Event 45: Game & Watch Forever!

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Event 45
Game & Watch Forever!
Official description The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!
Character(s) used Mr. Game & Watch (3 stocks)
Opponent(s) Mr. Game & Watch x25 (1 stock)
Stage(s) Flat Zone
Music Flat Zone
Availability Unlockable
For Reward Game & Watch trophy

Game & Watch Forever! (いつでもゲームウォッチ, Game & Watch Anytime) is the 45th event match of the 51 event matches in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

This event match requires KOing 25 light Mr. Game & Watches to complete the event, in similar fashion to the final stage of All Star (where the player fights Mr. Game & Watch; 25 of them). The player has three stocks, while the other 25 have only one each. However, the player's Mr. Game & Watch is also light.