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Stance mirroring

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Mario and Greninja's mirrored stances in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
Bowser always faces the camera, while Captain Falcon does not.

Stance mirroring is a mechanic in which most or all of a character's animations and moves are mirrored if they turn around, mimicking the sprite mirroring of older fighting games. This mechanic results in the characters' front side being visible more often. When mirrored, all hitboxes are also mirrored - for example, a punch that is animated with a character's right arm, when mirrored, will instead use the character's left arm.

In general, a character must have a symmetrical body shape and not wield a weapon in order to be eligible for stance mirroring, though in Ultimate characters who put away weapons when not in use (e.g. Villager's various tools) are generally not affected by this rule. Minor asymmetry such as Pikachu's tail and King K. Rool's eye tic can be acceptable, depending on their exact animations and hurtboxes. Compared to Smash 4, characters with stance mirroring in Ultimate are generally animated in a way that better accommodates the feature.

Stance mirroring also affects which hand characters use to hold, swing, and throw items. Turning around will cause a held item to simply teleport to the other hand (there is no animation for it). A fighter with stance mirroring that is reversed (for example, by Mario's Cape) or double jumps in the opposite direction (if they possess multiple double jumps, with the exceptions of Kirby and Jigglypuff) can be seen in a non-mirrored position for a short time, before suddenly snapping into the proper mirrored position.

As some characters mirror while others do not, it is possible for interactions to differ based on whether the characters are facing each other left-to-right versus right-to-left. For example, a mirroring character's thin attack may hit Marth's extended sword arm from one direction, but not the other, as the third dimension alters whether the two collide or pass by.

Stance mirroring is not present in games before Smash 4, though some special moves and many taunts in Melee and Brawl have a different animation for each direction to accomplish a similar effect.

In all Smash games, including those before mirroring was introduced, the default facing direction is to the right of the screen; this means that fighters without stance mirroring generally face the screen when facing right. The exceptions - those who instead face the screen when facing left - are Marth, Roy, Young Link, Toon Link, Pit, Lucina, Robin, Dark Pit, Chrom, Simon, Richter, and Sephiroth, as well as Link before Ultimate. Several of these are for consistency with the characters' home series; for example, Marth faces left in the battle scenes of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and other games, while Simon's right-facing sprites from Castlevania are posed such that his torso faces away from the screen.

Support for stance mirroring[edit]

Character Super Smash Bros. 4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Banjo & Kazooie Yes
Bayonetta No No
Bowser Yes Yes
Bowser Jr. Yes Yes
Byleth No
Captain Falcon No No
Charizard Yes Yes
Chrom No
Cloud No No
Corrin No No
Daisy Yes
Dark Pit No No
Dark Samus No
Diddy Kong No Yes
Donkey Kong No Yes
Dr. Mario Yes Yes
Duck Hunt Yes Yes
Falco No No
Fox No No
Ganondorf No No
Greninja Yes Yes
Hero No
Ice Climbers Yes
Ike No No
Incineroar Yes
Inkling No
Isabelle Yes
Ivysaur Yes
Jigglypuff Yes Yes
Joker No
Kazuya No
Ken Yes
King Dedede No No
King K. Rool Yes
Kirby[1] Yes Yes
Link No No
Little Mac No No
Lucario No No
Lucas No Yes
Lucina No No
Luigi Yes Yes[2]
Mario Yes Yes
Marth No No
Mega Man Yes Yes
Meta Knight No No
Mewtwo Yes Yes
Mii Brawler Yes Yes
Mii Gunner No No
Mii Swordfighter No No
Min Min No
Mr. Game & Watch[3] No No
Mythra No
Ness No Yes
Olimar[4] No No
Pac-Man Yes Yes
Palutena No No
Peach No Yes
Pichu Yes
Pikachu No Yes
Piranha Plant Yes
Pit No No
Pyra No
R.O.B. Yes Yes
Richter No
Ridley Yes
Robin No No
Rosalina & Luma[5] No No
Roy No No
Ryu Yes Yes
Samus No No
Sephiroth No
Sheik No No
Shulk No No
Simon No
Snake No
Sonic Yes Yes
Sora No
Squirtle Yes
Steve Yes
Terry Yes
Toon Link No No
Villager No Yes
Wario Yes Yes
Wii Fit Trainer No No
Wolf No
Yoshi No Yes
Young Link No
Zelda No Yes
Zero Suit Samus No No


  1. ^ Kirby will mirror Copy Abilities even if they belong to non-mirrored characters.
  2. ^ Luigi has different animations when using the Poltergust G-00 that don't face the screen when facing left.
  3. ^ While Mr. Game & Watch is not coded to have stance mirroring, due to his 2D appearance he has the appearance of a mirrored fighter.
  4. ^ Pikmin have stance mirroring.
  5. ^ Luma has stance mirroring.