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In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, 743 trophies are available to collect. Each trophy has its own unlock criteria: some are unlocked by performing certain tasks, others are found randomly in various game modes, and yet others are only found randomly after performing certain tasks. This article documents the unlock criteria for each trophy.


The following trophies can be purchased as part of DLC bundles:

Character trophies[edit]

Completing Classic Mode with a playable character unlocks that character's regular trophy, while completing All-Star Mode unlocks that character's Final Smash trophy.

After clearing Classic or All-Star with a character, their Alt trophy will become available in the trophy shop. Doing this as Olimar and Bowser Jr. will also add trophies of Alph and each of the Koopalings in the shop, respectively.

As an exception to the above, the Alt trophies for downloadable characters are awarded immediately when the character DLC is installed.


# Trophy Series How to unlock Golden hammer
10 Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. View every fighter's Final Smash Allowed
33 Master Hand Super Smash Bros. Clear Solo Classic Mode at intensity 2.0 with 5 or more characters Allowed
34 Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros. Clear Crazy Orders Allowed
64 F.L.U.D.D. Super Mario Bros. Clear Crazy Orders after 20 or more turns while playing as Mario Allowed
89 Waluigi Super Mario Bros. Get a score of more than 85 in a single Rival Smash Allowed
90 Banzai Bill Super Mario Bros. Clear a Solo 3-Minute Smash after getting 110 or more KOs while playing as Bowser Allowed
92 Nabbit Super Mario Bros. Bump into an enemy who appears on the board during Smash Tour Allowed
107 Birdo Super Mario Bros. Clear a Solo 3-Minute Smash after getting 100 or more KOs while playing as Mii Gunner Allowed
112 Whomp Super Mario Bros. Play as Pac-Man in Stage 3 of Solo Target Blast and score 300,000 points by using the back (left) wall Allowed
115 Toadsworth Super Mario Bros. Get 8 or more KOs in Cruel Smash Allowed
120 Daisy (Baseball) Super Mario Bros. Hit Sandbag 1,000m (3,280 ft.) or more in Home-Run Contest Allowed
124 Mr. L Super Mario Bros. Play Solo Cruel Smash as Luigi and survive for 1 minute Allowed
160 Kritter Donkey Kong Clear a 3-Minute Smash after getting 120 or more KOs Allowed
162 King K.Rool Donkey Kong Play as Ganondorf and hit Sandbag at least 1,000m (3,280 ft.) in Solo Home-Run Contest Allowed
164 Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Use Diddy Kong and get 3 or more KOs on your rival in a single Rival Smash Allowed
208 Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda Collect all Mii headgear Allowed
211 Tetra The Legend of Zelda Play as Sheik and score 50 KOs or more in Solo Endless Smash Allowed
215 Wolf Link The Legend of Zelda Play as Zelda in Stage 1 and get a score of 150,000 or more in a single game of Solo Target Blast Allowed
235 Gunship Metroid Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode without recovering health between rounds while playing as Zero Suit Samus Allowed
240 Ridley Metroid Deal the final blow to a boss in Smash Tour Allowed
248 Samus (Dark Suit) Metroid Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode on hard while playing as Duck Hunt Not allowed
275 Knuckle Joe Kirby Clear Classic Mode at intensity 9.0 without any customizations Allowed
276 Tac Kirby Collect all the CDs Allowed
286 Fire Kirby Kirby Clear the “Kirby's Crazy Appetite” event on hard difficulty Allowed
299 Galacta Knight Kirby Complete the reward conditions for all of the Solo Events Not allowed
300 Magolor Kirby Score at least 450 000 points in a single game of Target Blast on Stage 3 Allowed
301 Lor Starcutter Kirby Play as Toon Link in Stage 2 and get a score of 120,000 or more in a single game of Solo Target Blast Allowed
319 Krystal Star Fox Play alone and as Fox and get a Fever Rush 6 or more times in a single game of Trophy Rush Allowed
320 Tricky Star Fox Clear the “Behind Enemy Lines” event Allowed
342 Substitute Doll Pokémon Play as Meta Knight and score 90 KOs or more in Solo Endless Smash Allowed
350 Snorlax Pokémon Clear the “Fitness Junkie” event on normal difficulty or higher Not allowed
385 Koffing Pokémon Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode within 6 minutes while playing as Jigglypuff Not allowed
433 Deathborn F-Zero Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode on normal or higher while playing as Captain Falcon without healing between rounds Allowed
441 Jeff EarthBound (Mother) Play as Ness in Stage 3 and get a score of 200,000 or more in a single game of Solo Target Blast Allowed
442 Flying Man EarthBound (Mother) Start the final battle with 10 fighters in Smash Tour Allowed
460 Black Knight Fire Emblem Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode on hard while playing as Ike Allowed
488 Reaper Kid Icarus Play as Pit and score 4 or more KOs alone in Cruel Smash Allowed
489 Souflee Kid Icarus Clear the “The FINAL Final Battle” event on hard difficulty Allowed
534 Timmy & Tommy Animal Crossing Collect 300 unique trophies Allowed
538 Rover Animal Crossing Clear Crazy Orders while playing as Villager Allowed
544 Saharah Animal Crossing Create a stage in the Stage Builder Allowed
548 Able Sisters Animal Crossing Collect all Mii outfits Allowed
552 Celeste Animal Crossing Collect 50 unique trophies Allowed
565 Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing Have the game on for more than 10 hours Allowed
578 Wii Fit U Trainer Wii Fit Get a chain of at least 50 in Trophy Rush while playing alone and as Wii Fit Trainer Allowed
591 Soda Popinski Punch-Out!! Clear Crazy Orders after 12 or more turns Allowed
596 Riki Xenoblade Chronicles Use 18 or more Tour Items in a single game of Smash Tour Allowed
598 Mechonis Xenoblade Chronicles Clear the true Solo All-Star Mode within 6 minutes while playing as Shulk Allowed
599 Bionis Xenoblade Chronicles Get 3 or more checkpoint bonuses in Smash Tour Allowed
623 Special Flag Other Clear all of the Solo Events Allowed
630 Prince of Sablé Other Collect over 300 000G Not allowed
631 Saki Amamiya Other Clear All-Star Mode on hard difficulty with all characters Allowed
634 Dr. Kawashima Other Clear Classic Mode without losing a single life Allowed
643 Ice Climbers Other KO your rival 4 or more times in a single Rival Smash Allowed
660 CommanderVideo Other Get a chain of 300 or more in a single game of Trophy Rush Allowed
663 Wonder-Green Other Hit Sandbag between 500 and 505m (1,640 and 1,656 ft.) in Home-Run Contest Allowed
665 Wonder-Yellow Other Clear 10-Man Smash within 25 seconds with all characters Allowed
672 Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Clear the “All-Star Battle: Secret” event on hard difficulty Not allowed
695 Dr. Light Mega Man Hit Sandbag between 500 and 505m (1,640 and 1,656 ft.) in Solo Home-Run Contest while playing as R.O.B. Not allowed

