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So there's Project M. With a little bit of magic, you can change it to be basically your own game. This is a list of changes I've made to Project M.


Zero Suit Samus is now upgraded to her SSB4 appearance, with some minor alt changes, and three alt exceptions: one alt is based on Samus's own suit, one alt replaces her with Chell from the Portal series, and another alt replaces her with Chloe Price from Life Is Strange.

R.O.B. has costumes based on the Wii, GameCube, NES and N64, and even one based on the PlayStation 4.

Captain Falcon has his gold alt from Smash 4.

Yoshi has alts based on Yoshi's Woolly World.

Giga Bowser (and his Dry form) has a very...demonic alt.

Fox has his gray alt from Smash 4.

Peach has an alt based on Vivian from Paper Mario, as well as an alt based on Mario.

Mewtwo's model is based on his Ultimate model.

Lucario's black alternate costume is replaced with a yellow and red one based on Ken Masters.

Snake's default costume is now his sneaking suit from the original Metal Gear Solid.

Roy has a new black and blue alt, an alt based on Link, and his Project M 3.6 alt.

King Dedede is now upgraded to his Smash 4 appearance.

Sonic (and Super Sonic) now look like how they appear in the recent Sonic games.

Mario and Luigi are upgraded to their Ultimate appearances.

Meta Knight's pink alt is replaced with his Galacta Knight alt from Ultimate.


  • Coincidentally enough (and perhaps a bit too fittingly for the mod), Chell's design in Portal is based on actress Alésia Glidewell, who voices Zero Suit Samus in Smash.
  • When R.O.B. is being grabbed, in hitstun, being Star KO'd/Screen KO'd, in his "lying on the ground" animation, drowning, or has broken his shield, all while using the Wii alt, you can find a copy of Brawl outside of where the disc would go on a regular Wii. In addition, when normally using Wii R.O.B., the Wii is turned on, indicated by a green light; when in any of the listed circumstances, the Wii is off, indicated by a red light.
    • Interestingly, the copy of Brawl is a PAL copy, not an NTSC one.
    • In addition, the N64 and GameCube variants have a copy of their respective Smash games, and the NES variant has a copy of Super Mario Bros. inside.
  • When using any of the Yarn Yoshi costumes, using Yoshi's up or neutral special will result in a black egg most of the time; in some cases, it will feature textures from characters or items. I can only assume that the game doesn't know what color to use for the Yoshi egg because of the mod (and because, in PM, the eggs change color depending on the Yoshi, much like in Smash 4), and it just decides to use a random texture for the egg instead.
    • What's interesting to note is that the on-screen appearance egg, side special egg, and egg shield use the regular green color.
  • Gray Fox shows up as normal Fox in All-Star Mode, for some reason.
  • Interestingly, the Ken alt for Lucario is just his Shiny alt (from vPM) with a red outfit.


Final Destination is replaced with how it looks in Smash 4, and Battlefield is replaced with how it looks in Ultimate.

Flat Zone 2 has a subtle, but big change to it; instead of the stage taking place on a Game & Watch system, it takes place on a Wii U.

Fourside, Port Town Aero Dive, Shadow Moses Island, Brinstar, and Temple are now Ω stages (though some stages still have platforms).

Castle Siege is retextured to look like Amestris from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Halberd is retextured to resemble Galacta Knight.

Frigate Orpheon is replaced with Pyrosphere.

Norfair is replaced with the area from the second boss fight in Super Mario 64.

The Online Practice Stage is replaced with a Project M-style training room.

Pirate Ship is replaced with the Merry ship from One Piece.

Pokémon Stadium is replaced with Midgar's Ω form.

Skyworld is replaced entirely with a stage based on the Ace Attorney franchise.

Onett's layout is now a duplicate of Smashville's.

Spear Pillar is its normal self, but with no hazards; it also has an additional red variant where Giratina appears.

Princess Peach's Castle is now a traveling variant of Mario Circuit, retextured to look like a Rainbow Road track.

PictoChat is replaced with Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors.


