List of spirits (Final Fantasy series)

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The following is the list of the Spirits from the Final Fantasy series in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Fighter Spirits[edit]

No. Image Alternate Artwork Name Origin Game Acquisition
SSBU Cloud Fighter Spirit.png
Cloud Final Fantasy VII
(Artwork: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
•Complete Classic Mode with Cloud
•Purchase from the Vault Shop for 300G (after unlocking Cloud)
SSBU Cloud (Advent Children) Fighter Spirit.png
Cloud (Advent Children) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie)
(Artwork: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
•Complete Challenge (Smash): As Cloud, hit an opponent with his side special, Cross Slash, while the Limit Gauge is charged.
•Purchase from the Vault Shop for 300G (after unlocking Cloud)

Series Order[edit]

Number Name Series
1,005 Cloud (Advent Children)


  • Final Fantasy is the only series represented only by its respective playable character, without any additional type of spirit depicting them.
  • Final Fantasy is the only series represented by a fighter not to use any art originating from its own series for their spirits, using only Cloud's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate art instead.
  • Final Fantasy is one of the only fighter-represented universes not to have any female spirits, the others being Game & Watch, Punch-Out!! and Yoshi. Final Fantasy is the only one to also be a third-party universe.
  • Final Fantasy is the only series represented by a fighter not to have any spirits besides Fighter Spirits.
    • Despite several Final Fantasy summon characters appearing on Midgar, their nature as special 2D sprites, and their other role as profile pictures in the previous game, they do not have spirits.
  • Before the final release of the game, many people had believed that the Final Fantasy series would have no spirits at all, due to factors such as Midgar once again having only two music tracks, Cloud being solely voiced in Japanese, and a rumor that stated Cloud was absent from World of Light. In reality, it was a combination of prior copyright management during the development of Ultimate and licensing issues that arose from the ownership of the Final Fantasy series artwork.