twice towards the screen using alternating arms.

Mii Gunner[edit]

  • Up taunt: Using their free hand to hold the arm cannon, they aim it towards the left side of the screen, slightly kneeling down in a "readying" pose. They then proceed to aim to the right, with the arm cannon slightly angled higher. Each time the Gunner points their arm cannon, it makes a clicking noise while emitting a brief flash from the tip. No matter what direction the Gunner faces, they always aim in the same direction. Unlike in Smash 4, the Mii Gunner now shows an angry expression instead of a neutral one.
  • Side taunt: They raise their arm cannon in an upward position and cock it while facing forward. A brief flash is emitted from the tip of the arm cannon.
  • Down taunt: While kneeling, they thrust their arm cannon onto the ground and proceed to release small bursts of fire.

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • Up taunt: Whilst spinning, throws their sword upwards, which twirls in the air, then catches it and transitions into a defensive pose. If done repeatedly, the Swordfighter will slowly shift backward.
  • Side taunt: Spins their sword with a flourish before taking a stance, holding their sword in a reverse grip behind them.
  • Down taunt: Poses with their sword facing upwards while balancing on one foot. Based on Link's down taunt.

Min Min[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Performs a left-legged roundhouse kick followed by a right-legged side kick, during which she says, "哈!耶!" (an onomatopoeia). No matter what direction she faces, she always kicks first with her left leg. The finishing stance, particularly when facing leftward, is a reference to official artwork in ARMS, which is used as Min Min's fighter spirit artwork.
  • Side Taunt: Performs the Jǐ and Àn movements from 24-form tai chi chuan, then assumes the Jin Ji Du Li stance. The stance is similar to her official render in ARMS, albeit facing the camera. During the taunt, she says, "拉麺!" (Ramen!)
  • Down Taunt: Sways her ARMS in alternating circles before assuming the Tūn Bù (a stance in wushu).

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Rings his bell at a high angle. Similar to his side taunt, it originates from the Game & Watch's alarm feature.
  • Side Taunt: Rings his bell at a low angle. Similar to his up taunt, it originates from the Game & Watch's alarm feature.
  • Down Taunt: Sits down and catches his breath. Originates from the Game & Watch version of Mario Bros., when Mario and Luigi finished a level.


  • Up taunt: Rex appears behind her and pumps his fist up, saying "Come on, Mythra!" (shouting her name excitedly if the game's language is set to Japanese). She waves at Rex once while silently giggling. Rex's animation is similar to the one he does while performing a Blade Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • Side taunt: Holds the Aegis Sword in the air while spreading out her arm and conjuring a small burst of light, saying "Prepare yourself." (覚悟なさい) This is one of her quotes from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, where she could randomly say this before using Photon Edge.
  • Down taunt: Puts the Aegis Sword down while turning her back to the player and looking behind her towards the left, saying "Think you can take me?" (本気を見せてあげる, I'll show you my true power.). This references an infamous battle quote of the Ardainian Soldiers in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If facing left, the taunt is mirrored.


  • Up taunt: Turns toward the screen and nods while saying "Okay." The pose is similar to that of his clay model from EarthBound.
  • Side taunt: Swings his bat out in front of him and strikes a pose, similar to how baseball players use it to indicate they are hitting a home run.
  • Down taunt: Waves his hand in an S motion while emitting a stream of PSI from his finger.


  • Up taunt: Joyfully jumps in place twice.
  • Side taunt: Lies down on the ground, rolls around as if basking in nature, and then gets up.
  • Down taunt: Swings his hips twice.


  • Up Taunt: Namco Roulette, where he summons a sprite and associated sound effect from a classic Namco game.
  • Side Taunt: Turns into his classic design and chomps from side to side while his chomping sound from Pac-Man plays.
  • Down Taunt: Lays on the ground as 2 fairies from Pac-Land and a few music notes appear above his head. During this, an arrangement of the first five notes of the intermission theme from Pac-Man plays.


  • Up taunt: Raises her arms overhead and then brings them down while producing ethereal wings, emitting her halo, and saying "You shall be purified." (浄化してあげましょう, You will be purified.)
  • Side taunt: Laughs while using her staff to perform a twirling, inverted version of the Arabesque.
  • Down taunt: Lets go of her staff and telekinetically holds it next to herself, then brushes her hair aside while emitting her halo and saying "Ready when you are." (いつでもどうぞ?, Feel free whenever.) before grabbing her staff.


