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Mine / Craft / Create Block
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Steve using Mine, Craft, and Create Block.
User Steve
Universe Minecraft

Mine / Craft / Create Block (採掘 / クラフト / ブロック生成, Mine / Craft / Create Block) is Steve's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Steve's neutral special when on the ground (but not near a Crafting Table) is Mine (採掘, Mine). Steve uses either a shovel, axe, or pickaxe depending on the terrain to "mine" resources from the ground or wall, which are used within the rest of his moveset. If Steve has no available tools, he will mine with his bare hands at a slower rate. The available resources are dirt, wood, stone, iron, gold, diamonds, and redstone, the frequency of which will vary based on the terrain — in general, materials matching a stage's physical composition are most likely to appear (e.g. wood in Kongo Jungle). On certain stages, dirt may be replaced with sand, ice, or wool, which is purely an aesthetic difference. On Battlefield and Ω form stages, the resources gained are determined by a special, "neutral" set and do not vary based on terrain; however, the tool he uses does vary, corresponding to the stage's normal, non-Battlefield or Ω form terrain. This means that while the difference in stage does not affect his resource pool, mining on stone/iron and wood surfaces still affect his ability to use his pickaxe- and axe-based attacks, respectively. If Steve doesn't have enough room in his inventory for a mined material, it is immediately discarded.

When next to a Crafting Table, his neutral special is Craft (クラフト, Craft). This can be used to restore the durability of Steve's sword, shovel, axe, and pickaxe, as well as upgrading them to higher material tier (in the order of wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond) with the most valuable material being prioritized. Weapons don't need to be crafted individually, as all of them are crafted at the same time. If the most valuable material is equal to what Steve currently has, he will repair his tools instead of crafting new ones, which for some materials is cheaper in cost. The Crafting Table itself spawns next to Steve at the start of a match, and can be destroyed by Steve or other characters (it has 30 HP, and attacking it inflicts half the freeze frames as usual). By pressing the special move button while shielding, Steve can summon the Crafting Table to himself, though this costs a small amount of materials. Summoning the Crafting Table destroys it and creates a new one, restoring its HP. If destroyed, a new Crafting Table can be spawned next to Steve by using the summoning method, or it will happen automatically after four seconds (if Steve doesn't have the necessary materials, it won't respawn until he does so). If the table reappears while Steve is not above solid ground, it will plummet and be forced to respawn again, wasting some materials. If multiple Steve players are present, any Crafting Tables present can be used by any of them.

When in the air, his neutral special is Create Block (ブロック生成, Create Block). Steve places a block under himself, which will stay for a certain amount of time before being destroyed, or can be destroyed by Steve or other players by either attacking or jumping into them from below. The durability of the block varies (from weakest to strongest: dirt, wood, stone, and iron). Steve will place whichever block he has that is the weakest. There is a limit to the area in which blocks can be placed, signified by a pink outline on one side of the block; blocks adjacent to the limit will last for a shorter time before breaking. By holding the special button while walking or jumping, Steve will continue to place blocks adjacent to other blocks. Attempting to place a block in the location of an existing block will replace the old block with the new one. The blocks lack an edge to grab, allowing them to edgeguard opponents by walling off ledges that could otherwise be used for recoveries, though the edge itself is not disabled and characters can still grab the blocked edge if they can get close enough. They can also be used as impromptu platforms to both aid Steve's own recovery and allow him to perform grounded attacks in unusual locations. However, Steve cannot place blocks if he lets go of an edge until he lands. It can also be used as a recovery option and is arguably one of the best recovery options in the entire series due to standing on the blocks allowing for regular jumps to be used over and over again, though the aforementioned block border means that it is useless when far away from the stage.

When Steve is KO'd, he gains enough iron to leave him with at least three. If he has more than 8 iron, its display bar will lose its piece-by-piece markers and no longer increase in size.

