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Examples of regional differences as demonstrated in the Collection mode; the image on the left is from the American version, while the image on the right uses the Japanese language setting.

There are many differences between the NTSC versions and PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Melee, which are listed here.

Game disc[edit]

The text found near the center of the back of the Melee game disc indicates the version of the game.

Version Text
1.0 NTSC DOL-GALE 0-00
1.1 NTSC DOL-GALE 0-01
1.2 NTSC DOL-GALE 0-02

MD5 hash[edit]

The version of a .gcm or .iso file of Melee can be determined by checking its MD5 hash.

Version MD5 hash
1.0 NTSC 3a62f8d10fd210d4928ad37e3816e33c
1.1 NTSC 67136bd167b471e0ad72e98d10cf4356
1.2 NTSC 0e63d4223b01d9aba596259dc155a174
KOR 315d6c0f5f6a0b778af7858a0a19c24e
PAL 5e118fc2d85350b7b092d0192bfb0f1a
1.0 NTSC-J 378be81bb6c38febd847fc4b7f7dc36f
1.1 NTSC-J f590cbc155097468d7f04e126d7bd898
1.2 NTSC-J dc07abd4b6a5e1517da575274ceefcf8


Version 1.0[edit]

  • All glitches exist, including one that can overwrite Multi-Man Melee scores.
  • If the player plays as one of the clone characters, lower scores can overwrite higher ones, and if the player plays a clone and then a regular character, the score can duplicate itself on other characters.
  • In the Home-Run Contest, the track ends at 1521.0 m (4990.0 ft), and if Sandbag isn’t already on the track when the player strikes it with the final attack and it goes over 1389.0 m (4556.9 ft), it will result in No Distance. In the Japanese version, it will start to say No Distance from about 890.0 m (2920.0 ft).

Version 1.1[edit]

  • Home Run Contest track was changed to 4990.0 m (16371.0 ft) long, but the bag can’t land anywhere past 3458.5 m (11347.2 ft).
  • The all-floats glitch can no longer be performed.
  • The turnip glitch can no longer be performed.
  • The shadow glitch can no longer be performed.

Version 1.2[edit]

  • Moves that do less than 1% are now possible to Smash DI.
  • The Multi-Man Melee glitch was fixed, the Superjump Glitch was removed, and many other glitches were corrected.
  • The announcer now says “A New Record” if a new record is achieved in Multi-Man Melee.
  • The game is now able to record and store negative scores in the single player modes; finishing with a negative score will count as 0 instead of the maximum of 999,999,999.
  • Many methods of freezing the games no longer cause freezing.

KOR version[edit]

  • Identical to 1.2

PAL version[edit]

  • Lag and loading times have been reduced.
  • Character stock icons shown at the bottom of the screen during a match, as well as target icons shown in Target Test, are considerably smaller.
  • The progressive scan query shown during the booting of the game if B is held is replaced by a 60 Hz query, which lets the player select between PAL50 (576i50) and PAL60 (480i60).
  • The "Special Movie" was removed, as was the Archives section in the Data menu. A dedicated menu selection for the How to Play video replaces the Archives submenu.
  • The Tamagon trophy has been completely removed from the game.
  • Player markers are not shown above Star KO'd characters.
  • Inert hitboxes no longer disable article hitboxes
  • In Homerun-Contest, when the Sandbag lands on the track it becomes unhittable.

Character-specific differences[edit]


1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Weight 117 Buff 118
Down throw Dependent on enemy weight, so it does not hit Jigglypuff or Mr. Game & Watch Buff Independent of enemy weight, so it will hit Jigglypuff or Mr. Game & Watch.
Flame cancel Can perform Nerf Cannot perform

Captain Falcon[edit]

Rapid jab Triggered after the A button is pressed or released 3 times
(tricky to avoid when attempting to only get the Gentleman)
Buff Triggered after the A button is pressed or released 4 times
(the Gentleman is trivial to use)
Knee Smash Late hit deals 6% damage and has 35 base knockback Nerf Late hit deals 3% damage and has 30 base knockback
Raptor Boost Can pass through projectiles Nerf Can no longer pass through projectiles

Donkey Kong[edit]

Giant Punch Donkey Kong will lose his charge if he is hit out of Spinning Kong Buff Being hit out of Spinning Kong does not affect Giant Punch's charge.


Down aerial Has spike angle of 290 for clean and late hit Nerf Has spike angle of 290 for clean hit and Sakurai angle for late hit.
Down throw Fox cannot tech out Nerf Fox can tech out.