  • Up taunt: Faces the screen, takes out, and twirls her parasol while saying "Sweet!". Possibly a reference to an idle animation in Super Princess Peach.
  • Side taunt: Dances once in a taunting manner as little music notes flutter around her while singing "La la la la laaa laaa!" in a tune similar to "Ring Around the Rosie".
  • Down taunt: Faces the screen, winks, points with her index finger in a somewhat bent posture and says "Uh-huh!" A heart will also pop up by her head.


  • Up Taunt: Charges up with electricity, similar to Pikachu's up taunt, but falls back dazed at the end.
  • Side Taunt: Jumps up and waves at the camera, saying "Pichu!" This was its left-facing taunt in Melee.
  • Down Taunt: Squirms around on the ground, saying "Pichu!" This was its right-facing taunt in Melee.


  • Up taunt: Charges up its cheeks with electricity and glares at the screen, saying "Piii..."
  • Side taunt: Waves at the screen with one paw, yelling "Pika Pika!"
  • Down taunt: Lies on the ground, curls and rolls around, saying "Pikaaa...!"

Piranha Plant[edit]

  • Up taunt: Rises up out of its pot/pipe, using the same animation and sound effects as its entrance animation. Some of Piranha Plant's teeth deform to make the taunt look better from afar. This is most noticeable when zooming on Piranha Plant while pausing.
  • Side taunt: Bites the air around it multiple times, similar to one of Bowser and King K. Rool's taunts.
  • Down taunt: Spins around and strikes a pose with a grin.


  • Up taunt: Separates the Palutena Bow and crouches down, then twirls its blades before standing up, crossing them over his head and saying "Come on!" (勝負だ!, Let's battle!).
  • Side taunt: Separates the Palutena Bow and then flourishes its blades before striking a pose while saying "That all you got?" (まだまだ!, Not just yet!) It is similar to Pit's animation during the end of Skyworld's first cutscene in The Subspace Emissary.
  • Down taunt: Spreads out his arms and wings, during which a few feathers are loosed from his wings. This is the only taunt that does not split his Bow into blades if it was in bow form beforehand.
    • Smash Taunt: Activates Palutena's Guidance. Kneels down before contacting Palutena, Viridi, Dark Pit (when fighting against him, Wolf or the Ice Climbers) and even Alucard (when fighting against Richter). Pit then receives information on one of his opponents; this applies to every character in the game, including himself, and additional conversations for the Koopalings and the male Wii Fit Trainer. Aside from Piranha Plant, all downloadable characters share a generic "placeholder" conversation. Palutena's Guidance can only be used on Palutena's Temple, and is performed by rapidly pressing the button which activates Pit's down taunt. Pit will hold a pose for a few seconds prior to the conversation starting. Paluena's Guidance can only be done once per match, and if Pit gets hit while holding his pose before the conversation starts, it will be canceled. If Pit is KOed, the conversation will end. Lastly, if there is more than one opponent on-screen when the conversation begins, one of the opponents will be randomly chosen to be discussed.

Pokémon Trainer[edit]


  • Up taunt: Triumphantly raises his Poké Ball into the air, saying "All right!"
  • Side taunt: Fist pumps with his left hand.
  • Down taunt: Fist pumps with his left hand while posing triumphantly, saying "Yay!"


  • Up taunt: Fist pumps with her left hand while triumphantly raising her Poké Ball into the air, saying "All right!"
  • Side taunt: Fist pumps with her left hand.
  • Down taunt: Jumps slightly off the ground while doing a double fist pump, saying "Yay!"


  • Up Taunt: Backflips once, then raises its arms up and says "Squirt!"
  • Side Taunt: Angrily spins around on its tail, before briefly making itself dizzy.
  • Down Taunt: Retreats into its shell, then spins around once.


  • Up taunt: Shakes from side to side, spinning its bud and leaves.
  • Side taunt: Stands on its front legs and walks around while saying "Ivy, Ivy, Ivy." Ivysaur briefly falls over before the taunt ends.
  • Down taunt: Extends its vines into the air and spins around in a dance, while saying "Saur, Ivy, Ivy."


  • Up taunt: Stands upright and puffs its chest out, similarly to Ridley's down taunt.
  • Side taunt: Does a quick aerial flip and roars.
  • Down taunt: Faces upright and roars. Could possibly be a reference to Pokémon Red's Japanese boxart.


