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For the team of the same name, see Team:Team Curse.
Joker using Eiha in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Curse is an attack effect used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is exclusive to Joker's Eiha/Eigaon.

Visually, the curse effect resembles the darkness effect. It also inflicts the curse status condition on opponents hit by the effect, damaging them over time for a while.

Status condition[edit]

Fighters afflicted by the curse status condition are shown to be burning in purple flames with a hint of red flicker around them while they take damage, and use their grabbed facial expression.

Eiha and Eigaon's Curse damage is separate from their active hitboxes, which deal additional damage on top of the effect. Curse damage is also set, though the amount dealt in total differs between the variants. This is achieved through a rehit rate and a set timer.

  • Eiha will deal 1% every 45 frames for 361 frames (6 seconds) total. This will always amount to 8%.
  • Eigaon will deal 1.5% every 40 frames for 321 frames (5.35 seconds) total. This will always amount to 12%.