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List of regional version differences (SSB4)

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This article lists differences between the NTSC and PAL versions of Super Smash Bros. 4. As with Brawl and unlike in Smash 64 and Melee, these differences are largely aesthetic due to online play between regions.

In-game text[edit]

There are two different English translations of the game, one for the NTSC version and one for the PAL version. These translations are much more distinct than in Brawl, although they share a number of elements. Aside from name differences (as seen below), many trophy descriptions, Boxing Ring titles and other pieces of text are also different; articles on this wiki display both English translations if applicable. Similar differences apply to the French and Spanish languages, which also have two separate translations. Only Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is translated in Korean, as the Wii U was never officially released in South Korea.

  • In the NTSC English version, the "Go!", "Game!" and "Time!" texts have an exclamation mark, as they were in Melee and Brawl. In the PAL version, the exclamation mark is absent.

Voice actors[edit]

The only voice difference between the NTSC and PAL English versions applies to Wii Fit Trainer, who is voiced with an American accent in the former and with a British accent by different actors in the latter. Additionally, Lucario, Wii Fit Trainer, and Sonic are voiced in the language in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Greninja and Jigglypuff, who have different names in French and German, also have different voices in their languages (while Charizard also has different names in French and German, it doesn't speak or say its name and is therefore left undubbed; similarly, Mewtwo's Japanese dialogue is removed entirely in all Western versions). Both French versions share voice actors between these characters as well as the announcer, with the main difference audio-wise being the announcer's name calls and pronunciations, to account for name differences between the two French versions as well as differing European and Canadian pronunciations for certain names (for example, the pronunciation of Bowser's name in the NTSC French version is slightly closer to its pronunciation in English). The Spanish versions share the same announcer and the voices for Lucario and Sonic in the same way as the French versions, but the NTSC version gives Wii Fit Trainer its Latin American voice actors. The NTSC version of the game also lacks the Portuguese translation completely.

Wii U version[edit]


Pilotwings, Gamer, and Wrecking Crew are the only stages to be the same in all languages.