  • For whatever reason, the on-screen appearances do not activate on Flat Zone 2.
    • The same applies to the Merry ship, except it only occurs for the first player (as they spawn on the head of the ship).
  • On the second phase of Amestris, you can see a bunch of still images of Alphonse Elric, and, if you have a sharp enough eye, you can see Edward Elric as well (though he can be fully viewable if the camera is moved towards him).
  • Temple actually uses its Ω design from Smash 4.
  • On Shadow Moses Island, if you manage to land one of Captain Falcon's powered up moves (discussed in the Other section of this page), the pillars will disappear, along with the platforms on them; however, the game thinks the platforms are still there, so you can (theoretically) stand in midair. However, like in the original Shadow Moses Island, the pillars will return to normal after a while.
    • When the pillars do reappear, they look different during the reentry animation, but then snap to their regular appearance after fully reappearing.
  • The acid still rises in Brinstar, but it affects the fight in no way (most of the time).
    • There's like a 1% chance that you can hit the acid when off-screen, though I wouldn't recommend trying it.
    • The AI still expects to be hit, so sometimes they just plummet to their doom.


Wolf's model and moveset are replaced with that of Ryu's.

Donkey Kong's blue alt is replaced with Sonic the Werehog.

Link's model is replaced with how he appears in Hyrule Warriors.

The Ice Climbers's models are replaced with the Game Grumps.

Ike and Marth are replaced, respectively, with Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin, of Kill la Kill.

Lucario has alts using Mega Lucario as a model replacement (excluding his Gi outfits).

Toon Link's blue alt is replaced with Shovel Knight.

Diddy Kong's model is replaced with Aipom.

Pit's model is replaced with Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail.

Sonic's Shadow, Tails, and Silver alts are replaced with an actual model for Shadow, Tails, and Silver.

Snake's white costume is replaced with the Terminator.

Peach's Daisy alt is replaced with an actual model for Daisy (based on her appearance in Ultimate), and her blue alt is replaced with Rosalina.

Ivysaur's model is replaced with Duck Hunt.

Samus's model is replaced with Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Lucas's model is replaced with Ashley.

Kirby's model is replaced with the Hyrule Temple.

Ganondorf's Brawl model is replaced with Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, and his Melee model is Johnny Bravo.

Sheik's model is replaced with Mai Shiranui.

Jigglypuff is an Oreo.

Falco's head is now Toucan Sam.

And Meta Knight's model is replaced with a shopping cart. Yes, you read that right: a shopping cart.


  • In All-Star Mode, Aipom will, for some odd reason, show up as regular Diddy Kong.
  • Despite being a texture mod, Natsu doesn't use any weapons that Pit owns; his bow, shield, and even wings don't show up.
  • When using Rosalina, all items are replaced with her wand.
  • When using any of Daisy or Rosalina's moves (most notably, the side special), the eyes eerily moves to the far right, almost completely out of sight.
  • One of Natsu's recolors is based on Gray Fullbuster, also from Fairy Tail.
  • Pressing A after the first hit of Ashley's down smash or trying to angle Ashley's side smash causes her to appear in a T-pose; however, this has little to no affect on gameplay, as you can move at any time. Perfect shielding the attacks also seems to cause this.
    • With the side smash, her magic wand is also included in the T-pose.
  • In-game, Aipom has a much bigger head than Diddy; however, this doesn't actually change his hurtbox.
    • Additionally, in some cases, his tail clips through his head.
  • When using Vine Whip as Duck Hunt, he uses a chain instead of a whip. However, the texture for the chain seems to be some weird static-like gif. It's always moving, even when the game is stopped on a frame via the debug menu.
  • Interestingly, in All-Star Mode, Samus's model is being read as an older mod I had where it replaced Samus with Zero Suit Samus. I'm not sure why this is the case.
  • While Ryu's moveset is mostly being a one-to-one transition from Smash 4 to Project M (barring the removal of his special inputs), right down to the differing Final Smash, the mod does add one new gimmick of its own: when Ryu has taken 50% damage or more, he is able to hold his down taunt, and transform into Evil Ryu, whose moveset features a new down special, a new dodge animation (based on the Ashura Senku), as well as incorporating the darkness and electric effects into some of his moves. His Final Smash also changes to the famous Shun Goku Satsu; when used in the air, it is instead the Messatsu Gohado.
    • Focus Attack also uses the paralyze effect's animation, but, strangely, acts as a meteor smash. It also only requires holding the stick as opposed to tapping it twice to cancel, but said action acts as a dodge, and, as a result, leaves Ryu helpless in the air.
  • Ryuko has costumes based on her default appearance, her Synchronized appearance, her appearance in the first (and last) episode, her outfit after Senketsu got stolen from her, her underwear, and, surprisingly, the Survey Corps uniform from Attack on Titan.
    • Satsuki's costumes are more simplistic recolors, though one of them is based on Ryuko herself.
  • Satsuki's warp circle in her on-screen appearance is weirdly slanted.
  • Kirby has a mod over him to make his Ike copy ability resemble Ryuko's hair.


Wolf, going with his Ryu mod, has Ryu's voice clips.

Kirby has voice clips from famed YouTuber JonTron.

Ike has clips to go with his Ryuko remodel.

Marth has Lucina's voice clips.

Pikachu has voice clips from famed YouTuber Egoraptor.

Roy, Lucario, and Falco use their voice clips from Smash 4.

Sonic has voice clips from Roger Craig Smith (not his clips from Smash 4).

Bowser now has reused clips from Mario Kart Wii.

Ganondorf has his clips from Ultimate.

And possibly the best addition of all, Fox uses his classic voice clips from Melee.


  • For whatever reason, Roy's sleeping noise uses the same clip as his stunned one.
    • In turn, no sound plays when he is stunned.
  • I kept Lucina's clips for Marth, despite changing his model from Lucina to Satsuki, because Satsuki is female.
  • Because Ryuko is voiced by Erica Mendez in English, and there exist next to no voice clips without background effects outside of the Kill la Kill anime in English, some of Ryuko's voice sounds actually come from the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures video game, in which Mendez voiced Pac-Man (taking over for Erin Mathews). There do exist references to Kill la Kill within a few of her quotes, however:
    • She makes a reference to Senketsu in her up taunt, who, funnily enough, is voiced by David Vincent in English, the voice of Robin.
    • Her side taunt is from Episode 3 of the series, where she provokes Satsuki due to her "warm welcome" towards Ryuko.
    • Her Final Smash quote dubs Great Aether as her Decapitation Mode.
    • The mod is incomplete, however, as she does keep Ike's victory quotes.


Menu 2 is replaced with the Menu music from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Menu (Melee) is replaced with Smash 4's Menu theme

Battlefield is replaced with Snow Fairy from Fairy Tail

Battlefield Ver. 2 is replaced with Natsu's Theme from Fairy Tail

Final Destination is replaced with Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan

Master Hand has his own music file, but it's inaccessible in the Sound Test; that being said, it can be replaced, and I have replaced it with his theme from Smash 4

Online Waiting Room is replaced with how it appears in Smash 4

Results Display Theme is replaced with the Results music from Smash 4

Home-Run Contest is extended to its theme from Super Smash Bros. Melee

Target Smash!! is replaced with Bonus Stage (Blue Spheres) from Sonic Mania

Boss Battle Song 2 is replaced with Boss Battle: Big Arms from Sonic Generations (3DS)

Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee) is replaced with Challengers from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Credits (Super Smash Bros.) is replaced with Before My Body is Dry from Kill la Kill

Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee) is replaced with The Ultimate Final Death Battle from Fairy Tail

Tal Tal Heights (from Skyloft) is replaced with a mashup of Ballad of the Goddess and Lost in Thoughts All Alone

Hyrule Field Theme (from Skyloft) is replaced with Ballad of the Goddess / Ghirahim's Theme from Smash 4

