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Super Smash Bros. series
Super Smash Bros. series
Wii Fit Trainer charges her up smash.

Up smash (abbreviated u-smash) or Up smash attack (上スマッシュ攻撃, Up/upper/above smash attack) is a smash attack performed by any character by tapping the control stick upward and pressing A, or, outside of Melee's single player modes, by pressing up on the C-Stick. Up smashes generally have high vertical knockback, which can either be used to start combos or Star KO/Screen KO opponents.

Since Super Smash Bros. Melee, all smash attacks can be charged by holding down the A button for up to one second, resulting in up to 40% higher damage and knockback. In Ultimate, smash attacks can be charged for up to 3 seconds (or 180 frames), but the attack stops increasing in strength after the 1 second mark.

Up smashes have more flexibility than forward smashes and down smashes in terms of when they can be used. A jump may be cancelled into an up smash, enabling it to be used out of shield immediately and during any part of a character's dash animation, except the skidding animation when they stop running. From Brawl onwards, jump-cancelling to perform a running up smash is unnecessary, and the turn-around animation can be jump-cancelled into a reversed up smash. In Ultimate, jump-cancelling is not required for up smashes out of shield, and can now be done instantly.

List of up smashes in Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Character Description Damage
Captain Falcon Performs an uppercut. This is Captain Falcon's main combo starter. The attack sends the opponent straight up, with high hitstun. It has high base knockback but very low knockback scaling. It is also trifled with unusually short range for an up smash. It is the weakest up smash in the game, but one of Falcon's most useful moves as it is extremely fast for an up smash coming out on frame 4 (the lowest startup for an up smash in the entire series) and for its combo potential. The hitbox is Falcon's body and the small area above his raised fist. 17%
Donkey Kong Claps overhead with some start-up lag. Very large hitbox. Grounded enemies are occasionally affected. Best used under a platform where an opponent is standing or a well timed anti-air attack. 21%
Fox Performs a flip kick, with very high vertical KO power. 16% (clean), 8% (late)
Jigglypuff Hits with its head. If the opponent is hit early, this attack sends the opponent straight up with high damage and knockback for quick, low-percent kills. At the last few frames of the attack, the hitbox exists only in front of Jigglypuff and sends the opponent forward with much less knockback. This attack is often used as a finisher. 18% (clean), 10% (late)
Kirby A fast flip kick that is very similar to Fox's and Pikachu's, but with slower start-up and slightly less knockback. 16% (clean), 12% (late), 18% (NTSC-J Clean)
Link Slashes overhead with his sword three times. The move is a good close up defensive move but also has a good KO-ing property. 7% (hit 1), 3%, (hit 2), 12% (hit 3) 22% (total). (8% (hit 1 NTSC-J), 4% (hit 2 NTSC-J), (24% NTSC-J total)
Luigi Headbutts upwards. Lunges head upwards in an arc. Same as Mario's. 19%
Mario Headbutts upwards. His whole head becomes a hitbox, which although it has high ending lag, is a powerful finisher. Considered one of the strongest up smashes in the game. 19%
Ness Performs an "around the world" with his yoyo which acts as a good anti-air move. Strange hitbox, does not hit short characters on ground. Has high startup but low ending lag. 17% (US/PAL front/NTSC-J back), 15% (back), 19% (NTSC-J front)
Pikachu Flips over and hits with its tail; similar to Captain Falcon's, but with more range, more power, and more lag. Can combo into itself when used against heavier characters. Overall, a versatile move. Also leads directly into a Thunder which allows it to KO 20 to 30% quicker than normal, commonly known as Thunder Spiking. Used in combos. 18% (clean), 9% (late)
Samus Shoots fire above her head in an arc having five hits with the last hit being the strongest. It is the most damaging Smash attack by a large margin if all hits connect but it does not connect very reliably. 10% (hits 1-5), 50% (total).
Yoshi Headbutts upwards. Has good horizontal knockback from behind to top, average upwards knockback when hit near the end. 18%

List of up smashes in Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bowser Hops into the air, hitting with his shell. 20% (leap), 12% (landing)
Captain Falcon Kicks upwards twice. 14% (hit 1 leg), 8% (hit 1 body), 12% (hit 2 foot), 13% (hit 2 body).
Donkey Kong Claps overhead, good knockback. Somewhat slow, not to mention this will not hit a grounded foe at all. 18%
Dr. Mario Similar to Mario, but with less knockback and slightly faster. Unusually, the attack has spike properties, though these only work on grounded opponents. 16%
Falco Similar to Fox, but much weaker; although, it is a better juggler. This also hits behind Falco, albeit with significantly lower knockback. 14% (clean), 12% (late)
Fox Performs a flip kick. This move is very fast, and when used on the ground while facing the foe, it has very high vertical knockback. It is very reliable at mid-high damages. Shine into up smash is very useful for KOs. 18% (clean), 13% (late)
Ganondorf Kicks upwards twice. Similar to Captain Falcon. The most damaging up smash if both hits connect. 22% (hit 1), 19% (hit 2)
Ice Climbers Swings their hammers above them. 22% if both hits connect
Jigglypuff Hits with its head. Can lead into aerial combos and KO at high percentage. 14%
Kirby Performs a flip kick. Deals less damage if hit at the tip of Kirby's foot. 15% (clean), 14% (mid), 13% (late), 12% (tip)
Link Slashes above him three times. Somewhat different from the move in SSB. All hits now have a noticeable arc above him with good range, instead of just the first hit being an arc and two smaller stabs upwards as in SSB. Good for racking up damage and setting up for air combos due to below average knockback for an up smash. Up to three separate hits. 16% total
Luigi Headbutts upwards. Identical to Mario and Dr. Mario's headbutt with an up-and-behind trajectory, ideal for setting up aerial combos with Luigi. The player can also buffer it in at the end of a wavedash, which allows for an alternative vertical launcher to Luigi's common wavedash to down smash approach. 17%
Mario Headbutts upwards. A fast move with more range at the back of his head than in the front. 15%
Marth Stabs his sword upwards. While effective on aerial opponents, the move has very weak sourspots next to Marth if used on the ground. 8% (sides), 15% (base), 18% (tip).