  • Up taunt: Rex appears behind her and pumps his fist up, saying "Go, Pyra!" (shouting Pyra's name excitedly if the game's language is set to Japanese). She waves at Rex while giggling. Rex's animation is similar to the one he does while performing a Blade Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • Side taunt: Holds the Aegis Sword in the air while conjuring a small flame on her hand, saying "You'll get burned". (いきますよ, Here I come.) Similar to the Campfire cutscene and her idle animation in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • Down taunt: Holds the Aegis Sword in front of her while flames shoot out behind her, letting out a battle cry.


  • Up taunt: Raises his hand in the air with an open palm, referencing his Grand Cross in the opening of Rondo of Blood, leading into the pose from his render while saying "It's time!"
  • Side taunt: Pulls out the Vampire Killer and straightens the chain, a reference to a piece of artwork shown in the official guide for Rondo of Blood. This pose is also used as Juste Belmont's official artwork for Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.
  • Down taunt: Tightens his glove while saying "Prepare yourself!". Resembles a piece of artwork from Rondo of Blood.


  • Up taunt: Roars and strikes a menacing pose, flapping his wings rapidly.
  • Side taunt: Spins in a circle, finishing in a celebrating pose similar to his official artwork.
  • Down taunt: Stands up straight while slightly smiling. His body emits a noticeable crackle as he stands upright.


  • Up Taunt: Faces the screen and spins his arms and head in alternating directions. Based on his victory animation from Mario Kart DS.
  • Side Taunt: Faces the screen and moves his head around, flashing bright lights from his eyes while clapping.
  • Down Taunt: Faces the screen, moves his arms down, and then moves them back up again, spinning them while he does so.


  • Up Taunt: Points the currently held sword upward. Male Robin says "Let's tip the scales!" (戦局を変える., I'll change the state of war.), while female Robin says, "Time to tip the scales!" (戦局を変えます., I'll change the state of war.)
  • Side Taunt: Magically suspends the active sword and tome in the air, rotates the sword in place and flips through the tome's pages using magic, and says, "Prepare yourself!" In Japanese, male Robin says 覚悟はいいかい?, (Are you prepared?), while female Robin says 覚悟はいいですか?, (Are you prepared?)
  • Down Taunt: Magically encircles themself with the active sword and tome before pointing their hand towards the camera. Male Robin says "You're not ready!" (やってやるさ., Let's do it then.), while female Robin says, "Here I go!" (いきますよ!, Let us go!)

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Both lean forward and twirl like a planet on its axis while Luma chirps cheerfully.
  • Side Taunt: Rosalina puts her hand on her hip, leans back, waves her wand, and says "Mmm hmm!" while Luma nods its head in agreement, then backflips. Rosalina's animation is slightly different if she is facing right.
  • Down Taunt: Rosalina crouches and then slowly rises up while waving her wand and while Luma dances around.


  • Up taunt: Triumphantly holds the Binding Blade overhead.
  • Side taunt: Winds back before striking a pose while holding the Binding Blade in a reverse grip while saying "I won't lose!" (僕 は 負けない!, "I won't lose!")
  • Down taunt: Kneels and twirls the Binding Blade behind himself, hollering as he does so.


  • Up Taunt: Pulls his headband ends taut while stating "Come on!" (かかってこい!, Come on!) Unlike in Smash 4, Ryu does not turn around during the taunt. This is one of his taunts from Street Fighter IV.
  • Side Taunt: Holds his fist forwards and declares "Talk is cheap!" (拳で語り合おう!, Let your fists talk!) This is one of his taunts from Street Fighter IV. Nearly identical to Ken’s side taunt.
  • Down Taunt: Stomps on the ground and grunts, causing the screen to briefly shake. This is his taunt from the Street Fighter III series.

*Interestingly, the two taunts from Street Fighter IV have their quotes reversed in Ultimate.


  • Up taunt: Salutes vigorously with her left arm as her thrusters activate.
  • Side taunt: Faces the screen and demonstrates her Arm Cannon's Zero Laser configuration.
  • Down taunt: Aims her Arm Cannon behind her, then kneels while aiming it in front of herself.