If Kirby copies Steve, he uses an unbreakable iron tool to mine, and can only mine materials that can make blocks (dirt, wood, stone, and iron). He cannot craft tools or own a Crafting Table. When a Ditto copies Steve, a crafting table will appear for the Ditto.

When a Stage Morph occurs, all blocks are destroyed before the transformation begins. The dirt, sand, wool, or ice in Steve's inventory will change to the new material appropriate for the new stage.

Phantom block reverse[edit]

After inputting Create Block, there are a few frames before a block is actually placed. During this moment, the move can be cancelled with any aerial. If a turnaround-B is performed with Create Block then immediately cancelled, Steve will turn around in midair, granting him the ability to utilize his forward or backward aerial regardless of his orientation while airborne, known as a phantom block reverse. Notably, this technique can only be utilized with a turnaround-B, as Create Block cannot be B-reversed.


Blocks lose 0.02 HP per frame, or 1.2 HP per second. This is multiplied by 8 (to 0.16 per frame, 9.6 per second) if a character is standing on it, or it is at or adjacent to the block border.

Resource Dirt Wood Stone Iron Gold Diamond Redstone
Starting inventory 36 18 0 3 0 0 2
Max capacity 100 12 5 15
Obtained per mine 1 1 1 1 4 1 3
Block cost 2 2 1 1
Block HP 8 12 16 20
Tool craft cost 2 1 4 4 1
Tool repair cost 1 1 2 4 1
Crafting Table cost 2 4 1
Starting inventory 4 2 0 1
Max capacity 20
Home-Run Contest
Starting inventory 10 10 10 10 1 1 1
Terrain class Dirt Wood Stone Iron Neutral
Mining speed 1 per 12 frames 1 per 14 frames 1 per 18 frames 1 per 24 frames 1 per 14 frames
Tool type Fist Wood Stone Iron Gold Diamond
Mining speed multiplier 2.0x 1.0x 0.95x 0.9x 0.75x 0.85x

Each terrain class has a predetermined sequence of materials. The position in each sequence is retained if Steve stops mining or mines elsewhere, but resets if Steve is KO'd. Once exhausted, each sequence repeats.

