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List of unlockables (SSBM)

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The following contains a list of unlockables a player can obtain in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


After meeting the unlock requirements or playing the required number of vs. matches, the character must be defeated in a 1-stock match on a specific stage.

Character How to Unlock Versus Matches Unlocked Message
Jigglypuff Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with any character 50 Message #60
Dr. Mario Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with Mario without continuing 100 Message #13
Pichu Unlock and complete Event Match #37 200 Message #11
Falco Clear 100-Man Melee 300 Message #23
Marth Use all 14 starter characters in VS., Classic Mode or Adventure Mode. A complete playthrough is not required for the single-player modes. 400 Message #12
Young Link Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with 10 characters 500 Message #14
Ganondorf Unlock and complete Event Match #29 600 Message #4
Mewtwo Play VS. mode for a combined total of 20 hours 700 Message #17
Luigi Complete Stage #1 of Adventure Mode with the time ending in a ":X2" in the second's slot, then defeat Luigi and Peach in less than a minute and clear the rest of the mode. 800 Message #26
Roy Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with Marth without continuing 900 Message #21
Mr. Game & Watch Complete Classic Mode, Adventure Mode or Target Test with all other characters 1000 Message #18


Stage How to Unlock
Planet Zebes - Brinstar Depths Play 50 VS. matches
Eagleland - Fourside Play 100 VS. matches.
F-Zero Grand Prix - Big Blue Play 150 VS. matches.
Kanto Skies - Poké Floats Play 200 VS. matches.
Mushroom Kingdom II Obtain the Birdo trophy.
Past Stages - Dream Land Complete Target Test successfully with all 25 characters.
Past Stages - Kongo Jungle Complete 15-Minute Melee with any character.
Past Stages - Yoshi's Island Hit more than 1312.3 ft/400 m in Home-Run Contest.
Special Stages - Battlefield Complete All-Star Mode using any character.
Special Stages - Final Destination Clear Event 51: The Showdown.
Superflat World - Flat Zone Complete Classic Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.


For an image list and description guide on Super Smash Bros. Melee trophies, see Trophies here.