English (NTSC) English (PAL) French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Big Battlefield Vaste Champ de Bataille Gran campo de batalla Großes Schlachtfeld Le rovine XL Groot Slagveld Campo de Batalha XL Большое поле боя 大戦場
Big Battlefield
Mushroom Kingdom U Royaume Champignon U Reino Champiñón U Pilz-Königreich U Regno dei Funghi U Paddenstoelenrijk U Reino Cogumelo U Грибное королевство U マリオUワールド
Mario U World
마리오 U 월드
Mario Galaxy Galaxia de Mario Mario-Galaxie Mario Galaxy Mario's Melkweg Mario Galaxy Галактика Марио マリオギャラクシー
Mario Galaxy
마리오 갤럭시
Delfino Plaza Place Delfino Ciudad Delfino Piazza Delifno Delfinia Delfino Plaza Praça Delfino Площадь Дельфино ドルピックタウン
Dolphic Town
돌픽 타운
Mario Circuit Circuit Mario Circuito Mario Marios Piste Il Circuito di Mario Mario's Circuit Circuito do Mario Трасса Марио マリオサーキット
Mario Circuit
마리오 서킷
Mario Circuit (Brawl) Circuit Mario (Brawl) Circuito Mario (Brawl) Marios Piste (Brawl) Il Circuito di Mario (Brawl) Mario's Circuit (Brawl) Circuito do Mario (Brawl) Трасса Марио (Brawl) マリオサーキット (X)
Mario Circuit (X)
8자 서킷
Luigi's Mansion Manoir de Luigi Mansión de Luigi Luigi's Mansion Il palazzo di Luigi Luigi's Landhuis Mansão do Luigi Особняк Луиджи ルイージマンション
Luigi Mansion
루이지 맨션
Jungle Hijinx Jungle déjantée Jungla escandalosa Dschungelfieber Giungla selvaggia Regenwoudruïne Macacadas na Selva バナナジャングル
Banana Jungle
Kongo Jungle 64 Jungle Kongo (64) Jungla Kong[1] Selva Kongo[2] Jungla Kong (64) Giungla Congo 64 Kongo-Jungle 64 Джунгли Конга 64 コンゴジャングル (64)
Kongo Jungle (64)
콩고 정글 64
Skyloft Célesbourg Altárea Neburia Volkenhort Oltrenuvola Skyloft Arquipélago Celeste Небоземь スカイロフト
Bridge of Eldin Pont d'Ordinn Gran Puente de Eldin Brücke von Eldin Il ponte di Oldin Eldinbrug Ponte do Eldin Мост Элдина オルディン大橋
Oldin Great Bridge
Temple Templo[3] Hyrule-Tempel Il tempio Tempel Templo Храм 神殿
Pyrosphere Pyrosphère Pirosfera Pyrosphäre Pirosfera Pyrosphere Pirosfera パイロスフィア
Port Town Aero Dive Port Town Port Town Aero Dive Port Town Port Town Aero Dive Аэрогонка Порт-Тауна ポートタウン エアロダイブ
Port Town Aero Dive
포트 타운 에어로다이브
Yoshi's Island Île de Yoshi Isla de Yoshi Yoshi's Island L'Isola Yoshi Yoshi's Eiland Ilha do Yoshi Остров Йоши ヨースター島
Yoster Island
요스타 섬
The Great Cave Offensive La Caverne du Péril El gran ataque de las cavernas Das Höhlen-Abenteuer La Grande Offensiva Speleologica Het Grote Grotavontuur A Grande Caverna dos Tesouros Пещерный переполох 洞窟大作戦
Great Cave Offensive
Halberd Hal Abarda Halberd La Halberd Halberd Алебарда 戦艦ハルバード
Battleship Halberd
전함 할버드
Orbital Gate Assault Portail en orbite Estación Espacial Orbitales Tor Stazione spaziale Strijd om het Ruimtestation Assalto ao Portal Orbital オービタルゲート周域
