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This article is about the unused character in Melee and Brawl. For the Canadian Captain Falcon Melee player, see Smasher:n0ne.
Taken with Dolphin, hacks in use to access the Debug Menu.
NONE's "appearance" in Melee's debug menu. Attempting to start this match will crash the game.
Basically what NONE is...
NONE as shown through the debug menu in Melee, with Sheik's name being displayed as NONE's "name".

NONE, internally known as CHKIND_NONE, is a "character" in Super Smash Bros. Melee which can only be found via debug menu. NONE's data is found in the list of characters; attempting to start a match with NONE in it, however, causes the game to immediately crash, due to the game lacking a GrNoNr.dat file, which would be the hypothetical file with NONE's character data and costumes.

Although not playable in normal fights, players can select NONE for the Results Screen; however, NONE has no victory poses, nor a stock icon, and instead of displaying NONE, the top of the screen will simply cycle through all the characters' names once, then shows SHEIK in yellow, which then turns red, blinks, turns to blue-green, then gray while blinking in between, then it cycles from BLUE TEAM to RED TEAM to GREEN TEAM then finally to NO CONTEST and stops.

NONE's intended use is unknown, and no information in the game gives any indication to what such a use would be.

If one tries to hack NONE onto the character select screen, the game will display no name if the game is set to the English language, and randomly changing lines of text if the language is set to Japanese.

NONE is the reason the Master Hand glitch most commonly crashes if it is improperly performed. By default, an empty player slot uses Master Hand's ID. However, if the slot's cursor hovers over the character portraits, it instead will use NONE's ID.

NONE's character ID is also used for the ID to choose any character in Event Matches and the ID for random characters in the Trophy Tussle events.

NONE also exists in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, NONE's ID is 3E and the game doesn't crash when NONE is selected. It acts like a player isn't in a match, however, the announcer will not count down to start the match and no music will play.

When the game crashes from attempting to play as NONE, the following error is left in the log:

assertion "memp_kouho" failed in lbmemory.c on line 233