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The Special Movie (映像特典 Special Video) is a nearly-fourteen minute long bonus video included in the NTSC versions of Super Smash Bros. Melee, found in the Archives sub-menu of the Data menu. The clip itself features the starter characters and their abilities, as well as various single-player modes (both Classic Mode and Adventure Mode), items, stages, and trophies. The movie is not available in the PAL version of Melee.

Several beta elements can be seen in this clip, such as Peach having a different voice, and Temple having unused platforms.


The special movie is broken into 18 sections, as well as an introduction and ending.

Title card Segment Duration Description Music
Introduction 0:00 - 0:20 The Special Movie opens up by fading into a few different matches from black. This section does not have background music, and instead, several different sound effects play during this sequence, initially one at a time, but they start getting more hectic and layered as the segment continues. These sound effects do not match the matches being displayed, though some of them do sync with the action. Some of them are actually from original games and don't appear in Melee, such as the 1-UP sound from the Kirby universe and the level up sound from EarthBound. After the final segment, the Movie then cuts to the title screen.
SpecialMovieMarioSSBM.jpg Mario 0:21 - 1:06 The movie first opens up with Mario, detailing his taunt, special moves, ground attacks, and more. Mario notably demonstrates his Super Jump Punch in a fashion similar to a Luigi Ladder. Mario also throws a Green Shell into a bunch of Goombas and knocking off Bowser at the end. This is a reference to the Mario universe, as Koopa shells are frequently used as weapons for Mario. Also in reference to the Mario series, Mario is seen jumping and breaking a ? Block to release a Super Mushroom a la Super Mario Bros. Princess Peach's Castle
SpecialMoviePeachSSBM.jpg Peach 1:06 - 1:41 Peach's section opens by detailing her idle poses. The movie then goes over her special and ground attacks, notably being used mostly on Mario. There's a scene where Mario interrupts Bowser's grab on Peach, in reference to Mario's duty to save the princess in the Mario universe. Peach is also seen using her float ability at several points of the section.
SpecialMovieDonkeyKongSSBM.jpg Donkey Kong 1:42 - 2:23 Donkey Kong's section begins by showcasing some of his special moves, as well as some of his smash attacks and more comical animations. It then details more of his moves, primarily his unique forward throw, even showing how it can be used to make a sacrificial KO. DK's use of a Barrel and Sheik's use of a banana on the end of her Chain as bait for (presumably) attacking him are references to the Donkey Kong universe, particularly Donkey Kong Country. Kongo Jungle
SpecialMovieYoshiSSBM.jpg Yoshi 2:23 - 3:03 Yoshi's segment starts with Yoshi hopping out of his unique shield, the Yoshi egg. He then begins to show his Egg Roll move before showcasing some of his other moves, including his Yoshi Bomb and Egg Lay. It also shows his alternate colors, possibly referencing the multitude of differently-colored Yoshis seen within Yoshi universe. Yoshi's Island
Trophy Display 3:04 - 4:23 The Trophy Display section highlights some of the game's collectable trophies. They are posed in different positions and move in various patterns (often corresponding with their pose) before they are returned to the default spot to briefly display their description. The displayed trophies are (in order):
SpecialMovieLinkSSBM.jpg Link 4:24 - 5:03 Link's section opens with Link running on Temple before performing his signature Spin Attack. It then shows his other special moves, including his Boomerang and his Bombs. Later, it details the use of his Hookshot, and its wall-clinging abilities before showing him performing some of his various other attacks, notably against Sheik. Great Bay
SpecialMovieZeldaSSBM.jpg Zelda 5:03 - 5:38 Zelda's section begins by showing off her special attacks, her forward and up smashes, up aerial, and forward tilt. She is also seen carrying an Octorok on the Adventure Mode stage, "Underground Maze". She then transforms into Sheik who shows off her Chain, Needle Storm, and tilt attacks, as well as her forward smash. She ends the section by taunting and using Vanish. Sheik notably is the only character who does not have a title card in the Special Movie.
SpecialMovieCaptainFalconSSBM.jpg Captain Falcon 5:38 - 6:23 Captain Falcon's segment begins by showing off his impressive running speed. He then uses some of his special, tilt, and smash attacks, most notably destroying one of the F-Zero Racers with Falcon Punch. Falcon also demonstrates his ability to use multiple shots of the Star Rod with one smash attack. Mute City
SpecialMovieBowserSSBM.jpg Bowser 6:23 - 7:15 Bowser's section goes over his specials, tilts, and forward throw, putting extra emphasis on his Fire Breath. Unlike the other characters' sections, Bowser's goes over many of his miscellaneous animations, such as his walk, dash, crouch, idle, and teeter animations. There are also a few notable scenes. In one scene, Kirby is seen standing next to Bowser with his Bowser hat. In another, a giant Bowser drops down in front of Mario, who runs away. Finally, there is a scene where Bowser gets a Mr. Saturn. He short-hops (as if in joy) a few times, until Peach throws a Vegetable at him, making him drop the Mr. Saturn.