Terrain Mine sequence Dirt Wood Stone Iron Gold Diamond Redstone
Dirt Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Redstone Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Redstone Dirt Gold Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt 61% 22% 6% 3% 8%
Iron Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Diamond Dirt Dirt Redstone Dirt Dirt Gold Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Gold Dirt Redstone
Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Redstone Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Diamond Dirt Redstone Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt
Gold Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Redstone Dirt Dirt Gold Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Iron Dirt Dirt Gold Dirt Redstone Dirt Diamond
Wood Wood Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Wood Iron Wood Gold Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Wood Iron 56% 24% 7% 3% 10%
Wood Wood Diamond Wood Iron Wood Gold Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Wood Gold Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Gold Wood Iron Wood Wood Diamond
Wood Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Wood Iron Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Gold Wood Wood Iron
Wood Wood Diamond Wood Iron Wood Gold Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Wood Gold Wood Redstone Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Iron Wood Wood Iron
Stone Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Diamond Stone Iron Stone 50% 28% 8% 4% 10%
Iron Stone Redstone Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Diamond Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Iron
Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Diamond Stone Iron Stone
Iron Stone Redstone Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Redstone Stone Iron Stone Diamond Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Gold Stone Iron Stone Iron
Iron Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Iron Gold Iron Iron Iron Diamond Iron Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Gold Iron Iron Redstone 66% 12% 6% 16%
Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Gold Iron Diamond Iron Iron Gold Iron Redstone Iron Iron Redstone Iron Gold Iron Iron Redstone Iron Gold Iron Diamond
Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Iron Gold Iron Iron Iron Diamond Iron Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Gold Iron Iron Redstone
Iron Iron Redstone Iron Iron Gold Iron Diamond Iron Iron Gold Iron Redstone Iron Iron Redstone Iron Gold Iron Iron Redstone Iron Gold Iron Diamond
Neutral Dirt Wood Stone Iron Redstone Wood Iron Dirt Stone Iron Wood Stone Redstone Wood Stone Iron Dirt Gold Dirt Redstone Wood Iron Dirt Iron Dirt 21% 17% 17% 26% 7% 3% 9%
Iron Wood Stone Dirt Diamond Wood Iron Dirt Iron Stone Redstone Dirt Iron Stone Gold Wood Iron Dirt Iron Stone Iron Dirt Redstone Stone Wood
Dirt Iron Wood Redstone Stone Gold Wood Iron Stone Diamond Stone Redstone Wood Dirt Stone Iron Wood Iron Dirt Redstone Wood Iron Dirt Gold Wood
Iron Dirt Redstone Dirt Iron Wood Iron Dirt Iron Stone Gold Dirt Iron Stone Diamond Wood Iron Dirt Iron Stone Gold Dirt Iron Stone Gold
Stage/Element Terrain Class Part of Stage Notes
By Stage
3D Land Dirt earth, yellow soft platforms, Donut Blocks, Flip Panels, red column, valley platforms, giant blocks, railed soft platforms
Stone Bricks, ? Blocks
Iron grated floors, Warp Pipes
75m Iron entire stage
Arena Ferox Wood wood platforms
Stone main platform, stone platforms
Balloon Fight Dirt all platforms
Stone breakable rocks Sometimes the stage can load without the breakable rocks.
Battlefield Neutral entire stage Also includes all Battlefield forms.
Big Battlefield
Small Battlefield
Final Destination Also includes all Ω forms.
Big Blue Iron entire stage
Boxing Ring Dirt ropes
Wood ring Both the inside and the outside of the ring.
Iron entrance platforms, light fixture
Bridge of Eldin Stone entire stage
Brinstar Dirt connecting blob, flesh poles, left and right soft platforms
Iron main platform, middle soft platform
Brinstar Depths Stone green lights
Iron main platform, floating platforms, protrusions
Castle Siege Dirt throne room, stage transition
Stone throne room castle roof, underground cavern
Cloud Sea of Alrest Wool Azurda's head and neck
Stone Azurda's back
Wood wooden platform
Iron soft platform
Coliseum Stone entire stage
Corneria Iron
Delfino Plaza Dirt beach, grass, beach umbrellas
Stone soft platforms, stone pillars, building roof, Shine Gate, courtyard, walkways
Iron transitioning platform, manholes
Distant Planet Dirt main platform, leaves, Red Bulborb
Wood downward slope