  • Up Taunt: Uses his right hand to gesture to the opponent to approach him, saying 来るがいい ("Come after me.").
  • Side Taunt: Assumes the kasumi-no-kamae, a stance in kendo. It is based on his fighting stance as a guest party member in Final Fantasy VII, as well as the climax of the game in which the metaphysical Sephiroth takes the stance against Cloud before being defeated by him (more so apparent with his Coatless costumes).
  • Down Taunt: Shifts the side of his body forward and chuckles sinisterly, emitting a dark aura as he does so. The pose heavily resembles the one he assumed during the cutscene in Final Fantasy VII where he destroyed Nibelheim, while the dark aura is based on the one he emits during the entry cutscene before his boss fight in Final Fantasy VII Remake.



  • Up taunt: Holds his right hand out and says while shaking his head, "Now it's Shulk time!" (穏やかじゃないですね。, Not being gentle, huh?). The animation itself resembles the one Shulk performs when engaging in a conversation in Xenoblade Chronicles. The English phrase is a reference to Reyn, his best friend and one of his party members, who utters the phrase "Now it's Reyn time!" whenever his Talent Art gauge is completely filled during combat. The Japanese phrase similarly references a popular phrase in Japan; in this case, a line Shulk commonly says when accepting quests.
  • Side taunt: Grips the Monado's handle with his right hand while triumphantly pumping his left fist and announcing "I'm really feeling it!" (だんだんノってきたよ!, Gradually getting the hang of it!). This is one of the lines Shulk may announce in Xenoblade Chronicles when his tension level increases in combat.
  • Down taunt: Grips the Monado with both hands, activates it, and poses similarly to when he activates Buster while saying "This is the Monado's power!" (モナドの力よ!, The Monado's power! / The power of the Monado!). If timed correctly, it can dodge certain projectiles, such as Blaster, Bow and Arrows, and Palutena Bow. This is one of the lines Shulk may announce when he uses his "Activate Monado" Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles.


  • Up Taunt: Grunts and holds the Vampire Killer in the air, coiled up.
  • Side Taunt: Holds the Vampire Killer lengthwise and spins it around himself twice.
  • Down Taunt: Cracks the Vampire Killer on the ground next to him, saying "Come!" (来いっ!, Come!).


  • All taunts: Puts a cardboard box over himself, which is removable. All three of his taunts are variations of this, though with slight differences in animation and cancelability. When he removes it, any nearby enemies will receive damage.
    • Smash Taunt: Kneels down and contacts his support team - Colonel Roy Campbell, Otacon, and Mei Ling, and even Slippy Toad (only when in a match with Falco) - via his codec. This is possible only on Snake's home stage, Shadow Moses Island, can only be done on characters that were playable in Brawl, cannot be done on Ike's Radiant Dawn costume, and is performed by inputting the down taunt command extremely quickly. Snake will hold a pose for a few seconds, then a conversation between Snake and his support team will begin. This can only be done once each round and if the player is hit while Snake is holding his pose before the conversation starts, it is canceled. However, the player can be hit while the conversation is going, though the conversation ends if Snake is KO'd, which, in a nod to the Metal Gear Solid game over screens, causes the character Snake was talking with to shout "SNAAAAAAAAKE!!". It can be done with any number of other players on the screen; if there is more than one opponent, the game will randomly choose one to talk about.


  • Up taunt: Somersaults and then crosses his arms with his index finger pointing out, one of his signature poses (most notably from Sonic Adventure) while making a "tsk" sound three times.
  • Side taunt: Performs the Super Peel Out, a technique that debuted in Sonic CD while grinning and saying "Sonic Speed!" (遅すぎだぜ!, You're too slow!).
  • Down taunt: Performs the windmill, a breakdancing move, while saying "Come on!" in both English and Japanese.


  • Up taunt: Casts Stopga, Aeroga, or Curaga, which cycle similarly to Magic. However, these spells are merely aesthetic and do not have any effect on gameplay. Sora calls out "Time!" (時よ!, O' Time!), "Wind!" (風よ!, O' Wind!), and "Heal!" (癒しよ!, O' Healing!) for each respective spell.
  • Side taunt: Faces the screen and twirls his Kingdom Key in front of himself while grunting. This resembles one of his victory animations in the Olympus Coliseum.
  • Down taunt: Hops while raising his fist in the air and saying "Here we go!" (行くよ!, Let's go!). This resembles his animation after successfully hitting star-marked notes in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.


  • Up taunt: Jumps twice, and while in midair, punches three times. Due to Steve jumping the same height that his short hop covers, he can dodge some attacks with lower-reaching hitboxes. This gesture can be found in the Minecraft community, where it can be a greeting.
  • Side taunt: Pulls out and eats a Steak, with a small burp upon finishing.
  • Down taunt: Sneaks (crouches) three times while looking toward the screen. This is another popular gesture found in the Minecraft community, where players crouch repeatedly as a sign of peace, friendship, or agreement.


