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List of trophies by unlock criteria (SSBM)

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In Super Smash Bros. Melee, 290 trophies are available to collect. Each trophy has its own unlock criteria: some are unlocked by performing certain tasks; others are found randomly in Classic Mode's Snag the Trophies and Race to the Finish stages, the Mushroom Kingdom, Underground Maze, Brinstar Escape Shaft, F-Zero Grand Prix, and Icicle Mountain stages in Adventure mode, the resting area in All-Star mode, and the Lottery; and yet others are only found randomly after performing certain tasks. This article documents the unlock criteria for each trophy.

Character trophies[edit]

Completing Classic mode or playing 100 VS matches with a playable character unlocks that character's regular trophy, completing Adventure mode or playing 200 VS matches unlocks that character's Smash Red trophy, and completing All-Star mode or playing 300 VS matches unlocks that character's Smash Blue trophy.

Unlocked through special means[edit]

Trophy How to Unlock
Battlefield Clear All-Star mode
Bunny Hood Get 125 combined combos with all characters in Training Mode
Captain Olimar Have a Pikmin save file in your Memory Card
Celebi Get Celebi from a Poké Ball (only available once all fighters and Score Display are unlocked)
Crazy Hand Clear Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard, no continues
Diskun Earn all 249 bonuses
Donkey Kong Jr. Collect every playable character's first trophy either by playing 100 VS. matches or by completing Classic Mode with all characters
Entei Clear Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2
Falcon Flyer Play 150 vs. matches
Female Wire Frame Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Melee
Fighting Wire Frames Complete 15-Minute Melee
Final Destination Clear Event 51: The Showdown
Food Play 1000 vs. battles
F-Zero Racers Collect every playable character's Red Smash trophy either by playing 200 VS. matches or by completing Adventure mode with every character
Giga Bowser Complete Adventure Mode defeating Giga Bowser without using any continues
Goomba Clear Event 14: Trophy Tussle 1
Heart Container Play 100 vs. battles
Kirby Hat 4 Unlock Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch and Marth
Kirby Hat 5 Unlock Roy, Pichu, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Young Link and Falco
Kraid Play 50 vs. matches
Landmaster Tank Get 1,000 combined KO's
Lip's Stick Perform a combo with over 20 hits in Training Mode
Lon Lon Milk Get 25 combined minutes or less in Target Test
Mach Rider Clear Classic Mode in under 5 minutes
Majora's Mask Beat Event 47: Trophy Tussle 3
Male Wire Frame Beat 100 Man Melee in under 4 Minutes
Marin Unlock Sound Test
Master Hand Clear Classic Mode on Hard or Very Hard, no continues
Maxim Tomato Play 10 vs. battles
Meowth Collect every playable character's Blue Smash trophy either by playing 300 VS. matches or by completing All-Star with all characters
Metal Box Perform a combo with over 10 hits in Training Mode
Mew Clear All-Star Mode on Hard or Very Hard
Mr. Resetti Beat 5 enemies on Cruel Melee
Mute City Walk a combined total distance of 10,000 meters with every character
Paper Mario Clear 1,476 ft./450 m in Home Run Contest
Proximity Mine Clear Event 3: Bomb-fest
Samus's Starship Clear Escape from Brinstar in Adventure mode
Sandbag Clear 984 ft./300 m in Home Run Contest
Sheriff Clear Target Test with all characters and a combined total time of under 12 minutes and 30 seconds
Smash Coins Play 100 Coin battles
Sudowoodo Play 200 vs. battles
Target Beat Target Test with all characters
Tom Nook Get 1,000 combined coins
UFO Play 100 vs. matches
Unown Get over 16,404 ft./5000 m combined best distance in Home Run Contest
Wario Clear All-Star mode without any continues
Wolfen Clear Adventure Mode in under 18 minutes and 20 seconds

Available in 1-player modes or the Lottery[edit]

One of these trophies will be randomly obtained upon creating a save file for the first time.

Only available in 1-player modes[edit]

Only available in the Lottery[edit]

Available in the Lottery after clearing Classic and Adventure modes at least once[edit]

Available in 1-player modes or the Lottery after playing 200 VS matches[edit]

Available in the Lottery after unlocking all characters[edit]

Available in the Lottery after collecting 250 trophies[edit]

Unlocked through hacking[edit]

Note that these trophies were originally available through special events in Japan (the Olimar trophy could be unlocked through special events as well).

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