Dracula's Castle Dirt carpets
Stone soft platforms, stairs
Dream Land Dirt main platform
Wood soft platforms
Dream Land GB Sand Green Greens, Float Islands, Mt. Dedede, Bubbly Clouds, Castle Lololo
Wood Float Islands
Stone Castle Lololo, Castle Lololo
Duck Hunt Dirt entire stage
Figure-8 Circuit Dirt offroad
Stone racetrack
Find Mii Stone main platforms
Iron cage
Flat Zone X Iron entire stage In the Helmet layout, if Steve mines on the paint spill, he will use his shovel despite it having an Iron terrain class.
Fountain of Dreams Dirt main platform
Stone soft platforms
Fourside Stone buildings, UFO
Iron crane-suspended platform
Frigate Orpheon Iron entire stage
Gamer Dirt soft platforms
Wood main platform, soft platforms, solid platforms
Garden of Hope Dirt main platforms
Wood stick, edge of stage
Stone bridge, china pot
Iron tin lifts
Garreg Mach Monastery Dirt Marketplace, magic platform
Wood Marketplace
Stone Marketplace, Reception Hall, Bridge, Cathedral
Iron Reception Hall
Gaur Plain Dirt solid platforms
Stone soft platforms, side of solid platforms
Gerudo Valley Dirt main platform, chasm walls
Wood bridge, soft platforms, chasm platforms
Stone main platform
Golden Plains Dirt main platform, brown soft platform, "treetop" platforms, mushroom platforms, P-Switch
Iron yellow soft platforms, scale platforms, Warp Pipe
Great Bay Dirt Tingle's balloon, turtle
Stone floating rock, turtle
Iron main platforms
Great Plateau Tower Stone entire stage
Green Greens Dirt entire stage
N/A Star Blocks, Bomb Blocks Destroyed when Steve attempts to mine them
Green Hill Zone Dirt grass
Wood bridge
Stone checkered ground
Halberd Wood Halberd bridge
Iron hangar, floating platform, soft platform
Hanenbow Wood entire stage
Hollow Bastion Stone main platform, soft platform, entire stage
Iron center of main platform
Hyrule Castle Stone entire stage
Jungle Japes Wood entire stage
Kalos Pokémon League Dirt main platform
Stone main platform, soft platforms, ramps
Iron edges of main platform, swords
King of Fighters Stadium Iron entire stage
Kongo Falls Wood main stage
Stone rock
Kongo Jungle Wood entire stage
Living Room Wool high-heel, toy burger, toy cube, toy mouse
Wood floor, building blocks
Iron gold bar
Luigi's Mansion Wood ground floor, second floor, soft platforms
Stone ground floor, roof
Lylat Cruise Iron entire stage
Magicant Wool pink platforms, tomato, tree, Mobile Sprout
Stone Dungeon Man
Iron Sky Runner, octopus statue
Mario Bros. Iron entire stage
Mario Circuit Dirt grass, tire piles
Wood racetrack bridge, small wooden bridge
Stone circular tower (including grassy portions), racetrack, brick flower planter
Iron transitioning platform, "Mario Circuit" sign, "Mario Motors" sign, soft platforms, racetrack fence, racetrack bridge pillar, main platform
Mario Galaxy Dirt main ground
Iron soft platforms
Mementos Dirt large wall
Stone main platform, soft platforms
Midgar Iron entire stage
Minecraft World Dirt grass blocks, dirt blocks, snow blocks, hay bales, leaves
Wood wood blocks, wood planks, tree trunks, soft platforms
Stone stone blocks
Iron iron ore
Mishima Dojo Wood wooden floor, center of stone ring
Stone stone ring
Iron metal grating, edge of stone ring
Moray Towers Stone entire stage
Iron metal plates
Mushroom Kingdom Stone brick platform
Iron main platforms, soft platforms, scale platforms, Warp Pipes
Mushroom Kingdom II Dirt grass, dirt walls, Birdo, Pidgit's carpet
Wood bridge, logs
Mushroom Kingdom U Dirt Acorn Plains, Meringue Clouds, Slide Lift Tower, Stretch Blocks, giant icicle, horizontally-moving platforms, water geysers, beanstalk leaves and branches
Stone Acorn Plains, Meringue Clouds, Rock-Candy Mines
Mushroomy Kingdom Stone ground, bricks, "?" Blocks, stairs
Iron Warp Pipes
Mute City SNES Iron entire stage
New Donk City Hall Stone ground level, building
Iron scaffolding, transitioning platform, floating platforms
New Pork City Wood breakable platform
Stone solid platforms, soft platforms, pendulum platform
Iron limousine
Norfair Iron entire stage
Dirt Safe Area doors
Northern Cave Stone entire stage
Onett Dirt grass, tree, awnings, festoon
Wood houses
Stone road, chimney
Pac-Land Dirt solid ground, cacti, clouds
Stone rooftops, brick steps, rocks
Wood tree trunks, bridges
Iron fire hydrants
Palutena's Temple Dirt shallow water, grass, trees, clouds
Stone temple, bridge, rocks, mini stage, rising platform
Iron spike-studded platform
Paper Mario Wood entire stage
Dirt Temporary ground during transitions
Peach's Castle Dirt carpeted steps
Wood soft platform, bridges
Stone checkered portion, sliding platform, slanted platforms
PictoChat 2 Dirt entire stage
Pilotwings Iron entire stage
Pirate Ship Wood ship, King of Red Lions
