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Boss Tikis from DKCR[edit]

What I'm saying is, that the names of those guys were never given in any media pertaining to DKCR back then for some reason, at all. The legitimacy of DK Wiki is questionable to boot. ShadowMan2 (talk) 20:50, 19 December 2017 (EST)


You said in a recent edit summary that you have been "idling in the Discord for hours". Well then, who are you on there? If you are in the Discord, nobody, including the other admins, knows about it. Black Vulpine of the Furry Nation. Furries make the Internets go! :3 18:31, 25 December 2017 (EST)

There, I've announced myself. Miles (talk) 18:44, 25 December 2017 (EST)

"There is no email address recorded for user"?[edit]

Hello. I'm the user Wrilliam, back after a 3-year absence. However, I forgot my password, and when I tried to reset it, the following message appears to me:

There is no email address recorded for user "Wrilliam".

AFAIK, the e-mail address is mandatory to create an account, so what's that supposed to mean? Was my account deactivated, deleted or the like? 15:00, 13 June 2018 (EDT)

I don't believe there's a requirement for an email address to make an account. It's possible you set one up without ever associating an email - in which case, there's not much of a way to restore your account access, so far as I'm aware. Miles (talk) 15:37, 13 June 2018 (EDT)
I see... well, I guess I'll just have to create a new account then, associating an email address this time (I'm still shocked about how I didn't do it). The old one should be deleted, right? 23:00, 13 June 2018 (EDT)
You can't exactly delete accounts; you can merge them, but they're not deleted, per se. Aidan, the College-Bound Rurouni 23:01, 13 June 2018 (EDT)
If you can prove that your old account belongs to you, admins may be able to merge the accounts. Accounts cannot however be deleted in any way shape or form. Black Vulpine of the Furry Nation. Furries make the internets go! :3 23:02, 13 June 2018 (EDT)

Permission to make my user page[edit]

i want Permission please —Preceding unsigned comment added by Starfan13 (talkcontribs) 23:41, 8 September 2018

You'll need to be autoconfirmed for that. Miles (talk) 00:50, 9 September 2018 (EDT)

Language Tables[edit]

I left you a message on your language tables page about a month ago and wanted to know if you're still interested in this idea and how you would want to go about it. Frankly, with the wiki being at a red status until November and beyond, I can understand if the demand for it is low but I personally am interested in undertaking it. Nergal06 (talk) 23:40, 13 September 2018 (EDT)

Ah, I missed that. I do think it would be worth discussing again but it's a sweeping enough proposal with a lot of unresolved parts that it would need a) more work before it's ready to implement and b) probably a community consensus vote on Forum:General proposals or elsewhere. Miles (talk) 00:39, 14 September 2018 (EDT)


What exactly do you mean by "extremely common knowledge"? I did not know the meaning behind the name Alucard until the first fourth of this year (2018). So before adding it to the trivia, I asked a few people if they knew what Alucard was backwards, just in case it was a "no, just me?" thing. Almost all of them had heard the name Alucard before, but not the fact that it was Dracula spelled backwards. I also noticed that Alucard's page on the Castlevania wiki and on Rachel Alucard's page on the Blaze Blue wiki both mention it in their trivia pages. Not only that, the Smash blog even refers to it by asking what you get when spelled backwards. Plus, not everyone is able to read backwards very well (Ekans, Arbok), usually it would't often come to mind. Also, one of the reasons why I added it in the first place is in the understanding that not everyone who plays Smash is necessarily familiar with Castlevania. Some people, despite having a love of the Zelda or Smash series, do not know that Sheik (or Tetra) are actually Zelda (even if they somehow skipped Melee and Brawl). I actually had a friend who did not know that Zelda and Sheik were the same person, despite having played Brawl and Subspace, until I pointed it out. Regardless of what was previously mentioned, if you still feel it is too obvious to be added, then I guess I leave it alone then. (sorry to have bother you) Wolff (talk) 15:44, 22 October 2018 (EDT)

