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Brawl- (also known as Brawl Minus or B-) is a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl- was initially created as a parody of the then-popular Brawl+, which was designed to be balanced through reasonable tweaks to characters; in addition to its name being a pun on the mod, Brawl-'s goal instead was to give all characters incredible buffs until they all became equally overpowered, and thus, balanced. Brawl- notably eclipsed the popularity of Brawl+ after its release, and it was even featured at some tournaments as a side event, such as at Apex 2010. Its popularity has since been overtaken by Project M, but Brawl- still maintains a devoted cult following, and development of the mod has continued into the present day, making it one of the oldest mods for Brawl that remains in active development. Version 4.2 hotpatched was released on January 4, 2018, and a Version 5.0 update was announced on December 12, 2022.


  • Updated Roster:
    • Samus and Zero Suit Samus cannot transform into each other.
    • Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard are now separate characters with new down specials and final smashes.
      • Pokemon Trainer is removed from the game entirely.
    • Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy, Dr. Mario (all four return after being cut from Melee), Ridley (who would appear in Ultimate), Waluigi, Wario-Man, and Giga Bowser[1] are additions to the character roster.
      • Although Waluigi isn’t a character from the Wario series, he is nonetheless represented by them.
      • If Snake uses Codec Conversations on them, the conversation for Mario plays.
  • Default ruleset changed to 4 stock, 8 minute matches, with team attack and score display turned on.
  • Handicap is replaced with Custom Buffer, which lets you set the amount of buffer between attacks (With the maximum being 10 frames)
  • CPU default level is set to 9, along with ‘Nasty’ being replaced with ‘Broken.’
  • No restrictions on control edits.
  • No replay time limit.
  • Falling down aerials using the C-stick no longer fast-falls.
  • Enables one player matches in time mode.
  • Enables one team matches.
  • Lag upon selecting a character on the character select screen removed.
  • Respawn invincibility reduced (120 frames → 60).
  • Shield colors are darkened.
  • New features in Special Brawl:
    • Flower Mode replaced with Element Mode, which adds a random element to every attack.
    • Curry Mode replaced with Turbo Mode, which allows players to cancel moves into other moves. The Superspicy Curry item also now gives the player the Turbo effect temporarily. Projectiles are unaffected.
    • Angled Camera Mode replaced with All Star Mode, which allows players to play as a different character each stock, a feature later on implemented.
  • Letting the game idle for awhile in a match will lower the BGM volume.

Gameplay tweaks[edit]

  • Momentum during a dash is now retained while jumping
  • The lag time on throws is no longer dependent on weight
  • No random tripping. Running into or getting hit by Banana Peels will still result in tripping, and most moves with hitboxes that contained a chance of tripping are now guaranteed to trip grounded opponents.
  • Dashes can be canceled into crouch as well as a C-stick down smash.
  • Window of time for dash-dancing lengthened.
  • Ability to shield during an intial dash.
  • No stale move negation.
  • Lagless edges - characters can now drop from or climb onto ledges immediately after grabbing them.
  • Significantly increased shieldstun (damage/3) → (damage x 2.7)+2).
  • Gravity, fall speed, jump speed, and short hop speed have all been increased by 5 to 10 percent.
  • Increased hitstun, being a ×0.50 multiplier. The ability to act out of hitstun has also been completely removed.
  • Air dodging is disabled during tumbling.
  • Every character changed, ranging from subtle changes to radically recreated characters.
    • Many characters’ down-aerials are meteor smashes.
    • Every character can wall jump.
  • Teching is easier to perform, since it can now be buffered before the character is even hit.
  • Shield pushback has increased.
  • Powershielding now reflects projectiles, cancels all pushback and shield damage, and causes 5 frames of hitlag.
  • Attacks performed on Ice now deal more damage and knockback, and have more time reduced per input.
  • Ice also has higher gravity.
  • Characters now grunt instantly when hit by a strong attack, as in Melee and 64, while in Brawl they did a second afterwards. There are also medium-damage and high-damage groans as well, with most characters using unused voice samples from the Sound Test.