Mewtwo Holds his hand above him and shoots darkness. 15% total
Mr. Game & Watch Headbutts above him with a scuba helmet from Octopus. Has some start-up lag but also has high knockback, as well as a long duration. 18%
Ness Performs an "around the world" with his yoyo. Has average range and speed, but sub-par knockback. Like his down smash, this attack is incapable of KOing unless his opponent is at extremely high percentage. 9% (startup), 4% (charge), 6% (yoyo)
Peach Quick upwards slap. If sweetspotted (located at her palm and her hand), the attack sends opponent upward with high vertical knockback. If sourspotted (located at her shoulders and her finger), the move has weak vertical knockback. When sweetspotted, this move can KO opponents at around 73% when fully charged. 8% (sides), 15% (sourspot), 19% (sweetspot)
Pichu Headbutts upwards, similar to the Mario brothers. 16%
Pikachu Flips over and hits with its tail. It is the most powerful up smash in knockback. 17%-19% (clean), 13% (mid), 7% (late)
Roy Similar to Marth. Hits multiple times, has Fire effects and spikes if sweetspotted. 18% total
Samus Shoots fire above her head in an arc. 23% total
Sheik Puts her arms above herself and violently separates them to her left and right. Incredibly powerful when sweetspotted, being among the most powerful in the game, but otherwise does moderate knockback when sourspotted. 13% (arms), 17% (tip NTSC), 16% (tip PAL)
Yoshi Headbutts upwards. 14%
Young Link Similar to Link but with less knockback. 12% total
Zelda Waves her hand above her three times with magic. 15% total

List of up smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bowser Hops into the air, hitting with his shell. Hitting with the sides of the attack does less damage. Opponents who only shield his jump may be hit by his landing (this only applies to grounded opponents). Very high knockback. Hit 1: 20% (shell), 15% (head/tail)
Hit 2: 12% (shell), 10% (head/tail)
Captain Falcon Kicks upwards twice. Good knockback for a up smash, especially for a multi-hit up smash. This is one of Falcon's best moves due to the good vertical range, power, damage output, its usefulness as a running up smash (due to Captain Falcon's very fast dash speed), and juggling ability. It has very poor horizontal reach, which can make it difficult to land on grounded opponents, but the horizontal disjoint makes the range better than it looks and using it during a dash can help with this problem. 11%/8% (hit 1), 13%/12% (hit 2)
Charizard Slashes upward with both wings. Decent knockback; maximum damage is given if both wings strike. Initial wing-swipe is very fast, making running up-smashes very effective. 5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2)
Diddy Kong Performs a weird cartwheel in place, hitting three times. Not very powerful (weakest in the game), but a decent combo move. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 5% (hits 1-2), 6% (hit 3), 16% total.
Donkey Kong Claps overhead. Small hitbox that usually only hits foes directly above him, but great power and fairly fast. 18%
Falco Just like Fox's, only weaker. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. The knockback is entirely dependent on where it hits; strong vertical knockback in the front, fairly low horizontal knockback in the rear. Moderately high knockback. It is also possible to combo a silent laser (see below) into either a normal or boosted up smash for a KO, provided the laser is close enough. 14% (clean), 12% (late)
Fox Performs a flip kick above his head. Very powerful and quick, critical for KOing foes. Arguably Fox's best KO move. Best up smash out of all three Space animals. 17% (clean sweetspot), 15% (clean sourspot), 13% (late)
Ganondorf Kicks once, but it hits all the way to the ground. Sweetspot is on the foot. 19% (body), 22% (leg).
Ice Climbers Swing hammers above their heads. Good as a finisher from chain grabs. Deals more damage if the opponent hit the head of the hammer. 11%/9% (leader), 9%/8% (partner)
Ike Swings sword above his head. Covers great range and is powerful, but incredibly laggy like almost all of Ike's other attacks. 17% (blade), 20% (slam)
Ivysaur Powder erupts from his bulb. Strongest Up Smash in terms of power, being able to KO at percentages as low as 32%, but suffers from long startup lag. 17%
Jigglypuff Headbutts above itself. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 15% (head), 13% (body)
King Dedede Swings hammer over his head. It has powerful vertical knockback, with average base knockback and high knockback scaling along with a hitbox that covers the area in front of and behind Dedede, as well as above him. However, it has slow start-up lag and even worse ending lag with rather average damage output for an up smash. When uncharged, it is weaker than his up tilt as well as being much slower. As such, Dedede's up smash is often neglected and is not used often. This move KOs reliably around 121% uncharged. 14% (hammer), 9% (body)
Kirby Performs a bicycle kick. Hits all the way around Kirby. Weaker if the opponent is hit behind Kirby (when he lowers his foot to the ground). 15%/14% (clean), 14%/12% (mid), 12%/11% (late)
Link Slashes over his head three times. Third hit has most knockback, but first two hits can be smash DI'ed out of. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. Hit 1: 4%
Hit 2: 3%
Hit 3: 10% (blade), 9% arm, 8% (body)
Lucario Punches upwards with blue aura energy. Damages enemies in front and behind of Lucario, with the attack having an exceptional amount of active frames (lasting until nearly the end of the move). It's a great anti-air attack. Hitbox to the sides is greater when opponent is behind Lucario. 13% (clean), 9% (late)
Lucas Releases an extremely powerful blast of PSI above him. Has a surprisingly far range above Lucas. Second strongest up smash in the game, but very high start-up and ending lag. 2% (hit 1), 19%, 18%, 16%, 14%, or 12% (clean to late hit 2)
Luigi Luigi headbutts upward, similar to Mario's Up Smash, but it has higher knockback and sends foes on a more diagonal trajectory behind him. Can slide if Luigi dashes a few frames after charging it, which slides slower than Mario, but slides farther. 15% (head), 12% (body)
Mario Mario headbutts upward. Has fast start-up lag and its ending lag is rather low as well. It does have good base knockback and knockback scaling, but its KO power is rather average for an up-smash. This is Mario's only reliable finisher outside his forward smash, and it is his only attack that can KO vertically under 150%. 14%
Marth Justice Sword: Stabs his sword above his head. When Marth hits someone at low percentages with his running up smash, it sends his opponent on a bizarre horizontal trajectory with very high base knockback. This is very effective at setting up edgeguard situations at low percentages, especially since Marth is arguably one of the best edgeguarders in the game. On a interesting note, Marth's up smash only sends opponents at low to mid percentages horizontally. Its slide smash is very long, due to Marth's low traction. Once they approach 70%, it only sends opponents vertically, no matter what part of the up smash connects. 4% (sides), 14% (blade), 17% (tip)
Meta Knight Slashes above him a few times. Similar to Link's, only much faster and not as powerful. Low knockback, but can KO at high percentages. 3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 4% (hit 3)