Green Greens (Melee) is replaced with Kirby Smash by Foxsky

Gourmet Race (Super Smash Bros.) is replaced with the Kirby Falcon Punch remix

Pokémon Stadium (Melee) is replaced with Let the Battles Begin! from Final Fantasy VII

Poké Floats (Melee) is replaced with J-E-N-O-V-A from Final Fantasy VII

Battle Theme (Melee) is replaced with Fight On! from Final Fantasy VII

Mother (Melee) is replaced with Magicant / Eight Melodies (Mother) from Smash 4

Icicle Mountain (Melee) is replaced with Snowfall (feat. Laura Brehm) by Approaching Nirvana

Flat Zone (Melee) is replaced with Tetrabyte by Approaching Nirvana

Fire Emblem (Melee) is replaced with how it originally appeared in Melee (Trust me, there's a difference.)

Mother 2 (Melee) is replaced with Smiles and Tears from Smash 4

Battlefield (Melee) is replaced with Settle It in Smash by Yungtown

Multi-Man Melee 1 is replaced with the Dragon Slayer theme from Fairy Tail

Final Destination (Melee) is replaced with Against Magic from Fairy Tail

Giga Bowser (Melee) is replaced with Luminous Sword from Sword Art Online

Delfino Plaza is replaced with its remix from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Title / Ending (Super Mario World) is replaced with Emerald Coast - Classic from Sonic Generations (3DS)

Main Theme (Super Mario 64) is replaced with Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts

Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.) is replaced with The Kalos Power Plant from Pokémon X and Y

Gritzy Desert is replaced with the Metal Mario theme from Super Mario 64

Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) is replaced with Asteroid Coaster - Act 1 from Sonic Colors

Luigi's Mansion Theme is replaced with the Spooky Scary Skeletons remix

Castle / Boss Fortress (Super Mario World / SMB 3) is replaced with Vampire Killer from Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) is replaced with Erza's Theme from Fairy Tail

Mario Circuit is replaced with the Redux remix of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Luigi Circuit is replaced with Rainbow Road from F-Zero X

Waluigi Pinball is replaced with N64 Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 8

Rainbow Road is replaced with Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7

King K.Rool / Ship Deck 2 is replaced with Jungle Level Jazz Style from Smash Wii U

Bramble Blast is replaced with 3DS DK Jungle from Mario Kart 8

Battle for Storm Hill is replaced with Gang-Plank Galleon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Map Page / Bonus Level is upgraded to its remix in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Title (Legend of Zelda) is replaced with Link's Theme from Soul Calibur II

The Dark World is replaced with Hyrule Circuit from Mario Kart 8

Hidden Mountain & Forest is replaced with The Legend of Zelda Medley from Smash 4

Hyrule Field Theme is replaced with Hyrule Field 1 from Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Castle (Super Smash Bros.) now replaces Midna's Lament

The Great Sea is replaced with Luffy's Fierce Attack from One Piece

Song of Storms is replaced with a dubstep remix of Song of Storms arranged by Ephixa

Gerudo Valley is replaced with Gerudo Valley from Smash 4

Molgera Battle is replaced with He's a Pirate from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Termina Field is replaced with Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks) from Smash 4

Main Theme (Metroid) is replaced with The Alternate Route, a remix of Bowser's Road from Super Mario 64

Ending (Metroid) is replaced with The 13th Struggle from Kingdom Hearts II

Norfair is replaced with Guardando Nel Buio from Kingdom Hearts

Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior is moved to Frigate Orpheon (replacing Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)), and is replaced on Norfair with Crisis City - Modern from Sonic Generations

Vs. Parasite Queen is replaced with Ridley's theme from Metroid Other M

Sector 1 is replaced with Lockdown Battle from Metroid Other M

Flower Field is replaced with Yoshi's Woolly World from Smash Wii U

Wildlands is replaced with Bandit Valley from Yoshi's New Island

Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) is replaced with Endless Possibilities from Sonic Unleashed

