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Sparks (effect)

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Spinning Demon to Left Hook is an example of a move with the sparks effect.

Sparks is an attack effect used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is exclusive to Kazuya and used in a majority of his moveset. The effect is entirely cosmetic, and is often used in tandem with a modified Normal effect to create a unique visual effect reminiscent of the "Hit Spark" mechanic of the Tekken series.

List of attacks that use the spark effect[edit]

By characters[edit]

Character Attack Game
Kazuya Flash Punch Combo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
10-Hit Combo
Oni Front Kick
Flash Tornado
Twin Pistons
Nejiri Uraken
Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks
Tsunami Kick
Stature Smash
Jump Side Kick
Crouch Jab
Tombstone Crusher
Crouch Spin Kick
Demon God Fist
Leaping Sidekick
Left Splits Kick
Glorious Demon God Fist
Devil Twister
Lion Slayer
Jumping Knuckle
Searing Edge
Jumping Sobat
Rising Toe Kick
Demon Scissors
Sternum Smash
Double Face Kick
Gates of Hell
Floor Attack
Edge Attack
Devil Wings
Wind God Fist
Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Demon's Wrath

By Items[edit]

Item Attack Game
Poké Ball Pokémon Ditto: Transform (if the summoner is Kazuya) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate