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Luigi's Dash Attack in Ultimate, showing the Rapid effect.
The first four hits of Luigi's dash attack use the rapid effect.

The rapid effect (known internally as rush) is used by a small amount of attacks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, mainly those that strike quickly and repeatedly. The effect has a subtle aesthetic difference from the normal effect, in that the random displacement of the visuals when hitting an opponent is larger, with a maximum distance of 7 units from the collision point instead of 2 units. Otherwise, both effects function identically.

List of attacks with rapid hitboxes[edit]

Character Move(s)
Bayonetta Rapid jab
Witch Twist
Bowser Jr. Rapid jab
Captain Falcon Rapid jab
Charizard Fly
Daisy Down aerial
Dark Samus Up aerial
Screw Attack
Donkey Kong Spinning Kong
Dr. Mario Dr. Tornado
Fox Rapid jab
Forward aerial
Down aerial
Greninja Up aerial
Ice Climbers Up tilt
Isabelle Lloid Trap (Lloid)
Ivysaur Rapid jab
Jigglypuff Down aerial
King Dedede Rapid jab
Side tilt
Up aerial
Kirby Rapid jab
Down aerial
Down throw
Little Mac Rapid jab
Rising Uppercut
Luigi Dash attack
Luigi Cyclone
Mario Down aerial
Meta Knight Down throw
Mii Brawler Rapid jab
Helicopter Kick
Thrust Uppercut
Mii Gunner Forward smash
Up aerial
Min Min Rapid jab
Mr. Game & Watch Rapid jab
Neutral air
Olimar Up tilt
Neutral aerial
Pac-Man Down aerial
Palutena Up tilt
Neutral aerial
Up aerial
Peach Down aerial
Pikachu Back aerial
R.O.B. Down smash
Up aerial
Arm Rotor
Rosalina & Luma Rapid jab (Luma)
Samus Up aerial
Screw Attack
Sheik Sheikah Dance
Sonic Up smash
Forward aerial
Down throw
Wario Down aerial
Corkscrew (while rising)
Wolf Fire Wolf
Yoshi Down aerial
Zero Suit Samus Boost Kick


  • When an opponent is sent into tumbling by a rapid attack, the launch smoke trail doesn't appear for unknown reasons.