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Left Splits Kick

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Left Splits Kick
Kazuya Left Splits Kick SSBU.gif
Left Splits Kick in Ultimate.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

Left Splits Kick (左踵落とし, Left Heel Drop) is one of several Command-input moves exclusive to Kazuya.


Players must perform → → + attack input. If done successfully, he stretches his left leg upwards and swings it downwards immediately after. It reflects projectiles from frame 7 onwards, with a 2.4× damage multiplier and incredible speed. It is, damage-wise, the strongest reflector in the game, resulting in extremely early KOs if it reflects an already strong projectile. The initial lunge when the attack is used effectively increases its attack range, including for reflecting projectiles, making it difficult to contest in the latter context. However, it is decently committal, requiring what's often an initial dash input to perform and having noticeable endlag, meaning Kazuya will often lose reflector wars or otherwise be punished for misuse.


Heihachi performing Right Splits Kick in Tekken 7, a variant of the attack.

Left Splits Kick has existed since the original Tekken and has since become a staple on characters using Mishima-style fighting karate, but characters like Ogre have also been able to use it. The move is typically performed with →, →(held) + 3, though other characters have slightly different activation methods depending on the game. It's similar to Ryu's close heavy kick in the Street Fighter franchise. The ability to reflect projectiles is unique to Smash. Left Splits Kick is notorious for causing a 50/50 situation on block because of forcing the opponent into crouch. Heihachi Mishima has two versions of Left Splits Kick in Tekken 3, one forcing crouch on hit, and the other causing knockdown.


  • Out of all of Kazuya's command-input moves, Left Splits Kick is the only one that can utilise Negative Edge. This is because his other command-input moves are inputted during a Crouch Dash, which is recognised as a separate move.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 左踵落とし
UK English Left Splits Kick
France French Left Splits Kick
Germany German Left Splits Kick
Spain Spanish Left Splits Kick
Italy Italian Left Splits Kick
China Chinese Left Splits Kick
South Korea Korean Left Splits Kick
Netherlands Dutch Linkerhieltrap
Russia Russian Вертикальный удар левой ногой