Event 8: Hot Date on Brinstar

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Event 8
Hot Date on Brinstar
Official description You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!
Character(s) used Choose (3 stocks, 102%)
Opponent(s) Samus (3 stocks, 130%)
Stage(s) Brinstar
Music Brinstar
Availability Starter

Hot Date on Brinstar (ブリンスタ会戦, Brinstar Battle) is the 8th event match of the 51 event matches in Super Smash Bros. Melee. As an available character of their choice, the player must win a 3 stock match against a CPU Samus on Brinstar, and there is no time limit. The player starts and respawns with 102% damage, while Samus starts and respawns with 130%, causing both characters to fly far when hit by a powerful attack.