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Gomorrah - Bayo2.png
Official artwork of Gomorrah from Bayonetta 2.
Universe Bayonetta
Debut Bayonetta (2009)
Smash Bros. appearances SSB4
Most recent non-Smash appearance Bayonetta 2 (2018, Nintendo Switch)
Console/platform of origin PlayStation 3,
Xbox 360
Species Infernal Demon
Gender Unknown
Place of origin Inferno

Gomorrah, also known as the Devourer of the Divine, is an Infernal Demon and one of the primary demons Bayonetta summons.


Official artwork of Gomorrah from Bayonetta.

Gomorrah is a colossal, demonic dragon-like reptilian beast, it attacks by biting, gnawing, and devouring any enemy it is set upon. Only its head was ever shown in Bayonetta. Gomorrah is used to finish off large enemies throughout the series. It was Bayonetta's go-to for most enemies in the first game, but in Bayonetta 2, Gomorrah breaks free from her control and fights her atop a skyscraper. It is its betrayal that causes Jeanne to lose her soul, and the start of Bayonetta's journey to save it. After the defeat of Aesir, the God of Chaos, Gomorrah would return to being one of Bayonetta's loyal demons once again, his betrayal being a result of Aesir's influence.

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Gomorrah summoned during Infernal Climax

In Smash 4, Gomorrah appears as part of Bayonetta's Final Smash, Infernal Climax, where it will appear and devour Bayonetta's opponents after she successfully fills her gauge.


Gomorrah also appears as a trophy as a Final Smash in the Wii U version.

Infernal Climax trophy in for Wii U.
Infernal Climax

Before her Final Smash, Bayonetta encounters Witch Time, during which she can attack the enemy to fill her magic gauge. If it fills up, she summons the demon Gomorrah, who chomps down on the unfortunate foe! Keep pressing the button during Gomorrah's attack to increase damage. If it hits 100% the enemy will be instantly KO'd!

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

In Ultimate, Gomorrah appears once again as part of Bayonetta's Final Smash, Infernal Climax.


Gomorrah also appears as a Spirit.

No. Image Name Type Class Slot Ability Series
Gommorah Spirit.png
★★ 0 No effect Bayonetta Series

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