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Melee: SD Remix

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Melee: SD Remix is a gameplay mod of Super Smash Bros. Melee to balance the 1.00 version of the game using only character buffs. The top tier characters Fox, Falco, Sheik, Marth, Jigglypuff, and Peach were unchanged, while all other characters were given a somewhat large number of buffs and an extremely small number of nerfs. The remaining characters were modified according to three principles:

  • addressing their crippling weaknesses,
  • providing them stronger offensive and defensive options in line with the stronger cast members, and
  • maintaining each character’s archetype and niche. [1]

SD Remix's competitive recognition has not expanded too far especially in comparison to other popular mods of the series, notably Project M, but it is still the most popular mod of Melee that introduces changes to characters as of 2019.

As of version 3.2 of SD Remix, which has since been released in August 2015, it can be booted from a memory card, being one of the first public mods to achieve this. This version of SD Remix is called SD Remix Lite, as the full version and the version run from a memory card are not exactly the same. It still has all of the character changes and some stage changes, although it does not retain a lot of the changes from the full version.


The Alpha stage select screen. Trophy Collector, Reverse Battlefield, and Whispy's Battle Grounds can be seen replacing Flat Zone, Battlefield, and Final Destination respectively, with other stage icons moved or swapped around.
Fourside recreated as a neutral stage shaped similarly to Smashville.

Various new neutral stages have been created by modifying pre-existing ones in Melee. The stage select screen has been split into two parts; Omega (Ω) and Alpha (α). The Omega stages are all modified (except for Final Destination and Battlefield) to be more balanced. The Alpha stages are the originals, with a few new ones added such as Reverse Battlefield, Whispy's Battle Grounds, and Cranky's Treehouse, which are based off of Battlefield, Green Greens, and Jungle Japes respectively.

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