  • Up taunt: Makes a beckoning gesture and says, "Hey, come on, come on!" Based on his signature taunt and intro pose in most games from Fatal Fury 2 and The King of Fighters '94 (respectively) onward.
  • Side taunt: Turns to the side and points, saying, "Stand up." Based on a victory pose he received in Garou: Mark of the Wolves and later used The King of Fighters 2001.
  • Down taunt: Takes his hat off and spins it around on his finger, before putting it back on. Based on his match start animation in Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory, Real Bout Fatal Fury, and Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition.

Toon Link[edit]

  • Up taunt: Sheaths the Master Sword and places the Hero's Shield on his back and uses the Wind Waker to conduct the "Wind God's Aria", with a tune at the end, which is the same one heard after completing a song in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Side taunt: Sheaths the Master Sword and places the Hero's Shield on his back and watches a fairy fly around.
  • Down taunt: Swings the Master Sword in front of himself while yelling in a panicked tone, ending with him being comically exhausted and catching his breath.


  • Up Taunt: Faces the screen and cheers twice.
  • Side Taunt: Performs a shortened version of the Shrunk Funk Shuffle.
  • Down Taunt: Bends down and scrapes the ground with a stick.


  • Up taunt: Laughs so hard that his jaw unhinges, then forces his mouth shut with his hands.
  • Side taunt: Shakes his rear end at the screen with his hands extended in each direction while making an "Unh-unh!" kind of noise.
  • Down taunt: Faces the screen and shouts "Wah!" three times, with the third "Wah!" having the most enthusiasm. For each "Wah!" Wario holds up three fingers forming a "W" (his initials), first with his left hand, then his right, then both hands simultaneously.
  • Bike taunt: Laughs and faces the screen while doing his signature "W" hand sign with both hands, and then picks his nose with his left hand.

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

  • Up taunt: Stretches both arms above their head, saying "Let's get a good stretch." (ストレッチは念入りにしましょう, Stretch thoroughly.)
  • Side taunt: Crosses both arms and starts to stretch both shoulders, saying "Stretch those shoulders." (肩の筋肉を伸ばします, Stretch those shoulder muscles.)
  • Down taunt: Sits down and stretches both legs, saying "Let's stretch our legs." (脚を伸ばしましょう, Let's stretch our legs.) Much like Luigi's side taunt, this taunt can allow Wii Fit Trainer to avoid attacks with high hitboxes.


  • Up taunt: Leans his head back and howls.
  • Side taunt: Does a beckoning gesture with his fingers while smirking and asking "Are you scared?" (どうした、どうした?, What's wrong, what's wrong?).
  • Down taunt: Kneels down, slaps the ground with one hand, and makes a howling-esque noise.
    • Smash Taunt: Kneels down before contacting Team Star Wolf. This can only be done on Lylat Cruise and is performed by tapping the down taunt command. Wolf will hold a pose for a few seconds, then a conversation will begin. This can only be done once each round and if the player is hit while Wolf is holding his pose before the conversation starts, it is canceled.


  • Up taunt: Dances around in a circle, chanting "Yoshi!" as he finishes.
  • Side taunt: Chases his tail in circles, then looks back at it as he finishes.
  • Down taunt: Faces the screen and jumps up and down whilst chanting.

Young Link[edit]

  • Up taunt: Holds the Kokiri Sword overhead triumphantly in the air.
  • Side taunt: Places the Deku Shield on his back and watches Navi fly around him. Similar to Link's side taunt from Brawl and Smash 4.
  • Down taunt: Sheaths the Kokiri Sword and places the Deku Shield on his back and takes a drink of Lon Lon Milk. Significantly shortened from Melee.


  • Up taunt: Places her hand on her hip, while generating magic and twirling it in front of her.
  • Side taunt: Closes her eyes and summons Din's Fire between cupped hands.
  • Down Taunt: Giggles and waves with a smile.

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

  • Up Taunt: Tosses her Paralyzer into the air, spins once, and catches it behind herself while saying "Is that all?"
  • Side Taunt: Swings the Plasma Whip in a circular motion while saying "Try me."
  • Down Taunt: Holds her Paralyzer near her waist, and then performs a pirouette while twirling the Plasma Whip around her body and saying "You're mine."