The argument is "should Alucard be noted in trivia to be Dracula backwards"? In which case, absolutely, this is not extremely common knowledge. Serpent SKSig.png King 15:55, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
A quick search on the internet leads me to this, a page on the character as he appears in the 1943 film Son of Dracula. The page notes how "Alucard" is "Dracula" backwards, which, if you ask me, would mean it either:
A. is extremely common knowledge because it was mentioned in the film,
B. is extremely common knowledge because Wikipedia mentioned it, or
C. is not common knowledge, and is listed for the same reasons people have attempted to list it here.
Aidan, the Spooky Rurouni 16:02, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
I had mentioned in my Summery that ""Alucard" being "Dracula" spelled backwards is not common knowledge (even among fans of Castlevania or BlazeBlue)", in hindsight, I should have said "not that common". "Miles of SmashWiki" said in his undo Summery, "this is extremely common knowledge and has been a known wordplay for 70+ years". I'd argue that just because that it has been used numerous times, does not mean it is as common knowledge one may think. Certain wordplay or ideas in literature may be common, but unless you've done research on said ideas you would not necessarily be able to identify it. Unless at some point in Castlevania or BlazeBlue they were to directly mention it, you wouldn't necessarily think about it (was it mentioned within that film?). This would also require for the player to have played the game(s) in which it was mentioned (or shown, like with Zelda/Sheik/Tetra). Wolff (talk) 16:24, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
Chiming in to say I'd not heard it before as well. – Emmett 16:27, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
Trivia is normally supposed to have something to do with Smash, right? This particular bit of trivia, while somewhat interesting, has nothing to do with Smash at all. If we're going to include it, it should probably be in the main part of the article. That's just my opinion. John John3637881 Signature.png HUAH! 16:26, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
It has to do with Smash in that it's about someone in Smash. Lots of trivia about characters in Smash can relate to their home game or references in their names and stuff. – Emmett 16:27, 22 October 2018 (EDT)
Well both Castlevania's Dracula and Alucard are in Ultimate, so referring to it would be related to inside of the Smash universe. Plus the Smash blog post refers to it, but does not mention it directly. Wolff (talk) 16:30, 22 October 2018 (EDT)

I honestly had never heard anyone not know that before. I always got the impression that it was obvious upon seeing the name "Alucard" at all, but then again I'm somebody who has always liked anagrams and wordplay. Apparently this was less obvious to people than I thought. You can go ahead and re-add it if you'd like. Miles (talk) 18:32, 22 October 2018 (EDT)

Upcoming apperences[edit]

I updated your old page to make it relevant to SSBU. Did I do any good? (Add signature here)


I would like to discuss a few things with you about the wiki, if you'd be willing to. Wolff (talk) 01:27, 29 October 2018 (EDT)

Can Clone's protection please be lifted?[edit]

I wanted to add Ken & a trivia fact, but I can't because of the protection. ¿¡Unowninator?! (talk) 16:37, 1 November 2018 (EDT)

I've lowered it to autoconfirmed. Miles (talk) 16:38, 1 November 2018 (EDT)
Ah, thanks a ton. ¿¡Unowninator?! (talk) 16:40, 1 November 2018 (EDT)

Light Arrow Origin[edit]

Hello, I'd just like to respond to this edit of yours.

I don't believe the mention of Tetra wielding the arrows in The Wind Waker is correct, because it is Zelda who wields the Light Arrows and not Tetra. Although they are the same person, Tetra is the disguise and not the true identity, and at the point in which the arrows are used, the disguise is not being used. Thus, it is Zelda who wields the arrows, and she is not acting as Tetra at that point.