Stone rock island
Iron catapult
Pokémon Stadium Dirt Grass Version, Water Version, Fire Version
Wood Grass Version, Water Version, Fire Version
Stone Basic Version, stage edges (all versions), Rock Version
Iron Water Version, Rock Version, Fire Version
Pokémon Stadium 2 Dirt Ground Version, Ice Version
Stone Basic Version, stage edges (all versions), Electric Version
Iron Ground Version, Flying Version, Electric Version
Port Town Aero Dive Stone glass center of hovering disc
Iron rest of stage
Princess Peach's Castle Stone castle, red/blue/green soft platforms, "!" Blocks
Iron circular soft platforms
Prism Tower Stone street
Iron advancing platform, soft platforms, tower
Rainbow Cruise Dirt obstacle course
Wood ship, obstacle course
Stone ship, obstacle course
Iron ship, obstacle course
Reset Bomb Forest Dirt ground
Wood castle ruins, forest
Stone castle ruins, forest
Saffron City Stone buildings
Iron floating platforms
Shadow Moses Island Stone top of partially-destroyed watchtower, crater of completely destroyed watchtower
Iron ground, soft platforms, watchtowers
Skyloft Dirt transitioning platforms, front of bazaar, floating island, windmill, fortune-teller's house, front of Statue of the Goddess, village bridge, top of waterfall
Wood Knight Academy roof, base of the Light Tower, floating island, windmill, fortune-teller's house, top of waterfall
Stone base of the Light Tower, front of bazaar, top of the Light Tower, floating island, Statue of the Goddess, front of Statue of the Goddess, fortune-teller's house village bridge, top of waterfall
Skyworld Wool clouds
Stone stone platforms
Smashville Wood entire stage
Spear Pillar Stone entire stage
Spiral Mountain Dirt grass
Wood soft platforms, bridge
Stone sides of Spiral Mountain, floating stone platforms
Spirit Train Dirt Coal Carriage
Wood Spirit Train, middle carriage, Basic Carriage, Broken Carriage, Multi-platform Carriage, House Carriage, floating platforms
Stone House Carriage
Iron Spirit Train, Basic Carriage, House Carriage, House Carriage, Coal Carriage Armored Train, Dark Train
Spring Stadium Dirt main platform
Iron trampolines
Summit Ice entire stage
Super Happy Tree Wool clouds
Wood main stage, soft platforms
Super Mario Maker Dirt temporary platforms, main stage, soft platforms, railed platforms, mushrooms, ice blocks, Donut Blocks, Brick Blocks, ? Blocks
Wood bridges
Stone unbreakable blocks, lava Can only mine lava when invincible.
Iron conveyor belt, pipes
Suzaku Castle Wood entire stage
Temple Stone entire stage
The Great Cave Offensive Dirt grass, brown platforms, brown walls
Wood rail platforms
Stone checkered platforms, gold platforms crystal area, Danger Zones Despite being a Stone type terrain, Steve uses the shovel on Danger Zones.
Iron minecart
Tomodachi Life Stone entire stage
Tortimer Island Sand ground, trees
Wood boardwalk, boat
Town and City Wood entire stage
Training Dirt entire stage
Umbra Clock Tower Stone entire stage
Unova Pokémon League Stone main stage
Iron stairs
Venom Iron entire stage
WarioWare, Inc. Dirt entire stage
Wii Fit Studio Dirt entire stage
Wily Castle Iron entire stage
Windy Hill Zone Dirt main stage
Wood windmill
Wrecking Crew Iron entire stage
Wuhu Island Dirt transitioning platform, Frisbee Dog Park, Wishing Fountain, Swordplay Colosseum, boating gate, ocean* *If Steve is invincible, he is able to stand in the ocean when the transitioning platform moves from its starting point, and he can mine Dirt from here.
Wood Swaying Bridge, boat, Maka Wuhu
Stone Wishing Fountain, rocks at sea, Maka Wuhu, Talon Rock
Iron boat, Maka Wuhu, boating gate
Yggdrasil's Altar Dirt shallow water
Stone main platform, soft platforms, side platforms, stone at starting area
Yoshi's Island (SSBB) Dirt entire stage
Yoshi's Island (SSBM) Dirt grass, hill
Stone Rotating Blocks
Iron Warp Pipes
Yoshi's Story Wool soft platforms, Randall
Wood main platform
Stage Builder elements
Grass terrain Dirt
Dirt terrain
Sand terrain
Rubber terrain
Denim terrain
Carpet terrain
Yarn terrain
Sponge terrain
Bouncy Rubber terrain
Ice terrain
Wood terrain Wood
Paper terrain
Marble terrain Stone
Lava terrain
Steel terrain Iron
Bomb Block Dirt
Explosive Block
Other areas
Home-Run Contest Dirt entire stage
Bonus Stage Dirt entire stage and all blocks
Vs. Dracula Stage Dirt entire stage
Vs. Ganon Stage Stone entire stage
Vs. Galleom Stage Iron entire stage
Vs. Rathalos Stage Dirt entire stage
Vs. Marx Stage Stone entire stage
Vs. Galeem/Dharkon Stage Dirt entire stage
World of Light final level Dirt entire stage, boss rush platform
By item
Rolling Crate Wood/Iron
By Pokémon
Alolan Exeggutor Dirt
Fire Hydrant Iron If on a Neutral-type stage, acts as a Neutral-type surface

