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Ultimate main Pac-Man
Other Ultimate
Mii Gunner
SSB4 main Pac-Man
Sponsor(s) Movement United Esports
Former sponsor(s) Impulse Esports, Unkind Esports, Furtastic Esports
Crew(s) Tainted Renegades
Skill Super Smash Bros. 4 Semi-professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Additional info
Real name Caleb Christian Edwards
Birth date (age 22)
Location Michigan United States

C.Kaleb, also known as Elby, is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pac-Man main with a Mii Gunner secondary from Michigan primarily playing in New York, Michigan, and Argentina. He has taken sets over players such as Sinji, Pink Fresh, John Numbers, Raptor, Suarez, Nicko, ATATA and Aaron. C.Kaleb was formerly ranked as an honorable mention on the Michigan Ultimate Power Rankings, being ineligible for official rankings due to not living in the state full-time.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Holiday Heist 4: Ultimate Edition December 29th, 2018 193rd 25th Sol Shocking
Xeno147 February 6th, 2019 49th
Xeno153 March 20th, 2019 97th
Xeno158 April 24th, 2019 33rd
Xeno159 May 1st, 2019 25th
Smashfield 189 May 23rd, 2019 17th
Smashfield 190 May 30th, 2019 33rd
SnR & Oval Office June 8th, 2019 97th
Smashfield 191 June 13th, 2019 9th
Guardian I June 15th, 2019 97th
Smashfield 192 June 8th, 2019 13th
Battle Blaze Cup June 22nd, 2019 7th
Smashfield 193 June 27th, 2019 9th
Smashfield 198 August 15th, 2019 17th
Xeno176 August 28th, 2019 25th
Xeno181 October 2nd, 2019 13th
Xeno183 October 16th, 2019 17th
Smash Ultimate at OS NYC #1 October 28th, 2019 9th
Xeno186 November 6th, 2019 13th
Battery Pack Bash 3 Online November 11th, 2019 5th
XenoSaga XXIX November 16th, 2019 17th
Xeno188 November 20th, 2019 17th
Smash Metro Monthly #3 November 30th, 2019 5th 1st Haubs
Smashfield 215 December 26th, 2019 17th
Holiday Heist 5 December 28th, 2019 33rd 13th JETson
Smashfield 217 January 9th, 2020 7th
World 8 January 19th, 2020 5th
Smash Club Dobles #4 January 31st, 2020 5th Kaizen
Smash Club #51 February 7th, 2020 1st
Smash Club #52 February 14th, 2020 1st
Smash Club #53 February 21st, 2020 1st
Sweetspot 2 February 22nd-23d, 2020 3rd 9th T@cho
Smash Club #54 February 28th, 2020 1st
Smash Club #55 March 6th, 2020 2nd
Steal The Show 3: Into The Distortion Online May 4th-7th, 2020 9th
Smash Club #56 March 13th, 2020 2nd
TNS: Pandemic Online March 17th, 2020 25th
Tally.Net #2 Online March 17th-18th, 2020 2nd
DNA Online: Ultimate Season 5 Week 12 Online March 19th-20th, 2020 17th
ECLIPSE #113 Online March 20th-21st, 2020 33rd
Cool Online: Versus In-Doors 19 Week 2 Online March 20th-21st, 2020 17th
Final Floof Online March 21st, 2020 49th
SUNDAY SMASH WITH SAUCETIN 2 Online March 22nd, 2020 3rd
Hitpoint Online Tournament: Ultimate Online April 5th, 2020 9th
Quarantine WiFi #4 Online April 15th, 2020 1st
The Quarantine Series: Minor Tournament 1 Online April 18th-19th, 2020 65th
TNS: Pandemic Monthly 2 Online May 5th, 2020 25th
Collision Online Online May 23rd, 2020 49th
Kookus and the Money Machine Online July 15th, 2020 17th
Steal the Show 5: Heist in Smashville Online August 6th, 2020 49th
TNS: Pandemic Monthly 5.5 Online August 11th, 2020 25th
Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2 Online February 21st, 2021 9th
Weed TankOnline April 20th, 2021 17th
Riptide September 10th-12th, 2021 129th
Glitch - Infinite February 18th-20th, 2022 97th
Collision 2022 March 12th-13th, 2022 33rd
COST 2022 June 18th-19th, 2022 25th
Double Down 2022 July 8th-10th, 2022 97th 49th Rocke
STAMPEDE II July 23rd, 2022 13th 9th boku
Ignition 300 January 4th, 2023 17th
Let's Make Big Moves 2022 January 6th-8th, 2023 97th 65th Crowsong


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