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List of abbreviations

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Here is a list of common shorthand for long Super Smash Bros.-related terms:


Abbreviation Name
Nair Neutral aerial
Fair Forward aerial
Dair Down aerial
Bair Back aerial
Uair Up aerial
Zair Grab aerial
Ftilt Forward tilt
Dtilt Down tilt
Utilt Up tilt
Neutral B Neutral special
Side B Side special
Up B Up special
Down B Down special
DA Dash attack
Fsmash Forward smash
Dsmash Down smash
Usmash Up smash
Fthrow Forward throw
Dthrow Down throw
Bthrow Back throw
Uthrow Up throw
B Special moves (from B button)
NB Neutral special move
FS Final Smash

General terms[edit]

Abbreviation Name
AI Artificial intelligence
AT Advanced technique or Assist Trophy
BD Bat drop or Base damage
CSS Character selection screen
CP Computer player or counterpick
CPU Computer player (-user)
DACUS Dash attack canceled up smash
DI Directional influence
DJCFFL Doublejump cancel fast fall L-cancel
DSR Dave's Stupid Rule
FAF First actionable frame
FC Fully charged or Friend Code or Float cancel
FF Fast fall
FFA Free for all
FH Full hop
FHFF Full hop fast fall
FP Figure Player (amiibo)
GSP Global Smash Power
HRC Home-Run Contest
IASA Interruptible as soon as
IDJ Instant double jump
KB Knockback
KO Knockout
LL Landing lag
LSI Launch speed influence
MU Match-up
JMU Joint match-up
OHKO One-hit KO
OoS Out of shield
PC Pivot Cancel
RAR Reverse aerial rush
SD Self-destruct
SDI Smash directional influence
SH Short hop
SHFF Short hop fast fall
SHFFL Short hop fast fall L-cancel
SL Shield Lag
SS Shield Stun
SSE Subspace Emissary
WD Wavedash
WoL World of Light

Character-specific terms[edit]

Abbreviation Name Character(s)
ASC Aura Sphere Charge Lucario
CG Chain grab Various
DABK Down-angled After Burner Kick Bayonetta
DJA Double Jump Armor Yoshi
EWGF Electric Wind God Fist Kazuya
FOP Fence of pain Kirby
LCS Limit Cross Slash Cloud
MALLC Monado Art landing lag cancel Shulk
Nanner Banana Peel Diddy Kong
Nade Hand Grenade Snake
MF/MFK Monkey Flip/Monkey Flip Kick Diddy Kong
SHL/B Short hop laser/blaster Falco, Fox
SWD Super wavedash Samus
Tatsu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Ryu, Ken
YYG Yoyo glitch Ness
WC Wombo Combo Captain Falcon, Fox
WoP Wall of Pain Jigglypuff
RDR Rising Drill Rest Jigglypuff
DJCZ Double jump cancel zair Lucas


Abbreviation Name
BK / Banjo / Kazooie Banjo & Kazooie
Bayo Bayonetta
Jr. / BJ Bowser Jr.
CF / Cap / C. Falcon / Falcon Captain Falcon
Zard Charizard
Damus Dark Samus
Diddy Diddy Kong
DK Donkey Kong
Doc Dr. Mario
DH / DHD Duck Hunt (-Dog/-Duo)
Ganon Ganondorf
Gren Greninja
IC / ICs / Icies Ice Climbers
Jiggly / Puff / Jiggs Jigglypuff
DDD / D3 King Dedede
KKR / Krool King K. Rool
Mac Little Mac
MK Meta Knight
M2 Mewtwo
Brawler Mii Brawler
Gunner Mii Gunner
MSF / Sword / Swordie / Swordfighter Mii Swordfighter
GW / GaW / G&W / GnW Mr. Game & Watch
Oli Olimar
Pac Pac-Man
Palu Palutena
Pika Pikachu
PP / Plant Piranha Plant
PT / Trainer Pokémon Trainer
Rosaluma / Rosa Rosalina & Luma
Seph Sephiroth
TL / Tink Toon Link
Villy Villager
WFT / Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer
YL / Yink Young Link
ZSS / Zero Suit Zero Suit Samus


Abbreviation Name
BF Battlefield (may include Battlefield forms)
CS Castle Siege
DH Duck Hunt
DL Dream Land
FD / Final D Final Destination (may include Ω forms)
FoD Fountain of Dreams
KPL / Kalos Kalos Pokémon League
LC / Lylat Lylat Cruise
NDC / NDC Hall New Donk City Hall
PC PictoChat
PS(1) Pokémon Stadium
PS2 Pokémon Stadium 2
PTAD Port Town Aero Dive
SBF Small Battlefield
SV Smashville
TaC/T&C/TnC/TC Town and City
UPL / Unova Unova Pokémon League
WW WarioWare, Inc.
YA Yggdrasil's Altar
YI Yoshi's Island
YIB Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
YS Yoshi's Story

Game media terms[edit]

Abbreviation Name
DLC Downloadable content
PM Project M (not to be confused with "private message")
SSB4 3DS / SSB3DS / Smash 3DS Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
SSB4 Wii U / SSBWiiU / Smash Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
SSB4 / Smash 4 / Sm4sh Super Smash Bros. 4
SSB64 / Smash 64 / 64 Super Smash Bros. (for Nintendo 64)
SSBB / Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SSBM / Melee Super Smash Bros. Melee
SSBU / Ult / Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Abbreviation Name
AC Animal Crossing
BK Banjo-Kazooie
DK Donkey Kong
DQ Dragon Quest
EB EarthBound
FF Final Fantasy
FE Fire Emblem
FZ F-Zero
KI Kid Icarus
(T)LoZ / Zelda The Legend of Zelda
MGS Metal Gear
SF Street Fighter