Space Battleground is replaced with Mega Man 2 Medley from Smash 4

Break Through the Ice is replaced with 305 by Approaching Nirvana

Pokémon Main Theme is replaced with the first theme from the Pokémon anime

Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town / Pewter City) is replaced with the Xerneas / Yveltal battle theme from Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon Center is replaced with Wally's Battle theme from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokémon Gym / Evolution is replaced with the Champion Battle theme from Pokémon X and Y

Wild Pokémon Battle! (Ruby / Sapphire) is replaced with the Wild Pokémon battle theme from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Victory Road is replaced with Battle! (Azelf / Mesprit / Uxie) from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl) is upgraded to its Smash 4 variant

Route 209 is replaced with Battle! Giratina from Pokémon Platinum

White Land is replaced with Hazardous Highway from Kingdom Hearts II

Car Select is replaced with Mute City Ver. 3 from Smash 4

Dream Chaser is replaced with Mute City from Mario Kart 8

Devil's Call in Your Heart is replaced with Big Blue from Mario Kart 8

Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance! is replaced with The Meaning of Truth from the F-Zero anime

Brain Cleaner is replaced with God Hand from God Hand

With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1) is replaced with Together We Ride by Cicada

Winning Road - Roy's Hope is replaced with Melissa from Fullmetal Alchemist

Against the Dark Knight is replaced with Boss - Marth from Fire Emblem: Fates

Fourside is replaced by Casino Night - Modern from Sonic Generations (3DS)

Mother 3 Love Theme is replaced with Moonlit Melee from Skullgirls

You Call This a Utopia?! is replaced by Professor Layton's Theme from Professor Layton vs.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Humoresque of a Little Dog is replaced with Speed Highway - Modern from Sonic Generations

Underworld is replaced with Objection! (2001) from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Skyworld is replaced with Pursuit ~ Cornered from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Title (Kid Icarus) is replaced with Cross-Examination ~ Moderato from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Kid Icarus Original Medley is replaced with Steel Samurai from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Mike's Song (JP) is replaced with Ashley's Song Ver. 2 (JP) from Smash Wii U

Main Theme (Pikmin) is replaced with The valedictory elegy from Baten Kaitos Origins

World Map (Pikmin 2) is replaced with Click Clock Wood - Spring from Banjo-Kazooie

Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin) is replaced with Stage Select - Pikmin 2 from Smash 4

Forest of Hope is replaced with Wild Woods from Mario Kart 8

Ai no Uta is replaced with Engage the Enemy from Xenoblade Chronicles

Ai no Uta (French Version) is replaced with Mushroom Hill - Modern from Sonic Generations (3DS)

Tane no Uta is replaced with Dream Valley from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Environmental Noises is replaced with Gaur Plains from Xenoblade Chronicles

Title (Animal Crossing) is replaced with Title Theme - Animal Crossing: Wild World from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store is replaced with Lucy's Theme from Fairy Tail

The Roost is replaced with Bubblegum K.K. from Smash Wii U

Ice Climber is replaced with Icy by Approaching Nirvana

Balloon Trip is replaced with Snow Halation from Love Live

Shin Onigashima is replaced with Northern Lights by Neutralize

Clu Clu Land is replaced with First Steps from Celeste

Power-Up Music is replaced with Love Theory by Approaching Nirvana

Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo) is replaced with The Mysterious Murasame Castle Medley from Smash Wii U

Flat Zone 2 is replaced by Flat Zone from Super Smash Bros. Melee

Chill (Dr. Mario) is replaced with Virtual is Where We Live by Approaching Nirvana

PictoChat is replaced with Aquarium Park - Act 1 from Sonic Colors

Mii Channel is replaced with Aquarium Park - Act 2 from Sonic Colors

Wii Shop Channel is replaced with Aquarium Park - Act 3 from Sonic Colors

Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi is replaced with Water Palace - Modern from Sonic Generations (3DS)

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day is replaced with Aquarium Park - Act 4 from Sonic Colors

Opening Theme (Wii Sports) is replaced with Aquarium Park - Boss from Sonic Colors

Charge! (Wii Play) is replaced with Game Land 5 from Sonic Colors

Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon) is replaced with Speak With Your Heart from Sonic Colors