Orbital Gate Area
Lylat Cruise Traversée de Lylat Sistema Lylat Lylat-Patrouille Il Sistema Lylat Lylat-Cruise Cruzeiro no Sistema Lylat Тур Лайлат ライラットクルーズ
Lylat Cruise
라일라트 크루즈
Kalos Pokémon League Ligue Pokémon de Kalos Liga Pokémon de Kalos Kalos-Pokémon-Liga Lega Pokémon di Kalos Kalos League Liga Kalos Лига Калос カロスポケモンリーグ
Kalos Pokémon League
칼로스 포켓몬리그
Pokémon Stadium 2 Stade Pokémon 2 Estadio Pokémon 2 Pokémon Stadium 2 Lo Stadio Pokémon 2 Pokémon Stadium 2 Стадион Покемонов 2 ポケモンスタジアム2
Pokémon Stadium 2
포켓몬 스타디움 2
Castle Siege Château assiégé Castillo asiago Die belagerte Burg Il Castello associate Belaagde Burcht Cerco ao Castelo Осада замка 攻城戦
Castle Siege
Palutena's Temple Temple de Palutena Royaume des Cieux Templo de Palutena Palutenas Tempel Tempio di Palutena Palutena's Tempel Templo da Palutena Храм Палютены エンジェランド
Angel Land
Skyworld Royaume céleste Reino del Cielo Reich der Lüfte Il Regno Celeste Luchtrijk Mundo Celeste Поднебесье 天空界
Garden of Hope Verger de l'espoir Vergel de la Esperanza Garten der Begegnung Serra Speranza Pikmin-Paradijs Jardim da Esperança Сад Надежды 再会の花園
Reunion Garden
재회의 화원
Town and City Ville et centre-ville Ville et village Sobrevolando el pueblo El Pueblo y la Ciudad Stadt und Großstadt Campagna e città Dorp en Stad Da Vila à Cidade Городок и город 村と街
Village and City
마을과 타운
Wii Fit Studio Studio Wii Fit Salle d'entraînement Wii Fit Sala de Wii Fit Wii Fit-Studio Palestra Wii Fit Wii Fit-Studio Ginásio Wii Fit Зал Wii Fit Wii Fit スタジオ
Wii Fit Studio
Wii Fit 스튜디오
Flat Zone X Espace 2D X Zona extraplana X 2D-Welt X La zona bidimensionale X 2D-Zone X Плоская зона X フラットゾーンX
Flat Zone X
플랫 존X
75m 75 m Donkey Kong Classic 75 m 75 м 75m
Wuhu Island Île Wuhu Islas Wuhu Wuhu Island Arcipelago di Wuhu Wuhu-Eiland Ilha Wuhu Остров Вуху ウーフーアイランド
Wuhu Island
우후 아일랜드
Windy Hill Zone Zone Windy Hill Zona Windy Hill Windy Hill Zone Zona Windy Hill Windy Hill Zone Zona Windy Hill Холмы ветров ウインディヒル
Windy Hill
윈디 힐
Woolly World Reino de la Lana Woolly World ヨッシー ウールワールド
Yoshi Wool World
Pirate Ship Vaisseau pirate Barco pirata Piratenschiff La nave dei pirati Piratenschip Barco Pirata Пиратский корабль 海賊船
Pirate Ship
  1. ^ Called "Jungla Kong (64)" in the Tips.
  2. ^ Called "Selva Kongo (64)" in the Tips.
  3. ^ Temple was first misnamed "La Cúspide" (Summit) in the Spanish 50-Fact Extravaganza. While it seemed to be an oversight of the video's translation team at the time, the erroneous name was kept in the game's initial release. It was later patched to the proper name, "Templo", as it was called in PAL releases of Melee and Brawl.