Mr. Game & Watch Head becomes a diving helmet and he bashes upwards with his head. Has noticeable start-up lag, but is the third strongest up smash in the game KO percentage-wise and it has the highest knockback scaling of any up smash in the game. Originates from Octopus. 18%
Ness Performs an "around the world" with his yo-yo, arcing it above him. Weaker than most up smashes. Yo-yo can also damage while charging up. Interestingly, when it's 'charging', it doesn't increase in damage or knockback. 4% (startup & charge), 9% (front), 13% (back)
Olimar A Pikmin rockets upwards. Olimar's fastest smash, has surprising forward range. Possesses huge knockback when a purple Pikmin is used. R: 15%/14% (clean), 12%(late)
Y: 14%/12% (clean), 10%(late)
B: 15%/13% (clean), 11%(late)
W: 9%/7% (clean), 5%(late)
P: 16%/13% (clean), 13%(late)
Peach Thrusts her arm up quickly. Very powerful when sweetspotted, but very weak when not sweetspotted. If Peach sweetspotted (Peach's body, as opposed to the arm) an opponent with a fully charged up smash, it can KO at around 55%. 15% (clean hand), 17% (clean arm), 8% (sides). 12% (late hand), 10% (late arm)
Pikachu Flips over, hitting with its tail. Similar to Fox's, but with less range and less power, but it's faster. 14% (clean body) 13% (clean tail), 11% (mid), 7% (late)
Pit Slashes above him with both of his swords. Faster, but less knockback than something like Link's, and with more vertical range and less horizontal. All the knockback is in the last slash; the other two have reverse knockback, sucking the opponent closer to set up for the final slash. If the player hits with only the first slash of this attack, it is actually a spike. However, this is extremely difficult to pull off. 3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 8% (hit 3) 13% total
R.O.B. Performs a handstand, shooting a burst from his thrusters into the air. His most powerful finisher, but has almost no horizontal range. 12% (base), 13% (mid), 14% (tip)
Samus Cover Fire: Uses arm cannon and shoots fire above her head, hitting five times. Very weak knockback, one of the weakest of all up smashes, but does a lot of damage if all hits connect. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 4% (hits 1-3), 5% (hit 4), 6% (hit 5) 23% total
Sheik Pulls with both hands to her sides in a downward way. Two hits without any noticeable animation and first hit can lead into the second at low percents. Does a great deal of damage and knockback when sweetspotted. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 17% (sweetspot), 12% (sourspot) 29% total
Snake Slams a mortar in front of himself and fires a shell into the air. The movement of the shell is almost entirely vertical, but there is a small amount of random horizontal movement. Can be used as a sliding DACUS, which is probably the most well-known DACUS of all characters. The shell has high base knockback but very low knockback scaling, making it unreliable as a KO move, though the angles it hits at can sometimes make the opponent not sure where to DI for relatively early kills. Charging the up smash does not increase its power, but it increases the speed and distance of the shell. When fully charged, it travels great distances, almost the entire height of the 'large' stage builder area, making it have by far the greatest vertical reach of any attack. The shell explodes if it makes contact with a ceiling, an opponent, a wall, or the ground no matter what direction it's moving in. The action of slamming down the mortar has a hitbox that produces very weak vertical knockback that knocks opponents into the mortar's line of fire. 4% (startup), 10% (mortar)
Sonic Jumps into the air, spinning in a ball. Has a few invincibility frames. Low knockback, though last hits can Meteor Smash. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 5% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-7), 3% (hit 8) 14% total
Squirtle Slams hands onto the ground, sending twin geysers into the air. A powerful vertical finisher and is Squirtle's most powerful attack. Hit 1: 3%
Hit 2: 13% (clean early), 11% (clean late), 9% (mid), 7% (mid late), 5% (late)
Toon Link Slashes above his head once with his sword. It has good Star KO potential, and its decent speed and range make it a good choice to execute during a dash. 15% (clean), 11% (late)
Wario Spins in place and headbutts upward, hitting multiple times. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. 1% (hits 1-5), 10% (hit 6) 15% total
Wolf Performs a flipping scissor kick above his head. Can be used as a sliding DACUS. This move hits twice, with the first hit usually pushing the opponent into the second. It has a small sweetspot on his body that deals the same damage as the main hitbox on his legs, that sends opponents on a horizontal trajectory instead. 6% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2)
Yoshi Headbutts above himself. The attack can hit behind Yoshi. Yoshi's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out. 16%
Zelda Waves her hand above her head with magical energy. Comes out quickly, pulls opponents in and has a lot of hits, not to mention the great damage and knockback. 1% (hits 1-10), 5% (hit 11) 15% total
Zero Suit Samus Twirls her whip above her head. Doesn't have much startup lag and has great vertical range. Great for racking up damage. Only the tip does a lot of knockback. 4% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-5), 5% (hit 6)11% total

List of up smashes in Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bayonetta Uses Wicked Weaves to summon Madama Butterfly's arm, which is used to throw an uppercut. It hits directly in front of Bayonetta, and thus leaves her vulnerable from behind and directly above. It has rather noticeable start-up, high ending lag and low priority, but it is her strongest attack, as it is capable of KOing middleweights around 100%. The Bullet Arts version fires one gun forward and one upward. It cannot be reversed. 17%
Bowser Hops into the air, hitting with his shell. Bowser's shell is fully invincible, making this move all but impossible to challenge from above. However, it will still clank against a move that has invincibility frames. It also hits on both sides following the hop, but these hits deal considerably less knockback. 20% (hit 1 shell), 15% (hit 1 sides), 6% (landing)
Bowser Jr. Flips upside down and attacks with the Junior Clown Car's spinning propeller. It is Bowser Jr.'s fastest smash attack, and like his forward smash, only the last hit deals knockback. 1% (hit 1), 1.3% (hits 2-5), 1% (hit 6), 6% (hit 7)
Captain Falcon Performs a spinning double hop-kick. A potent move that despite its slow start-up lag, has low ending lag and deceptive horizontal range, and has usefulness as a running up smash (due to Captain Falcon's very fast dash speed). Its slow startup lag can also be used for surprising as well as catching opponent out of a spotdodge. 11%/6% (hit 1), 13%/12% (hit 2)
Charizard Bats its wings upward. It has the lowest ending lag of all of Charizard's smash attacks, but the first hit requires the attack to be initiated with the opponent in front of Charizard to reliably connect. Despite this, it can act as a jab reset if they are not behind it. It can KO at 115%. . 5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2)