Event matches[edit]

These trophies are obtained only when clearing a specific solo event match.

# Trophy Series Event Additional criteria
16 Party Ball Super Smash Bros. The Final Battle
17 Blast Box Super Smash Bros. Wrecking Mario Unlock Duck Hunt
68 Poison Mushroom Super Mario Bros. Fire-Type Frenzy
99 Pipes Super Mario Bros. The Original Heavyweights Unlock Falco
130 Mario + Standard Bike Super Mario Bros. Oh Yeah, Luigi Time! Unlock Dr. Mario
141 Lubba Super Mario Bros. A Situation of some Gravity
157 Candy Kong Donkey Kong The Jungle in Chaos Unlock Falco
224 Impa (Skyward Sword) The Legend of Zelda The Demon King and the Goddess
284 Sword Kirby Kirby Four Swords Adventures
290 Mike Kirby Kirby Kirby's Crazy Appetite
345 Meowth Pokémon Jackpot Opportunity
419 Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Pokémon Battle
467 Manhole Game & Watch Great Fox Defense
481 Daybreak Kid Icarus The Break of Day
506 Yellow Pikmin Pikmin Below the Belt Unlock Falco
532 Lloid Animal Crossing Unwavering Chivalry
571 Warrior Wii Fit New Challengers 1
582 Doc Louis Punch-Out!! The King Strikes Back
709 Fire Hydrant PAC-MAN Robotic Rampage
711 Mother Fairy PAC-MAN Princess Punch-Up!

Trophy Shop[edit]

In addition to the Character Alt. trophies, there are several other trophies that can only be obtained by purchasing them in the Trophy Shop and will not appear in any other mode. The total cost (without discounts) to unlock these trophies is 29 000G.

