Event 12: Seconds, Anyone?

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Event 12
Seconds, Anyone?
E12m-Seconds Anyone.png
Official description Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds!
Character(s) used Choose (1 stock, 100%)
Opponent(s) Captain Falcon (1 stock, 100%)
Stage(s) Mute City
Music Mute City
Availability Unlockable

Seconds, Anyone? (コンマ1秒の戦い, 0.1 Second Battle) is the 12th event match of the 51 event matches in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The player must KO an enemy Captain Falcon within 7 seconds. Both the player and the CPU have 100% damage. If the player is KO'd or time runs out, the game will result in a failure.


  • The time limit for this event might have been inspired by the machine number of Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon, 07.