Cloud A quick overhead swing. Has some startup (15 frames) and moderate ending lag, and its KO power is only average compared to most other up smashes, but it has long range in front of and above Cloud. It can additionally hit foes behind Cloud due to its long arc. KOs middleweights around 125%. 13% (clean), 12% (late), 8% (end)
Corrin Corrin crosses both arms, crouches low, then transforms the arms into spears and juts them upwards. Has a sweetspot at the tip that KOs around 107%, but its range is poor and knockback is lacking on the sourspot. 15% (tip), 13% (mid), 10% (side)
Dark Pit Identical to Pit's. 3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 8% (hit 3)
Diddy Kong Hops briefly and performs a stationary cartwheel. Rather weak when compared to most other smash attacks, dealing a low amount of vertical knockback that starts KOing at around 120%. However, it is a true followup after hitting the opponent with a down tilt at high percent ranges, provided that Diddy Kong starts a dash beforehand. This gives it a large amount of safety and consistency that circumvents its poor knockback. 2.5% (hits 1-2), 6% (hit 3)
Donkey Kong Performs a very powerful clap above his head. Unlike other up smashes, it does not scoop opponents into the main hitbox, making it somewhat problematic to land if the opponent is not airborne or incredibly close to DK. However, it can be effective if used beneath a platform. KOs at 102% uncharged and 63% fully charged. At full rage, it is slightly more powerful than his Brawl up smash. Donkey Kong's head and arms are intangible while the hitboxes are out. 18%
Dr. Mario Identical to Mario's, but with more range allowing it to hit enemies behind him. Dr. Mario's head is intangible throughout its duration. It also launches at 130°, which makes it better than Mario's in regard to starting combos at low percentages, with its most notable follow-up being itself. However, this also makes it reliable at KOing only while near the edge, whereas Mario's can KO reliably from any part of a stage. It KOs middleweights at 119% while near the edge, and has the lowest amount of ending lag out of his smash attacks. 15.68%
Duck Hunt The dog looks upwards, signaling the player to fire the Zapper upwards 3 times, scaring the duck and dog into ducking. Like forward smash, its range increases the longer it is charged, but its first two hits are unreliable due to their angles and very high knockback growth. 2% (hit 1), 2.4% (hit 2), 10% (hit 3)
Falco Performs a backflip, kicking out with both feet. Falco's leg has intangibility during the first hit. KOs at 130% and comes out as a rather fast damage rack-up tool, but has some notable lag. 4% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2)
Fox Flip Kick: performs a flipkick which loses strength the farther it is into the animation. Fox's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out. The clean hit has the slash effect. It hits on frame 8, has high power, and has intangiblity on both of his legs, making it Fox's most potent finisher. However, it has high ending lag (45 frames). 16% (clean sweetspot), 14% (clean sourspot), 11% (late)
Ganondorf Forcefully swings his leg up. Has some start-up, but deceptively low ending lag because of its interruptibility, so it can be used to bait opponents. Extremely powerful when used against aerial opponents, capable of KOing under 100%. Has small hitbox directly in front of him if he is too far away for the kick to hit. Deals more than half shield health uncharged and can nearly break them if fully charged. Notably, it is the strongest up smash in the game when sweetspotted. 21% (leg), 24% (foot)
Greninja Two reverse gripped outward arcing slashes while wielding two katanas made of water.The move consists of two hits: a double stab upwards followed by an outward rip. Its sweetspot is the initial upward stab, which chains directly into the second hit and has very high power, KOing at around 98% and is Greninja's strongest finisher. Meanwhile, the outward slashes are easier to connect with due to their range but are much weaker, KOing at 125% at the edge. The sweetspot is useful for aerial protection or covering ledge jump options, and the outward rip can be used in the same fashion as a down smash. 5% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2 clean center), 11% (hit 2 clean sides), 10% (hit 2 late)
Ike Swings his sword in a wide arc over his head. Its clean hitbox deals impressive damage, which allows it to KO middleweights at 112%. Unlike his other smash attacks, it hits on both sides and above Ike, due to him swinging Ragnell on a 180° arc. As a result, it is also reliable at punishing airborne or rolling opponents. However, it is punishable, due to it coming out on frame 25 and having 39 frames of ending lag. 17% (clean), 10% (late)
Jigglypuff Headbutts upward. Most effective if the foe is behind Jigglypuff. Begins KOing at 131%. It suffers from a slow startup and a lack of range (despite having a large hitbox size). 14% (clean), 12% (late)
King Dedede Swings his hammer over his head. Relatively slow, but less situational than in Brawl. Great vertical knockback if hit by the hammer's head, KOing at around 115%. However, it can miss against short characters during the move's start-up, as the attack does not possess a hitbox directly in front of him. It also has transcendent priority. 14% (hammer), 9% (body)
Kirby Performs a bicycle kick. Deals more damage if the opponent is closer to Kirby. The hitboxes linger, allowing the weaker hit to catch opponents off-guard. Its clean hitbox deals very high knockback growth, as it KOs middleweights at 101%. Kirby's feet are also rendered intangible throughout its duration. 15%/14% (clean), 14%/12% (mid) 12%/11% (late)
Link Slashes over his head three times. The first two hits naturally combo into each other, while the third hit finishes the combo. Covers a wide range, and can KO before 100%. It is possible to strike at Link in-between his slashes. 4% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2), 9%-11% (hit 3)
Little Mac Performs a powerful uppercut. Its first frame has a sweetspot that deals flame damage and significant shield damage. Great for aerial protection or chasing down an opponent, as grounded opponents are likely to be hit by the sweetspot. Has noticeable ending lag, having the highest ending lag of all his grounded moves (35 frames), making it punishable if shielded. Despite its appearance, it can only hit in front of Mac, although its sourspot can reach an opponent standing on Battlefield's low platforms. It also slightly moves Little Mac backward when used. Grants super armor on frames 8-11. 20% (clean), 15% (late)
Lucario A modified version of the long choui, an uppercut-styled punch in Shaolin Kung Fu. Hits twice even though Lucario only uses one paw. When it is fully charged, sweetspotted, both of its hits connect, and Lucario is at max Aura, it is one of the strongest up smashes in the game and the most damaging smash attack in the game, dealing 42%. 4% (hit 1), 14% (clean sweetspot hit 2), 12% (clean sourspot hit 2), 9% (late hit 2)