Number Trophy How to Unlock
1 Mario Complete Classic Mode with Mario
2 Mario (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Mario
3 Mario (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Mario
4 Donkey Kong Complete Classic Mode with Donkey Kong
5 Donkey Kong (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Donkey Kong
6 Donkey Kong (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Donkey Kong
7 Link Complete Classic Mode with Link
8 Link (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Link
9 Link (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Link
10 Samus Complete Classic Mode with Samus
11 Samus (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Samus
12 Samus (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Samus
13 Yoshi Complete Classic Mode with Yoshi
14 Yoshi (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Yoshi
15 Yoshi (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Yoshi
16 Kirby Complete Classic mode with Kirby
17 Kirby (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Kirby
18 Kirby (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Kirby
19 Fox McCloud Complete Classic mode with Fox
20 Fox McCloud (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Fox
21 Fox McCloud (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Fox
22 Pikachu Complete Classic mode with Pikachu
23 Pikachu (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Pikachu
24 Pikachu (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Pikachu
25 Ness Complete Classic mode with Ness
26 Ness (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Ness
27 Ness (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Ness
28 Captain Falcon Complete Classic mode with Captain Falcon
29 Captain Falcon (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Captain Falcon
30 Captain Falcon (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Captain Falcon
31 Bowser Complete Classic mode with Bowser
32 Bowser (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Bowser
33 Bowser (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Bowser
34 Peach Complete Classic mode with Peach
35 Peach (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Peach
36 Peach (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Peach
37 Ice Climbers Complete Classic mode with Ice Climbers
38 Ice Climbers (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Ice Climbers
39 Ice Climbers (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Ice Climbers
40 Zelda Complete Classic mode with Zelda/Sheik
41 Zelda (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Zelda/Sheik
42 Zelda (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Zelda/Sheik
43 Sheik Complete Classic mode with Zelda/Sheik
44 Sheik (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Zelda/Sheik
45 Sheik (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Zelda/Sheik
46 Luigi Complete Classic mode with Luigi
47 Luigi (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Luigi
48 Luigi (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Luigi
49 Jigglypuff Complete Classic mode with Jigglypuff
50 Jigglypuff (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Jigglypuff
51 Jigglypuff (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Jigglypuff
52 Mewtwo Complete Classic mode with Mewtwo
53 Mewtwo (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Mewtwo
54 Mewtwo (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Mewtwo
55 Marth Complete Classic mode with Marth
56 Marth (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Marth
57 Marth (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Marth
58 Mr. Game & Watch Complete Classic mode with Mr. Game & Watch
59 Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Mr. Game & Watch
60 Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Mr. Game & Watch
61 Dr. Mario Complete Classic mode with Dr. Mario
62 Dr. Mario (Smash 1) Complete Adventure mode with Dr. Mario
63 Dr. Mario (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Dr. Mario
64 Ganondorf Complete Classic mode with Ganondorf
65 Ganondorf (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Ganondorf
66 Ganondorf (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Ganondorf
67 Falco Lombardi Complete Classic mode with Falco
68 Falco Lombardi (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Falco
69 Falco Lombardi (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Falco
70 Young Link Complete Classic mode with Young Link
71 Young Link (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Young Link
72 Young Link (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Young Link
73 Pichu Complete Classic Mode with Pichu
74 Pichu (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Pichu
75 Pichu (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Pichu
76 Roy Complete Classic Mode with Roy
77 Roy (Smash 1) Complete Adventure Mode with Roy
78 Roy (Smash 2) Complete All-Star Mode with Roy
79 Male Wire Frame Beat 100 Man Melee in under 4 Minutes
80 Female Wire Frame Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Melee
81 Fighting Wire Frames Beat 15 Minute Melee
82 Giga Bowser Beat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode without using any continues
83 Master Hand Clear Classic Mode on Hard or Very Hard, no continues
84 Crazy Hand Clear Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard, no continues
85 Food Play 1000 vs. battles
86 Maxim Tomato Play 10 vs. battles
87 Heart Container Play 100 vs. battles
88 Warp Star Random
89 Ray Gun Random