Weight 75 Nerf 73
Dash attack Late hit has angle of 72 and lasts 10 frames Nerf Late hit has angle of 55 and lasts 9 frames
Up smash Clean hit deals 18% with 30 base knockback and 112 knockback growth Nerf Clean hit deals 17% with 26 base knockback and 108 knockback growth
Down smash Sweetspot deals 15% with an angle of 25 Nerf Sweetspot deals 13% with an angle of 30
Fire Fox Strong hitbox deals 14% Nerf Strong hitbox deals 12% and is 0.75x the radius; covers less distance than NTSC Fire Fox but more than Fire Bird
Reflector Does not knock Marth down Change Knocks Marth down, due to his changed weight
Falco's down throw Cannot tech out due to unlucky math involving throw's weight-based animation speed Buff Can tech out due to new weight


NTSC 1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 PAL
Neutral aerial Hits on frames 7-8 then 16-17
This timing results in the second hitbox being active too early,
before Ganondorf extends his leg.[1]
Bug fix Hits on frames 7-8 then 20-21
Forward aerial Base knockback is 60 Nerf Base knockback is 40
Down aerial Deals 22%, base knockback is 50 Nerf Deals 21%, base knockback is 40
Bunnyhood Double Jab Can be performed Bug fix Cannot be performed
Dark Dive state Ganondorf is considered grounded during Dark Dive[2] Bug fix Ganondorf is considered airborne
Gerudo Dragon Can pass through projectiles Nerf Can no longer pass through projectiles

Ice Climbers[edit]

Freeze glitch Can perform Bug fix Cannot perform


Bowser's down throw Undamaged by it Nerf Will now take damage from it


Weight 70 Buff 74
Dash speed 1.4 Buff 1.5
Forward tilt 8 base knockback Change 10 base knockback

Buff Outer hitbox size and disjoint increased

Up tilt Buff Upward disjoint increased
Dash attack Clean hit deals 8% and has 66 knockback growth Change Clean hit deals 9% and has 50 knockback growth
Forward smash Clean hit has 24 base knockback
Late hit deals 13% and has 18 base knockback
Clean hit has slight negative disjoint
Buff Clean hit has 32 base knockback
Buff Late hit deals 14% and has 26 base knockback
Buff Clean hit has slight positive disjoint
Buff Late hit less negatively disjointed
Down smash Outer hitboxes have 20 base knockback Buff Outer hitboxes have 22 base knockback
Forward aerial Landing lag is 20 frames (10 if L-cancelled) Buff Landing lag is 18 frames (9 if L-cancelled)
Buff Disjoint increased
Back aerial Buff Disjoint increased
Down Aerial Landing lag is 20 frames (10 if L-cancelled) Buff Landing lag is 18 frames (9 if L-cancelled)


1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Chain dance Can perform Bug fix Cannot perform
Boomerang Catching the boomerang while airborne cancels the grapple animation, allowing Link to become actionable Nerf Catching the boomerang does not cancel the grapple animation
Spin Attack Has a lingering semi-spike with a trajectory of 0 degrees Nerf Lingering hit sends opponents at the Sakurai angle


1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Weight 100 Nerf 98
Fireball Increases speed when banking off certain angles on Yoshi's Island (SSBM) Nerf No longer increases speed
Maximum air speed .86 Nerf .83


Weight 87 Nerf 85
Maximum aerial velocity 0.90 Nerf 0.85
Down aerial Tipper spikes opponents (tip has angle of 290) Nerf Tipper meteor smashes opponents (tip has angle of 270)
Fox's Reflector Is not knocked down Change Is knocked down, due to changed weight


1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Shadow glitch Can perform Bug fix Cannot perform

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Bowser's down throw Undamaged by it Nerf Will take damage from it
Item pickup glitch Can perform Bug fix Cannot perform


1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
PK Thunder Stays active when Ness is hit Nerf Despawns if Ness is hit
  • There is a long-standing rumor that Ness can charge his up and down smash attacks further over ledges in one version of the game and not others. This is false; in all versions of Melee, Ness can charge his smash attacks over a ledge to the same degree.


Grapple Beam Can use Extended Grapple and can bomb jump after grapple is used in midair Nerf Cannot use Extended Grapple and cannot bomb jump out of grapple beam

In both NTSC and PAL she will lose her Charge Shot if hit out of her Up Special.


Up smash Deals 17% with 105 knockback growth Nerf Deals 16% with 102 knockback growth
Up aerial Clean hit deals 12% and late hit deals 9%, both with 120 knockback growth Nerf Clean hit deals 10% and late hit deals 8%, both with 110 knockback growth
Down throw Trajectory is 80 degrees, allowing guaranteed followup into many other moves, and first hit has fixed knockback value of 90 Nerf Trajectory is 60 degrees, only allowing guaranteed followup into dash attack, and first hit has fixed knockback value of 100


Weight 108 Buff 111
Forward smash Deals 16% with 94 knockback growth Buff Deals 17% with 98 knockback growth
Up smash Deals 14% with 26 base knockback Buff Deals 15% with 30 base knockback
Down aerial Deals 51% (all hits) Nerf Deals 38% (all hits)

Young Link[edit]