Lucas Emits a large blast of PSI energy above his head. It is a "high-risk, high-reward" attack; it has an extreme amount of ending lag, which makes it very punishable if missed, but it is the fifth-strongest up smash in the game, strong enough to KO at 80% when uncharged and at 54% when fully charged. It also has other positives, as it renders Lucas invincible on frames 1-4, grants intangibility to his head on frames 15-29 and has a very large hitbox, making it a good anti-air attack if used correctly, though it completely whiffs most edge-hanging characters unless their head pokes above the edge. 2% (hit 1); 19%, 18%, 16%, 14%, or 12% (clean to late hit 2)
Lucina Identical to Marth's, though it lacks the tipper. The move has an initial "quake" hitbox that knocks opponents into the main hit. It is a decent anti-air option due to its vertical range and high knockback scaling, while its deceptive horizontal range makes it capable of punishing rolls and landings. As such, it is a fairly reliable KOing option. It is also one of the few attacks in Lucina's moveset that is comparatively more reliable than Marth's, due to the positioning needed to land a sweetspot in his case. 3% (sides), 14.25% (blade), 17.25% (center)
Luigi Headbutts upward. It is the most consistent KOing option out of Luigi's smash attacks, and like Mario's up smash, it renders his head intangible throughout its duration. The angle at which opponents are launched changes depending on where they were hit, as hitting from Luigi's front will cause them to be launched backward, and vice versa. Due to Luigi's traction, this also gives him an above-average slide smash. 14% (clean), 12% (late)
Mario Headbutts upward. KOs at 117% from the middle of Final Destination. Arguably Mario's most reliable KO option due to coming out fast, granting intangibility on Mario's head while its hitboxes are active and having fast interruptibility (frame 40), all of which make it difficult to react to. 14%
Marth Justice Sword: Stabs his sword upwards. The weak grounded hit can knock nearby opponents into the main attack. Good for aerial protection and chasing down landing opponents. If tippered, it deals extremely high knockback, KOing around 76%, although this is difficult to do unless an opponent falls directly on top of Marth. 3% (sides), 13% (base), 17% (tip)
Mega Man Spark Shock: Mega Man turns both of his hands into electrodes, creating a powerful multi-hitting surge of electricity above him. Mega Man's most "normal" smash attack, being overall useful due to its large hitbox, anti-air properties and quick startup, though it has noticeable ending lag. If an opponent is made tiny by a Lightning Bolt, it's possible to OHKO them. 2% (hit 1), 1.5% (hits 2-6), 6% (hit 7)
Meta Knight Slashes above himself three times. Despite its looks, it is only able to hit opponents directly touching the "slashes", and not beside Meta Knight (unless the target is large). It has a low damage output and moderate ending lag, but deals decent knockback, has very quick start-up lag due to hitting on frame 8, and a large hitbox, making it an effective anti-air option. KOs starting around 120% and can combo into Shuttle Loop at low percents. 3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 4% (hit 3)
Mewtwo Extends its arm upwards, and conjures swirling dark energy. It can miss small opponents, but is good for trapping aerial opponents, particularly those near the edge. It KOs middleweights at 122% if all of its hits connect. 1% (hits 1-6), 10% (hit 7)
Mii Brawler Wide coverage, with the later hitboxes dealing less damage behind the Mii Fighter. Combos from down tilt and up tilt at low percents. 14% (clean), 10% (late)*
Mii Gunner Releases five bursts of fire in an arc above his/her head, similarly to Samus's up smash. It has good power, large range above the Gunner, and low ending lag. Because of the Gunner's height, it can trap opponents in the entire move much easier than Samus, who has trouble getting smaller characters in the blast. KOs at 121%. 3% (hit 1), 2.5% (hits 2-4), 6% (hit 5)*
Mii Swordfighter Jumps and performs a series of three corkscrewing slashes over him/herself before touching the ground, launching the enemy on the last hit, similar to Pit's up smash. Has trouble hitting opponents behind the Mii Swordfighter, requiring foes to be in almost direct contact with them. 4% (hit 1), 3% (hits 2-3), 7% (hit 4)*
Mr. Game & Watch Headbutts upward while wearing the scuba helmet. The hitbox extends a short way above the helmet. Has noticeable start-up lag, but a short invincibility frame window upon start-up. This lets Mr. Game & Watch perform a pseudo-counterattack against almost all attacks that hit him during start-up, which makes it good for interrupting aerial approaches or attacks. It also has low ending lag, making it a viable strategy to spam at KO percents. One of the strongest up smashes in the game, KOing at 102% uncharged and 60% fully charged. 16%
Ness Swings his yo-yo upward, doing the "around the world" trick. The yo-yo will hit first in front of Ness for 9%, then swing in a circle, doing 13% for the rest of the move. A decent anti-air and a good out of shield option. It is more powerful if the opponent is behind Ness, but it's still the weakest up smash in the game, not KOing until roughly 137%. 9%-13%
Olimar Points upward to command a Pikmin to perform a jumping, cartwheeling tackle. Very powerful with Purple Pikmin, as it KOs King Dedede at 70%. The Pikmin has a disjointed hitbox. R: 15.6% (clean near), 12% (clean far), 13.2% (late)
YB: 13% (clean near), 10% (clean far), 11% (late)
W: 10.4% (clean near), 8% (clean far), 8.8% (late)
P: 18.2% (clean near), 14% (clean far), 15.4% (late)
Pac-Man Shoots Inky, the blue ghost, straight upward. Has a weak, initial hitbox that leads into a stronger hitbox, but they are unable to connect unless the opponent is almost touching Pac-Man's body. Begins KOing at 115%. 3% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2 clean), 8% (hit 2 late)
Palutena Conjures a blue beam of light from the ground in front of her, firing it high up into the air. It has the highest vertical range of any up smash in the game as well as the second highest vertical range of all up smashes in the series, surpassed only by Snake's up smash in Brawl. It has three hitboxes: one at the base, middle and top, the bottom being the strongest of the three, KOing at around 100%. Its high vertical hitbox and great KO potential make it a very good edgeguarding tool. However, it has minimal horizontal range and high ending lag, though it is her smash attack with the least ending lag at 42 frames, as well as the least risky to use. 16% (bottom), 12% (middle), 9% (top)
Peach Thrusts her arm up quickly, creating a ribbon twirl effect. Very powerful knockback when sweetspotted and is the 5th most powerful up smash in the game, tying with Lucas, but very weak when not sweetspotted. Peach's head and right arm are intangible while the hitboxes are out. Clean: 12% (sides), 15% (body), 17% (hand)
Late: 12% (hand), 10% (body)
Pikachu A quick backflip while using its tail to attack. This move is slightly stronger when hit close during startup, and is one of Pikachu's most viable KOing options. 13% (clean tail), 14% (clean body), 11% (mid), 7% (late)