# Trophy Series
35 Master Core Super Smash Bros.
65 Toad Super Mario Bros.
88 Chain Chomp Super Mario Bros.
91 Kamek Super Mario Bros.
102 Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros.
104 ? Block Super Mario Bros.
105 1-Up Mushroom Super Mario Bros.
106 Shy Guy Super Mario Bros.
108 Daisy Super Mario Bros.
109 Boo Super Mario Bros.
110 Baby Luigi Super Mario Bros.
135 Baby Daisy Super Mario Bros.
168 Tutorial Pig Donkey Kong
169 Stu Donkey Kong
170 Mole Miner Max Donkey Kong
171 Thugly Donkey Kong
172 Colonel Pluck Donkey Kong
173 Krazy Kalimba Donkey Kong
174 Tiki Tong Donkey Kong
221 Crimson Loftwing The Legend of Zelda
222 Fi The Legend of Zelda
249 Adam Malkovich Metroid
254 Melissa Bergman (MB) Metroid
309 Andross Star Fox
313 Peppy Hare Star Fox
314 Slippy Toad Star Fox
315 Wolf O'Donnell Star Fox
316 Leon Powalski Star Fox
317 Pigma Dengar Star Fox
318 Andrew Oikonny Star Fox
323 Panther Caroso Star Fox
361 Kyogre Pokémon
362 Deoxys Pokémon
394 Rayquaza Pokémon
415 Groudon Pokémon
416 Jirachi Pokémon
494 Wario Bike WarioWare
495 Kat & Ana WarioWare
496 Ashley WarioWare
497 9-Volt & His Mother WarioWare
498 Mona WarioWare
499 Dr. Crygor WarioWare
537 Isabelle Animal Crossing
547 Don Resetti Animal Crossing
549 Blathers Animal Crossing
560 Kicks Animal Crossing
638 Power Cruising Flag of North America.svg
Power Cruiser Flag of Europe.svg
639 Disc Dog Flag of North America.svg
Frisbee® Dog Flag of Europe.svg
640 Wuhu Island Other
654 Marshall, Cam, and Miss Ribbon Flag of North America.svg
Matt, Cam & Miss Ribbon Flag of Europe.svg
655 Wrestler & Reporter Other
659 Monita Other
668 Barbara (Rayman) Other
693 Elec Man Mega Man
694 Yellow Devil Mega Man
697 Mettaur Mega Man
699 Energy Tank Mega Man

Trophy Rush[edit]

These trophies can only be randomly obtained by playing Trophy Rush and will never appear in other modes or for purchase in the trophy shop. Most Super Smash Bros. series trophies are exclusive to Trophy Rush.

# Trophy Series
2 Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros.
3 Crates Super Smash Bros.
4 Rolling Crates Super Smash Bros.
5 Barrels Super Smash Bros.
6 Capsule Super Smash Bros.
9 Timer Super Smash Bros.
10 Beam Sword Super Smash Bros.
11 Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros.
12 Drill Super Smash Bros.
13 Motion-Sensor Bomb Super Smash Bros.
14 Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros.
15 Smoke Ball Super Smash Bros.
16 Bumper Super Smash Bros.
15 Coins (Coin Smash) Super Smash Bros.
141 Cucco The Legend of Zelda


All[citation needed] other trophies appear randomly in various places in the game. For a complete list, please refer to the articles linked from List of trophies. These trophies:

  • Appear as items during Vs. matches as long as at least one item is turned on.
  • Can be dropped by Mew randomly or when all CDs are collected (but it may still drop a Custom Part instead).
  • Can be collected by breaking a trophy block in Trophy Rush or Target Blast.
  • Can appear as offers in the Trophy Shop, which can then be purchased with Gold.
  • Are awarded for clearing a round of Classic Mode if the roulette stopped on a trophy symbol.
  • Are awarded for defeating an opponent in Classic Mode which was marked with a trophy symbol.
  • Appear in the All-Star Rest Area after clearing certain rounds.
  • Can be collected in the Home-Run Contest if Sandbag touches it.
  • Can be obtained after completing a game of Smash Tour.
  • Can be earned during Crazy Orders by breaking certain treasure chests Crazy Hand drops.
  • Can be earned by scanning an amiibo after it fought in a match.

After trophies with special unlock criteria have been obtained once, duplicates will also start to appear randomly.

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