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19XXTE is a mod of Super Smash Bros. It is the first notable mod for the game, with development having started in May of 2015. 19XXTE is based on 20XX Tournament Edition; that is, the purpose of the mod is to assist in running tournaments, help players learn the game, and add other cosmetic changes instead of exclusively modifying characters or stages. 19XXTE has seen tournament use, being notably used at GENESIS 3 and Super Smash Con 2016; its most important feature is the ability to add a timer to a stock match like in later games, saving tournament organizers from keeping track of match time externally.

19XXTE is a ROM hack; that is, the ROM for Smash 64 is modified to include altered code that allows the game to run differently than expected. While intended for use on emulators, specialised hardware for the Nintendo 64 can potentially allow for the mod to be run on original console.

Development on 19XXTE is ongoing, with the current version being 0.11.


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New to 0.10/0.11 Dev:[edit]

    • Updated Title (0.10 Dev)
    • Fixed compatibility to issues with WADs (for Dolphin/Wii Emulation)
    • Fixed comparability issues with Jabo's Direct3D plugin
    • Removed Debug Menu, VS. Options Menu is the new location of toggles
      • Tournament Mode (placeholder, leave on none)
      • Widescreen [Danny_SsB]
      • Hitboxes
      • Skip Results
      • Random Music
      • Play Music
      • P1 - P4 Stick Hack Stoggle
    • Added Stick Hack Toggle (for use with derek/gamecube style sticks. Make tilts more like the original joystick)
    • Added Random Music Toggle
    • Added Salty Runback Feature (Hold any CButtons while the game is ending to restart the match)
    • Changed Polygon Chars, Polygon versions of the characters the same way normal costumes are (go all the way left using C-Left)
    • Anti-Aliasing Disabled (Possible Lag Reduction)
    • Reverted SSS to original layout (I don't think anyone realized the top row was "legal stages" anyways)
    • Team Attack is Always On, Cannot be changed

Before 0.10/0.11 Dev:[edit]

    • Updated Stage Select Screen (Battlefield, Final Destination, Metal Cavern, Yoshi's Island w/o Clouds)
    • Tournament Settings On Boot
    • All Stages Unlocked
    • All Characters Unlocked
    • Timed Stock Matches
    • Use CLeft and CRight to cycle through ALL costume colors
    • Play As Polygon Fighters (Note: They don't have special moves or grabs. This is not a bug) [Jorgasms, tehz]
    • Boot to CSS Menu [Mada0]
    • All CPUs are Level 9 By Default [Mada0]

Known Bugs:[edit]

    • Playing a team stock match with hitboxes enabled causes player models to be displayed front and center in hitbox mode on the character select screen. Characters will continue to be displayed in hitbox mode until the toggles are turned off and the next match begins.
    • "P1 Stick Hack Text" not displayed
    • Polygon Characters don't have stock icons.
    • Final Destination preview is still Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Only FFA and 2v2 teams are scored correctly.

Stage select screen[edit]



19XXTE's Smashboards thread

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