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The Smash Crew Server, founded in 2015, is an organization and Discord server that allows, oversees, and manages other participating crews to go against each other in ranked crew battles. Currently, as of January 2021, it has over 13,000 members with over 200 crews large and small alike in attendance.

The server also features singles ranked matchmaking ladders called Battle Arenas, gauntlet crew battle showdowns called Blitz Showdowns, hosts several streamers and announcements from the community, among other events. They have also collaborated with their European and Middle Eastern-equivalent European Smash Crew League for several worldwide events and tournaments.

Crew battle rules[edit]

According to the SCS crew battle guide, the following rules are applied to crew battles taken place within SCS matches.


  • At a minimum, a 4v4 match (4 players per crew for a match).
  • 3 stocks per player.
  • Losers are replaced by another player in the same crew.
  • Starters ban from legal starter stages in a 1-2-1 format.
  • The winning player stays on.
    • They cannot change characters at any point until they are knocked out.
    • They ban stages in the next game.
  • The new player from the crew that just lost a stock will pick the stage.
  • The match continues until one side is completely out of stock.


  • Crews will have 3 teams with 2 players per team.
  • Leaders will designate each team with a letter (A, B, or C).
  • Leaders reveal lettered teams like blind starters.
  • Teams play team on opposing crew with the same letter.
  • Game order is - Team As play, Team Bs play, Team Cs play UNLESS all play simultaneously.
  • Teams will play a Best 3 out of 5 set - character switching is allowed after each game.
  • Crew that wins 2 sets will win the Doubles Crew Battle.

Notable Crews[edit]


  • Synergy Burst
  • Phantasm
  • Dream Casters
  • Sound of Perfervid
  • StaTic Gaming
  • Arpeggio (Catway)
  • Down B Queens
  • Royal Lazarus
  • Grunt Gang
  • Flow State Gaming
  • Regal


  • AnG Esports
  • Tainted Renegades
  • Zenith
  • Holy Knights
  • Ethereal
  • Phantom Troupe
  • Kool Kids Bakery
  • IKON
  • Soul Realm
  • Fake Gang
  • Nemesis
  • All Victory
  • Unrivaled
  • Black Halo

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