English French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Special Orders Commandes spéciales Retos a la carta Spezialaufträge Richieste Speciali オーダー
Master Orders Commandes Créa-Main Retos Master Hand Richieste Master マスターサイド
Master Side
Crazy Orders Commandes Dé-Mainiaque Retos Crazy Hand Richieste Crazy クレイジーサイド
Crazy Side
Target Blast Bombe Smash Bomba Smash Scheiben-Bomber Scoppiabersagli スマッシュボンバー
Smash Bomber
Home-Run Contest Home Run Smash Coup de circuit Smash Béisbol Smash El rey del jonrón Home-Run-Wettbewerb Gara di Home-Run ホームランコンテスト
Home-Run Contest
8-Player Smash Smash à huit Smash para 8 Mischia a 8 8人乱闘
8-Person Fray
Smash Tour Tournée Smash Gira Aplastante Mischia da tavolo ワールドスマッシュ
World Smash

3DS version[edit]


3D Land and Brinstar are the only stages to be the same in all languages.

English (NTSC) English (PAL) French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Tortimer Island Tortiland Isla Tórtimer Törtel-Insel Isola di Tortimer Tortimer-Eiland Ilha do Tortimer Остров Тортимера コトブキランド
Kotobuki Land
Prism Tower Tour Prismatique Torre Prisma Prismaturm Torre Prisma Prismatoren Torre Prisma Башня Призмы プリズムタワー
Prism Tower
Spirit Train Locomotive des dieux Locomotive des Esprits Tren de los Dioses Zug der Götter Treno degli Spiriti Trein der Wijzen Comboio-Espírito Поезд духов 汽車
Rainbow Road Route Arc-en-ciel Senda Arco Iris Regenbogen-Boulevard Circuito arcobaleno Regenboogbaan Estrada Arco-Íris Трасса Радуга レインボーロード
Rainbow Road
무지개 로드
Find Mii StreetPass Quest Mii en péril Rescate Mii Rette die Krone! Libera Mii Mii in misère O Resgate Mii Спаси Mii すれちがい伝説
StreetPass Legend
엇갈림 전설
Golden Plains Buttes au butin Prairie dorée Pradera monetaria Pradera aurífera Münz-Parcours Pascoli dorati Muntenvallei Planície das Moedas Золотые поля 野原
Mushroomy Kingdom Royaume Champiternel Reino Champiñónico Pilz-Königreich Il Regno Fungoso Verlaten Paddenstoelenrijk Reino Fungo Королевство грибов いにしえっぽい王国
Mushroomy Kingdom
예스러운 왕국
Jungle Japes Jungle des Jobards Jingla Jocosa Jungla Jocosa Tropen-Trubel La capanna nella giungla Tropenkolder Selva Abananada Дикие джунгли ジャングルガーデン
Jungle Garden
정글 가든
Gerudo Valley Vallée Gerudo Valle Gerudo Gerudotal Valle Gerudo Gerudovallei Vale Gerudo Долина Герудо ゲルドの谷
Gerudo Valley
겔드 협곡
Yoshi's Island Île de Yoshi Isla de Yoshi Yoshi's Island L'Isola Yoshi Yoshi's Eiland Ilha do Yoshi Остров Йоши ヨッシーアイランド
Yoshi Island
요시 아일랜드
Unova Pokémon League Ligue Pokémon d'Unys Liga Pokémon de Teselia Einall-Pokémon-Liga Lega Pokémon di Unima Unova League Liga Unova Лига Юнова イッシュポケモンリーグ
Isshu Pokémon League
하나 포켓몬리그
Arena Ferox Arène de Ferox Coliseo de Regna Ferox Feroxer Arena Arena Ferox Ferox Arena Arena Ferox Арена Ферокс フェリア闘技場
Felia Arena
페록스 투기장
Flat Zone 2 Espace 2D n⁰ 2 Zona extraplana 2 2D-Welt 2 La zona bidimensionale 2 2D-Zone 2 Zona Plana 2 Плоская зона 2 フラットゾーン2
Flat Zone 2
플랫 존2
Reset Bomb Forest Forêt des Bombes zéro Forêt des Bombazéros Bosque Génesis Nullbombenwald Foresta Zero Nulbommenbos Floresta da Viridi Лес альфа-бомб 初期化爆弾の森
Initialization Bomb Forest
초기화 폭탄의 숲
Distant Planet Planète lointaine Planeta remoto Ferner Planet Il pianeta remoto Verre Planeet Planeta Distante Далекая планета とある星
A Certain Planet
어느 별
Living Room Salon Casa rural Sala rural Wohnzimmer Salotto Woonkamer Sala de Estar Гав-гостиная 子犬がいるリビング
Living Room with Puppy
강아지가 있는 거실
Green Hill Zone Zone Green Hill Zona Green Hill Green Hill Zone Zona Green Hill Green Hill Zone Zona Green Hill Зеленые холмы グリーンヒルゾーン
Green Hill Zone
그린 힐 존
Dream Land Terra dos Sonhos Страна грез プププランド
Pupupu Land
Mute City Ciudad Muda Mute City Мьют-Сити ミュートシティ
Mute City
뮤트 시티


English French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
StreetSmash Smash StreetPass StreetSmash Street-Smash Mischia StreetPass StreetSmash Smash StreetPass StreetPass-битва すれちがい大乱闘
For Glory Pour la gloire En serio Por la fama Hart auf hart Per la gloria Voor de roem Por Glória Ради славы ガチ
For Fun Pour le fun Pour le plaisir Por diversión Geplänkel Per gioco Voor de lol Por Diversão Ради забавы エンジョイ
Smash Run Aventure Smash Smashventura Smash-Abenteuer Avventura Smash Zoek & Smash Aventura Smash Боевой поход フィールドスマッシュ
Field Smash
Trophy Rush Trophées à gogo Trophée Se Ruer Cazatesoros Carrera de Trofeos Trophäenrausch Cuccagna di trofei Trofeeënrace Caça aos Troféus Град трофеев フィギュアラッシュ
Figure Rush

Both versions[edit]

Stage names[edit]

