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20XX Tournament Edition

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20XX Tournament Edition is a Melee mod made to be a tournament-optimized version of the 20XX Training Hack Pack that was released on November 28th, 2015. The mod was created by Dan Salvato. The mod is one of the first to run from a memory card, making it usable on non-homebrewed consoles. It works by exploiting the loading procedure of Melee in order to run code. Because of its nature as a save file, it can be easily copied to other memory cards for easy distribution.

Changes from Melee[edit]

General changes[edit]

  • All characters, stages, and trophies are unlocked from the start.
  • The match rules are set to the standard competitive ones by default.
  • The title screen demo and intro movie are disabled.
  • All special messages are disabled.
  • The C-stick can be used in all single-player modes.
  • The pause camera is now unrestricted.
  • Versus Matches can be started with a singular player.
  • Nametags disappear during Zelda, Sheik, and Mewtwo's up special (and Mewtwo's air-dodge).
  • Start button actions disabled when holding X and Y.
  • Pressing X or Y on the stage select screen alternates between singles/doubles preset stages.
  • Pressing start on match results screen doesn't undo your ready state, and instead the B button does.

New features[edit]

  • The name entry supports 8 characters, and lowercase letters can be used pressing X at the name entry screen.
  • Replays of a match can be saved by pressing the Z button on the character select screen before the match, and can be replayed later.
  • Playing a song in sound test sets it as the menu music.
  • Stages can be visually struck by pressing the X button over a stage in the selection screen.
  • Pressing the Y button on the stage select enables Frozen Mode, which disables Fly Guys on Yoshi's Story, wind on Dream Land, transformations on Pokémon Stadium, and background transitions on Final Destination.

Tournament features[edit]

These are features usable when "Tournament Mode" is enabled.

  • When enabled, all intrusive aesthetic/mechanic changes are disabled.
  • Players always spawn in neutral starting locations.
  • Toggles are present for choosing between 1.00 and 1.02 hitlag behavior, Bowser's Flame cancel, and Link and Young Link's boomerang cancel.
  • Widescreen (16:9) is now toggleable.
  • Rumble is automatically disabled when a controller is unplugged on/off.
  • Settings can be locked to prevent tampering during tournaments.

Non-tournament features[edit]

  • "Ready To Fight" banner is green to indicate that Tournament Mode is disabled.
  • There is now an option to skip the results screen.
  • There is an option for randomizing stage music.
  • 18 extra shield colors are available for use.
  • Ability to disable screen rumble during powerful attacks.
  • Option to flash red or white whenever an L-cancel is missed or is landed.
  • Spoofing a controller is made possible.
  • Holding the A and B button after a game ends, a "salty runback" is initiated and the match repeats on the same stage with the same characters.
  • Taunt canceling is implemented as a toggleable feature.
  • L-cancels can be made automatic and flash white when they occur.
  • Infinite shields can be toggled.
  • There is a toggle to fix the camera at a certain position.
  • There is a toggle to see hitboxes whilst playing.
  • After a game is finished, the characters no longer freeze and the "GAME!" logo is now smaller; this is done to allow players to show off tech skill or taunt.
  • There is now an on-screen input display that can be used.

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