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Steve's stock icon. Collect materials from the ground by mining the floor. Craft tools while at the crafting table or place blocks while in the air.


As evidenced by the title of the game, the main gameplay of Minecraft focuses on mining materials, and crafting them into different items. The different terrain can be hit with the player's fist, tool, or weapon, creating different materials to be placed in their inventory. The player must then use a Crafting Table (which they create with four blocks of any type of wooden planks) to be able to create different weapons, tools, and other items to use at their disposal. The mining animation is directly based on Minecraft, as well as the "pop" sounds that play when collecting materials.

The player may also place blocks onto the terrain itself, allowing for various types of buildings to be created. However, unlike in Ultimate, blocks can only be placed adjacent to other blocks and cannot be placed in midair without the use of commands. The "stop" symbol that appears when Steve attempts to build outside boundaries are identical to Barrier blocks, transparent blocks only available through the use of commands which allow players to create invisible boundaries for adventure maps meant to be played in survival mode, though the symbol is colored grey instead of red.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 採掘 / クラフト / ブロック生成
UK English Mine / Craft / Create Block
France French Extraction / Fabrication / Création de bloc
Germany German Abbau / Handwerk / Blöcke herstellen
Spain Spanish Minar / Fabricar / Crear bloque
Italy Italian Estrai / Fabbrica / Crea blocco
China Chinese (Simplified) 挖掘 / 合成 / 生成方块
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 開採 / 合成 / 生成方塊
South Korea Korean 채굴 / 크래프트 / 브록 생성
Netherlands Dutch Delven / Vervaardigen / Blok Maken
Russia Russian Майнинг / Крафтинг / Блoкoтвoрение


  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, every stage in the game had to be reworked to make use of Steve's block-placing ability.[1]
  • Steve's blocks do not align to the Training grid, appearing to be only 0.95 meters to a side instead of 1. This is because the grid lines correspond to 1.07 units instead of 1.[2]
  • Despite some other stages having terrain with ice in them, Summit is the only one to give ice blocks.
  • Craft is the only neutral special move in the series that Kirby cannot copy, as he does not spawn a Crafting Table, nor can he interact with others.