Single-Player Modes 7:16 - 8:08 The scene begins with a warning icon flashing on the screen, with Mario in his blue outfit standing on Brinstar. It then shows the first stage of Adventure, Mushroom Kingdom. The movie then shows clips of various characters, including Ness breaking targets in Target Test, Fox and Bowser running through Mushroom Kingdom, Samus fighting two Redead in the Underground Maze, and Sheik climbing the Brinstar Escape Shaft. The movie then displays various matchups in Classic Mode. These matchups are Fox versus Captain Falcon, Bowser versus Pikachu, and Peach versus Yoshi. The movie then shows various other clips of Adventure and Target Smash, along with glance overs of Green Greens and Big Blue. Menu
SpecialMovieFoxSSBM.jpg Fox 8:09 - 8:50 Fox's segment includes all of his specials, especially Blaster and the throws that incorporate it. Fox is also seen wielding both the Super Scope and Ray Gun in coordination with his Blaster. There is also a scene where Fox uses Reflector to reflect Ness's thrown Mr. Saturn multiple times, as well as a scene where Fox reflects 2 Charizards' Flamethrower attacks. Fox exits the scene via Fire Fox. Corneria
SpecialMovieSamusSSBM.jpg Samus 8:51 - 9:27 Samus's segment goes over a variety of her attacks, most notably drawing emphasis to her Bombs. Her wall jump and Grapple Beam are shown off alongside a slew of other attacks, such as Screw Attack, Missile, and various smash, tilt, and aerial attacks.
SpecialMoviePikachuSSBM.jpg Pikachu 9:27 - 10:09 The Special Movie starts Pikachu's section off by showing its Thunder Jolt. It then proceeds to show off its various attacks, such as its pummel, forward and down smash, forward aerial, forward throw, jab, and its other 3 specials. Pikachu's running speed is shown on the Adventure Mode stage "F-Zero Grand Prix" as well as in a few other scenes. There is a scene where Pikachu is caught in Weezing's Smokescreen. Pikachu is also seen posing next to a dormant Wobbuffet, which could be a reference to Jessie's Wobbuffet from the anime. Poké Floats
SpecialMovieIceClimbersSSBM.jpg Ice Climbers 10:09 - 10:57 The Ice Climbers' segment goes over their tilts, smashes, and specials as well as a couple of aerials. A variety of specials scenes depicting the Climbers working together are shown off: in one scene, Popo and Nana end up on either side of Donkey Kong, using their jabs to knock him back and forth. In another, Popo has Samus in a grab, and as Popo throws forward, Nana strikes with a forward aerial. Also, the panning view scene of Icicle Mountain is actually reused footage for the intro card of the stage in Adventure Mode.
Pokémon 11:00 - 11:21 The Pokémon section of the video features some of the assist Pokémon that can be summoned via Poké Balls, as well as their function. These include (in order of appearance):
Items 11:21 - 12:16 The Items segment of the movie highlights some of the items that can be used in the game, as well as a few enemies. These are (in order of appearance):
Rainbow Cruise
SpecialMovieKirbySSBM.jpg Kirby 12:17 - 12:57 Kirby's section starts by detailing his special, jab, and dash attacks, drawing particular attention to his various hats. It also goes over his up, down, and forward throws. There is a scene were Kirby is crouched hiding behind the sign in Onett, and another where he uses his iconic Warp Star. Finally, Kirby's section ends by having 4 of them use Stone perfectly spaced apart from each other. Green Greens
SpecialMovieNessSSBM.jpg Ness 12:57 - 13:31 Ness's segment starts off with him using PSI Magnet to absorb a variety of attacks: Bowser's Fire Breath, Fox's Blaster, Charizard's Flamethrower, and (albeit off-screen) Mario's Fireball. Ness's other specials are shown, as well as his Yo-yo, including a zoomed in shot of it. There is a scene where Ness air dodges a taxi in Onett, and the camera rotates to show his near-miss. Finally, Ness ends his segment by leading away a group of Mr. Saturns.
Ending 13:32 - 13:58 The Special Movie closes by showing moves from all 14 of the starter characters. These moves, notably, are all special or smash attacks, except for Mario's dash attack, Sheik's and Peach's taunts, Kirby's jab, and Yoshi's grab. Zelda also does not appear in this section, being replaced with Sheik instead. The Special Movie then closes with the Melee character cast artwork for the starters.



  • Some characters are seen having the same alternate costume as another, something that is usually impossible without hacking.
  • Bowser, Samus, Ice Climbers, and Ness are the only four characters whose sections in the Special Movie do not play songs (and/or Credits themes) from their respective universes; instead continuing playing the songs from the previously shown section. Bowser appears after Captain Falcon (continuing Captain Falcon's credits theme), Samus appears after Fox (continuing Fox's credits theme), Ice Climbers appear after Pikachu (continuing Pikachu's credits theme), and Ness appears after Kirby (continuing Kirby's credits theme).
    • Additionally, Mario and Peach are the only two characters that do not use their "Credits themes" in their sections; even though the song which they play in their sections is a song from the Mario universe.
  • Pikachu is the only character whose section plays an unlockable song from an unlockable stage (Poké Floats). However, this song (Poke Floats) is also one of its credits themes.
  • Big Blue, Fourside, Poké Floats, and Battlefield are the only four unlockable stages shown or referenced in the Special Movie.
  • The Majora's Mask trophy's movement in the Trophy Display section is a reference to the intro in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.