90 Super Scope Random
91 Fire Flower Random
92 Lip's Stick Get a 21-hit combo or higher in Training Mode
93 Star Rod Random
94 Beam Sword Random
95 Home-Run Bat Random
96 Fan Random
97 Hammer Random
98 Green Shell Random
99 Red Shell Random
100 Flipper Random
101 Freezie Random
102 Mr. Saturn Random
103 Bob-omb Random
104 Motion Sensor Bomb Clear Event 3: Bomb-fest
105 Super Mushroom Random
106 Poison Mushroom Random
107 Starman Random
108 Parasol Random
109 Screw Attack Random
110 Metal Box Get an 11-hit combo or higher in Training Mode
111 Bunny Hood Get 125 combined combos with all characters in Training Mode
112 Cloaking Device Random
113 Barrel Cannon Random
114 Party Ball Random
115 Crate Random
116 Barrel Random
117 Capsule Random
118 Egg Random
119 Smash Coins Play 100 Coin battles
120 Poké Ball Random
121 Venusaur Random
122 Charizard Random
123 Squirtle Random
124 Blastoise Random
125 Clefairy Random
126 Electrode Random
127 Weezing Random
128 Chansey Random
129 Goldeen Random
130 Staryu Random
131 Snorlax Random
132 Articuno Random
133 Zapdos Random
134 Moltres Random
135 Mew Clear All-Star Mode on Hard or Very Hard
136 Chikorita Random
137 Cyndaquil Random
138 Togepi Random
139 Bellossom Random
140 Marill Random
141 Sudowoodo Play 200 vs. battles
142 Unown Get over 16,404 ft/5000 m combined distance in Home-Run Contest
143 Wobbuffet Random
144 Scizor Random
145 Porygon2 Random
146 Raikou Random
147 Entei Clear Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2
148 Suicune Random
149 Lugia Random
150 Ho-oh Random
151 Celebi See Celebi in a Poké Ball
152 Toad Random
153 Coin Random
154 Vegetable Random
155 Megavitamins Random
156 Lon Lon Milk Get 25 combined minutes or less in Target Test
157 Kirby Hat 1 Random
158 Kirby Hat 2 Random
159 Kirby Hat 3 Random
160 Kirby Hat 4 Unlock Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch, and Marth
161 Kirby Hat 5 Unlock Roy, Pichu, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link, and Falco
162 Princess Peach's Castle Random
163 Bullet Bill Random
164 Lakitu Random
165 Pidgit Random
166 Birdo Random
167 Klap Trap Random
168 Shy Guys Random
169 Pak E. Derm Random
170 Tingle Random
171 Moon Random
172 Turtle Random
173 Four Giants Random
174 Master Sword Random
175 Falcon Flyer Play 150 vs. matches
176 F-Zero Racers Complete Adventure Mode with every character
177 Mute City Walk a combined total distance of 10,000 meters with every character
178 Arwing Random
179 Great Fox Random
180 Peppy Hare Random
181 Slippy Toad Random
182 Kraid Play 50 vs. matches
183 Chozo Statue Random
184 Whispy Woods Random
185 Fountain of Dreams Random
186 UFO Play 100 vs. matches
187 Pokémon Stadium Random
188 Game & Watch Clear Event 45: Game & Watch Forever!
189 Target Beat Target Test with all characters
190 Sandbag Clear 984 ft (300 m) in Home-Run Contest
191 Battlefield Clear All-Star mode
192 Final Destination Clear Event 51: The Showdown
193 Goomba Clear Event 14: Trophy Tussle 1
194 Koopa Troopa Random
195 Koopa Paratroopa Random
196 Redead Random
197 Octorok Random
198 Like Like Random
199 Topi Random
200 Polar Bear Random
201 Raccoon Mario Random
202 Metal Mario Random
203 Paper Mario Clear 1476 ft (450 m) in Home-Run Contest
204 Wario Clear All-Star mode without any continues
205 Plum Random
206 Daisy Random
207 Waluigi Random
208 Thwomp Random
209 Boo Random
210 Koopa Clown Car Random
211 Viruses Random
212 Bucket Random
213 Racing Kart Random
214 Baby Mario Random
215 Baby Bowser Random
216 Raphael Raven Random
217 Dixie Kong Random
218 King K. Rool Random
219 Goron Random
220 Marin Unlock all stages and characters
221 Majora's Mask Clear Event 47: Trophy Tussle 3
222 Ocarina of Time Random
223 Samurai Goroh Random
224 Dr. Stewart Random
225 Jody Summer Random
226 Landmaster Tank Get 1000 combined KO's
227 Wolfen Clear Adventure Mode in under 18 minutes 20 seconds or less
228 Andross (Star Fox) Random
229 Andross (Star Fox 64) Random
230 Samus's Starship Clear Escape From Brinstar in Adventure mode
231 Metroid Random
232 Ridley Random
233 Fire Kirby Random
234 Fighter Kirby Random
235 Ball Kirby Random
236 Waddle Dee Random
237 King Dedede Random
238 Rick Random
239 Gooey Random
240 Meta-Knight Random
241 Paula Random
242 Jeff Random
243 Poo Random
244 Starman Random
245 Bulbasaur Random
246 Poliwhirl Random
247 Ditto Random
248 Eevee Random
249 Totodile Random
250 Crobat Random
251 Cleffa Random
252 Igglybuff Random
253 Steelix Random
254 Heracross Random
255 Meowth Complete All-Star with every character
256 Professor Oak Random
257 Misty Random
258 ZERO-ONE Random
259 Maruo Maruhige Random
260 Ryota Hayami Random
261 Kensuke Kimachi Random
262 Love Giant Random
263 Hate Giant Random
264 Ray MK II Random
265 Bayonette Random
266 Annie Random
267 Tom Nook Get 1000 combined coins
268 Totakeke Random
269 Mr. Resetti Beat 5 enemies on Cruel Melee
270 Heririn Random
271 Alpha Random
272 Vacuum Luigi Random
273 Pikmin Random
274 Captain Olimar Have a Pikmin save file on your memory card
275 Excite Bike Random
276 Donkey Kong Junior Complete Classic Mode with all 25 characters
277 Ducks Random
278 Bubbles Random
279 Eggplant Man Random
280 Mach Rider Get the Speed Demon Bonus
281 Balloon Fighter Random
282 Stanley Random
283 Pit Random
284 Dr. Wright Random
285 Donbe & Hikari Random
286 Ayumi Tachibana Random
287 Monster Random
288 Sheriff Get under 12 minutes 30 seconds in Target Test
289 Diskun Earn all 249 bonuses
290 Nintendo Gamecube Random
291 Tamagon Japan Only
292 Mario and Yoshi Japanese promo.
293 Samus Unmasked Japanese promo.


