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Cloud using Omnislash in Ultimate
User Cloud
Universe Final Fantasy

Omnislash (超究武神覇斬, Super Extreme Martial God Supreme Slash) is Cloud's Final Smash.


Omnislash's text box.

Cloud knocks his opponent into the air and repeatedly slashes them before dealing a final blow. This is similar to Robin’s Pair Up. Upon activating it, a text box with the word "Omnislash" appears at the top of the screen, while Cloud prepares his Buster Sword in a flash of light and wind. He announces ツキがなかったな. ("You're out of luck.") before charging forward (in a similar fashion to Critical Hit, Marth and Lucina's Final Smashes), stopping at the first opponent he tackles. Cloud cannot cancel the move once started, unlike Critical Hit, so missing with this attack on the ground on a walk-off stage/in the air without any intervening terrain usually results in a self-destruct. The tackled opponent (and any other targets immediately around them) are knocked high into the air with Cloud's Buster Sword. Caught fighters are repeatedly slashed in midair while the camera dramatically pans around Cloud and his victims, before Cloud charges up a final blow, slamming him and his opponents to the ground in a mighty explosion, taking a total of 50% damage. The move can potentially KO as early as 15%.

Opponents who are caught only by Cloud's concluding sword slash (not by the initial tackle) take anywhere from 10%/14% damage (depending on how many targets are ultimately hit by the explosion and their distance from Cloud).

Omnislash does not affect and is not affected by Limit Charge in any way.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List CloudHeadSSBU.png Cloud dashes forward and strikes foes. He then dashes upward and unleashes a flurry of swift slashes, finishing with a powerful blow that launches foes downward. Use it when the battle gets heated and try to hit several enemies.


Omnislash trophy in for Wii U.

Cloud sets out to prevent Sephiroth from sending Meteor crashing into the planet. The fate of the world on his shoulders, Cloud confronts his enemy one on one. He unleashes a flurry of swift slashes before delivering the finishing blow. In Smash Bros., the final strike creates an explosion, launching nearby fighters.


Omnislash as it originally appears in Final Fantasy VII.

Omnislash is the final Limit Break Cloud learns in Final Fantasy VII. The attack can be learned by using the item of the same name won in the Gold Saucer's Battle Square requiring 51,200 BP or 32,000 BP after acquiring the Highwind, provided Cloud has learned all of his other Limit Breaks. When used, Omnislash deals 15 hits against randomly-selected enemies, inflicting massive total damage at its max potential, Omnislash can perform all 15 hits with the maximum amount of damage being 9999, more than most characters, although doing this will require leveling up Cloud, or greatly improving his Strength stat with Power Sources or using Hero Drinks in battle, even with his Ultimate Weapon equipped. It is famously used as the finishing blow on the game's final boss, Sephiroth, regardless of whether or not it was learned by Cloud beforehand.

In most Final Fantasy games, magic spells and special attacks are prefaced by the appearance of a text box showing the move's name at the top of the screen, hence the "Omnislash" text box at the beginning of the Final Smash.

Also in most of its appearances, Omnislash often involves a frenzy of flight-based slashes on the foe (barring in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts (Re): Chain of Memories where it only involves three or a few more slashes in slow succession), though its appearance and the number of slashes performed varies based on the title. Most of the time, a downward slamming strike is a recurring finisher in those cases.

In Smash Bros., the move's animation stays true to its appearances; after an initial slash to hit the opponent(s) into the air, the attack consists of 15 sword slashes (the same amount used in Final Fantasy VII), with the final hit being the downward slamming strike from Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts.



  • This Final Smash is unique in that not only does it possess unique camera angles during the attack (therefore somewhat making it cinematic), but those camera angles are only viewed when every opponent is caught in the attack.
  • The attack can OHKO if used on the Town variation of Town and City when the middle platform is at its peak height.
    • It can also OHKO on 75m, but only in Smash 4, as the spot for the attack was relocated to under the giant girder in Ultimate.
  • Despite not affecting Cloud's Limit Gauge, he will be enveloped by the same blue aura as when Limit is full, not to be confused with the general colorful Final Smash Aura most fighters get.
  • In Ultimate, there is a glitch on Princess Peach's Castle and Great Cave Offensive where if an opponent is hit by Omnislash on one of the slopes near the edges of the stage, it will fail to send them into the rest of the move and send Cloud inside the center of the stage, killing him after it ends.