1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 NTSC PAL
Chain dance Can perform Bug fix Cannot perform
Boomerang Catching the boomerang while airborne cancels the grapple animation, allowing Link to become actionable Nerf Catching the boomerang does not cancel the grapple animation


  • PAL
  • The NTSC version allows changing between English and Japanese, while the PAL covers five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian.
  • Also in the Language selection, English is represented by the Union Jack instead of the American flag.
  • Names can now include uppercase and lowercase letters and with diacritics; Japanese characters, however, are no longer usable.
  • The Motion Sensor Bomb is called the Proximity Mine.
  • Distances are always measured in metres, as is customary in most European countries.
  • Snag trophies! is called "Grab a Trophy".
  • Rainbow Cruise is changed to "Rainbow Ride".
  • In the NTSC version, the text at the top of the Lottery screen reads "Chance of getting a new trophy"; in the PAL version, it simply reads "New trophy chance".


  • PAL
  • None of the trophies have release dates.
  • Kirby Super Star is referred to as Kirby's Fun Pak.
  • Star Fox is referred to as Starwing; Star Fox 64 is referred to as Lylat Wars.
  • The NES game Yoshi is referred to as Mario & Yoshi.
  • Helirin is erroneously referred to as Heririn in the NTSC version. This is fixed in the PAL version.
  • The EarthBound trophies have "Not released in Europe".
  • The GameCube's trophy has May 2002, its release date in Europe. The trophy name is "GCN" instead of "Nintendo GameCube."
  • The Tamagon trophy is completely removed and unobtainable altogether.

Character names[edit]

The character selection screen in Japanese.
The character selection screen in English.

All the characters' names are the same in English, Italian and Spanish. Characters not mentioned are the same as in English.

English French German
Young Link Link Enfant Junger Link
Mewtwo MEWTWO Mewtu
Jigglypuff RONDOUDOU Pummeluff
Pikachu PIKACHU Pikachu
Pichu PICHU Pichu
Sheik Sheik Shiek

When selecting Jigglypuff in German or French, its name in that language is declared by the announcer (with a pronounced American accent), and it has separate voice clips. The crowd, however, shouts something sounding like "Dong dong" in both languages, for some reason.

Of course, Japanese character names reflect the original Japanese names of those characters: Bowser is Koopa, and Jigglypuff is Purin. In addition, Ice Climbers are referred to as Ice Climber, and "DK" is written as "D.KONG". The first three use appropriate voice clips, while the latter is "Donkey Kong" in both English and Japanese anyway.

Stage names[edit]

All stages' names are the same in English and Italian. Stages not mentioned have the same name in all languages.

English French German Spanish
Princess Peach's Castle Château de Peach Prinzessin Peachs Schloss Castillo de Peach
Rainbow Ride Rainbow Ride Regenbogen Raserei Rainbow Ride
Kongo Jungle (SSBM) Jungle Kongo Tiefster Kongo Selva Kongo
Jungle Japes Jungle Japes Tropen Trubel Jungla Jocosa
Great Bay Grande Baie Schädelbucht Gran Bahía
Temple Temple Tempel Templo
Yoshi's Island Île des Yoshi Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island
Fountain of Dreams Fontaine des Rêves Traumbrunnen Fuente de los Sueños
Icicle Mountain Montagne Icicle Icicle Mountain Montaña Carámbano
Flat Zone Espace 2D 2D-Welt Zona extraplana
Mushroom Kingdom Royaume Champignon Pilz-Königreich Reino Champiñón
Mushroom Kingdom II Royaume Champignon II Pilz-Königreich II Reino Champiñón II
Brinstar Depths Profondeurs de Brinstar Die Tiefen von Brinstar Abismo de Brinstar
Mute City Mute City Mute City Circuito Mute City
Big Blue Big Blue Big Blue Circuito Big Blue
Pokémon Stadium Stade Pokémon Pokémon Stadium Estadio Pokémon
Poké Floats Poké Flotte Poké-Flug Poké Globos
Battlefield Champ de Bataille Battlefield Campo de batalla
Final Destination Destination Finale Final Destination Destino final
Kongo Jungle N64 Jungle Kongo N64 Tiefster Kongo Selva Kongo N64
Yoshi's Island N64 Île des Yoshi N64 Yoshi's Island Isla de Yoshi N64


  • The Japanese discs also have three different known versions, although there are some aesthetic differences exclusive to the Japanese release. This includes graphical changes such as the title screen, certain videos, seal Topis rather than yeti, and some references to Perfect Dark (such as the Proximity Mine design). In addition, the language is set to Japanese on default with only minor alterations in the English setting's text, and the Tamagon Trophy was originally available in-game. Switching languages between English and Japanese will not affect these changes.
  • In the French versions of both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokémon names are in all caps, referencing how Pokémon names before Generation V are formatted, as well as being changed. In the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the names of the Pokémon are in all caps in all languages.

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