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How to Play (SSB)

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The How to Play video is a tutorial in Super Smash Bros. that plays if the player waits at the title screen for long enough. The video depicts Mario and Luigi battling on the Tutorial Stage.

Basic techniques taught in the video[edit]



  • This is the only "How to Play" video to depict Mario facing an unlockable character prior to Ultimate.
    • This is also the only "How to Play" video where Mario isn't facing Bowser (as he does not appear in the game), and the only one inaccessable through the game's menu. Instead, the player must wait at the title screen for a few seconds.
  • This is the only "How to Play" video to mention items.
  • The Japanese version of the "How to Play" video has Luigi attacking Mario more than he does in the international version; in the international version, Mario ends the video with 48% damage, while he has 89% in the Japanese version. Also in the international version, Luigi gets Star KO'd with 105% damage while he has 112% in the Japanese version.
  • This is the only "How to Play" video that is rendered in real time, as every future "How to Play" video is prerecorded.
  • Masahiro Sakurai stated in a YouTube video that he wanted to include a more interactive tutorial into the game, but was unable to and had to settle for a non-interactive video.[1]


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