Tetris: Type A is replaced with The World from Death Note

Tetris: Type B is replaced with The Dark One from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Title (3D Hot Ralley) is replaced with Lunar Colony from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Tunnel Scene (X) is replaced with Star Wolf's Theme / Sector Z from Smash 4

Mario Tennis / Mario Golf is replaced with the Rainbow Road Medley from Smash 4

Marionation Gear is replaced with Adder's Lair from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Title (Big Brain Academy) is replaced with Strike The Earth from Shovel Knight

Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun) is replaced with FIRE from Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2

Excite Truck is replaced with Rainbow Road - Across Generations by TheEternalSushi

The Hanenbow track, not seen in Brawl's Sound Test, is replaced with Electroplankton from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Theme of Tara is replaced with the theme from Team Fortress 2

Battle in the Base is replaced with Deadpool's theme from Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Snake Eater (Instrumental) is replaced with the non-instrumental version of the very song

Green Hill Zone is replaced with Green Hill Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania

Angel Island Zone is replaced with Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs. JS Remix) from Sonic 06

Scrap Brain Zone is replaced with Infinite from Sonic Forces

Emerald Hill Zone is replaced with Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors

Super Sonic Racing is replaced with Battle with Metal Sonic [US ver. Remix] from Sonic Forces

Open Your Heart is replaced with Green Hill: Virtual Reality [Supporting Me Remix] from Sonic Forces

Live & Learn is replaced with Studiopolis Zone from Sonic Mania

Sonic Heroes is replaced with Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania

Right There, Ride On is replaced with Knight of the Wind from Sonic and the Black Knight

HIS WORLD (Instrumental) is replaced with His World - Sonic's Theme from Sonic 06

Seven Rings in Hand is replaced with Fist Bump from Sonic Forces

The Mario Victory Theme is replaced with the Retro Course Clear jingle from Super Mario 3D Land

Bowser's victory theme is replaced with his victory theme from Smash 4

The Donkey Kong Victory Theme is replaced with the Bonus Win jingle from Donkey Kong Country

The Zelda Victory Theme is replaced with the victory animation jingle from Hyrule Warriors

The Metroid Victory Theme is replaced with Samus's Victory Theme from Smash 64

The Yoshi Victory Theme is replaced with the Level Clear jingle from Super Mario World

The Kirby Victory Theme is replaced with Kirby's Victory Theme from Smash 64

The Star Fox Victory Theme is replaced with Ryu's victory theme from Smash 4

The Pokémon Victory Theme is replaced with Obtained a Gym Badge! from Pokémon X and Y

The F-Zero Victory Theme is replaced with the Finish theme from F-Zero GX

The EarthBound Victory Theme is replaced with the Stage Clear jingle from Game & Wario's "Ashley" minigame

The Ice Climber Victory Theme is replaced with the Stage Clear jingle from Ice Climber

The Fire Emblem Victory Theme is replaced with Cloud's victory theme from Smash 4

The Game & Watch Victory Theme is replaced with the Game & Watch Victory Theme from Melee

The Wario Victory Theme is replaced with the Boss Defeated music from Wario World

The Meta Knight Victory Theme is replaced with the Stage Clear jingle from Sonic and the Black Knight

The Kid Icarus Victory Theme is replaced with Triumphal Victory! from Fairy Tail

The Pikmin Victory Theme is replaced with Finding of Parts from Pikmin

The R.O.B. Victory Theme is replaced with the Stage Clear jingle from Super Smash Land

The Metal Gear Victory Theme is replaced with the VR Training Complete jingle from Metal Gear Solid

