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This is the logo for the WiFi Crew Grunt Gang, designed by former member Ness 33rd.
Official Grunt Gang Logo 2.0, designed by Sin Drip.

Grunt Gang, abbreviated GRNT, is a crew of Smashers based in New York City. The crew has expanded to both offline and online scenes. In terms of the offline scene, they primarily are represented at many Encore Esports and House of 3000 tournaments. In terms of the online scene, they partake in various Wi-Fi crew leagues, primarily the Smash Crew Server, abbreviated SCS. This allows members from other regions, such as Canada, to also be a part of the crew.

Originally, Grunt Gang was a community Discord server for JayGrunt's Twitch channel. He would stream a variety of different games on his stream, such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During one of his streams, he was hosting an open arena, where anyone can join and play some matches. A member of the community suggested in his Twitch chat that he should start a crew with some of his friends. Expressing interest in crews, Jay was then informed of the Smash Crew Server by Pokelam and Mr.L, as well as the existence of many different offline crews within the scene.

On May 22nd, 2019, Jay had made the decision of founding the crew. At the beginning of Grunt Gang's lifespan, before even being remotely known, the crew had consisted of the following members: JayGrunt, Mr.L, KonkeyDorf, Kawasaki, Sam Jam, Ness 33rd, Allocated, Dex, and Zay. They would soon expand in size, to the roster currently present.

Crew Battle Performances[edit]

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Grunt Gang has participated in many crew battles offline, primarily at events hosted by Encore Esports, located in New Rochelle, New York.

The crew has placed 1st at an Encore Smash Monthly that featured 11+ crews going head to head tournament style[1]. The crew had to overcome many crews within the tournament, such as MOB, EON, and Encore.

The bracket can be found here:


Grunt Gang has participated in over 150 Online crew battles, primarily in the SCS. Within the Wi-Fi Crew Scene, they are considered a top-level crew, with wins on other crews of such caliber.

Grunt Gang has participated in the SnR Crew League, a crew league outside of the SCS. Because of this, the crew had recruited members from other crews, such as Tainted Renegades and Arpeggio, to participate alongside the crew specifically for the league.

The winner of the league would receive a cash prize. Each crew had to compete in a Round Robin format before being placed into a bracket. Grunt Gang had went undefeated within this first stage of the league, defeating other crews such as Zenith and Black Halo.

Grunt Gang had placed 2nd in the SnR League bracket, losing to Unrivaled 0-1 in a close crew battle. The crew was planning on donating the prize money to charity.

In the SCS, the crew has very notable wins on other crews within the SCS such as: Unrivaled, Scooby Gang, Phantom Troupe, Kame House, Arpeggio, Buntai, Ethereal, EVIL, Holy Knights, and a few others.

Grunt Gang has been seen at the top of the rankings in the SCS many times, being ranked 1st in the Guild Ladder and top 10 in the Conquest Ladder, peaking at 8th during the SCL: Falsebound Throne post-season. Grunt Gang was also categorized under the Black Gold ranking, the second highest ranking during SCL: Falsebound Throne. In addition to their previous rankings, they were ranked in the top 20 region in the SCL4 Ladder, peaking at 2nd in the ladder.

Grunt Gang has also made playoffs in the SCS many times, however, they had a rough start at the beginning of their lifespan. The crew placed low in the SCLIII Playoffs[4] and the SCL: Falsebound Throne Guild Playoffs[5]. Despite the first few low placements, the crew had persevered, beating other top crews, and placed in a "3-way tie for 4th" in the SCL: Falsebound Throne Conquest Playoffs[6].

Grunt Gang qualified for the current SCLIV Playoffs[7]. They have beaten their round 1 opponent, Antagonist, with a score of 8-0. However, they were knocked out of playoffs in a close crew battle, being eliminated during round 2 of the playoffs by the challenging team AnG Esports.





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