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Final Smash camera glitch

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The Final Smash camera glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that was discovered in patch 2.0.0, allowing certain cinematic Final Smashes to "break" the camera.

How to perform[edit]

In order to perform this glitch, one player must currently be in possession of a Smash Ball and the other player must pause the game and select Camera Controls. That player then has the advance the game by 1 frame while the character in standby must use their Final Smash, causing the Camera Controls menu to close. The match must then be unpaused and the Final Smash must hit in order for the cinematic to play. This works the best only with computer players.


Once the cinematic finishes, the camera first focuses on the center of the stage and then will shift to view the stage from a random angle.

Additionally, the Connect Controller menu will not open up at anytime of the match, but when transitioning to the results screen, the controller menu will open up if a controller is disconnected. While the victory pose will be paused with the menu up, the game's UI will play normally, resulting in the character performing the victory pose without the freezing effects should the controller menu get closed.

Final Smashes that can trigger the glitch[edit]

Most fighters' final smashes used to glitch the camera, but they still change the camera angle.

The fighters who used to trigger this glitch with their final smashes

Fighters who change the camera angle with their final smashes