Pit Slashes above him with both of his blades. It is a useful anti-air attack and is strong enough to KO middleweights at 131%. However, it has very minimal horizontal range despite its appearance, as it is unable to hit behind Pit and is only able to lead opponents into the attack if they are at point-blank range. 3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 8% (hit 3)
R.O.B. Flips into a handstand and fires his burners upwards. It has deceptive horizontal range due to R.O.B.'s arms having hitboxes that launch opponents into the base's hitbox. It is somewhat fast due to coming out on frame 10 and is fairly powerful, as the base KOs at 113% and the tip KOs at 116%. Altogether, these traits make it a reliable KOing option, particularly from out of shield. However, it has high ending lag. 3% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2 base), 13% (hit 2 tip)
Robin An upward thrust with his/her sword. Deals mainly vertical knockback with decent power, but has high ending lag and low range (often missing opponents directly beside him). Without the Levin Sword, it has poor knockback and horizontal reach. The Levin Sword KOs around 110%. Bronze: 9%
Levin: 16% (clean sword), 10% (clean body), 5% (late)
Rosalina & Luma A backward arcing headbutt; Luma performs a bicycle kick. Comes out on frame 8, which makes it fast for a smash attack. It is also disjointed due to having a hitbox on Rosalina's back, and renders her head intangible throughout its duration. Aside from KOing, it can be used as an anti-air attack or to punish rolls due to Rosalina's disjointed hitbox. Luma deals very high knockback growth, though its attack does not KO until 130% due to its low damage output. It also comes out 2 frames after Rosalina's. Rosalina: 12%
Luma: 6% (clean), 5% (late)
Roy Flame Sword: Thrusts his sword skyward as it ignites in flames, forming an explosion on the final hit. Powerful enough to KO middleweights around 100% while uncharged. Good for juggling opponents in the air, as Roy's arm gains invincibility during the attack. If the initial portion of the thrust connects, the attack's multiple hits are much slower than if the opponent is only caught in the explosion. If it hits someone that is not on the ground (with all hits), it does additional damage and knockback. High ending lag like his other smash attacks. 1% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-4), 10% (hit 5)
Ryu Performs a crouching uppercut. Makes his hurtbox smaller while attacking, making this a good anti-air attack. Slight ending lag and does not have much horizontal reach. A good finisher for his tap combos. KOs at 130%. 17% (clean), 13% (late)
Samus Cover Fire: Uses her arm cannon and fires five blasts above her head. True to its name, this move works best as an anti-air attack, as its multiple hits give a good amount of aerial protection. Conversely, it is unable to hit grounded opponents unless they are touching Samus. When reversed on the ground, it can poke and hit through shields. KOs at 115% uncharged and around 60%-70% when fully charged. 3% (hits 1-4), 6% (hit 5)
Sheik Raises her arms over her head and quickly brings them down to her sides. Has a slash effect. The sweetspot is on her fingertips during the beginning of the move while the sourspot in on the the downswing. Sheik's arms and her head have intangibility when the hitboxes are present. The sweetspot KOs at roughly 110%, while the sourspot cannot KO reliably. 15% (sweespot), 11% (sourspot)
Shulk Squats and slams the Monado's hilt onto the ground, which causes its beam blade to thrust upward. The initial "slam" drags nearby opponents into the beam blade itself. Its second hit KOs middleweights at 112% and doesn't possess a sweetspot and sourspot, giving it consistent KO potential. Its deceptive horizontal range also allows it to punish rolls, landings, and edge get-up options, while its high vertical range, knockback and transcendent priority makes it a great anti-air move in general. However, it is relatively slow to start and is tied with forward smash for having the second highest amount of ending lag out of Shulk's grounded attacks. Additionally, opponents are capable of DI-ing downwards to perfect shield the second hit after getting hit by the first, especially fastfallers or if Shulk has high rage. 4.5% (hit 1), 13.5% (hit 2)
Sonic Jumps and curls up into a spiky ball, hitting multiple times. It hits multiple times, with its last hit dealing very high knockback growth, and grants intangibility on frames 18-20. However, its last hit deals average base knockback, which makes it better suited for KO attempts later rather than earlier. Its last hit KOs middleweights at 134% from the center of Final Destination. 5% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-7), 3% (hit 8)
Toon Link Slashes above his head once with his sword. It has the lowest amount of ending lag out of his smash attacks. Although its late hitbox deals less damage than its clean and late hitboxes, they all have the same knockback values. Its early and clean hitboxes KO middleweights at 135%, while its late hitbox KOs middleweights at 170%. 13% (clean), 10% (late)
Villager Detonates a fountain firework, creating an explosion in the air. Has a fairly large hitbox and pulls opponents to the center of the blast, although it does not always connect properly and opponents can be knocked out of the move by any of the first few hits, especially at very high percentages. It can KO most characters at about 120%. 3% (hit 1 on grounded opponents), 1% (hits 2-5), 4% (hit 6)
Wario Wario performs a head-inflating headbutt forwards. Deals more damage if it hits during the first two frames, being able to KO at around 111%. Weirdly, the attack is only interruptible once Wario stands normally again. Wario's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out. 16% (clean), 13% (late)
Wii Fit Trainer Performs the Tree pose. It has good vertical range and offers some full body intangibility on start-up, making it useful for aerial protection. However, its purely vertical hitbox makes it extremely difficult to use against a grounded opponent, as Wii Fit Trainer has to practically touch them in order to hit them. In addition, it is very punishable due to its considerable ending lag. Its clean hands' hitbox KOs middleweights at 98% from center-stage, whereas its clean body's hitbox KOs them at 106%. Clean: 18% (hands), 15% (body)
Late: 11% (hands), 8% (body)
Yoshi Performs a quick bicycle kick. Its clean hitbox is strong enough to KO middleweights at 134% and it renders his legs intangible. Although situational, it can also hit opponents behind him, such as immediately after using Egg Lay. However, it has punishable ending lag. 14% (clean), 12% (late)
Zelda Waves her arm in an overhead fanning motion while her hand is infused with magical energy. Hits multiple times and deals high knockback, but has short range. Can KO around 100% when uncharged. 2% (hits 1-4), 0.8% (hits 5-7), 5% (hit 8)
Zero Suit Samus Spins in place, extending the Plasma Whip up above her head in a swirl. Hits multiple times, has long vertical disjointed range and decent horizontal range, and fast startup. It hits multiple times, has very low start-up lag, disjointed vertical range and decent horizontal range, although only the whip's tip deals knockback. It can also act as a follow-up from down throw at low percentages. 4%, (hit 1), 0.8% (hits 2-6), 3% (hit 7)

* This assumes the Mii is default height and weight.

