How to Play (SSBU)

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How to Play (SSBU)
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Mario dodging Bowser's Down Special
Appears in Ultimate
This article is about the video. For the menu, see How to Play (SSBU menu).

How to Play is an instructional movie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that showcases several mechanics and techniques and is intended to teach beginners how to play the game. It shows Mario and Bowser fighting on Battlefield Ω. The video plays when the player waits for a short period of time on the title screen.

Basic techniques taught in the video[edit]


  • Like in Smash 4, this video uses the music in the "How to Play" video in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Similar to the How to Play videos in Brawl and Smash 4, specific buttons are not mentioned, with the video naming buttons as "attack", "special", "shield", etc., due to the ability to customize controls. Like in Brawl, the button colors match the default configuration of the GameCube Controller.
  • This is the third How to Play video that shows the offscreen areas where fighters can be launched towards any blast line.
  • This is the only How to Play video that runs at the game's native frame rate and resolution (excluding Smash 64's How to Play video, which is rendered in real time).
  • This is the first How to Play video since Smash 64 to not use the DF Gothic Japanese font (which is also the font used for large text in Smash 4).
    • This is also the first How to Play video since Smash 64 to have Mario face an unlockable character.




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