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KirbySymbol.svgSymbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSB
Availability Hacking only
Tracks available Pupupu Land Stage
Tournament legality
Super Smash Bros. Singles: Bannedpossibly
Doubles: Bannedpossibly

New is an unused stage in Super Smash Bros.. It can be accessed only through the use of cheat codes or other devices, by means such as the debug menu.


New is a stage unlike any other due to its random layout. Its main platform is similar to Dream Land's, but can be jumped through from below. There is a floating platform on the right half of the stage with two vertical platforms moving back and forth on it. None of these three platforms can be moved through. In the middle of the stage, above the right platform, is another platform which a character may jump through, but may not drop down from. Above that platform is an invisible, impassable platform. To the left side of the stage is an oddly shaped floating block resembling a top hat, from which a character may hang from any one of its edges. To the left of the block is a square, moving block which can also be grabbed onto.

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