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How to Play (SSBM)

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The How to Play video is a tutorial in Super Smash Bros. Melee that plays if the player waits at the title screen for long enough, though it can also be accessed manually in the Data menu of the main menu in the PAL version, and the Archives sub-menu in the NTSC version. It depicts Mario battling Bowser on Pokémon Stadium. The video explains the basic mechanics of Melee and is meant to teach a beginner how to play.

Basic techniques taught in the video[edit]



  • Some sound effects are slightly different than in the final version of Melee, such as the sound of grabs and attacks landing.
  • The song from this segment has been re-used in Smash 4 and Ultimate.
  • Masahiro Sakurai stated in a YouTube video that he wanted to include a more interactive tutorial into the game, but was unable to and had to settle for a non-interactive video.[1]


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