Snag the Trophies

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Samus collects the Green Shell, Ray Gun, and Parasol trophies in the bonus game.

Snag the Trophies (フィギュア ゲット!, Get the Figurines!), written in-game as Snag trophies!, and called Grab a Trophy in PAL regions, is a Bonus Stage exclusive to Super Smash Bros. Melee, introduced to tie into the game's then-new trophy-collecting aspect. The player appears on a specialized stage that consists of a 'container' in the middle and three trophies falling from the sky. Players, in a two minute time limit, must use any attacks they need to knock the trophies into the container; completing Classic Mode will grant the players these trophies, and collecting all three gives the player a bonus at the end of the game. Like most bonus games, this is optional to successfully complete. Self-destructing or having the last trophy fall off the bottom of the stage will end the game.

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