The Sonic Victory Theme is replaced with the Act Clear jingle from Sonic Mania


  • Captain Falcon's replaced victory theme isn't just a small excerpt from an F-Zero game; it is instead the full Finish theme from F-Zero GX, which includes the results theme from said game. This makes Captain Falcon the only character with a different results theme.
    • Technically, Pit also has one, since his victory theme is more of a full-on song.
  • Sonic's victory theme has gone through the most changes. It went from the original to the Level Clear jingle from Sonic Colors, to the Xenoblade Victory Theme from Smash 4, to the Level Clear jingle from Sonic CD, to the Level Clear jingle from Sonic Generations (with added S Rank results music), to the level clear jingle from Sonic Mania.
    • In contrast, Melissa has gone on the most stages. It moved from Final Destination, to Battlefield, to Castle Seige.
  • Infinite Glacier, Final Destination, Skyworld, Green Hill Zone, Battlefield, Dreamland, Princess Peach's Castle, Onett, and Skyloft are the only stages where all of the songs are replaced by me.
  • Not counting Dreamland (and, to a lesser extent, Fountain of Dreams) or the victory themes, the Kirby universe is the only one without replaced music.
    • In contrast, the Sonic and Kid Icarus universes are the only ones that only have replaced music.
  • Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior is the only unchanged song to change stages.
    • Fountain of Dreams comes close to that title as well, as it does appear in vBrawl.
  • Due to the way the Subspace Emissary works, some of the SSE cutscenes have replaced music in them, and the outcomes are quite hilarious. Notable examples include "The Pig Statue Targets Lucas", "Link's Misunderstanding", and "Samus Revived".


Captain Falcon has an interesting, yet hilarious mod for his moveset; his dash attack, forward air sweetspot, neutral special, and side special all cause 999% damage, make a huge explosion that engulfs the entire stage and then some, and makes all opponents die.

Pit's Final Smash is a little different; Palutena and the Centurions are replaced with a bunch of Rare Pepes.

Several announcer voice clips are replaced with GLaDOS from Portal.

The Ping sound effect is replaced with the MLG Airhorn.

Mario's Fire costume has a golden metal texture color.

Ness's forward smash uses the SMAAAASH!! sound effect from EarthBound.

Sonic's metal texture is now a solid blue, and his purple alt now aesthetically has NiGHTS's bracelets and shoes.

Zelda has bigger boobs.

Peach's turnips now have meme faces on them, and her metal texture is pink.

Roy's jumping animation now matches the one he has in Smash 4.

Snake's side taunt involves him dancing, as opposed to speaking into his codec.

Mr. Game & Watch now has a fully animated three dimensional model.

Bowser now uses Flying Slam instead of Koopa Klaw.

The All-Star Rest Area is replaced with its Smash 4 variant, music and all. It even uses the Brawl trophies in the background.


  • Captain Falcon's mod makes it so his dash attack also has the flames from the Falcon Punch.
  • Like Yoshi's egg (see here), Mario's Cape uses a random texture when it can. However, it doesn't show up as black initially; it shows a color similar to Mario's overalls.
  • Because Mr. Game & Watch's model is now fully animated, it leads to some...interesting views, to say the least.
    • Also worth noting is the fact that he remains three-dimensional on Flat Zone 2.
  • For whatever reason, jumping while using Octopus causes the game to crash.
  • The Smash 4 All-Star Rest Area uses portraits for each character as they appear in Smash 4, with the following exceptions:
    • The Ice Climbers and Wolf use their trophy poses from Smash 4.
    • Sheik and Zero Suit Samus do not use their portraits, regardless of who is fought in All-Star Mode, as they are not separate from Zelda and Samus, respectively.
    • Snake has a non-existent portrait, instead having an image with a random number on it. When the game is paused, it is replaced with the text "Back: Quit: +".
    • Marth and Roy share an icon, due to both Brawl not having an icon spot for Roy and Project M not adding one in.
    • Wario, despite being defaulted to his overalls in Project M, has his biker portrait. Weirdly, his head icon is also changed.
    • Charizard does not appear in the icons, despite having one of his own from Smash 4. Instead, the fourth slot goes to Mewtwo, who does not use his appropriate portrait from Smash 4.
  • Strangely enough, it is possible to SD on the new All-Star Rest Area. You don't respawn, though.
    • Additionally, the stage remains untouched if you go into Boss Battles, despite it literally using the same layout.