List of up smashes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Character Description Damage
Banjo & Kazooie N/A N/A
Bayonetta Uses Wicked Weaves to summon Madama Butterfly's fist, which throws an uppercut. It only hits in front of Bayonetta, which leaves her vulnerable from behind. Despite its high startup lag and endlag, low priority, and inability to be reversed, it is Bayonetta's strongest attack when clean, capable of KOing middleweights around 100%. 17% (clean), 16% (mid), 15% (late)
Bowser Hops and lands to thrust his shell upwards, while spinning. Deals the most damage to opponents who come into contact with Bowser's top spikes, while other opponents get hit by his landing hitboxes instead. Regardless, Bowser's up smash is one of his best KOing options. Grants damaged-based armor (frames 11-15) and invincibility on his shell (frames 14-27). 22% (spikes),
16% (sides)
Bowser Jr. The Junior Clown Car flips upside down and attack above with its propellor. Can be used for shield pressure or as an anti-air. 1% (hit 1), 1.3% (hits 2-4), 2.3% (hit 5), 6% (hit 6)
Captain Falcon A 540 kick. Despite its high start lag, it has very low ending lag and a deceptive horizontal range for its animation. Both hits como into each other, and it can combo into an up aerial at low to mid percents against fast fallers. 7%/12% (hit 1), 14%/13% (hit 2)
Charizard Rears back and swings its wings upward twice in a fanning motion. A good anti-air attack, and it is the fastest of Charizard's smash attacks, hitting on frames 6 and 7 for grounded and aerial opponents, respectively. It KO's most of the cast at 100%-120%. 5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2)
Chrom Identical to Roy's, but has a slash effect. 1% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-4), 10% (hit 5)
Cloud An overhead swing with his Buster Sword. Great range with a weaker hitbox behind him similar to Fox.
Corrin Crouches, then transforms his/her arms into spears upwards. Strong knockback at the tip of the spears.
Daisy Identical to Peach's.
Dark Pit Identical to Pit’s.
Dark Samus Mostly identical to Samus's, though with a slightly different animation.
Diddy Kong Jumps in the air in a cartwheel position, flipping twice then finishing off with a punch. Not as powerful as other up-smashes, though it is fast and is a good combo finisher.
Donkey Kong Powerfully claps his hands above him. Very strong, and is a great anti-air option along with impressive shield damage.
Dr. Mario Similar to Mario's but sends opponents diagonally instead of vertically.
Duck Hunt The NES Zapper fires multiple times above them.
Falco Two overhead kicks. A viable combo finisher and anti-air move.
Fox A fast flip kick in front of him. Notable for it’s very fast startup while having strong vertical knockback makes it one of Fox’s primary kill moves.
Ganondorf An overhead 180° arcing sword slash from front to back using his Spaceworld 2000 sword. Incredible power and range though somewhat punishable. 24% (sword), 21% (arm)
Greninja Trusts two water blades inwards above its head. Very strong and has great shield breaking potential from underneath a platform.
Hero Thrusts his sword upward in a similar fashion to Marth. 16%, 32% (Critical)
Ice Climbers The Ice Climbers perform an overhead hammer swing. Especially strong when both Climbers are together.
Ike A slow but powerful overhead sword swing. Very strong in every regard with great range, although has slow startup and endlag.
Incineroar An overhead double axe handle. Has strong knockback though high endlag.
Inkling Fires a blaster above her/him. While it has high endlag, it deals a large amount of damage and knockback even without ink on the opponent and is great agains elevated opponents, much like in the Splatoon series.
Isabelle Blows a whistle which summons a stop sign. Has average power but is reasonably quick.
Ivysaur Launches a burst of spores from its bulb above itself. Incredibly strong, albeit slow and punishable.
Jigglypuff An upwards headbutt. It’s power and speed are both fairly average.
Joker Jumps upward while swinging his knife above himself. Weak compared to other up-smashes when Arsene is not present, where it becomes very powerful.
Ken Identical to Ryu's.
King Dedede An upward hammer swing. Has high vertical range that reaches the low platform on Battlefield. Able to KO middleweights at 100%, and unlike Smash 4 can now hit short opponents. It also has transcendent priority. 16%/22.4%
King K. Rool A leaping headbutt followed by a comical plank forwards. Deals powerful knockback when King K. Rool’s head connects and has a weak meteor effect during the plank. Has belly armor during the jumping and planking animations.
Kirby A bicycle kick. Has slow startup with strong knockback to compensate.
Link Two overhead sword swings followed by a leaping sword strike upwards. Its excellent damage output, knockback, duration and range make it a threatening anti-air option; although it leaves Link vulnerable if he whiffs the attack beside an opponent.
Little Mac Does an overhead uppercut after briefly leaning back. It deals strong vertical knockback above Little Mac, and is especially powerful when the sweetspot directly beside Little Mac connects. Has super armor in early frames.
Lucario Thrusts his palms upwards which emits aura. Power varies greatly depending on Lucario’s damage.
Lucas An extremely large and powerful burst of PSI above Lucas' head. High risk, high reward, this move has extreme endlag, yet has invincibility and intangibility during startup.
Lucina Identical to Marth's with consistent damage.
Luigi An upwards headbutt similar to Mario, but more similar to Dr. Mario's in terms of functionality, also sending them diagonally. 14% (clean), 12% (late)
Mario An upward arcing headbutt. A reliable KO option that's hard to punish. Has quick startup that makes it a useful out of shield option. Mario's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active. 14%
Marth An upward sword thrust. Has a weak hit beside him that launches opponents horizontally. It is most powerful when connected at the tip of the sword.
Mega Man Turns both hands into electrodes which creates a surge of electricity above Mega Man. Has rather quick startup for a smash attack while having average power.
Meta Knight Three quick overhead sword swings while Meta Knight himself is spinning in midair. Very quick startup and endlag, although is not as powerful as an average up smash.
Mewtwo Creates a galaxy above itself. It is a great anti-air move with decent knockback, although is susceptible to being punished if whiffed.
Mii Brawler A flip kick similar to Fox’s.
Mii Gunner Blasts energy from his/her arm cannon overhead, much like Samus.
Mii Swordfighter Does two Sword swipes upward. It is slow, but has great anti-air and Killing potential.
Mr. Game & Watch Does an upward headbutt while wearing a diving helmet. It is very strong, and has lots of priority.
Ness Performs an around the world yo-yo trick. It is a good reading tool thanks to it’s wide ark around Ness.
Olimar Has a Pikmin do a jumping summersault in front of him. Has great range and low endlag, which allows it to combo at low percents. Range, damage and knockback vary depending on which Pikmin Olimar uses.
Pac-Man Lifts up his hand while summoning Inky. Has decent knockback but with some endlag to compensate.
Palutena Creates a very large beam of light with her staff in front of her. Has a great duration along with very good range and knockback with high endlag to compensate.
Peach Does a quick twirl and an upward slap. Powerful when sweetspotted but weak of sourspotted. 12% (ribbon), 17% (heart)
Pichu A quick upwards headbutt. Does not deal recoil damage due to the lack of an electric effect.
Pikachu Flips its tail starting in front of itself. Has strong vertical knockback.