English French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Battlefield Champ de Bataille Campo de batalla Schlachtfeld Le rovine Slagveld Campo de batalha Поле боя 戦場
Final Destination Destination finale Destination Finale Destino final Letzte Station Destinazione finale Eindstation Destino Final Последняя арена 終点
Wily Castle Château du Dr Wily Castillo de Wily Wilys Schloss Castello del Dr. Wily Wily's Kasteel Castelo do Wily Замок Уайли ワイリー基地
Wily Base
와이리 기지
Boxing Ring Ring de boxe Cuadrilátero Boxring Il Ring Boksring Ringue de bóxer Боксерский ринг 特設リング
Special Ring
특설 링
Gaur Plain Plaine de Gaur Llanuras de Gaur Gaur-Ebene Piana di Gaur Gaur-Plateau Planície Gaur Равнина Гаур ガウル平原
Gaur Plain
가울 평원
Dream Land (64) Dromenland (64) Terra dos Sonhos (64) Страна грез (64) プププランド (64)
Pupupu Land (64)
푸푸푸랜드 (64)
Peach's Castle (64) Château de Peach (64) Castillo de Peach (64) Peachs Schloss (64) Il castello di Peach (64) Peach' Kasteel (64) Castelo da Peach (N64) Замок Пич (64) ピーチ城 上空 (64)
Above Peach Castle (64)
피치 성 상공 (64)
Hyrule Castle (64) Château d'Hyrule (64) Castillo de Hyrule (64) Schloss Hyrule (64) Castello di Hyrule (64) Kasteel Hyrule (64) Castelo de Hyrule (64) Замок Хайрул (64) ハイラル城 (64)
Hyrule Castle (64)
하이랄 성 (64)
Suzaku Castle Château Suzaku Suzaku Castle Castillo de Suzaku Suzaku Castle Suzaku-Kasteel Castelo Suzaku Замок Судзаку 朱雀城
Suzaku Castle
Umbra Clock Tower Tour de l'horloge de l'Umbra Torre del reloj de Umbra Umbra-Uhrturm Torre dell'orologio di Umbra Umbra-klokkentoren Torre do Relógio de Umbra Часовая башня Умбры アンブラの時計塔
Umbra Clock Tower
엄브라의 시계탑

Character names[edit]

Characters not mentioned have the same name in all languages.

English (NTSC) English (PAL) French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Captain Falcon Capitaine Falcon Captain Falcon Capitán Falcon Captain Falcon Капитан Фэлкон Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon
(캡틴 팔콘)
Sheik Shiek Sheik Шиик Sheik
Zero Suit Samus Samus sans armure Samus sans combinaison Samus Zero Zero Suit Samus Samus Tuta Zero[1] Zero Suit Samus Samus (Armadura Zero) Самус в нуль-костюме Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus
(제로 슈트 사무스)
King Dedede Roi DaDiDou Rey Dedede[2] König Dedede King Dedede Rei Dedede Король Дидиди Dedede
King Dedede
(디디디 대왕)
Charizard Dracaufeu Charizard Glurak Charizard Чаризард Lizardon
Toon Link Link Cartoon Toon Link Toon-Link Link Cartone Toon Link Link Cartoon Мульт-Линк Toon Link
Toon Link
Rosalina Harmonie Rosalina Estela Rosalina Rosalinda Rosalina Розалина Rosetta
Luma Destello Luma Sfavillotto Luma Люма Chiko
Greninja Amphinobi Greninja Quajutsu Greninja Грениндзя Gekkouga
Palutena Paluténa Palutena Палютена Palutena
Robin Daraen Robin Daraen Robin Daraen Robin Робин Reflet
Dark Pit Pit maléfique Pit Sombrío Finsterer Pit Pit oscuro Dark Pit Pit Sombrio Темный Пит Black Pit
Black Pit
Villager[3] Villageois








Abitante Dorpsbewoner Habitante Житель Murabito
(마을 주민)
Wii Fit Trainer[3] Entraîneuse Wii Fit

