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List of unlockables (SSB4-3DS)

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The following contains a list of unlockables a player can obtain in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Unlockable characters[edit]

After meeting either of the encounter requirements, the character must be defeated to be unlocked.

Character How to encounter
Unique method VS. Matches required
Ness Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty 10
Falco Clear Classic Mode without any continues 20
Wario Complete 100-Man Smash 30
Lucina As Marth, clear Classic Mode without any continues 40
Dark Pit Clear Classic Mode with 3 or more characters 50
Dr. Mario As Mario, clear Classic Mode on intensity 4.0 or higher 60
R.O.B. Collect at least 200 different trophies 70
Ganondorf As Zelda or Link, clear Classic Mode on intensity 5.0 or higher 80
Mr. Game & Watch Clear Classic Mode with 10 or more characters 90
Bowser Jr. As Bowser, clear Classic Mode on intensity 6.0 or higher 100
Duck Hunt Clear Classic Mode with 8 or more characters 110
Jigglypuff Collect at least 30 different equipment items 120

Unlockable stages[edit]

Stage How to unlock
Balloon Fight Use Villager 3 times in VS mode
Dream Land Use Ultra Sword (Kirby's Final Smash)
Flat Zone 2 Unlock Mr. Game & Watch, then complete Challenges #1-35
Magicant Unlock Ness
Mute City Win 3 VS matches using Captain Falcon
Pac-Maze Use Super Pac-Man (Pac-Man's Final Smash)
WarioWare, Inc. Unlock Wario

Poké Balls[edit]

Pokémon How to unlock
Genesect Play Endless Smash once
Meloetta Play the game for eight hours
Victini Play 100-Man Smash once
Xerneas Play Target Blast once
Zoroark Play 10-Man Smash


Mode How to unlock
More Rules Get 200 KOs in Smash battles

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