Stage changes[edit]

Many stages are customized or replaced completely, and several stages from 64 and Melee return. Any stages not listed here are unchanged from their regular form.

  • 75m (now just a single large platform, a smaller raised platform to the right, and one column of elevators to the left)
  • Brinstar (destroying the floor substance brings the two halves together into one platform instead of distancing them)
  • Castle Siege (No longer transforms)
  • Dream Land (SSB) (replaces Green Greens. Its theme is also replaced by Dream Land 64's theme)
  • Final Destination (SSBB) (ledge collisions have been smoothed, preventing getting caught under them)
  • Final Frustration (Final Destination (SSBM) except the main platform tilts drastically about every minute; replaces Distant Planet. Master Hand and Crazy Hand also appear in the background playing rock-paper-scissors; plays No Johns (aka:Juicy Fruit) which is a song from the documentary The Smash Brothers)
  • Fountain of Dreams (No character reflections in the water. Terrain reflections accomplished by duplicate models inside the main platform)
  • Frigate Orpheon (ledge collisions have been smoothed)
  • Green Hill Zone (no longer a walkoff stage)
  • Halberd (claw removed)
  • Hyrule Castle (no tornado hazards)
  • Jungle Japes (river's strength slightly weakened, Klaptrap frequency increased)
  • Kongo Jungle (SSB) (features the theme of Kongo Jungle from SSB)
  • Lavaville (Smashville with Norfair's background and hazards)
  • Lavender Town (based on a stage in Super Smash Land, a fan made game.; replaces Flat Zone 2. Its theme is also replaced by the theme of Lavender Town from Super Smash Land)
  • Luigi's Mansion (second floor is drop-through. Also central platforms are removed)
  • Lylat Cruise (stage doesn't tilt)
  • Mushroom Kingdom (SSBM) (smaller and doesn’t contain blocks)
  • New Pork City (much smaller. Also rearranged to remove caves of life)
  • Online Practice Stage (only spawns sandbags, fruit, and stickers. Fruit only drops from sandbags if both are turned on. If all items are turned off one sandbag that drops nothing will always respawn at the center of the stage.)
  • Peach's Castle (bumper acts as a stationary solid block, with Bowser's Castle available as an alternate skin; replaces Mushroomy Kingdom. Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) is replaced by the original overworld theme of Super Mario Bros.)
  • Pictochat (some drawings are restructured)
  • Pirate Ship (cannon fires faster)
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 (no stage transformations)
  • Port Town Aero Drive (additional grabbable edges and wall jumpable walls)
  • Rumble Falls (made into a neutral stage with a bridge and three platforms)
  • Skyworld (only the rightmost platform is breakable, and cloud platforms are removed)
  • Spear Pillar (Dialga, Palkia, or Cresselia can be chosen by holding A+R, A+L, or A+Z during loading respectively; they are no longer a stage hazard, and the cave has been removed)
  • Summit (grabbable edges)
  • Trophy Room (Snag the Trophies bonus stage from SSBM. Random trophies constantly fall from top of stage. They are cosmetic and can’t be interacted with)
  • Venus Lighthouse (replaces Mario Circuit)
  • WarioWare, Inc. (no microgames, and the platforms will change positions about every 45 seconds)
  • Super Happy Tree (AKA Yoshi’s Island from SSB. Smaller, with no clouds)
  • Yoshi's Island (SSBB) (all walls are now wall jumpable)
  • Yoshi's Island (SSBM) (expanded, and blocks are removed)

Menu changes[edit]

  • The Wii Remote warning, loading screen, and the beginning of the opening movie are different.
  • The title screen is different.
  • The main menu has a purple background.
  • Some menu option buttons have different icons and fonts, and points on their borders.
  • Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard have been given their own independent character select slots.
  • Menus can be sped up by holding L, R, or Z.


