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Tournament:The Grind - Glitch Infinite Special

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The Grind - Glitch Infinite Special
Dates February 18th, 2022
Venue Xanadu Games At Laurel Park
Address/City 198 Laurel Race Track Road
Laurel, Maryland USA
Attendance 256
Entry fees Venue: $10
Singles: $5
Pot size(s) $1,280
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners USA LingLing
Organizer(s) VGBootCamp

The Grind - Glitch Infinite Special is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regional tournament held during Glitch - Infinite on February 18th, 2022.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(256 entrants)
Top 64 Bracket

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA LingLing PeachHeadSSBU.png
2nd USA DDog Steve's stock icon.
3rd Japan Gackt NessHeadSSBU.png
4th USA Jake Steve's stock icon.
5th USA Mastro PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
5th USA 9superpie WarioHeadSSBU.png
7th USA Brr KazuyaHeadSSBU.png
7th USA Beast PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
9th USA ZD WolfHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Reelsteal BowserJrHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Kurshaun Pac-ManHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Goosefancy PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
13th USA IceKnight GreninjaHeadSSBU.png
13th UK Peli SonicHeadSSBU.png
13th USA Yori BayonettaHeadSSBU.pngSteve's stock icon.MinMinHeadSSBU.png
13th USA BacoN DrMarioHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Vendetta KenHeadSSBU.png
17th USA McBanana RoyHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Sytonix KenHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Ikan RyuHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Senn SheikHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Extra O YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
17th USA isohel LinkHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Tei Tenga RyuHeadSSBU.png
25th USA Evil Morty ROBHeadSSBU.png
25th USA Stretch MarthHeadSSBU.png
25th USA DevvyStar IsabelleHeadSSBU.png
25th USA martz FoxHeadSSBU.pngFalcoHeadSSBU.png
25th USA Nhan JokerHeadSSBU.png
25th USA GRAvITy FoxHeadSSBU.pngCloudHeadSSBU.pngSoraHeadSSBU.png
25th USA Nito KenHeadSSBU.pngRyuHeadSSBU.pngTerryHeadSSBU.pngKazuyaHeadSSBU.png
33rd* USA Zomba ROBHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA King J SoraHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Ferf SonicHeadSSBU.pngWarioHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Rondor FalcoHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Creepooba RidleyHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Yoda Cage BowserJrHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA BobbyWasabi VillagerHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA iModerz WolfHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA MPg MegaManHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Server46 PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Cornball FoxHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA TheMightyDialga BayonettaHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA joey RoyHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Swift baby YoshiHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA SAUCE MarioHeadSSBU.pngRoyHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Chrininja CloudHeadSSBU.pngJokerHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Sinister Sage DonkeyKongHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Micro MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png
49th USA KingRoBo KingKRoolHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Rogue IncineroarHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Alternis LittleMacHeadSSBU.pngTerryHeadSSBU.png
49th USA ZG FoxHeadSSBU.pngFalcoHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Stelter LinkHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Ford YoshiHeadSSBU.png
49th USA MRW IncineroarHeadSSBU.png
49th USA GUMMY ChromHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Gatsby IceClimbersHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Flexecution ROBHeadSSBU.png
49th USA AFWagers NessHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Squidplumber RichterHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Sweshi BowserJrHeadSSBU.png
49th USA Cyber OlimarHeadSSBU.png
65th USA J-Fid CloudHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Kiwii TerryHeadSSBU.png
65th USA AGenericName YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
65th* USA Buzzeh PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
65th USA vexel ZeldaHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Punx LinkHeadSSBU.pngSteve's stock icon.
65th USA NMDusk MetaKnightHeadSSBU.png
65th USA BWStatic PikachuHeadSSBU.png
65th USA PawnMaster YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Samedwin Steve's stock icon.
65th USA Kid_Filth BowserHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Donk DonkeyKongHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Jabes ToonLinkHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Ushiou JokerHeadSSBU.pngPyraMythraHeadSSBU.pngWolfHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Ruckus ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png
65th USA linguini TerryHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Mata-Door WarioHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Boodabam WolfHeadSSBU.png
65th USA mrbeecroft BylethHeadSSBU.png
65th USA slate_warrior PikachuHeadSSBU.png
65th USA leolee Steve's stock icon.
65th USA Mj (DQ) ROBHeadSSBU.png
65th USA D3_Will KingDededeHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Nomad PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
65th USA TD LucinaHeadSSBU.pngDonkeyKongHeadSSBU.png
65th USA fart GanondorfHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Arch PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Revolver RoyHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Rews WolfHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Guerrero18 KingDededeHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Jerm VillagerHeadSSBU.png
65th USA Rose ChromHeadSSBU.png

*DQ'd in losers

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