Pit Three upward slashes while jumping. A good anti air option that's punishable if whiffed.
Piranha Plant Chomps upward. Has average damage with very high knockback, making it a threatening anti-air tool and kill move.
Richter Identical to Simon's. 16% (spiked ball), 14% (chain)
Ridley An overhead flip kick from behind himself. Its great range and power make it a great anti-air option.
R.O.B. Performs a handstand and unleashes a powerful blast from his burner. A great anti-air kill move.
Robin Thrust his/her sword upwards. Has great power with the Levin sword, though weak with the bronze sword.
Rosalina & Luma Rosalina does a skyward headbutt while Luma does an uppercut. Has strong knockback; especially when they are together.
Roy Holds his sword straight upwards while it unleashes powerful flames. It is a slow but quite powerful attack.
Ryu An upwards uppercut. Has quick startup and good damage with high endlag to compensate.
Samus Swings her arm cannon in a wide overhead ark while firing explosives from it. A good move for discouraging landings, though quite punishable if whiffed.
Sheik Raises her arms overhead and then quickly swings them downward to perform outward fanning knifehand strikes. It is Sheik's most powerful attack when sweetspotted.
Shulk Squats and slams the Monado's hilt onto the ground, which causes its beam blade to thrust upward. The initial "slam" drags nearby opponents into the beam blade itself. It is a slow but powerful multi-hit smash attack.
Simon Uses his Vampire Killer to strike the area above him. Long vertical range but doesn’t have any type of horizontal range. The sweetspot can KO as early as 67% on Final Destination. 16% (spiked ball), 14% (chain)
Snake Fires a shell from a mortar in front of him. Charging the move uniquely doesn’t increase the power, but rather it’s distance. Great for creating frame traps and further strengthening his stage control.
Sonic A jumping Spin Dash that hits multiple times. The last hit has very high knock back growth but average base knockback. 5% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-7), 3% (hit 8)
Squirtle Creates two pillars of water on each side. Somewhat slow, but has great range.
Toon Link A wide overhead sword swing while Toon Link spins. Decently fast and a great combo finisher or even potentially a starter at low percentages.
Villager Detonates a fountain firework. It is a great multi-hitting anti-air move with low endlag for a smash attack.
Wario An upwards headbutt while enlarging his head. Has strong knockback behind and above Wario with weaker knockback in front of him.
Wii Fit Trainer Performs the Tree pose. It has good vertical range and offers some full body intangibility on start-up, making it useful for aerial protection. However, its mostly vertical hitboxes can make it difficult to use against a grounded opponent, although this weakness was greatly reduced from Smash 4. In addition, the move is very punishable due to its considerable ending lag. 18% (clean sweetspot), 15% (clean sourspot), 11% (late sweetspot), 8% (late sourspot)
Wolf Handstands, then clamps his legs together for a powerful scissor kick. Has great damage and is a good read attack and anti-air move. Punishable if whiffed.
Yoshi Does a bicycle kick. A decently fast option that’s good for reads and threatening landings. Leaves Yoshi very vulnerable from behind.
Young Link Three overhead sword swings similar to Link. Compared to Link’s up smash, it is considerably less powerful but is faster and considerably less punishable.
Zelda Waves her hand multiple times above herself multiple times while unleashing magical energy from her hand. It has strong knockback, though fairly slow.
Zero Suit Samus Rapidly lashes her Plasma Whip above herself. A decently fast and long ranged option that can start combos at low percents.

Notable up smashes[edit]

  • Sheik's up smash is not only one of the strongest in Melee, but also one of her primary KO moves due to its power, high damage potential (28-30% uncharged), decent horizontal range and an easy-to-land sweetspot. Its effectiveness was nerfed in Brawl, but slightly restored in Smash 4.
  • Peach's up smash has the highest KO potential of all of Peach's attacks at 55%, if sweetspotted (Peach's body, as opposed to the arm) depending on the stage. Her up smash is the fifth strongest in Brawl.
  • Olimar's up smash when fully charged with purple Pikmin is the fourth strongest up smash in Brawl, tying with Donkey Kong's up smash.
  • Mr. Game & Watch's up smash in Brawl possesses surprising KO potential for its low startup lag. His up smash is the third strongest in the game. In Smash 4 it also provides full invincibility frames.
  • Lucas's up smash has a surprisingly far range above Lucas and its range is wide enough to hit two character lengths to the side of him. It is also the second strongest up smash in Brawl (losing to Ivysaur's up smash) and claimed by tips to be the strongest in Smash 4.
  • Ivysaur's up smash can KO at 32% and is the strongest up smash in Brawl.
  • Mario's up smash is often considered one of the best in Smash 4 due to its power, range, speed and intangibility.
  • Bowser's up smash protects him from harm while he attacks through his shell, rendering approaches against him (particularly aerial ones) very risky.
  • Ness's up smash in Melee, Brawl and Ultimate has unique properties (similar to his down smash) by which it can be charged. Rather than at the beginning of the attack, the smash attack is charged up in the middle of the attack, but only if Ness's Yo-yo comes to rest on a flat surface, and opponents can be damaged by the yoyo while it is charging. In Melee and Brawl charging the smash does not increase damage or knockback in . In Ultimate it now increases in power with charging and can hang over ledges, making it useful as a gimping tool when near the ledge.
  • Roy: Similar to Marth's, but has a fire effect. Can spike if enemy is hit on the sword's tip during the start of the attack.
  • Dr. Mario's up smash is the only move in his arsenal that is weaker in knockback than Mario's.
  • Fox's up smash is arguably among the most feared throughout the series (especially in Melee) due to its decent range, high speed, and power. Starting from the PAL version of Melee onwards, its knockback and speed have been slightly toned down in the following iterations, but overall still remains a threat, and is usually Fox's primary KO move.
  • Ganondorf's up smash is the most damaging up smash in Melee if it is fully charged and both kicks hit. His up smash has been nerfed in Brawl, as it doesn't deal the most damage of all up smashes and only deals one kick. However, it is now the strongest vanilla up smash in Smash 4 if the foot connects (although it still lacks the damage potential it had in Melee).
  • Charging Snake's up smash does not increase damage or knockback; instead, it increases vertical reach. Snake's up smash is also the furthest reaching DACUS, sliding 3/4 the length of Final Destination.
  • Palutena's up smash has the most vertical reach of any non-projectile up smash.
  • Lucario's up smash in Smash 4 and Ultimate is the strongest up smash and most damaging smash attack in the game when Lucario is at maximum aura, dealing 42% in Smash 4 and 40.3% in Ultimate with high knockback that can OHKO a majority of the cast when sweetspotted and fully charged.


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