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Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2

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Event 26
Trophy Tussle 2
Entei Stage HQ SSBM.png
Official description Another match for a prize...Who will get Entei?
Character(s) used Choose (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) Random (2 stocks)
Random (2 stocks)
Random (2 stocks)
Stage(s) Entei
Music Trophy
Availability Unlockable
For reward Entei trophy

Trophy Tussle 2 (フィギュア上の戦い2, Battle on a Figure 2) is the 26th event match of the 51 event matches and the second of the three Trophy Tussle event matches in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The player controls a fighter of their choice and must win a 3 minute 2 stock free-for-all match against a team of three random fighters on a giant version of the Entei trophy. Each of the CPU fighters' artificial intelligence is set at Levels 4, 5, and 6.

When the match starts, the player's fighter will spawn on the left side of Entei's smoke near the center of the stage, while one CPU fighter spawns on the right side of Entei's smoke near the center of the stage, the second CPU fighter spawns on the top of Entei's head, and the third CPU fighter spawns on the rightmost side of Entei's smoke. One of the CPU fighters will camp on the left side of the stage, not attacking the player until they come nearby, unless the other two opponents are defeated. Another CPU fighter will walk around the stage, attacking the player if they come close. If the remaining CPU is defeated, then this opponent will attack the player normally.

Clearing this event match will reward the player with the Entei trophy.