Entraîneur Wii Fit

Entrenadora de Wii Fit

Entrenador de Wii Fit

Wii Fit-Trainerin

Wii Fit-Trainer

Trainer di Wii Fit Wii Fit-Trainer Instrutora do Wii Fit

Instructor do Wii fit

Тренер Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer
(Wii Fit トレーナー)
Wii Fit Trainer
(Wii Fit 트레이너)
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Duo Duo Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Dúo Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Duck-Hunt-Duo Duo Duck Hunt Duck Hunt-duo Duo Duck Hunt Дуэт Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt
Mii Fighters Combattant Mii Combattants[4] Mii Luchador Mii Combatientes[4] Mii Mii-Kämpfer Guerriero Mii Mii-Vechter Lutador Mii Mii Fighter
Mii-боец Mii Fighter
(Mii 파이터)
Mii Brawler Mii Boxeur Bagarreur Mii Karateka Mii Peleador Mii Mii-Boxer Lottatore Mii Mii-Bokser Guerreiro Mii Mii-Драчун Mii Fighter
Mii Fighter
(Mii격투 타입)
Mii Swordfighter Mii Sword Fighter Mii Épéiste Épéiste Mii Espadachín Mii Mii-Schwertkämpfer Spadaccino Mii Mii-Zwaardvechter Espadachím Mii Mii-Мечник Mii Swordsman
Mii Swordsman
(Mii검술 타입)
Mii Gunner Mii Tireur Tireur Mii Tirador Mii Mii-Schützin Fuciliere Mii Mii-Cyborg Artilheiro Mii[5] Mii-Стрелок Mii Gunner
Mii Gunner
(Mii사격 타입)
Jigglypuff Rondoudou Jigglypuff Pummeluff Jigglypuff Джигглипафф Purin
Bowser Jr. Bowsy Bowser Jr. Bowser Junior Bowser Jr. Боузер-младший Koopa Jr.
Koopa Jr.
(쿠파 주니어)
Koopalings Bowser's Minions Sbires Koopa Koopalins Koopalines Koopalinge Scagnozzi di Bowser Koopalings Lacaios do Bowser Купалинги Team of 7 Koopas
Team of 7 Koopas
Mewtwo Mewtu Mewtwo Мьюту Mewtwo
Bowser Боузер Koopa
R.O.B. Robot
Corrin Коррин Kamui
  1. ^ Originally erroneously referred to as "Samus con la Tuta Zero" on the official website. Said name is still present in the title of her character page.
  2. ^ Similar to the difference between its English and Japanese pronunciations, "Dedede" is pronounced "day-DAY-day" in the PAL version and "day-day-DAY" in the NTSC version.
  3. ^ a b Male and female variants have different names in certain languages. The first names listed are, respectively, male Villager and female Wii Fit Trainer's name, followed by their opposite gender variant.
  4. ^ a b These translate to "Fighters", not "Fighter".
  5. ^ Referred to as "Atirador Mii" in the Super Smash Bros. - Final Video Presentation.

Special move names[edit]

English (NTSC) English (PAL) French (PAL) French (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) German Italian Dutch Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean
Hammer Flip Hammer Marteau Marteau ardent Martillo Hammer Martello Hamer Martelo Молот 鬼ごろし火炎ハンマー
Demonslayer Blaze Hammer
Duck Jump Duck Jump Duo Envol Emplumé L'envol du canard Aleteo Entenflut Salto in coppia Eendenvlutch Salto Duo Duck Hunt Утиный прыжок ダックジャンプ
Duck Jump
Dream Home Housewarming Party Fête à la maison Maison de rêve La casa de mis sueños Hogar, dulce hogar Traumhaus Festa in casa Housewarming Новоселье ゆめのマイハウス
My House of Dreams
Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship Échappée belle Salto explosivo Futschkutsch Si salvi chi può! Clown-sprong Ativar Autodestruição Полундра 自爆ジャンプ
Self-destruct Jump
Onslaught Raclée enchaînée Patadas relámpago Turbotritte Turbocalcio Schoppensalvo Assalto Relâmpago Натиск 瞬発百裂キック
Instantaneous Hundred Rending Kicks
Draconic Ascent[1] Dragon Ascent Ascension du dragon Ascenso dragón Drachenflug Slancio del drago Drakenvlutch Взлет дракона 翔竜翼
Soaring Dragon Wings
  1. ^ Called Dragon Ascent in the North American version of the Super Smash Bros. - Final Video Presentation of December 15th, 2015.


  • In the Italian version, Skull Kid's name was initially translated as "Bimbo Perduto" ("Lost Kid"). Later patches changed the name to the English "Skull Kid", to reflect the character's name in the Italian translation of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.
  • Charizard's, Jigglypuff's and Greninja's French names are not shown on the North American packaging for their amiibo, even though North American packaging typically displays the NTSC French and Spanish names for the character if they differ from the English name. While this is similar to the defunct French-Canadian dubbed version of the Pokémon anime, this is inconsistent with the Canadian French translation of SSB4, as well as all French-language Pokémon material at the time (which is exported from France internationally).
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl used "allenatore", the Italian word for "trainer", in Pokémon Trainer's translated name ("Allenatore di Pokémon"). Despite this, the Wii Fit Trainer does not use this translation, instead using the English "trainer".
    • Similarly, the French version of Brawl uses "dresseur", the word for "trainer", for the Pokémon Trainer, but uses "entraîneuse/entraîneur", the word for "coach", for the Wii Fit Trainer in SSB4.

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