I have brought this to discussion rather than simply removing the mention again, because that would violate policy and wouldn't meaningfully solve the dispute. Dr. HyperCake (talk) 03:43, 12 November 2018 (EST)

It depends on how you interpret the semantic difference between the character as Tetra versus the character as Zelda. My reading of it from how Wind Waker handled it was that her actual name is Tetra and that "Zelda", at that point, essentially an honorary title applied to her by the King Daphnes more than anything. I figured that, since we had a page on Tetra as a character, that referring to Wind Waker's Zelda as Tetra, her given name, was still appropriate and that it would be worth linking to. Miles (talk) 11:17, 12 November 2018 (EST)
Well, let's compare it to the Sheik scenario. Sheik is much more objectively a case of a disguise persona compared to Tetra, and so it would be reasonable to state something like "Zelda (as Sheik) did X". One could do a similar thing for Tetra: "Tetra (as Zelda) did X"; but because of the nature of Tetra, it becomes much more based on subjective interpretation as to which is the true identity, which is of course the source of this dispute. Tetra's relevance to the context of Zelda's use of Light Arrows in The Wind Waker only appears with the interpretation of Tetra as the true identity, whereas just stating "Zelda used the Light Arrows" is an accurate statement regardless of interpretation, much like stating that Sheik taught Link songs in Ocarina of Time.
I also argue that Zelda is as much the "true" identity in this case as Tetra, and so it is reasonable to omit any mention of Tetra. My interpretation is that they are each separate enough identity-wise that they can be viewed as separate characters of the same person; when one says "Tetra", it refers to the pirate, and when one says "Zelda" (or "Toon Zelda"), it refers to the princess. I suppose this is also comparable to Sheik in that sense.
I feel that if a reader wants to know more about Zelda in The Wind Waker (and thus her connection to Tetra), they may pursue the information easily elsewhere, but in the context, the mention is not relevant and is too subjective.
(Sorry for the wall of text. I've never been much good at making a point concisely.) Dr. HyperCake (talk) 16:02, 12 November 2018 (EST)
I agree that it ought to be Zelda. Zelda was the one actually using the light arrows in the final fight, not Tetra, which to me is the relevant distinction. – Emmett 16:14, 12 November 2018 (EST)


I’m just an IP, but User:Pagegriefer is vandalizing, as per his name. I undid his edits to you and BV’s userpages, but can’t report him on the admin notice board because it’s protected. So, I figured I’d just tell an admin. 13:59, 12 November 2018 (EST)Blueflame105

My use of images[edit]

Thanks for telling me about the fact that I'm using way too many images. I felt that way a bit earlier today too (which Is why some of my edits were specifically made to remove some images on the Waluigi page) and I apologize for getting to carried away. I'll try my best to only post images/gifs if they are necessary/help explain without posting too many, and to not fill the gallery with billions of Images. Pappy Parappy (talk) 01:24, 13 November 2018 (EST)

No problem. And again, I don't want to be excessively critical. There is something of a learning curve to figuring out when an image actually illustrates something new and important for the page versus when it's excessive, and it's also not a set-in-stone right or wrong kind of thing. So don't stress too much, either. Miles (talk) 01:27, 13 November 2018 (EST)
Yeah, I guess so. I'll just keep helping with what I can and let people inform me on what I am doing right/wrong, So I don't repeat mistakes. Pappy Parappy (talk) 01:36, 13 November 2018 (EST)

Spirit Pages[edit]

In regards to the notice for the consideration of deletion you added on Lapras' page, I suggest that we should hold off on making/deleting pages for characters that appear exclusively as "Spirits" (possibly until the game's release) until we find out if they have a purpose outside of a Spirit. Cappy has a page, but he also appears aesthetically in Mario's moveset. In Lapras' case, it is shown that it can appear in the overworld in "World of Light" showing it has second purpose. However it is currently unknown if it is among a small few Spirits capable of doing so. If quite a large amount of Spirits have shared effects in the overworld, then it should probably be stated in their "list of Sprits" pages instead of giving them individual pages. (Although, some characters have pages despite only appear as Trophies. Which were replaced by Spirits) Thoughts? Wolff (talk) 12:39, 15 November 2018 (EST)

The idea was to use the Lapras discussion to come to these kinds of conclusions. Miles (talk) 22:59, 15 November 2018 (EST)
I was asking about pages for Spirits in general and how we should go about making them before release. Because of that, I felt it did not fit the disscusion on Lapras' page. (And I saw that you were the one that added the consideration) Perhaps I'll add it to the Spirits (characters) discussion before the game's release if I remember. Wolff (talk) 23:28, 15 November 2018 (EST)