Events How to Unlock
Events 11-15 Beat 6 events
Events 16-20 Beat 10 events
Events 21-25 Beat 16 Events
Events 26-29 Beat 22 Events
Event 30 Beat 27 Events
Events 31-39 Unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falco and Young Link and beat 27 events
Events 40-50 Unlock all characters and unlock all previous events
Event 51 Beat all 50 events and clear Classic Mode and Adventure Mode at least once each


Number Message
1 1-P All-Star mode is now open! Better practice up!
2 1,000,000 VS. mode matches! Never thought you'd see this!
3 A blast from the past! Dream Land is yours to use.
4 A great evil walks the earth...Ganondorf has been unlocked!
5 Access to Flat Zone has been granted. Time to get retro!
6 All stages are now open!
7 Check out smashing sounds! Find Sound Test under Data.
8 Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Adventure!
9 Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P Classic!
10 Congratulations! You've cleared 1-P All-Star!
11 Cute, cuddly...and a threat to itself and others! It's Pichu!
12 Direct from Fire Emblem, it's Marth, the swordsman supreme!
13 Dr. Mario is in the house! His prescription? KOs.
14 Fast, nimble, and ready to roll, Young Link awaits you!
15 For the first time, you've survived 15-Minute Melee!
16 It's a flotilla of Pokémon! You've unlocked Poké Floats!
17 Mewtwo's mental powers are now yours to command!
18 Mr. Game & Watch is ready to rock, old-school style!
19 Mushroom Kingdom II is open: it's the dream world, Subcon!
20 Random Stage Select is now available in Additional Rules!
21 Roy from Fire Emblem has unsheathed his sword!
22 Side-scrolling madness awaits on F-Zero's Big Blue!
23 Star Fox's surly pilot Falco is now prepped for combat!
24 Take a step back in time to lovely Yoshi's Island!
25 The gateway to Final Destination has now been opened!
26 The man in green, Luigi, is ready for action!
27 The special stage, Battlefield, has now been unlocked!
28 Welcome back to DK's first locale, Kongo Jungle!
29 Welcome to Brinstar Depths! Kraid's been waiting for you!
30 Wow! You've cleared 1-P Classic with every character!
31 You can now set up the score display in Additional Rules!
32 You beat Event Match 51, The Showdown, with no falls!
33 You have all the trophies!!
34 You have over 50 trophies!
35 You have over 100 trophies!
36 You have over 150 trophies!
37 You have over 200 trophies!
38 You've cleared 100-Man Melee for the first time!
39 You've cleared 1-P Adventure with every character! Great!
40 You've cleared 1-P All-Star with every character! Sweet!
41 You've cleared 30 1-P Event Matches!
42 You've cleared Adventure Mode on Very Hard!
43 You beat Adventure Mode on Very Hard with a stock of one!
44 You've cleared all 1-P Event Matches!
45 You've cleared All-Star Mode on Very Hard!
46 You've cleared Classic Mode on Very Hard!
47 You've cleared Classic Mode on Very Hard with a stock of one!
48 You've cleared Target Test with all characters! Great!
49 You've collected more than 250 trophies!
50 You've encountered Celebi for the first time!
51 You've encountered Mew for the first time!
52 You've fought 100 VS. mode matches!
53 You've fought 1,000 VS. mode matches!
54 You've fought 10,000 VS. mode matches!
55 You've played 4,995 VS. bouts! That's about a cent per bout!
56 You've played 50,000 VS. bouts! Enough! Take a break!
57 You've fought 100,000 VS. mode matches! Go outside!
58 You've unlocked all playable characters! Get to fighting!
59 You've unlocked an alien invasion! It's Fourside!!
60 You've unlocked the singing wonder, Jigglypuff!


Unlockable Item How to Unlock
All-Star Mode Unlock every character
Score Display Get 5000 KO's in vs. mode
Random Stage Switch Unlock all stages excluding past stages and special stages
Mew Unlock all characters
Celebi Unlock everything excluding trophies
Sound Test Unlock all of the stages
Alternate music Press L or R before the battle starts

How to Unlock[edit]

This does not include messages that accompany an unlockable stage/character. Trophies are in italics.

By vs. Match[edit]

# of vs. matches Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable
10 Maxim Tomato        
50 Jigglypuff Brinstar Depths Kraid    
100 Dr. Mario Fourside Heart Container UFO Message #52
150 Big Blue Falcon Flyer      
200 Pichu Poké Floats Sudowoodo    
300 Falco        
400 Marth        
500 Young Link        
600 Ganondorf        
700 Mewtwo        
800 Luigi        
900 Roy        
1000 Mr. Game & Watch Food Message #53    
4995 Message #55        
10000 Message #54        
50000 Message #56        
100000 Message #57        
1000000 Message #2        


  • Super Smash Bros Melee is the only Super Smash Bros. game that has an equal number of unlockable characters and stages.

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