  • When USB Loading Brawl- on Wii/U, if the player does not set their Hook Type to AXNextFrame (if available), multiple Roy icons will appear on the Character Select Screen, and lead to the game crashing if the cursor is moved high enough on the screen.
  • Voice clips of Ridley, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy and Waluigi can still be heard when they are metal.
  • CPU Waluigi will not attempt to recover at all if knocked off stage, usually not even double jumping.
  • Records and stats for the 4 new characters cannot be saved (although total match time will still increase).
    • Opening ‘Group Records’ will freeze the game.
  • Kirby cannot copy the 6 new characters, simply reacting as if trying to copy another Kirby.
  • Attempting Classic Mode with one of the 6 new characters will freeze at the end of stage 11 (just before Master Hand).
  • Opening the stickers menu in SSE (as well as in the Vault) tends to freeze the game.
  • Custom stages cannot be played outside of Stage Builder.
  • Luigi CPUs excessively spam dash attacks. They may also simply spam fireballs, smash attacks, or stand completely still during their final smash.
  • The game is prone to freeze during the automatic intro matches.
  • In training mode, combos and total damage aren’t registered correctly, likely due to the game using the old hitstun system to calculate them.
  • In Special Brawl, Element Mode and All Star Mode do not work. Turbo mode also only works on hit.
  • During Challenger Approaching events, if the player is using the same character as the one they are trying to "unlock", both the player and AI will have the same palette swap.


Luigi SSBB.jpg
Peach SSBB.jpg
Bowser as seen in Brawl.
Yoshi SSBB.jpg
Donkey Kong SSBB.jpg
Donkey Kong
Symbol of the DK series.
Diddy Kong SSBB.jpg
Diddy Kong
Symbol of the DK series.
Link SSBB.jpg
Zelda SSBB.jpg
Sheik SSBB.jpg
Ganondorf SSBB.jpg
Toon Link SSBB.jpg
Toon Link
Samus SSBB.jpg
Zero Suit Samus SSBB.jpg
Zero Suit Samus
Kirby SSBB.jpg
Meta Knight SSBB.jpg
Meta Knight
Taken from Smash Bros Dojo!!.
King Dedede
Fox SSBB.jpg
Falco SSBB.jpg
Official image of Wolf O'Donnell in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Captain Falcon SSBB.jpg
Captain Falcon
Pikachu as seen in Brawl.
Jigglypuff SSBB.jpg
Artistic rendering of Mewtwo in Project M.
Squirtle SSBB.jpg
Ivysaur SSBB.jpg
Charizard SSBB.jpg
Lucario SSBB.jpg
Ness SSBB.jpg
Lucas in Brawl.
Ice Climbers SSBB.jpg
Ice Climbers
Marth SSBB.jpg
Artistic rendering of Roy in Project M.
Ike's profile picture for Smash Bros. Brawl.
Mr. Game & Watch SSBB.jpg
Mr. Game & Watch
Pit in Brawl.
Wario SSBB.jpg
Olimar SSBB.jpg
R.O.B. promotional art.
Snake SSBB.jpg
Sonic SSBB.jpg
Brawl Minus Characters (4)

Dr. Mario




Bold denotes characters not in Brawl.


Over the years, there have been many developers and many versions of the development team behind Brawl Minus. While it is nearly impossible to name all developers, the most notable and current developers are listed here.


  • Sammi Husky
  • ASF1nk
  • Glitch
  • Doq
  • KingJigglyPuff
  • Mawootad
  • Dr.
  • PyotrLuzhin
  • Neville
  • ThePwnzr
  • Maye


Minus Art[edit]


  • Ishmael205
  • Bringobrongo
  • Firelys the soup
  • Survivian


  • Zerks

Inactive / Retired[edit]

  • Budget Player Cadet
  • Xyless
  • tson
  • Kirk
  • Thundamoo
  • Tybis
  • Mech
  • BrawlPK
  • Kienamaru
  • Elipsis
  • Numbuh214
  • Thanyou
  • Amber/00FFBF00 (formerly Supreme Dirt)
  • SonicBrawler
  • Many more incredible devs who have yet to be mentioned

Tier List[edit]

On February 28th, 2022 the official tier list for version 4.2 was released.

Brawl- 4.2 Tier List.jpg


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